Rimowa Luggage Review

About Rimowa Luggage

Rimowa Luggage Review
Image Credit: Rimowa

Travel has always been a big part of my life. From vacations to university to visiting family, I know my way around a fair share of airports.

Here’s what I’ve learned on my journeys: Good luggage is integral to a seamless trip.

That’s why Rimowa offers durable, hard-wearing travel essentials.

Best known for its iconic aluminum suitcases, the brand also offers lightweight polycarbonate versions, functional bags, and packing accessories for happy, easy travels. And when it comes to traveling, that’s all anyone really wants, right?

With an impressive social community of 670k, Rimowa has commanded a lot of attention for its stylish, yet functional travel essentials.

The company’s luxury suitcases have been spotted in the hands of ultra-famous celebrities like Gwenyth Paltrow, Kim K, and Martha Stewart—folks who travel a lot.

Rimowa Luggage Review
Image Credit: Rimowa

No stranger to the limelight, Rimowa has also been featured in publications like New York Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Forbes, and Travel + Leisure just to name a few.

I know it’s a well-loved brand, but does it really provide the perfect travel companions?

In this Rimowa luggage review, I plan to find out. Ahead, I’ll take an in-depth look at the company, its best-sellers, reviews, and more, to see if it’s worth bringing on your next adventure.

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Overview Of Rimowa

Rimowa Luggage Review
Image Credit: Rimowa

Created to offer serious luggage for serious travelers, the history of Rimowa dates all the way back to 1898—another impressive fact, I know. At that time, the company launched its first-ever suitcase made from tough, long-lasting wood.

Fast forward to 1937, the brand launched its first aluminum suitcase developed by founder Paul Morszeck’s son, Richard.

After much success with this style, Rimowa suitcases continued to develop, this time, made with the iconic, grooved look the brand is known for.

A look, I read, was modeled after the world’s first all-metal aircraft1.

Today, Rimowa luggage wants to improve the way you travel. Its mission has always been to transform our travel experiences, and that’s why it offers such a wide range of luggage.

From durable, waterproof cases to lightweight and easy-to-carry designs, the company promises to have something for anyone’s travel style. Me? I’m partial to its Original Cabin case in lavender.

Headquartered in Cologne, Germany, the brand has stores across the globe and truly stands by its products.

All bags come with a five-year guarantee as well as repair services at its stores and some luxury hotel partners.

Impressed yet? If not, I think this might do it: In 2016, the company was bought by LVMH for more than $700 million.

LVMH specialized in luxury goods, and owns brands such as Celine, Benefit Cosmetics, and, of course, Louis Vuitton.

Rimowa Luggage Review
Image Credit: Rimowa

Ready to get rolling? Now that you know a little more about the history of the company, up next in this Rimowa luggage review, I’ll cover its highlights:


  • Large collection of high-quality suitcases in various sizes
  • Made with high-end Anodized Aluminum and Polycarbonate to ensure durability
  • Five-year guarantee 
  • Hotel repair option that fixes your suitcase before your flight
  • Their items are Splash-proof, have TSA-approved locks, and have Flex Dividers inside to keep your belongings organized
  • Multiwheel 360-degree system lets you maneuver each suitcase with ease
Rimowa Luggage Review
Image Credit: Rimowa

Come baggage claim, as a teen, the suitcases that always stood out to me were the hard-shelled ones.

“How smart?” I remarked as I watched shiny silver cases roll down the belt with their exteriors protecting everything inside. If I had to guess now, I’d say they were Rimowa.

Of course, the hard shells are just the peak of why its suitcases are a smart choice for any traveler. With TSA-approved locks, flex dividers, a trademarked multiwheel system, and a telescopic handle, traveling seems much less hectic with belongings that are safe, secure, and easy to transport.

Rimowa makes things personal with an included leather luggage tag and sticker set too. I admit I wasn’t too surprised to see the luxury price attached to these high-end travel essentials, but thankful to find the brand offers payment plans through Klarna.

Next up in this Rimowa luggage review, I’ll get into the brand’s best-selling collection. A mix of aluminum and polycarbonate suitcases, these bags are ready to hit the road. Are you?

Rimowa Suitcases Review

After dragging suitcases through the airport and worrying about breakables for years, I came to know that a quality, easy-to-maneuver suitcase can make traveling easier.

