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PurpleTrail Planner Review

Time to give yourself a fresh start with a new planner to help you get organized. Whether you’re headed back to school or the office, a planner is essential to stay on top of a busy schedule and PurpleTrail is here to help. 

The brand offers planners, invitations, and cards items, becoming a one-stop stationery shop for all your organizational and special occasion needs. Moreover, it’s clear that PurpleTrail values functionality along with personality, with each planner or stationery good connoting a specific art style or message.  

PurpleTrail may just be a paper and stationary company but the label has over 10k likes on Facebook as well as 5k followers on Instagram. It is also acknowledged by a community of people that rely on their goods to stay on track.

This PurpleTrail planner review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its products like planners and invitations, customer ratings, and promotions to help you decide if their products are worth the buy.

Overview of PurpleTrail

PurpleTrail Planner Review

Helmed by a team of young and enthusiastic designers and crafters, PurpleTrail was founded in the small town of Issaquah, WA. CEO Christina Kejriwal notes that the brand’s mission is to inspire people and provide them with the tools to create stationery of their own. It’s like having your own PurpleTrail design center at your fingertips!

Sometimes what you find in stores merely reflects a current trend that may not appeal to everyone. The company wanted to set themselves apart by offering a customizable option, with various designs and art to choose from.

But before you go adding agendas and pens to your cart, this PurpleTrail planner review will look at some of the pros and cons of the brand.


  • Lots of planners to choose from 
  • Wide range of cards and invitations 
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • Promo codes offered 
  • Customize any stationery or layout
  • Worldwide shipping 
  • Free sample kit upon request


  • High international fees 
  • Returns are only made if there are printing errors
  • No PurpleTrail evites option
PurpleTrail Planner Review

Now get ready to chuck random notes out the window and get serious about planning because PurpleTrail has it all. From customizable text to images and stickers, you can map out your ideal journal and planner or choose from a collection the brand also sells—it’s all up to you! 

But it doesn’t end there. PurpleTrail has cards for specific events, guestbooks, and business affiliated stationery too. Let’s get planning! 

PurpleTrail Planners Review

Planners are the best way to stay organized and jot down last minute details about a particular appointment while structuring your day with to-dos or grocery lists that need to be completed. 

Whatever the context, planners come in all sizes, artwork, and fonts to function as lifestyle pieces to help you throughout your day. This PurpleTrail planner review will look at some of the brand’s best-selling planners, focusing on the largest stationery category off the website.

All PurpleTrail planners come in two sizes:

  1. 8.5×11
  2. 6×8

And the brand offers three types of finishes:

  1. Synthetic 
  2. Laminate
  3. Hard cover 

PurpleTrail Cute Monogram Photo Collage Mom Planner Review

Moms are some of the busiest people out there—organizing and scheduling events for kids, themselves, and the entire family! It can get stressful real quick but this PurpleTrail custom planner can make sure you’re not missing out on an important school event or the kids’ extracurriculars. 

The nifty thing about this planner is that you can monogram it however you like or add in one of your favorite photos on the cover, PurpleTrail can customize it along with your preferred color option. The planner also comes in different calendar increments which range from 6 to 18 months.

This Cute Monogram Photo Collage Mom Planner retails for $55.

PurpleTrail Floral Doodle Wreath Teacher Planner Review

If you’re a teacher, you know the importance of a schedule and deadlines because no student likes waiting on assignments or having a teacher who forgot an appointment after school. It’s tough having multiple pupils but a planner can help alleviate the stress of being a teacher.

Who doesn’t love florals? If you’re stuck indoors teaching, a dose of flowers goes a long way. This PurpleTrail teacher planner is color-coded with sections like student checklists to mark your class’ progress. There’s also cool additions like pop quiz stickers, a password section, and general notes area to write down anything vital.

The Floral Doodle Wreath Teacher Planner retails for $45.

PurpleTrail Cooking is Love Meal Planner Review 

One of the most popular things people have been tracking lately is what they eat or how they’ll prepare for the week in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It seems easy in theory, but not having a good system in place could lead to an unwanted binge, so what better way to prep and note meals than a meal planner?

With adorable vegetables and a cooking quote on the cover, this planner divides days into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Additional journal details include a snacks section, to-dos, and shopping list so you have room to write everything you could possibly need to eat better and cleaner. 

The Cooking is Love Meal Planner retails for $55.

PurpleTrail 24 Month Calendar Only Planner Pages Review 

Shopping and ordering for planners can get tedious if you have to make an annual trip to a stationery store. Let’s not forget throwing away an old planner could mean discarding important information you may need in the future. If that’s a common occurrence for you, PurpleTrail custom journals can eliminate such stressful scenarios.

Introducing a 24 month planner that allows you to save and write without tossing away anything important. The monthly layout that combines the best aspects of an agenda with your standard desk calendar, to narrow your months down to what’s truly essential. 

What’s incredible about this planner is that you can select the color inside, pick your start year and month, and the size of the pages—it’s the PurpleTrail custom book made just for you.

The 24-month calendar retails for $26.

