The GLD Shop Review

About GLD

The GLD Shop Review

GLD is a globally recognized brand that specializes in producing luxe pendants, watches, and chains for men and women. The company is inspired by the urban art and culture of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and it shows. 

You might have seen A-list celebrities like Cardi B, Kevin Durant, and Wiz Khalifa wearing their pieces, plus they have partnerships with the NBA & Marvel. 

Plus, this fresh company holds an impressive 1.2M followers on Instagram where they showcase some of their shiniest jewels and finest pieces. GLD’s founders have even been featured in noteworthy sources like Forbes and Business Insider.

So, what’s all the hype about? Stay tuned to this GLD Shop review as we delve into the brand’s best sellers, history, customer reviews and ratings, warranties, and much more. By the end, you’ll be able to decide if you want some GLD hanging around your neck. 

Overview of The GLD Shop

The GLD Shop Review

Dan Folger and Christian Johnston, a couple of ambitious young entrepreneurs, built the brand from the ground up. In 2015, Christian started the company in his parent’s basement in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, motivated by the art and culture of the city. He had always dreamed of designing jewelry, and wanted to inspire others. 

Today, the brand has grown millions of followers and customers around the world. No longer operating in a tiny space in Pittsburgh, the brand’s 12,000 square foot office has now moved to the heart of the arts district in Miami, Florida. 

It’s true, that GLD has expanded exponentially over the past 7 years but its vision remains the same: “inspire others to innovate, work hard, and change the game.” 

Now that you have an idea of the grittiness and dedication that went into the brand’s creation, this GLD shop review will point out a few notable highlights: 


  • Wide selection of jewelry for men and women 
  • Custom options are available 
  • Collaborations with well-known celebrities and athletes
  • International shipping 
  • Free shipping on US orders
  • Great discounts and promotions 
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Financing options with PayPal 
  • Excellent ratings on Trustpilot 
  • BBB accredited 
The GLD Shop Review

GLD offers glamorous bling ranging from bracelets and chains to rings and watches. And you don’t have to be a celebrity to sport one of their stunning accessories as the brand provides high-quality products at prices we can get behind. Next, this GLD shop review will explore the brand’s most popular jewelry, chains, and watches. 

The GLD Shop Chains

Adding a chain to your outfit is an effortless way to have everyone staring as you walk by. With numerous gld chains to choose from, the brand will offer you a way to look icy cool every day of the week. In the next section of this GLD shop review, we’ll check out a couple of the brand’s top-selling chains. 

GLD Diamond Cuban Link Necklace (12mm) in White Gold Review

When you think of a classic chain, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a Cuban link. A Cuban link chain, no matter the size or length, is one of the most popular chain-link necklaces out there, and now GLD’s signature Diamond Cuban Link Choker is available in white gold. 

The Diamond Cuban Link Necklace in White Gold measures 12mm in width, making it a bit thicker than most chains and more of a statement piece. That said, it’s still super layerable, as it comes in 18”, 20”, 22”, and 28” lengths.  

If you’re all about the karats, the Diamond Cuban Link Necklace in White Gold is available in 14k white gold plated, 14k white gold vermeil, 10k solid white gold/CZ, 14k solid white gold/VS diamonds, and 14k solid white gold/VVS diamonds. 

GLD believes it’s always better to have options. Priced between $443 and just over $82,000 depending on the tier of diamond and material you choose, there’s sure to be an option to fit your tastes and budget.

GLD Shop Micro Cuban Chain Review

The Micro Cuban Chain is about as simple as it gets—in the best way possible. This versatile chain can be worn daily on its own or stacked when you’re really feeling your badass self. 

Each chain measures 3mm in width and comes in different lengths ranging from 16” to 28.” Like your clothing, you can layer different chains together to change up the vibe. 

Choose between 18 karats gold plated, 18 karat vermeil, and 14 karats solid gold. From $99 to $999, the Micro Cuban Chain can be your new staple.

GLD Shop 12mm GLD Signature Miami Cuban Review

Need something that packs a little more punch? The Signature Miami Cuban is giving off flavor, heat, and dimension. 

Thicker than most, this chain measures 12mm in width and ranges in length from 16” to 30.” This piece is available in 18 karat gold plated or 14 karat solid gold, and weighs anywhere from 120 to 245 grams, depending on the material and size you opt for. 

Wear this chain on its own, or layer up for an extra cool effect. You can purchase the 12mm GLD Signature Miami Cuban from $179 to $10,850.

The GLD Shop Jewelry Review

What better way to amp up your outfit than by putting on a cool piece of jewelry? GLD jewelry is sure to turn heads with its show-stopping urban appeal. First up, this GLD shop review will display the brand’s treasure chest of best-selling jewelry. 