With a range of diverse options varying in weight, size, and material, Rimowa’s collection shines bright with brilliant gloss and matte finishes.

Will you find something you love? There’s only one way to find out, so keep reading this Rimowa luggage review. You’ll find its best-sellers below.

Rimowa Original Cabin Review

Waiting for luggage has been the bane of my existence on more than one occasion. Losing luggage2? Well, that’s why I now only travel with a carry-on if possible.

Helping you save money on baggage fees and keeping your belongings by your side, the list of perks that carry-ons bring really does go on and on.

Rimowa’s Original Cabin measures 22” x 16” x 10”, so it’s small enough to fit most airlines’ carry-on specifications.

Although originally, I thought it looked heavy, I learned that this suitcase is made from high-quality aluminum.

Ultra-durable and lightweight—you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to lift into the overhead bin.

There are seven colors to choose from, including muted classics like Rimowa off-white or vibrant hues like cobalt blue. Have more to bring?

Pair it with a Rimowa backpack for added space. Travel easy with the Original Cabin for $1,080.

Rimowa Original Cabin Plus Review

Though I live in the same leggings and tee, somehow I think I’ll need 42 outfits to travel with. If you’re anything like me, the Original Cabin Plus will give you the extra space you need.

Measuring 23” x 18” x 10”, the company recommends this size for four-day-long adventures—a long weekend in Hawaii, perhaps?

Daydreams aside, the Original Cabin Plus is durable yet lightweight like all of its other bags. Weighing in at just over 10lbs, you won’t feel like you’re getting a workout as you lift it into the overhead.

Available in golden titanium, classic black, and high-tech silver, it’s made the ultra-durable aluminum the brand is so loved for. Get the Rimowa Cabin Plus for $1,170.

Rimowa Classic Cabin Review

I remember it clearly. Looking out the plane’s window after boarding, I witnessed the luggage handler hurling my suitcase into the plane’s cargo hold. Right then and there, I vowed to get myself a hard-shell suitcase and never check a bag again.

If you’ve ever dreaded the thought of your precious luggage being “handled” or rolling around in a plane’s cargo hold, a carry-on is a must. The Classic Cabin keeps your goodies close and protected.

With a luxury look, it’s high-flying when it comes to performance too. It would be ideal for a business trip, measuring 22” x 16” x 9” inches and 9.5lbs—a breeze to lift overhead bins of any standard plane.

With two sleek color options to choose from, including Silver and Black, the Classic Cabin is made from high-end Anodized Aluminum Alloy for long-lasting durability.

Other key features worth mentioning include riveted aluminum corners for added reinforcement and hand-made leather handles for added carrying comfort.

The sturdy Classic Cabin suitcase retails for $1,100.

Rimowa Hybrid Cabin Review

Turbulence happens—in life and most certainly on a plane. While it’s scary in the moment, it passes. Then you get to baggage claim.

I’ve welcomed a few of my fabric bags back with dirt and dinged edges and I can’t help but picture them flying around the cargo hold with wild abandon.

Whether or not this actually happens, suitcases—and the items inside them—can get pretty knocked up in travel.

The Hybrid Cabin gets its durability from polycarbonate but its solidness from Aluminum, a mix that makes this hard-shell suitcase an intelligent choice for those traveling with precious cargo.

Recommended for short business trips, this suitcase measures  22” x 16” x 10” and weighs 8.4lbs. Thanks to the included packing dividers, rest easy knowing your work attire will stay neatly pressed.

Available in three colors, the Hybrid Cabin retails for $800.

Rimowa Hybrid Cabin S Review

While some airlines have a great reputation for keeping luggage safe, others are notorious for losing it. Trust me, I’ve stood in the lost baggage lines to prove it.

I won’t be petty and name names in this Rimowa luggage review, when really, I learned my lesson and switched to carry-on.

With not just one, but two TSA-approved locks, the Rimowa Hybrid Cabin S measures 22” x 16” x 8” and is 8.2lb.

Keeping your luggage safe and sound from loss and thieves, this hard-shell case is a looker too.

Available in matte navy, matte black, and silver gloss, the $800 Hybrid Cabin S is ideal for two-day trips.