PurpleTrail Invitations Review

Handing out physical invitations to guests has been an age-old practice that we continue to implement today. This section of the PurpleTrail planner review will highlight some of the brand’s best-selling invitations and cards, noting that all of these options have personalization features such as:

  • Change colors on the front or back
  • Paper type
  • Size, font, and any elements 
  • Add or edit text
  • Add or discard elements 

Now let’s get into the PurpleTrail invitations and cards. 

PurpleTrail Faux Gold Glitter 50th Birthday Invitation Review

Ever been invited to a party and had low expectations simply because of how stale the invite was? Avoiding your guests’ judgement is one thing but making the most out of a milestone event should be celebrated, beginning with the invitations.

Add a bit of pizazz with some sparkly glitter for your 50th bash and say cheers to a life spent with many years to come.

Ring in your 50th with birthday invites retailing at $33 for a set of 20.

PurpleTrail Haunting Skull Halloween Party Invitation Review 

Halloween is the creepiest and most fun non-official holiday out there but unfortunately card companies tend to stick to the typical pumpkins and new fall leaves. Underwhelming much? For people who want to explore their dark Halloween side, PurpleTrail has got you covered. 

Sophisticatedly spooky is a thing and PurpleTrail is here to prove it with this Halloween skull invite on paper that looks like it stepped out of the 19th century. Top that off with a simple design and cursive font and you’ll have your guests looking forward to a scary party. 

These haunting invites retail at $25 for a set of 20.

PurpleTrail Simple Gold Foil Retirement Party Invitation Review

Ready to slow things down and enjoy life more? Before you decide to sail off in a yacht or become a full-fledged tourist, maybe throw a massive party to get the ball rolling for retirement. You deserve the absolute best, after all. 

Old is gold and PurpleTrail has really harnessed that into these invitations, with classy fonts and gold foil running along the bottom. It conveys a sense of maturity but also class, making anyone invited want to join in on the festivities. 

Retirement party invitations retail at $39 for a set of 20.

PurpleTrail Yellow Black Bump Ahead Pregnancy Announcement Review

Pregnancy announcement cards can be the trickiest to shop for as most stationery brands tend to focus on gender reveals, or new parents trying to outdo the next when it comes to being humorous and witty.

That’s where PurpleTrail pregnancy announcement cards come in, dropping the baby bomb in a fun and creative way. Besides, nothing is more in your face and loud as a traffic sign so why not take that and make it into a card? It’s brilliant, simple, and will leave an impression on whoever receives it.

The pregnancy announcement cards retail at $31 for a set of 20.

PurpleTrail Recipe Templates Review

If you’re an aspiring cook, you might want a couple of recipe templates on hand to write down a stroke of genius when playing around in the kitchen or developing a new hit dish. That’s where PurpleTrail’s recipe templates come into play. 

It will be noted here in this PurpleTrail planner review that all recipe pages and templates from the brand come in two sizes:

  • 6×8
  • 8.5×11

And lets you choose between:

  • Zero finish
  • 3-hole punch
  • Notepad style

Moreover, templates give you the freedom to organize your food and drink endeavours in a methodical way. And you don’t have to go hunting down a scrap of paper where you jotted down the recipe months ago.

The following section of this PurpleTrail planner review will look at two best-selling recipe templates to help you stay efficient in the kitchen.

PurpleTrail Colorful Boxes Recipe Pages Review

Determined to publish a cookbook or hosting a culinary class? Then recipe pages can help you with your daily adventures in the kitchen, keeping track of what’s being cooked and by whom. 

These color-coded recipe pages make it even easier, portioning off boxes to include parts like ingredients, tools, and the cooking time in a clean and concise manner.

These colorful recipe pages retail at $11.

PurpleTrail Simple Lined Template Recipe Pages Review

This PurpleTrail recipe template provides users with well-tailored pages that offer an in-depth guide to any recipe. Unlike the first set of recipe pages, these pages are simple black and white, and utilize the far margins of the pages to indicate servings, difficulty of the recipe, spice level, prep and cook time, as well as the type which includes:

  • Vegetarian 
  • Low carb
  • Vegan 
  • Dairy-free 

Despite the simplicity of the design, this template gives the most in terms of practicality and details normally overlooked during the process. 

This template for recipe pages retails for $18, and only comes in the 8.5×11 size.

Who Is PurpleTrail For? 

PurpleTrail Planner Review

PurpleTrail is for anyone who is serious about staying organized but wants a personalized touch, injecting a bit of their own personality into the finished product. Plus, it’s for shoppers who want variety and functionality, giving them the choice to add on or stick to the basics. 

Overall, the brand is for people who appreciate design and love writing things down, stickers, and the fun of accessorizing their planner.

Comparison: PurpleTrail vs. Plum Paper

PurpleTrail Planner Review

There’s a massive market for planners and stationery out there with something for everyone.  Regardless of whether your entire life depends on a planner or you’re looking for cards and journals as a hobby, you’ll find loads of options. In this portion of the PurpleTrail planner review, we’ll compare our featured brand to a competitor to see how the two compare.

