Therapy Notebooks Review

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Therapy Notebooks Review

For those unable to access or afford interventions for their mental health through medical professionals, guidebooks can be an effective alternative to introduce better habits into one’s routine that support improving mental health. 

According to this study, the practice known as positive affect journaling serves as an effective intervention for mitigating mental distress, increasing well-being, and enhancing physical functioning. 

Therapy Notebooks offer help you can turn to when you need it most. Providing information and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to assist with anxiety and depression, its journals are designed to give you free rein and unlimited access to research-backed mental health tools.

The psychologist-developed note and guidebooks are ideal for times of stress and anxiety but can be used over time to help you better your thinking patterns and improve the relationship between your thoughts and feelings. Featured by The New York Times and HGTV, the new company has already garnered a community of 50k+ followers.

What can you expect to find in this Therapy Notebooks review? Helpful details about the brand and its products, as well as customer feedback, answers to FAQs, and more. Let’s open things up and get started.

Overview of Therapy Notebooks

Therapy Notebooks Review

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that about 20% of the US population deals with some form of anxiety and that 30% of US adults will struggle with anxiety at some point in their lives. Though for some people, anxiety comes seldom, for others, it’s a crippling, daily occurrence that can affect their jobs and relationships.

Getting therapy isn’t always an option. With costs upwards of $100 and waitlists for free services a mile long, often, those who are struggling go without. Therapy Notebooks were designed in 2019 in an effort to make accessing the right tools a little easier.

Though the research-backed notebooks aren’t a replacement for therapy, they can be used alongside it, or as a quick tool to pull out of your back pocket on particularly rough days. Researched, written, and edited by a team of psychologists, the books include a handful of useful tools that use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a popular therapeutic approach that compiles interventions geared towards mental disorders and psychological distress that are assumed to be maintained by cognitive factors. 

According to the aforementioned review, CBT suggests that maladaptive cognitions contribute to the maintenance of emotional distress and behavioral problems, so the interventions are targeted towards reducing these negative or harmful outcomes. 

The face behind the brand is Dr. Hod Tamir, Ph.D., a developmental psychologist and mental health counselor. Banding together with co-founder Varshil Patel, an entrepreneur with a heart for bridging the gap between learning and support, the two are on a mission to make mental health treatment what it should be: accessible.

Dr. Tamir notes that his journals aren’t “magic” books. Achieving better mental health is a process, and they’re not going to do the work for you. Instead, what the books do help you do, is to turn your focus inward, work through emotions, and use the provided tools to create positive change.

Coming up in this Therapy Notebooks review, we will run through the brand’s highlights before diving into its helpful and clever products.


Therapy Notebooks Review
  • Makes journals for both anxiety & depression
  • Psychologist-developed
  • Uses the same tools and techniques practiced in therapy
  • Accessible & affordable
  • Free sample PDF upon request
  • Offers a 10% discount
  • Ships internationally

Making therapy as simple and accessible it should be, the brand’s notebooks merge the convenience of a travel-friendly book with the clinical expertise of a therapist. Its collection is streamlined—you’ll find just three products, each designed to help you through tough times.

Filled with notes, tips, and tools, each book is backed by psychologists and only includes resources from proven research. In the next part of this Therapy Notebooks review we will take a close look at each of the brand’s signature products. You’ll learn what each one of them is, and what they’re designed to help you through.

Therapy Notebooks Review

Therapy Notebooks are already cost-effective when compared to a single session with a mental health coach. Should you prefer to break the costs down, choose the afterpay option at checkout to separate your payment into four installments.

Up ahead, you’ll discover the full range of the brand’s lineup, including note and guidebooks to help with anxiety and depression. There’s also a handy accessory that helps you tell the world how you feel.

Therapy Notebooks The Anti-Anxiety Therapy Notebook Review

Therapy Notebooks The Anti-Anxiety Therapy Notebook Review
Therapy Notebooks The Anti-Anxiety Therapy Notebook

A therapy notebook made by actual therapists—now that’s smart. What seems like an obviously brilliant product is actually one of the first of its kind. Other therapy journals on the market don’t prescribe the same CBT method and are simply there to help you journal your thoughts and feelings.