GLD shop 5mm Round Cut Tennis Bracelet in White Gold Review

Starting with a banger, the Round Cut Tennis Bracelet in White Gold is a subtle way to add a bit of shine to your fit.

This bracelet is constructed with large round cut 14 karat white gold plated stones. Or if you’re feeling fancy, you can order this bracelet in solid white gold as well. Either way, this versatile piece can be worn for day or night occasions, giving your look an extra edge. 

Measuring 5mm in width, and 6” to 9” in length, this accessory can be tailored to you. The brand also has an informative guide on its website if you’re unsure of your size. 

From $139 to $12,956 the 5mm Round Cut Tennis Bracelet in White Gold can be all yours. 

GLD Shop Astrology Pendants Review

Do you tend to check your Co-Star every morning? If you want to show your pride toward your sign, then this GLD shop review recommends wearing it on your chest. And what better way to do that than with their Astrology Pendants

Whether you’re a Leo or a Scorpio or any other astrological sign, you’ll find a pendant enhanced with some zodiacal charm. Minimalist in design, these pendants add the perfect amount of personalization to your style. 

Each pendant weighs between 5 to 7 grams depending on your sign. In terms of material, you can choose between 18 karat gold plated or 14 karat solid gold. 

So, did your horoscope mention anything about treating yourself today? You can get one of the Astrology Pendants from $69 to $899

GLD Shop White Gold 5 Layer Diamond Band Ring Review

If you’ve always wanted to get in touch with your inner rapper, the White Gold 5 Layer Diamond Band Ring is the perfect accessory to do so. Snoop probably already has one in his collection.

Made from 100% precious metals, this ring has 5 gorgeous layers of diamonds that accentuate the larger stones in the center of the ring. You can choose between 14 karats white vermeil or 14 karats solid white gold. 

If you want to go all out and elevate your glam game, we suggest buying a few of the same rings to wear on different fingers. Coming in sizes 6 to 13, the White Gold 5 Layer Diamond Ring retails from $119 to $11,000 (for the real deal). 

GLD Watch

So, you have your pendant, diamond ring, and chain, are you missing anything? If you want to complete your jewelry collection we say finish your journey with a sleek watch. To wrap up the product reviews, this GLD shop review will take a look at the brand’s fan favorite. 

GLD Shop Fully Iced Baguette Alpha Era Review

Want some ice on your wrist? The Fully Iced Baguette Alpha Era is not your average watch. This bedazzled watch is fashionable, functional, and jam-packed with diamonds. 

Designed with the latest technology, you won’t have to worry about wasting your time replacing batteries or winding up your watch. The full automatic movement keeps your watch functioning for up to 42 hours. 

The glimmering stones that are carefully handset throughout the watch are constructed from 316L stainless steel with cz stones or vs diamonds. Curious about how many stones are contained in this piece? This GLD shop review found out that there are over 2,500 stones in each watch! 

Are you feeling like the starry-eyed emoji after catching sight of the Fully Iced Baguette Alpha Era? Get this GLD watch from $1,299 to $69,500

Who Is The GLD Shop For? 

The GLD Shop Review

GLD specializes in casual, yet luxe jewelry for men and women. From a glance at the brand’s Instagram page, we’d say they market mainly to young people who love bling. Many of their designs and styles would be ideal for city slickers and those who like to dress up for nights out. 

The brand’s products vary in price, making them accessible to people with middle to upper-end budgets. Whether you want a custom GLD ring or a simple chain, there is a little something for everyone. 

The GLD Shop Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The GLD Shop Review

Ready to take the plunge and buy something from the GLD shop? You might want to keep reading this GLD shop review before you make a purchase. We browsed the web to find out what customers have to say about the brand and its selection of jewelry. 

Let’s take an overview of the ratings on the brand’s best sellers, according to their site: 

  • 5mm Round Cut Tennis Bracelet in White Gold: 4.9/5 stars from 284 reviews 
  • Astrology Pendants: 4.3/5 stars from 7 reviews 
  • White Gold 5 Layer Diamond Band Ring: 4.9/5 stars from 128 reviews 
  • Micro Cuban Chain: 4.8/5 stars from 762 reviews 
  • 12mm GLD Signature Miami Cuban: 4.8/5 stars from 298 reviews 
  • Fully Iced Baguette Alpha Era: 5/5 stars from 2 reviews 

Generally, customer reviews speak highly of the brand’s quality and value for their money. We browsed third-party sources like Trustpilot, Facebook, and Better Business Bureau to gain a deeper insight into the brand’s customer service and shipping and returns. 