Rimowa Essential Lite Check-In M Review

Have you ever weighed your bag before an international flight only to see the scale creep up past the weight max? I have. My two options: pack some items into an extra bag and carry it, or pay the heavy bag fee.

But here’s the thing: some suitcases weigh a ton all on their own. The Essential Lite Check-In M weighs under 7lbs and won’t add any unnecessary weight.

As with all Rimowa luggage, this one is super durable, though it weighs a little less than its cohorts.

It measures 27” x 18” x 10”, so it’s the perfect size for five days of travel essentials.

Available in five colors (I’m a big fan of glossy red) get the Essential Lite Check-In M for $620.

Rimowa Essential Lite Cabin Review

At less than 5lbs, Rimowa’s Essential Lite Cabin weighs 30% less than other suitcases in the Essential line. Where was this when I was repacking jeans and boots into a plastic bag?

Young and old travelers alike will have a much easier time taking this suitcase on their adventures.

With enough space for two or three days worth of necessities, this Rimowa carry on measures 22” x 16” x 10”.

Go places with the Essential Lite Cabin for $550.

Rimowa Original Trunk Review

While traveling home for the holidays, I found that sometimes, one bag just wouldn’t cut it. For longer trips, I didn’t want to forego the assortment of shoes I might have needed (I didn’t), or the bulky presents I was bringing with me, and so I packed two bags.

The Original Trunk lets you say goodbye to the two-bag dilemma, providing ample space for everything you can possibly need for a long trip.

It measures 29” x 17” x 15” so you can go ahead and pack that extra pair of shoes.

Despite its size and extra-durable shell, it weighs in at just 13lbs. With a classic shape inspired by the company’s original trunks, this Rimowa sports trunk marries a vintage design with futuristic functionalities.

The Original Trunk is available in three colors for $1,660 apiece.

Rimowa Essential Trunk Review

Perhaps Rimow’s most unique design yet, the Essential Trunk makes traveling heavy feel a little lighter. Featuring durable handles on all sides, this design is meant for the serious, no-fuss traveler.

Its 11.2lb hard body is made from anodized aluminum, so it can handle a beating. Go ahead, luggage handler, do your worst.

The Essential Trunk is built like the original, but just a tad smaller for short weekend trips.

Measuring 29” x 17” x 15”, you’ll be able to fit the essentials.

Lightweight and designed for check-in, this sturdy splash-proof, hard-shell Rimowa trunk can hold up to the elements. Grab the Essential Trunk one of five colors for $1,010.

Rimowa Luggage Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Rimowa Luggage Review
Image Credit: Rimowa

It’s hard not to be blown away by its products, but still, I want to know what customers think.

In this part of my Rimowa luggage review, I turned to testimonials on The Points Guy, Expert World Travel, and TrustPilot to see how these luxurious yet functional suitcases hold up.

Frequent traveler, mother, and writer at The Points Guy Summer Hull tested the Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Cabin Multiwheel IATA. After previously trying multiple carry-on-sized suitcases that just didn’t hold up, she decided to splurge on Rimowa’s sleek design.

The result? Summer reveals that this luggage has held up for over 400k miles of travel over the last 6 years.

Aside from still being in great shape, I read that one of the things she likes best about the Rimowa Salsa carry-on bag is that “the four-wheel design makes it so easy to maneuver I could push it around with my pinky finger…on smooth surfaces.

With that said, not all surfaces are smooth, and “the trade-off is that on bumpier terrain, such as concrete or cobblestone streets, it isn’t as easy to pull.” Still, she readily recommends this option for any frequent traveler.

While I think it might be, the writers behind Expert World Travel set out to decide if the Rimowa Topas suitcase was worth the high price tag.

What they found most useful was the two inner dividers: “the inside of this suitcase just oozes luxury. The fact that both compartments can be secured with a divider is a huge plus for me, and they make the Topas look more elegant.

Rimowa Luggage Review
Image Credit: Rimowa

Landing on Trustpilot, I saw that the brand has an overall score of 4.3/5 stars from 222 ratings. One Rimowa luggage review read:

Great experience and the quality of the luggage I bought is unparalleled. It is the best trolley I ever had (I tried most other top brands for luggage).”

Ultimately, I found these reviews point to one conclusion. Rimowa luggage is durable, looks great, and has helpful features.