Though helpful, other journals don’t include the same information that The Anti-Anxiety Therapy Notebook does. With this one, you’ll learn all about CBT and can keep tabs on your emotions and eventually patterns the longer you use it.

Ideal for dealing with anxiety and stress, it contains 100 journal entry pages that you can complete any time you feel like you need some help. The book’s structured exercises are there to help you deal with anxiety in the moment, and they employ research-backed techniques.

As you work your way through the notebook, you’ll discover five Check-Ins. These sections introduce you to different anxiety therapy tools. We love that Therapy Notebooks lets you actually view what the book looks like inside. Normally, with books such as these, you don’t know what you’re getting.

Similar journals at the bookstore are often wrapped with plastic, leaving you guessing as to what you’ll discover inside. Go figure. It’s nice to get a peek inside The Anti-Anxiety Notebook and discover the appealing layout and get examples of the content that you’ll uncover in the journaling process.

User-friendly and made to help with real anxiety, the journal pages will take you through five steps to establish a better relationship with your thoughts and feelings.

  1. Describing what happened
  2. Write about what you’re feeling
  3. Noting the intensity of your emotions
  4. Determine the presence of patterns (i.e. self-doubt)
  5. View the situation from a new perspective

The process has been proven to dispel, at least, some feeling of anxiety by separating what your mind tells you is happening from what is really happening. While you journal, you’ll be free to browse the tools included throughout the rest of the book, in turn, strengthening your responses and properly identifying your emotions.

Take control of your anxiety with The Anti-Anxiety Notebook for $38.

Therapy Notebooks The Depression Guidebook Review

Therapy Notebooks The Depression Guidebook Review
Therapy Notebooks The Depression Guidebook

Though related, anxiety and depression can have different symptoms and need to be addressed in different ways. Though there’s no doubt that someone with depression could benefit from using The Anti-Anxiety Notebook, The Depression Guidebook provides targeted tools to help you lessen the feelings of depression.

The guidebook is made up of five sections: ACT, BA, CBT, Growth Mindset, and DBT. In each one, you’ll find a different research-backed tool to help combat the feelings of depression. This book is more about learning about the tools to put them into daily practice, but it also includes upwards of 80 journal entries you can use to work things out.

ACT interventions aim to promote new health behavior patterns in individuals through the improvement of psychological flexibility. This review defines it as the ability to contact the present moment more fully with acceptance and mindfulness as a conscious human being. 

According to this study, the Growth Mindset intervention is the belief that personal characteristics can be developed. In addition, it has been shown that people who have a growth mindset are more likely to thrive in the face of difficulty and continue to improve, which is beneficial in attempting to improve the state of one’s mental health. 

Dialectical behavior therapy, or DBT, was created as an intervention and alternative to those that were focused on changing cognitions and behaviors that many patients felt invalidated, and consequently dropped out of treatment altogether. 

This study summarizes this intervention as a comprehensive, evidence-based treatment that is often used to treat personality disorders. 

Each section of The Depression Guidebook includes notes from a therapist, as well as science-focused information to help you fully understand each of the tools. Not technically designed to be read from front to back, you can flip through it at will and discover at your own pace.

Start your journey with The Depression Guidebook for $38.

Therapy Notebooks The Feeling Things Hat Review

Therapy Notebooks The Feeling Things Hat Review
Therapy Notebooks The Feeling Things Hat

A good-looking hat is a good-looking hat, and even if you decide one of the brand’s notebooks isn’t for you, this subtle cap is an everyday way to express yourself. It’s made from 100% stonewashed cotton and has an adjustable strap in the back to fit heads of all sizes.

In a dark, moody forest green hue, the front of the hat is embroidered with the words “Feeling Things” in white. Pull it on whenever it feels right. Get The Feeling Things Hat for $24.