Plum Paper needs no introduction as it is one of the leading stationery brands in the world, and it is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of luxe cards or aesthetic planners. 

Featured in Good Housekeeping and Forbes, Plum is a personalized stationery retailer that sells various types of planners, notebooks, and writing accessories, in addition to invitations and cards. 

Since our primary focus has been on planners, let’s take a closer look at Plum’s to help differentiate the two brands.

We’ve discussed how PurpleTrail gives you some awesome customizable features and Plum functions similarly but not exactly like the former, providing 4 key options:

  • Pick your layout
  • Add custom events to a calendar 
  • The starting month 
  • Add more pages 

To sum up, where PurpleTrail is more about the layout and look of their planners, Plum is all about the context and including things that are simple but beneficial to the user. The brand also has three size options ranging from small, medium, and large so depending on how much you intend to write, you can select the size of your choice. 

However, where PurpleTrail lets customers become their own designers, Plum already has a set amount of designs to choose from so you can’t customize the outer look of the planner beyond additional texts like your name or switching up the color. Any personalization is strictly applied to the inside.

These stationery brands are similar but also quite different when it comes to what they value as customizable. In terms of pricing, both companies are on par with one another, with Plum Paper slightly less expensive when it comes to their 8.5×11 size. 

PurpleTrail Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

PurpleTrail Planner Review

This review would not be complete if we did not discuss what customers have to say. We took a look at the brand’s website, Amazon, and Facebook to get an insider and user’s commentary on PurpleTrail

The brand’s website, many people loved their PurpleTrail invitations and seem highly recommended as a result of the design and speedy delivery. One satisfied customer wrote, “Delighted with our invitations. Very easy to design. Prompt delivery. Would highly recommend it to anyone looking to create their own invitations.

Another happy customer had only positive things to say, Love my invitations! I got to fully customize my design. Hassle-free and I got exactly what I wanted. I got coated cardstock.”

Meanwhile on Amazon, one of PurpleTrail’s wedding planners has a 4.8/5 star rating out of 53 reviews. One bride goes into detail as to why she loves the planner and writes, “I was so back and forth with buying a wedding planner or trying to do one myself in a binder. But I was not disappointed.”

Finally, we took to Facebook where the brand has a 5/5 star rating out of 485 reviews to see what customers had to say on the platform with many noting the exemplary customer service.

There seems to be a general consensus that the brand has great service and corrects their mistakes, owning up to any issues and providing fast delivery while producing quality goods. What’s not to love?

Is PurpleTrail Worth It?

PurpleTrail Planner Review

For the busy individual who finds themselves in the need of an organizational fix to plan a big event, a planner or stationery goods is key. If you’re looking to stand out and have fun during a hectic schedule, then this PurpleTrail planner review highly recommends the brand and its products. 

Plus the positive comments on numerous platforms speak for themselves, with hundreds of customers standing by the brand’s quality and philosophy. And although prices may seem high, it’s definitely worth it for a special event or the personalized experience. 

PurpleTrail Promotions & Discounts 

PurpleTrail Planner Review

Considering the high price point of PurpleTrail products, it’s always nice to receive a promo or be part of a discount event. The brand does occasionally have offers, with the current one being:

  •  For 15% off your purchase, use the GET15OFF PurpleTrail coupon code

The above coupon code can be used towards bundles and includes free shipping. 

Where to Buy PurpleTrail

PurpleTrail Planner Review

PurpleTrail goods can be purchased through the brand’s official website or on Amazon.


PurpleTrail Planner Review

Who owns PurpleTrail? 

The stationery brand is a privately owned company from Issaaquah, WA.

Where is PurpleTrail made? 

All PurpleTrail products are made and shipped from the United States.

What is PurpleTrail’s Shipping Policy?

The brand has various shipping costs depending on the region you are located in. It offers standard, priority, and expedited shipping to all customers which will be broken down in the following portion of this PurpleTrail planner review.

For continental U.S. customers:

  • Standard shipping: $10
  • Priority shipping: $20
  • 2-day shipping: $35
  • Overnight shipping: $60

All orders over $75 placed by U.S. customers are eligible for free standard shipping.

For international customers:

  • Standard shipping: $66
  • Priority shipping: $76
  • Expedited: $85

All international shipping fees exclude duties and tax which are additional costs that will be calculated upon delivery. 

What is PurpleTrail’s Return Policy?

The brand has a 14-day return policy and agrees to refund only on the basis of any printing errors that may occur on PurpleTrail’s end. 

This PurpleTrail planner review found the brand is happy to work with customers in order to make sure they are satisfied. However, if the error was on the customer’s part, the company will not accept the request for a return. 

How to Contact PurpleTrail

You can contact PurpleTrail in a variety of ways:

  • Phone: 1-425-484-1054 (local Seattle residents)
  • Toll-Free: 1-888-604-6089
  • Email: [email protected]

PurpleTrail’s phone hours are from 8 am to 4 pm PST. 

Explore more options for planners with Erin Condren, and The Happy Planner two brands that create personalized, customizable paper products for lifestyle and organization.

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