Vitaly Jewelry Review

About Vitaly

Vitaly Jewelry Review

Vitaly Design is an edgy, contemporary accessories brand based in Toronto, Canada. Their gender-neutral jewelry is crafted using recycled stainless steel, and they lean in to the industrial origin of their material with innovative, retro-futuristic designs. 

Vitaly has been featured on Complex, BlogTO, Toronto Life, and Swagger, and their Instagram page has a sizable following of 664K. We also took a look at the YouTube channel, which features campaign videos for their street-inspired collections

This Vitaly jewelry review will scope out the brand, its customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if Vitaly jewelry products are worth the buy. 

Overview of Vitaly

Vitaly Jewelry Review

Shane Vitaly Foran created his namesake brand in 2011 after leaving a job in the corporate world. Reflecting on his life back in Toronto during a three-week backpacking journey in Indonesia, he was suddenly inspired to enter the handcrafted jewelry business, despite having no background in fashion.

Vitaly soon transitioned from working with materials like wood and ceramic to using stainless steel, as it “does not rust, tarnish, or turn your skin green.” On top of that, stainless steel is highly recyclable, and can have a lifespan of up to 30 years

The brand declares that its designs “take inspiration from the prevalence of robotics, AI and industrial manufacturing processes in our daily lives.” There is a definite hipster edge to the company, but they take pride in the fact that their jewelry is bought by a wide range of consumers.

Vitaly Jewelry Review

Next up in this Vitaly jewelry review, we’ll take a look at the highlights of the brand. 


  • Uses super-durable 316 stainless steel that can last up to 30 years
  • Recycled from cars, bridges, or other story-invoking places
  • Mid-range prices
  • Range of styles, from hardcore rocker to delicate and dainty
  • Sale section of up to 50% off
  • Installment payment option with Sezzle
  • Fast shipping times of 3-5 days for North America
  • Free shipping on orders of $100 and over

Vitaly jewelry is made from 316 stainless steel. Each piece is offered in different finishes, which transforms the look of the item to suit your individual style. 

This Vitaly jewelry review will feature the brand’s bestselling jewelry, from bracelets to earrings to rings, which suggest themes ranging from space travel and robotics to punk-rock royalty.  

Vitaly Bracelets Review

Vitaly bracelets take inspiration from industrial motifs like machine parts, and chain link fences. They have overstated, impactful designs that are great for accessorizing rocker-chic or alternative styles. 

This Vitaly jewelry review will give you a look at some of the brand’s bestselling stainless steel bracelets. 

Vitaly Kickback Review

Anything inspired by chainsaw links is guaranteed to look hardcore. The Vitaly Kickback is slim but mighty, and comes in five different finishes so that you can adapt it to your look:

  1. Gold
  2. Stainless steel
  3. Matte black
  4. Antiqued steel
  5. Midnight

This Vitaly jewelry review can see gold pairing well with a denim jacket and ponytail, or you can crank things up a notch with the matte black while you pile on the leather. 

The Vitaly Kickback is a little heavier than the traditional bracelet, but it’s designed to be seen, heard, and felt. The small buckle clasp makes it easy to put on and take off. Punch up your look with the Vitaly Kickback for $70. 

Vitaly Integer Review

The Vitaly Integer has a commanding presence that draws a lot of attention. The 1-inch link adds just the right amount of flash to your style, and finishes like gasoline are evocative of city nightlife, calling to mind those 3am walks (or stumbles) home from the bar. 

The thick buckle clasp looks like something you would find on a piece of safety equipment, and the laser-engraved logo adds the finishing touch. The Vitaly Integer goes for $100. 

Vitaly Earrings Review

Whether cyberpunk-looking or more traditional, Vitaly’s earring designs add considerable impact to any outfit while complementing your face and your unique style. Stay tuned as this Vitaly jewelry review checks out the brand’s bestselling items in this category. 

Vitaly Feedback Review

Futuristic and edgy, the Vitaly Feedback gives you a slick man + machine vibe with its sharp-angled design. The upper and lower cuffs are joined by a bracket that sits invisibly on the back of your ear, giving you an eye-catching cyborg look.

The stainless steel option will add instant flare to casual wear, but this Vitaly jewelry review loves envisioning it in gold, along with a sleek updo and a strapless white dress. Also available in matte black, this cyberpunk-style piece is $80. 