Who Is Therapy Notebooks For?

Therapy Notebooks Review

Therapy Notebooks are for anyone who struggles with anxiety or depression. Though they’re not a replacement for therapy, they contain some of the same techniques that therapists use and serve as an accessible way to help you put them into practice.

You can use the books when you feel anxious, stressed, or whenever the mood strikes to help you work through your feelings. That may be multiple times per day, once a day, or once per month—there’s no prescribed amount you need to use the books, it’s up to you.

How Do Therapy Notebooks Work?

Therapy Notebooks Review

Therapy Notebooks use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help combat anxiety. The treatment is evidence-based and commonly used by psychologists around the world.

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook helps bring awareness to the connection between your thoughts and your feelings, giving you the techniques to challenge the relationship and help it change over time. The book includes CBT resources throughout it, along with tips, tools, and questions that can be used as part of a session with your therapist.

In comparison, The Depression Guidebook includes foundational information about effective depression tools to help you discover which ones work best for you. Each part of the book gives an introduction to one of the five effective tools, then includes written exercises to help you improve your relationships, motivation, and how you speak to yourself.

Therapy Notebooks Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Therapy Notebooks Review

As a relatively new brand, there weren’t a whole ton of Therapy Notebooks reviews available online, but what we did find was incredibly helpful. Ahead, you’ll find ratings and comments collected from around the web that shine some light on what its books are like—from user and therapist perspectives.

Our first bit of feedback comes from the brand’s website. Here are the user ratings for both of its therapy books:

  • The Anti-Anxiety Notebook: average of 4.8/5 stars from 180 reviews
  • The Depression Guidebook: average of 5/5 stars from 9 reviews

Looking into The Anti-Anxiety Notebook, we found comments from both users and therapists who both say they value the content in the book. One Therapy Notebooks review read:

I can guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth out of this book! I use it in conjunction with talk therapy, and it’s been life changing…Learning about cognitive distortions has changed the way I view and interact with the world. The book itself is high quality and visually really appealing. I love the look and feel of it.

From the photos, we already got the idea that the book has a high-quality feel to it, but we also appreciate the layout of it—it’s nice to look at and user-friendly. As for its use, one therapist wrote, “Loved it and continue to use it in my therapy sessions with clients.”

We love that The Anti-Anxiety Notebook can be used alone or with a therapist, proving it has tools that are therapist-approved and ones they’ll most likely be using with you in sessions anyway. It’s a versatile tool.

In search of some more details about what using The Anti-Anxiety Notebook is really like, we headed over to Thing Testing. The review site shows an overall score of 4.3/5 stars from 3 users—not a ton, but the feedback here was beneficial. Of the journaling process, one comment read:

The feeling after journaling is really calming, and I think journaling on physical paper is much more effective than on a screen. I especially like the snippets of information from therapists in this notebook and come back to them often. I love that I can use it completely on an as-needed basis.

Calling to light the benefits of journaling in general, what’s super useful about Therapy Notebooks is the inclusion of psychologist content. It’s what sets it apart from other therapy journals out there.

Our last snippet of feedback comes from Reddit. The Therapy Notebooks review thread discusses what using The Anti-Anxiety Notebook is like and its usefulness. The first answer to another user’s question about what the experience is like reads:

So far I am learning a lot of simple ways to manage anxiety from the reading and I am looking forward to using the pages to practice! The idea is to fill out a page with questions whenever you feel anxious/stressed so I’m going to carry it around with me.

It sounds like Therapy Notebooks are important tools, providing helpful information and techniques that are easy to digest and put into practice. Not only is The Anti-Anxiety Notebook a convenient tool to write in and get emotions out, but you can depend on it for science-backed tools you can carry with you for life.

Staying with the Therapy Notebooks review on Reddit, the same user continued updating their opinions about the journal. Of its benefits, they wrote:

I haven’t done much therapy so I’m learning a lot and it’s cheaper than therapy lol! The journaling pages seem approachable and bite-sized – it kinda reminds me of “The Five Minute Journal” which I’ve used/am a fan of!

