Oak and Fort Clothing Review

About Oak and Fort

Oak and Fort Clothing Review

Oak and Fort is a clothing store that is known for its trendy and minimalistic fashion for women and men. With hundreds of stores located throughout Canada and the United States, Oak and Fort is considered a top contender of Instagram fashion.

Their clothing has been worn by numerous celebrities such as Blake Lively, Hailey Baldwin, Jessica Alba, and more. With a sizeable following of over 400k on Instagram, various publications online have written about the clothing company such as InStyle, Narcity, Elle, and Forbes

If you’re curious about what this clothing brand has to offer, let this Oak and Fort clothing review be your guide. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of Oak and Fort

Oak and Fort Clothing Review

Starting as a small online boutique based in Vancouver, Oak and Fort was founded by husband and wife team, Arjuna Thiagarajah and Min Kang, in 2010.

At the time, minimalistic and monochromatic fashion wasn’t a popular trend where they lived, but they decided to turn it into a business opportunity by offering customers something unique when it came to finding unique and on-trend pieces.

Onboarding Eunice Quan, a well-known fashion expert, they started to develop and design Oak and Fort clothing. Quan stated that she wanted the brand to not only operate as a corporate business, but a new expression of art, fashion, and innovation.

“The idea was to represent a holistic lifestyle—that the clothing, career, creativity and community was all connected in the same aesthetics and ideology,” via a statement from Oak and Fort. 

Oak and Fort continued to grow as a business, as they opened their first brick and mortar store in the winter of 2010. The company now operates stores located all around Canada and the United States. They continue to market themselves as a brand removed from ‘unnecessary imagery’ as it focuses on simplistic designs

“As designers, it has been equally satisfying to witness the continual success and growth of the company and to have had the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way in its early beginnings,” via a statement from Oak and Fort. 

Oak and Fort Clothing Review

Before we get into this Oak and Fort clothing review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons.  


  • Trendy, modern clothing that is mostly monochromatic
  • Items can easily pair with any outfit 
  • Large inventory of clothing ranging from dresses, skirts, jeans, tops, and accessories
  • Oak and Fort also offers home decor items
  • Offers a ‘shop Instagram’ tab where customers can buy clothing they see on their feed 
  • Free shipping on Canadian and US orders above $150 
  • Offers Afterpay as a payment option 


  • Mixed customer reviews 
  • Pricier than other clothing retailers 
  • No indication of where the clothes were made, and if their practices are eco-friendly and sustainable

Minimalism and monochromatic: these are two words to describe Oak and Fort’s main aesthetic. From cardigans to denim jeans, the company has a large variety of clothing to choose from.

Oak and Fort’s collection mainly includes tops, sweaters, cardigans, bottoms, dresses, coats, jackets, and other accessories. For men, their categories only include tops and bottoms. This Oak and Fort clothing review will highlight their most popular apparel:

Oak and Fort Women’s Clothing Review

The women’s category offers a wardrobe full of closet essentials. From a winter coat to a simple summer skirt, Oak and Fort has multiple options to help you dress fashionably for any occasion.

This Oak and Fort clothing review will give you our take on their most trend-forward pieces, and offer some advice on cute outfit ideas to pair them with. 

Oak and Fort Houndstooth Sweater Vest Review

The oversized sweater vest is currently one of the hottest fashion crazes seen on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. With that being said, the Houndstooth Sweater Vest is definitely on-trend. What’s not to love? This cozy, autumn appropriate number gives off a warm, bookish aesthetic, that’s perfect if you’re looking to achieve an academic vibe. 

This vintage-inspired piece features a herringbone v-neck fit with ribbed trimming. Cropped to show your layered top underneath, this vest can inspire many outfit ideas as it comes in black, blue, and cream. 

This Oak and Fort clothing review recommends layering a white shirt dress underneath, black thigh-high boots, and an oversized leather jacket for a modern streetwear look. Complete your outfit with the Houndstooth Sweater Vest for just $48, or 4 $12 interest-free installments using Afterpay. 

Oak and Fort Paperbag Waist Denim Review

Paperbag waistlines can either hit or miss the mark. The scrunched up effect can either make you look snatched with its synched design, or like you’re actually wearing a paper bag. Thankfully, the Paperbag Waist Denim pants hit the mark with its flattering design. 

These straight-leg jeans are dyed with a lightly faded hue and frayed hems at the bottom for a slightly distressed look. The main feature of these pants is the super elasticated waist with the gathered trim for that paper bag effect.

To show off these unique jeans, try pairing them with a slim-fitting turtleneck, instead of a slouchy sweater as seen on the model. The Paperbag Waist Denim jeans from Oak and Fort cost a cool $68.

Oak and Fort Slouchy Turtleneck Sweater Review

When it’s cold outside, all you want to do is curl up in a soft and cozy blanket. While you can’t exactly wear a blanket as a jacket when you go outside, you can at least simulate the same effect. The Slouchy Turtleneck Sweater is perfect for those frostbitten days when you can’t be bothered to wear something tight-fitting. 