Vitaly Path Review

Vitaly Paths earrings bring intensity to any look, their stainless steel, gold, polished black, and midnight finishes allowing them to complement any variety of countenances. The backs of the earrings have a seamless bracket closure, while the links themselves carry a bit of weight, but not too much.

You can choose to wear just one of these earrings for an edgy look, or two to create balance. The different finishes make them incredibly versatile: the gold option makes them perfect for high-class functions, while the stainless steel gives them a rugged look more evocative of the chains the design was inspired by.

Choose the right finish for your face and pick up the Vitaly Path earrings for $65. 

Vitaly Necklaces Review

Vitaly necklaces are statement pieces all their own, but also work well with necklaces of other lengths, materials, and colors. The bestselling stainless-steel necklaces featured here come in a variety of finishes that give the design looks ranging from understated to don’t-mess-with-me. 

Vitaly Transit Review

Vitaly Transit  is great on its own and also a great starting point for layering your accessories. Alone it has a simple-but-intense effect, but piling on necklaces of other materials and lengths gives it a more playful edge and allows for more self-expression. 

Choose from five finishes to suit your style, from intense polished black to rainbow-hued gasoline. The Vitaly Transit comes in three lengths (40cm, 45cm, 55cm), so you can select your length based on whether or not you’re planning to layer on other necklaces. 

Whichever length and finish you choose, this statement piece is $75

Vitaly Miami Chain Review

Available in four lengths ranging from 45 to 75cm, the Vitaly Miami Chain makes a great layering piece but also looks fantastic flying solo, laying long into plummeting V-necks and low-cut dresses. 

Customers love the versatility of this chain, and the fact that its thin design is still thick enough to prevent tangling. Get this classic in either gold or stainless-steel finishes for $40. 

Vitaly Riot Review

The Vitaly Riot is the necklace equivalent of the Vitaly Integer bracelet, the thick links and stainless-steel finish giving it a machine-like quality while its choker length adds punkish flare

The necklace has a wide buckle clasp that you can wear in the front like a Vitaly pendant, or hide in the back if you want the full-chain effect. Choose from five different finishes, ranging from pure stainless steel to boldly blue midnight. 

Vitaly Riot is thick so it works well on its own, but this Vitaly jewelry review also loves it paired with lots of thin, delicate necklaces to provide a contrasting look. However you wear it, the Vitaly Riot is $130. 

Vitaly Rings Review

Vitaly rings give off ultra-cool vibes with an array of vintage and futuristic designs in shiny metallics. Simple but striking-looking, the bestselling rings below evoke mysterious pasts and worlds yet to come. 

Vitaly Stasis Review

Inspired by speculative sci-fi about space travel, the Vitaly Stasis suggests everything from a Starfleet logo to the deadly-sharp armored getup of the Predator. This attention-grabbing ring takes up most of your finger and blends metal with skin, much like the Vitaly Feedback earring. 

Go intergalactic with the Vitaly Stasis ring for $75, available in gold or stainless steel and in sizes 6-11.

Vitaly Vaurus Review

With the intensely deep black onyx at its center, the Vitaly Vaurus calls to mind that space theme again—this time, as a black hole. This Vitaly jewelry review thinks that it makes for a great pinky ring with its simple yet impactful look—a quality we love about all of Vitaly’s designs. 

You can get the Vitaly Vaurus in gold or stainless steel, and in sizes 5-13, for $85. 

Vitaly Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Vitaly Jewelry Review

This Vitaly jewelry review checked out customer reviews on Trustpilot, Reddit, and the official website to see what people are saying about this cutting-edge jewelry brand.

On Trustpilot, 33 Vitaly jewelry reviews on Trustpilot rate the brand at 2.9/5 stars. Still, many of the five-star reviews comment that they can’t understand the reports of poor customer service from the one-starrers, as their own experience was fantastic and they love the pieces.

Incredible people as well as the products. Had a final sales item, it turned out it wasn’t my size. When at first i couldn’t return i send an email and the problem was immediately fixed. Got my ring and it’s really good quality. Can’t understand how others have had such a bad experience,” said one satisfied customer.

Vitaly jewelry reviews Reddit threads turn up more good news about the brand, including praise of their products’ durability.

