Bayam Jewelry Review

About Bayam Jewelry

Bayam Jewelry Review

Since 1976, Bayam Jewelry has catered to the realm of men’s bling by offering real gold pieces at affordable prices

As of right now, with a modest, growing Instagram following of 1.7k, their high quality flies under the radar, but their exciting pieces are making a bold statement for those who wear them. 

Our Bayam Jewelry review will explore this US brand to help you to make an informed decision before you buy. We’ll check out their promotions, products, and – most importantly – their customer testimonials.  

Overview of Bayam Jewelry

Bayam Jewelry Review

Starting in the jewelry business in 1976, the Bayam Family has offered real gold jewelry for a reasonable price for many years. 

Since then, they have established themselves with their main store in New York and other stores in Italy, Los Angeles, Miami, and Turkey. Even then, it wasn’t until the third generation of ownership that Bayam Jewelry really took off.

That generation decided that it was time to go online with their brand of jewelry, which caters mainly to men, although their collections of women’s earrings and bracelets are quite extensive, as are their unisex pieces

Bayam Jewelry manufactures just about all the pieces that they sell.

What sets Bayam Jewelry apart from other jewelers is that they offer real gold pieces at 10k and 14k for an affordable price. We assume they can do this because they manufacture and sell most of their own pieces, cutting out the middleman. 

Before this Bayam Jewelry review dive into some of their stunning pieces, let’s take a look at some of the brand’s highlights:


  • Quality, affordable jewelry for men
  • Loyalty points program
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Financing options available with Affirm
  • US company
Bayam Jewelry Review

Bayam Jewelry Review

The Bayam Jewelry men’s collections include chains, bracelets, pendants, rings, and earrings. Best of all, they are all real gold, make thoughtful gifts, and are great accents to your look. 

We’ll shine the spotlight on a few of the brand’s best-sellers.

Bayam Jewelry Lion Pendant Review

The statement you’ll make wearing the Bayam Jewelry Lion Pendant is that you are top-dog, or should we say cat? King of your domain. 

Caught mid-roar, this bright yellow, 10k gold, lion’s head says that you aren’t someone to be messed with while making you look good. It comes in three sizes:

  1. Large – 7 grams – 2″ by 1″
  2. Medium – 4.40 grams – 1 1/2″ by 3/4″
  3. Small – 2.80 grams – 1 3/8″ by 3/4″

You can roar into this bold pendant for the sale price of $200, originally $285 for the smallest size.

Bayam Jewelry High Polished Herringbone Necklace Review

The Bayam Jewelry High Polished Herringbone Necklace is 9mm of light-catching, solid 10k gold. The zig-zag pattern is stylish yet timeless and the necklace sits flat for the best effect. 

While this necklace makes a statement on its own – great for those with a minimalist style (in this Bayam Jewelry review team’s opinion) – it can be stacked as well.

It comes in sizes between 16” and 24” so you can order it to sit wherever’s the most flattering on you. The clasp is a lobster claw and the prices range from $1,320 (on sale for $924) for the 16” to $1,980 (on sale for $1,386) for the 24”.

Bayam Jewelry Diamond Cut Jesus Body Necklace Review 

With the Bayam Jewelry Diamond Cut Jesus Body Pendant, the son of God can shine by your heart as he shines in it. 

Available in a two-tone option of yellow and white gold and cut to get the most light-play, this pendant depicts a well-toned Jesus with his hair, beard, loincloth, and a block under his feet in white-gold for a silver finish. Here are the sizes on offer: 

  1. Large – 4.10 grams – 2 3/4″ by 1 3/4″ – Bail 8.5mm 
  2. Medium – 2.35 grams – 2″ by 1 3/8″ – Bail 6mm
  3. Large – 1.30 grams – 1 1/2″ by 1″ – Bail is 4mm

Fun fact: the bail is the piece that attaches the pendant to a necklace. The range of sizes of the bail allows for a thicker chain for the larger pendants. Make a statement with this pendant for what was $350, now $245 for the large, and $150, on sale for $105 for the smallest size.

Bayam Jewelry Cuban Royal Link Monaco Chain Necklace Review 

With interlocking links, the Cuban style should be a staple in every necklace-wearing man’s arsenal. The Bayam Jewelry Cuban Royal Link Monaco Chain Necklace has round 10k hollow gold links. 

With the flattening of the links, the necklace sits well and the links appear diamond-shaped. They are hollow to keep costs and the overall weight down. Smart thinking right there.

Available in widths from 6mm-24mm and sizes 16” to 30”, there is a style and size that works for just about any man, whether we prefer to use it to highlight or as the full focus. 

Keeping with the elegance of the necklace, it has a box clasp. Prices range from $1,200 on sale for $840 (6mm, 16”) to $9,790 on sale for $6,783 (24mm, 30”).

Who Is Bayam Jewelry For? 

Bayam Jewelry Review

Our Bayam Jewelry review team thinks that this brand is for any man looking for real gold jewelry at a reasonable price. They are also for women or men looking to give someone special a meaningful and thoughtful gift that speaks to their personality. 

At 10k and 14k, the quality of gold is high enough to be shiny but far stronger and more durable than a higher gold purity.