This winter and fall essential features a rib-knit and oversized silhouette that looks so cozy, you could probably even sleep in it. The sleeves are so long that they can serve as built-in mittens to protect your hands from the cold, or hold a hot cup of coffee.

For a more refined look, match this Slouchy Turtleneck Sweater with a loose-fitting skater dress underneath and some black tights. This cute turtleneck can be all yours for $62, which is the discounted price of the original $78.

Oak and Fort Men’s Clothing Review

While the clothing options for men aren’t as vast as the women’s section, this doesn’t mean they sacrifice on design and quality. The men’s section is organized into tops and bottoms.

This Oak and Fort clothing review will provide you with everything you need to know about three of their bestselling clothing pieces. 

Oak and Fort Solid V-Neck Sweater Vest Review

The seasonal sweater vest isn’t exclusive to just women, men can rock it as well. The Solid V-Neck Sweater Vest is not featured as an oversized silhouette here but is cut to be more slim fitting. Designed in a v-neckline with ribbed trimming, this 100% acrylic sweater vest comes in two attractive neutrals, charcoal gray or coffee beige. 

As an outfit idea, you can pair the Solid V-Neck Sweater Vest with a white mock-turtleneck and a canvas bucket hat for a soft, modern look. This fashionable layering piece costs just $58

Oak and Fort Pant 5451 Review

Tailored pants can easily take an outfit from zero to hero. Making your clothes fit to your body not only defines your waistline, but makes your overall look more put together. The Pant 5451 are mid-rise trousers that give off a slim silhouette due to the pressed seams on the waist for a more fitted look. 

Coming in either solid black or chocolate brown, the Pant 5451 would look perfect with a simple white tee, a well-tailored blazer, and matching leather shoes. Spice up your wardrobe with these flattering pants for just $48, which is the reduced price of the original $88.

Oak and Fort Shirt Jacket Review

Instead of the usual jean or bomber jacket, the Shirt Jacket provides a modern take on the classic streetwear look. Designed as an ideal transitional piece when sunny days turn into colder seasons, it is made out of 100% polyester in the outer and inner lining, which makes it resilient to wear and tear

It features a relaxed fit and built-in front pockets to hold in your phone and wallet. To style, pair with a striped button-down shirt that’s tucked into some distressed jeans. Originally priced at $128, you can make the Shirt Jacket your next closet staple for just $76.

Oak and Fort Accessories Review

An outfit isn’t complete without matching accessories. From hair accessories, scarves, to bags, Oak and Fort offers a large selection of add-ons to choose from. This Oak and Fort clothing review will explore a select few of their fan favorites that’ll be sure to add a bit of spice to your OOTD. 

Oak and Fort Bag 1913 Review

Let’s face it. We carry a lot of things with us when we are on-the-go. This includes our phone, wallet, keys, and other items such as notebooks, water bottles, and cameras, depending on the situation. A traditional purse isn’t going to cut it. The Bag 1913 is the ideal tote to fit in all of your essentials comfortably. 

The leather bag features two front pockets and a pebbled finish, which comes in either olive green or cafe brown. Meant to be worn on the shoulder, this bag is inspired by an earth-toned palette.

Considered an essential that will last you years, the Bag 1913 retails for $48, or $12 payments if you opt for Afterpay.

Oak and Fort Beanie 3929 Review

The beanie is an essential accessory for colder temperatures, or the final styling piece when you can’t put a finger on what’s missing with your outfit. Coming in either gray or solid black, this stylish beanie features a ribbed material with a classic fold-over design.

It’s also super stretchy to provide the most comfortable fit and is only available in one universal size. The Beanie 3929 would be an amazing addition to a distressed jeans and graphic tee combo.

If you want to go full-on grunge, pair it with some Doc Martens, or some standard combat boots. Look fashionable, but keep warm, with this beanie for just $8, which is the reduced price of the original $24.

Oak and Fort Organic Cotton Face Mask + Pouch Review

With face masks becoming a mandatory accessory to wear in the pandemic, it only stands to reason that you should own one that’ll last you for a long time. The Organic Cotton Face Mask + Pouch features a 100% organic cotton face mask that is lightweight and soft against the skin.

The material used is part of Oak and Fort’s sustainable approach to design, in which some select products are either made with organic or recycled items. This mask features pleated sides to help accommodate the contours of your face for an optimal fit.

For more protection, the Oak and Fort mask has a built-in filter pocket inside. In order to not lose your mask, it also comes with a drawstring pouch, so you can take it wherever you go. 

This essential mask is available in five different colors including black, brown, mustard yellow, and other earthy hues. The Organic Cotton Face Mask + Pouch costs $14, and can likely become your go-to option when grabbing your mask before leaving the house.