Out of 8,600 reviews on Trustpilot, the brand has an average rating of 4.5/5 stars which is pretty impressive! One happy customer wrote: 

“The GLD Shop delivered my product in about 3 days, made sure to exchange it when I realized it was too small, shipped the exchange product to me in about 2 days, and communicated with me the entire time! Plus the quality is top tier. I would HIGHLY recommend shopping here. I know I’ll be shopping again!”

On Facebook, GLD holds a high rating of 4.2/5 stars out of 741 ratings. A lot of customer reviews share pictures of their purchases and report being satisfied with everything from the delivery to the customer service. 

One reviewer writes, “Great product quality. Customer service was at an all time high with how quick they respond and gave simple to follow prompts for returns. Website is easy to navigate and over all it’s a good buy!”

Lastly, we checked out Better Business Bureau to see what we could find about the brand’s warranty and custom orders. From 46 reviews this we were able to scope some useful info. One 5-star reviewer commented: 

“The GLD Shop is superior to most jewelry retailers I’ve bought from. I’ve purchased more than 7 pieces and 2 alpha era watches and months later am satisfied with the jewelry’s durability and lasting shine. I’ve had 2 returns for missing stones and their lifetime warranty took care of their replacement. The GLD Shop team answers quickly and shipping is the best in the game!” 

Another 5-star reviewer attests to the previous comments: 

“The GLD Shop is a great source for jewelry! They follow through with their promises and if issues arrive, they are sure to fix them right away. […] I have purchased a great amount from them and have been very pleased with my purchases. They are always there to help and use their expertise to their advantage as well. Definitely recommend!”

Among the sea of positive reviews, we found very few negative reviews. A few common complaints stemmed from people saying their jewelry broke. Thankfully, most items come with a lifetime warranty to ensure you are covered in cases of instances such as this. 

It’s safe to say that GLD is a well-rounded brand that provides high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and fast delivery! What’s not to love? 

Is GLD Worth It?

The GLD Shop Review

After researching the brand in-depth, we can confidently say that GLD is worth your time and money. If you’re in the market for fresh jewelry, then you’ll have no trouble finding something from the brand’s site. 

With tons of discounts and promotions, free domestic shipping, and A-list approval, you may be wondering, “Is the GLD shop legit?” 

Yes! GLD is a great example of a company that has worked hard to get where they are today while continuing to support its customers and inspire others. As the brand continues to garner a global reach, we hope they consider joining community initiatives and giving back to others. 

GLD Promotions & Discounts 

The GLD Shop Review

GLD offers seasonal, monthly, and even daily deals. By signing up for the brand’s emails, you can receive 30% off your first purchase while being informed of upcoming discounts and exclusive deals. 

Current promotions include: 

  • Buy one item and get another for free using the code: BOGO
  • Student discount of $25 off a $75+ order 

Where to Buy GLD

The GLD Shop Review

If your eyes are still feasting on some of GLD’s best sellers then it could be useful to find out where you can buy the brand’s jewelry. The easiest way to get your hands on a GLD product is by ordering directly from their website. You’ll be pleased to hear they have fast shipping so it will take no time at all to receive your product!


The GLD Shop Review

Who owns GLD?

GLD is owned by none other than the founder, Christian Johnston. Originally founded in Pittsburgh, the brand’s headquarters are now located in Miami, Florida. 

What is GLD Return/Exchange Policy?

GLD offers a 14-day return/exchange policy from your delivery date as long as your items are in mint condition. Returned items will be inspected, and if they do not pass, then the brand can reject your request. 

The following items are non-refundable: 

  1. Solid gold items
  2. Earrings
  3. Customized jewelry 
  4. Watches 

Items that were bought as part of the BOGO sale must be returned together. Otherwise, GLD will reject your refund. 

If you wish to make a return, you must contact the brand first before proceeding. They’ll be able to provide you with specific instructions on how to make your return. Note, that you are responsible for any return shipping costs that may incur. 

What is GLD Lifetime Warranty Policy?

Since GLD is dedicated to giving its customers quality products, they offer a lifetime warranty on all purchases of gold plated or vermeil jewelry. The lifetime warranty allows you to redeem a one-time replacement if your jewelry gets damaged, fades, or stops working. If you file a warranty claim, then you’ll be charged $20 for shipping and handling. 

GLD offers a 30-day warranty for all customized jewelry. If you experience any defects within this time frame, then you can redeem a free one-time repair on the product. However, once the item has surpassed the 30 days, you’ll be charged a $99 repair fee. 

How to Contact GLD

We hope this GLD shop review provided you with all the information you wanted to know about the brand. If you’re still itching to find out more, we suggest getting in touch with them yourself. 

You can contact them via: 

You can call them weekdays, between 9 am to 5 pm, and through chat every day, from 8 am to 10 pm EST. 

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