Being cheaper than therapy is an obvious benefit of this book, and though it’s important to remember that it’s not a replacement for therapy with a licensed professional. Instead, it’s an affordable and practical tool to use when you need help most. Trying to talk to a therapist on the spot can be incredibly difficult—but sometimes, in the moment is when it’s most needed.

Overall, though there’s not a boatload of feedback for this brand, what’s out there is highly positive. As its most popular product, The Anti-Anxiety Notebook received high ratings across the board.

Is Therapy Notebooks Worth It?

Therapy Notebooks Review

Therapy Notebooks solve several problems that people with anxiety disorders face daily. Sometimes, having the right tools in front of you is enough to help you get through a tough moment/afternoon/day, and that’s one of the largest benefits of using these books.

Providing clinically-backed techniques to help get your brain into a different mindset, the simple act of journaling is up-leveled and brought one step closer to the benefits that therapy can bring.

Therapy Notebooks Promotions & Discounts

Therapy Notebooks Review

Helping people is the blood of this brand. That’s the reason its note and guidebooks are affordable, but also why it offers savings where it can. While writing this Therapy Notebooks review, we found that the brand gives customers 10% off when they sign up to the mailing list.

Alternatively, if you’d like to get a sneak peek of The Anti-Anxiety Notebook before you buy it, head to the ‘About’ page and enter your email address. They’ll send you a sample PFD. Though we didn’t see a Therapy Notebooks discount code, once on the mailing list, they’ll send you updates whenever one is released.

Where to Buy Therapy Notebooks

Therapy Notebooks Review

To find the right guidebooks, the ones backed by research and psychologists, it’s important that you head to


Therapy Notebooks Review

Who owns Therapy Notebooks?

Dr. Hod Tamir, Ph.D. and Varshil Patel own Therapy Notebooks. With a combined desire to make therapeutic tools more affordable and user-friendly, they came together to launch this helpful brand.

Are Therapy Notebooks a replacement for therapy?

Therapy Notebooks are NOT a replacement for therapy sessions with a licensed psychologist or mental health counselor. Though the tools and activities inside are backed by research and psychologists, its content is there to help you find the tools that work for you.

If you require assistance or counseling, you should seek out the help of a licensed professional. Should you ever require urgent assistance, the brand recommends choosing any of these resources:

  • All Emergencies: 911
  • Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1 800-273-8255
  • SAMHSA National Helpline: 1 800-622-4357

Do Therapy Notebooks ship internationally?

Yes, and that’s something we truly appreciate about this brand. Shipping to the UK and the EU, folks around the world can benefit from its mental health books. International shipping rates are calculated at checkout.

What is Therapy Notebooks’ Shipping Policy?

All orders ship out in about 1-2 business days from the time they’re placed online. You’ll have three shipping options:

  1. Standard: 5-8 business days FREE
  2. Expedited: 2-4 business days $4
  3. Express: 2 business days $18

Once your order leaves the warehouse, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation and an estimated delivery date of your order.

What is Therapy Notebooks’ Return Policy?

Should you ever find yourself in need of returning one of the brand’s products, know that you can as long as you start the process within 30 days of receipt, aka, the day it shows up at your door. The process is simple, but for easy reference, we’ll walk you through it below:

  1. Send an email to [email protected] and let them know you’d like to make a return
  2. Make sure your item(s) are in original, unused condition
  3. A team member will send you introductions on how to make the return
  4. Once the brand receives your items at its warehouse, it will credit your original method of payment

Keep in mind that all return shipping costs are your responsibility. The brand will give you instructions on what to do, but you’ll need to drop it off at the post office and pay for shipping. This is pretty standard for any brand, really.

How to Contact Therapy Notebooks

Therapy Notebooks Review

If you need any other information that we didn’t include in this Therapy Notebooks review, don’t hesitate to reach out to the brand with your questions. You can get in touch with its team by emailing [email protected].

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