Bayam Jewelry Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bayam Jewelry Review

Time to check out what the customer Bayam Jewelry reviews have to tell us about this brand. One thing that we noted is that people often questioned whether these beautiful pieces were really gold, as the prices are so reasonable. 

On their Etsy website, the Diamond Cut Jesus Body Pendant is one of these pieces, with one customer putting this product to the test and coming out satisfied: “Top quality for sure also had it tested and it checks out it’s 100% authentic.”

Although having this jewelry tested is one way of confirming it, those willing to take the company’s word for it can rely on the certificate of authentication. 

Over on Walmart’s website where a pair of Bayam Jewelry Hoop Earrings earned 5/5 stars from 3 reviews, one customer attested to the high quality backed up by proper certifications:

Beautiful beyond my expectations in person. They are absolutely gorgeous and they are more gorgeous in person. High quality and certified by the jewelry store as authentic 10k gold. With a certificate of authentication.”

But the trust doesn’t end there. TopRatedSeller tells us that the Bayam Jewelry eBay store has a rating of 4.9/5 stars from over 5,000 ratings. 

The website explains that “bayamjewelry is trusted by more than twenty thousand eBay shoppers who have rated the seller at a 98.8% positive overall score.” 

One customer on eBay says that the Miami Cuban Royal Link Chain Necklace is a “Nice chain that sits right and doesn’t tangle up all the time. Lots of compliments on it daily or anytime I’m out and about.”

So far, we discovered through the customer reviews that this jewelry is real gold, beautifully crafted, and thoughtfully designed for comfort. Our final Bayam Jewelry review shows what happens when you put on this gold jewelry for your everyday wear:

“This is my second purchase from Bayam Jewelry and I continue to be impressed. Very nice quality jewelry and long lasting. I’m not gentle on my jewelry… so it has to be resistant. I bought my last piece from Bayam Jewelry over a year ago and wear it every day but this herringbone bracelet is my most recent purchase and I love it.”

Turns out this brand makes long-lasting jewelry too. That’s the advantage of real, yet not pure, gold. Looks as good as pure gold but with more durability. To wrap up, let’s take a look at the company’s overall ratings online:

  • Etsy – 5,718 reviews – 4.5/5 stars
  • eBay – 5,056 reviews – 4.9/5 stars
  • Google – 1,103 reviews – 4.8/5 stars

With nothing of note on the Better Business Bureau website, we can safely say that Bayam Jewelry has a good following of satisfied and happy customers.

Is Bayam Jewelry Legit?

Bayam Jewelry Review

Our Bayam Jewelry review didn’t find anything of note to provide any doubt as to this brand’s legitimacy. They offer free shipping and are proven to use real gold, as they claim.

Is Bayam Jewelry Worth It?

Bayam Jewelry Review

So, is Bayam Jewelry worth your money? If you’re looking for wearable, real gold jewelry at fair prices, then yes, absolutely

These pieces are designed to be used as an accent to your style or as a bold statement of who you are. All the products look as good as pure gold but should last even when worn regularly.

Bayam Jewelry makes excellent gifts for any of the special people in your life. They can speak to their receivers and look like you spent more than you did. That’s a win-win situation if we’ve ever seen one.

Bayam Jewelry Promotions & Discounts 

Bayam Jewelry Review

Our Bayam Jewelry review team found several ways for you to save money on the brand’s website:

  • Extra 10% off when subscribing to their newsletter
  • Loyalty rewards program with special discounts, free giveaways, and sweet deals
  • Financing available with Affirm and Acima
  • Refer a Friend program
  • Share and Win
  • A respectable clearance section

Where to Buy Bayam Jewelry

Bayam Jewelry Review

The best place to buy Bayam Jewelry is on the brand’s website at They also have an Etsy and an eBay store, which are perhaps better for international customers. 

A few products could be found at Walmart and they have an Amazon store that sells mainly women’s pieces, so the selection doesn’t compare to the brand’s website.


Bayam Jewelry Review

Who owns Bayam Jewelry?

Bayam Jewelry is owned and operated by the third generation of the Bayam Family.

Does Bayam Jewelry ship internationally?

Bayam Jewelry ships internationally to many countries but they do not cover the customs and taxes and they are not included in the final price.

What is Bayam Jewelry’s Shipping Policy?

This Bayam Jewelry review is happy to report that the brand offers free shipping in the US for all orders. Depending on the price of your order, they offer different shipping services. Any orders of $750 or more must be signed for. 

All orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours on business days. Here are the services and the delivery times:

  • All orders – Standard Shipping – 3-5 business days 
  • Over $500 – 2-Day Priority Shipping – 2 business days 
  • Over $2,000 – Overnight Shipping – next day

What is Bayam Jewelry’s Return Policy?

Bayam Jewelry has a 30-day return policy for which they provide a return label. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the brand’s return portal and fill in the required information
  2. Pack the unworn, undamaged return in the original packaging with any gifts included
  3. Affix the return label
  4. Ship the prepaid parcel

It can take 2-3 days for processing after they receive your return. If you are doing an exchange, Bayam Jewelry will send a confirmation email when the exchange ships.

How to Contact Bayam Jewelry

If you have any questions that this Bayam Jewelry review didn’t answer, you can contact them by email at [email protected].

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