Oak and Fort Clothing Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Oak and Fort Clothing Review

This Oak and Fort clothing review found a mixed customer response based on its research. On a Reddit thread, some customers have pointed out that while their clothing was fashionable, they stated that they didn’t last very long.

Some have reported that quality is poor, as some items started to develop holes after a couple of washes. Others have said that the clothing is expensive

“I sent Oak + Fort an email complaining about how quickly the skirt was falling apart, and was met customer service repeatedly blaming me for the fact that the skirt was getting holes, and trying to justify why an item of clothing would fall apart after a month,” one Reddit reviewer wrote. 

There are other customers that have written that their customer service team is unresponsive and unhelpful. Most have commented that it took a long time for an Oak and Fort representative to email or call them back.

“Very very bad customer service! They shipped me the wrong item!! Their customer service is so bad. They are very slow in responding to customer inquiries,” one Yelp reviewer wrote. 

One positive comment that this Oak and Fort clothing review saw often was that their items were generally stylish. Most of the comments on their Oak and Fort Instagram feed note how their clothing is fashionable and cute. “I love the style and the solid colours that are both neutral and fresh,” One Yelp reviewer wrote. 

Is Oak and Fort Clothing Worth It?

Oak and Fort Clothing Review

This Oak and Fort clothing review encourages you to peruse through their large inventory of fashionable clothing pieces. On a positive note, all of their items are timeless, meaning that they will pair with any outfit due to the minimalistic and neutral design.

The clothing brand is very much on-trend, so you’re bound to find something Instagrammable, ranging from the iconic Houndstooth Sweater Vest to the very on-trend Bag 1913

On the other hand, there are varied customer reviews, mostly detailed the lack of quality reflected on their clothing. If you’re paying $60 for the top, you’d better expect that t-shirt or blouse to last you for a long time.

Most buyers don’t particularly mind the price, as long as the product is durable, and made of high-quality material. Regardless, there’s no harm in exploring the Oak and Fort website, and maybe you’ll strike some luck in a well-made and evenly priced garment. 

Oak and Fort Promotions & Discounts 

Oak and Fort Clothing Review

Currently, Oak and Fort has a deal in which customers can get $15 off if they spend $75, or $40 off if they spend $150. To take advantage of this promotion, customers must use the Oak and Fort promo code, MOREISMORE.

They also have an Oak and Fort warehouse sale where buyers can get items for a discounted price. So far, this Oak and Fort clothing review hasn’t come across an Oak and Fort coupon code. 

Where to Buy Oak and Fort Clothing

Oak and Fort Clothing Review

You can buy the latest Oak and Fort new arrivals by visiting They also have brick and mortar stores located in Canada and the United States.

Oak and Fort locations vary from downtown Toronto to Oak and Fort SF (San Francisco). You can find a store closest to you by visiting the store locator tab on their website. 


Who owns Oak and Fort? 

Fort and Oak is owned by the husband and wife team, Arjuna Thiagarajah and Min Kang. 

Where is Oak and Fort clothing from? 

The Oak and Fort head office is based in Vancouver, Canada. They opened their first physical store in Gastown, Vancouver. 

Is Oak and Fort fast fashion? 

According to the Good On You website, Oak and Fort Clothing is rated with the title ‘we avoid’ on the sustainability scale. This means that the company doesn’t provide adequate information on whether or not their garments are ethically or environmentally made. 

Is Oak and Fort a Canadian company? 

This Oak and Fort clothing review found out that yes, they are a Canadian brand. The company is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

What sizes does Oak and Fort? 

Oak and Fort doesn’t provide a standard size guide that incorporates all of their clothing. All of their garments only have a select number of sizes to choose from, which you can find through each product description. Pants and tops vary from XS to XL for both men and women.  

How long does Oak and Fort take to ship?

Oak and Fort provide free shipping on Canadian and US orders that total $150 or above. International orders qualify for the $25 flat shipping rate once the order reaches $150 or plus. All domestic orders under $150 are charged with the basic rate of $10.

Shipping usually takes 1 to 3 days to process. Customers will be emailed an Oak and Fort order tracking number once their order has been placed. You can find a full list of their shipping fees and where they ship to on their website. 

How do I return Oak and Fort?

According to the Oak and Fort returns policy, only select items can be returned within 45 days for in-store credit. They do not offer monetary refunds in store. Items must be unworn and in their original condition.

For online orders, purchases can also be returned within 45 days and are eligible for a monetary refund. Jewelry, intimates, nail lacquers, gift cards, and Oak and Fort sale items are not eligible for returns. Customers can return their items by logging into their account on the Oak and Fort website.

How to Contact Oak and Fort

If you have inquiries that are outside this Oak and Fort clothing review, you can contact the company through:

  • Oak and Fort customer service email: [email protected] 
  • Phone number: (North America: 1-844-625-3678) or (International: 604-495-9267)
  • Oak and Fort live chat text number: “hello” to 605-559-6911 (Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm PST)
  • Filling out their message form online 

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