One repeat customer wrote that “I’ve got two necklaces and a ring from Vitaly and they seem to be holding up well. I’ve worn it probably 4x/week for 2 years.Their customer service is pretty nice.” 

At the brand website itself, the Vitaly Riot chain scores a perfect 5/5 stars from 95 reviews. Customers love the quality, look, and feel of the chain, with one commenting, “Love the weight of this chain. It really creates a statement when you wear it. The clasp is strong and secure and the chain feels cool even on hot days.”  

The detailed accounts of negative customer-service experiences are certainly concerning, though they do seem to be offset by the seamless shipping and service processes that other customers experienced. And even most of the negative reviews have nothing bad to say about the quality of the products themselves.

Are Vitaly Worth It?

Vitaly Jewelry Review

This Vitaly jewelry review could not find many reviews that speak negatively about the brand’s jewelry. Most negative comments concern poor customer service, but there aren’t even that many of those. 

Also, Vitaly Design pulls in a solid 4/5-star average across various review sites, and there is an abundance of positive reviews regarding customer service, ease of communication, and product exchange. 

In terms of price, Vitaly’s high to mid-range prices may exclude some customers, but they do have some lower-cost pieces as well as a great sale section that offers some items at up to 50% off.

This Vitaly jewelry review also appreciates that the brand uses recycled stainless steel for their products and looks to tell stories with their designs. For all this, as well as the fact that customers have said that their pieces are indeed high-quality and long-lasting, we believe that the collection is worth the buy. 

Vitaly Promotions & Discounts 

Vitaly Jewelry Review

Aside from the Vitaly Design sale section, which offers up to 50% off some items, you can get a Vitaly discount code for 15% off your first order when you sign up for the brand’s newsletter.

Where to Buy Vitaly

Vitaly Jewelry Review

Head to for access to the best sales and range of products. Vitaly is also available at Simons, Seven50, Solestop, ASOS, and you can find Vitaly clothing at Grailed. 

Amazon sells Vitaly watches that are no longer available on the brand website. There is also a Vitaly store located on Queen Street in Toronto, Canada. 


Vitaly Jewelry Review

Who owns Vitaly? 

The Vitaly meaning of the brand name comes from the name of its owner and founder, Shane Vitaly Foran. He established Vitaly as the flagship brand of his company Compound Studio.

Is Vitaly Design legit? 

Vitaly Design is undoubtedly legit. This Vitaly jewelry review believes so, along with their many other customers who speak of their products’ high quality and awesome designs. 

Is Vitaly jewelry real? 

Vitaly jewelry is made from real stainless steel. They emphasize using recycled steel, and some pieces even incorporate steel from old bridges, cars, and skyscrapers. 

How long does Vitaly take to ship?

Your Vitaly order will take about 2 business days to process. The average shipping time within Canada is 3-5 business days through Canada Post. Canadian shipping rates are as follows:

  • Orders up to $99: flat rate of $8
  • Orders over $100: FREE 
  • Express shipping: determined at checkout

For orders going to other North American locations, shipping via USPS takes an average of 3-5 business days as well. International orders arrive in 14-21 business days. Shipping rates for these locations are calculated at checkout. 

To check your Vitaly order status, use the tracking number Vitaly includes in your shipping confirmation email. If you want to cancel your order, email [email protected] with your Vitaly cancel order request. Orders cannot be cancelled if they have already been fulfilled and shipped. 

Where does Vitaly ship from?

This Vitaly jewelry review has been unable to find the exact location of their warehouse. Vitaly’s head office is located in Etobicoke. 

What is Vitaly’s Return Policy?

Vitaly returns are possible for eligible items up to 7 days from when your order was delivered. Your return must be packaged in Vitaly-branded packaging, and must be unscratched, unscuffed, and undamaged. 

To start a return or Vitaly exchange, head to their return portal and enter your order number and shipping postal code. 

Items that do not qualify for return or exchange are:

  • Final-sale items
  • Pierced earrings and earring pendants

When you send your return back, it can take up to 14 business days for Vitaly to process your order. If you do not include the original packaging with your order, you will be charged a $6 repackaging fee. Returns for a refund (rather than an exchange or store credit) will be subject to a restocking and handling fee. 

How to Contact Vitaly

If you need any other information that this Vitaly Accessories review did not provide, you can get in touch with Vitaly in the following ways:

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