If you can afford to easily spend upwards of $600 on a luxury suitcase, Rimowa offers sleek and impressive-looking designs.

Is Rimowa Worth It?

Rimowa Luggage Review
Image Credit: Rimowa

If you’re still wondering is Rimowa worth it? I’ll tell it to you straight: YES.

I think the brand’s suitcases are worth the buy if you travel frequently, love high-tech design, and have the money to spend on luxury goods.

The company also does cool collaborations with other high-end brands.

For example, it previously launched the Supreme Rimowa collection, which included a number of eye-catching designs. I’m a sucker for a good collab as it brings fresh life to a tried-and-true product.

More so, I appreciate how passionate Rimowa is about transforming the way we travel.

Flying can be stressful, and a product that makes that easier is definitely worth it for me. I mean, check out this list of features you’ll find in every Rimowa suitcase:

  1. Dividers to keep your belongings safe and organized
  2. TSA-approved locks for easy opening during security checks
  3. 360-degree wheels to push or pull your bag in any direction
  4. A hard, durable outer shell
  5. Splash-proof to protect your belongings from rain or spillage
  6. Telescoping handle for easy maneuvering

Not all Rimowa luggage reviews sided with the brand, but I can say with confidence that though they may take on scratches, the body of these bags is hard to beat. I also take comfort in the brand’s five-year guarantee and free returns policy.

If you travel often, want an impressive-looking suitcase, and have the money to spend, I think Rimowa essentials are certainly worth the buy.

Rimowa Promotions & Discounts 

Rimowa Luggage Review
Image Credit: Rimowa

While I didn’t find any current Rimowa sales on the brand’s site, I did learn that it occasionally offers sales like the Rimowa Black Friday event.

For the most up-to-date information, I’ve found it valuable to sign up for the newsletter.

Where To Buy Rimowa

Rimowa Luggage Review
Image Credit: Rimowa

Looking for the best selection? Shop directly at If you’d rather see its luggage in person, the company also has in-store locations and Rimowa outlets.

To find the shop closest to you, visit the Store Locations page on its website.

Some of the brand’s older designs, such as the Rimowa Bolero suitcase, can be found through one of Rimowa’s authorized sellers like Nordstrom and Holt Renfrew.


Rimowa Luggage Review
Image Credit: Rimowa

How durable is Rimowa? 

According to an article by Conde Nast Traveller, I read that Rimowa’s aluminum suitcases are so durable that they have survived plane crashes and war zones.

I don’t think I can argue with that. Each travel essential is crafted from ultra-durable anodized aluminum to ensure that it lasts.

What is Rimowa’s Shipping Policy?

For US customers, Rimowa orders are processed within 1 business day. They offer free ground or express shipping options for all 50 states. Shipping rates and times are listed below:

  • Ground (3-5 business days): free for orders over $300
  • Express (1 business day): $50

When shipped, Rimowa will send you a shipping confirmation email containing a tracking number.

Once delivered, I found that Rimowa orders require a signature, so be sure to be home on the day your order is to arrive.

For international deliveries, select your country from the drop-down menu at the top of the website. Your shipping cost depends on where you live, so it will be calculated at checkout.

What is Rimowa’s Return Policy?

I love when brands offer free returns. You can return your complete, unused, and undamaged Rimowa merchandise within 30 days of delivery for a full refund by printing off a prepaid label.

For Limited Edition products, you have 14 days to start your return for a full refund.

To start a return, you’ll need to access your Rimowa account and start the process there.

If approved, you will receive a shipping label to attach to the outside of your return package. Need some help? You can also start a return by contacting their client care team.

How To Contact Rimowa

If you have any other questions after reading this Rimowa luggage review, you can reach out to the brand’s client care team through the following methods of contact:

  • Fill out the Contact Form on their website
  • Phone: (312) 635-6607

Not sold on Rimowa? Check out a few other brands for other options:

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Monos Luggage


Article Sources

[1] Meola, Carosena, et al. “Chapter 1 – Composite Materials in the Aeronautical Industry.” ScienceDirect Woodhead Publishing, 1 Jan. 2017
[2] Annaç Göv, Sabiha & Gün, Selinnur Lost Baggage Problem in Airport Management: A Qualitative Research ResearchGate

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