Skinny Dip Review

About Skinny Dip

Skinny Dip Review

Skinny Dip is a lifestyle fashion brand with the hippest trends coming right out of the cultural hub of London, England. They provide people with a vibrant pop collection of streetwear, bags, phone cases, beauty products, and much more through their website. 

The company is well-known for its collaborations with the cutest characters from some of the biggest movie franchises out there. They have collaborated with the likes of Pixar and Hello Kitty, giving their products a unique flair. 

In fact, they’re so popular that their Facebook has 100k likes, and their Instagram has 657k followers! They’ve even been featured in notable magazines such as Teen Vogue and Cosmopolitan.  

Since the brand has a large catalog of fashionable products, and we can only cover a limited amount in this Skinny Dip review, we’ve focused on the product that skyrocketed them to success—their iPhone cases—because they’re absolutely eye-catching and fabulous. 

Overview of Skinny Dip

Skinny Dip Review

This trendy brand started selling cell phone cases back in 2011 but has since expanded to include other fashionable items. The company’s strategy was to release limited prints of must-have cell phone cases, and once they did, the brothers, James and Richard Gold, along with their friend, Lewis Blitz, found instant success. 

Skinny Dip’s HQ is located in London, and their products are sold inside retail stores across the UK. The company’s mission is to provide playful accessories, piggybacking off of famous brands like The Simpsons, Disney, and Spongebob SquarePants. A lot of their success is due to their collaborations, giving their brand that extra layer of fun. 

To give you a full picture of what the brand offers, this Skinny Dip review will take a look at some of the highlights: 


  • Wide range of affordable phone accessories
  • A great website to mix and match outfits with accessories 
  • Collaboration with famous fandoms
  • Klarna payment plans available
  • Student Discount 
  • Free shipping over £30 (UK only)
  • Loyalty club 
Skinny Dip Review

Since we’ll only be focusing on phone cases in this review, we want you to be aware of the ones that are selling like hotcakes! And since the prices are quite affordable, it’s nice to be able to switch up your case whenever you feel like it. And let’s be honest, your phone case is a reflection of who you are, why not show it off a little? 

Skinny Dip iPhone Cases Review

This company sells cases for iPhones and some Samsung phones on the market, and we’re positive one will go with your style. In our Skinny Dip review, we take a look at the best-selling iPhone cases they have in their online shop. But before you rush out to buy them, check if they have a case that fits your phone.  

Skinny Dip Disney x Skinnydip Stitch Shock Case Review

Dropping your phone can feel like life is flashing before your eyes, and you don’t need a boring case that leaves you feeling blah every time you look at it. If you’re a Lilo & Stitch fan, you’ll love this case! The Skinny Dip Disney x Skinnydip Stitch Shock Case is more than a cute galactic animal print; it can keep you from worrying about cracking any part of your phone. 

The super cute case even has a sturdy plastic strip around the camera which provides additional protection. The edges of the case have soft plastic cushions to absorb a lot of the damage from any sort of impact. The clear polyurethane case also lets the color of your iPhone 7 through 13 models shine through. 

Let’s not forget the star of this show here — Stich. This quirky blue Disney character will add that extra little kick to your outfit for that inner cheerful prankster look.

The Skinnydip Stitch Case sells for $28 and has a pay later option with Klarna. 

Skinny Dip Minimal Pink Shock Case Review

If you’re a minimalist and have butter fingers when it comes to your phone, then the Skinny Dip Minimal Pink Shock Case may just be the perfect case for you. 

The rubber shoulder pads on the corners prevent damage and it even has extra protection around the camera. The clear case will go with whatever your daily fashion choice is and it also has a beaded phone strap to add a bit of sweetness to your iPhone 7 through iPhone 13 models. And slippage? No problem! The ribbed edges make sure you won’t ever drop your phone. 

Since fussy doesn’t belong in your vocab, this minimal pink phone case will be the perfect complement to your lifestyle. We know you have better things on your mind than cutesy cartoon characters so you can use this in your office without any odd side glances, especially if you’re the boss. 

The Minimal Pink Shock Case retails for $28 with the matching beaded phone strap costing $11. Both can be paid with Klarna.

Skinny Dip Blue Butterfly Shock Case Review

Sometimes having a Disney character on your phone or a minimal pink case just isn’t your thing. We get that. You want variety and Skinny Dip is great at accommodating anything your heart desires. That’s why the Skinny Dip Blue Butterfly Shock Case is a great in-between the cartoon characters and minimal looks.

The clear case is covered in a series of glittery butterflies that give off a certain bohemian charm. You’re getting a beautiful cellphone case that pops with color, and a great way to protect your phone if it falls — just like the other cases in this Skinny Dip review. 

The case can handle the iPhone 7 through iPhone 13 models and has the same protective features as the other coverings mentioned previously. The butterflies are a whimsical aesthetic that’s in tune with nature and your ethereal vibe. 

The Blue Butterfly Case retails for $28 or you can pay later with Klarna.    

Skinny Dip Peachy Shock Case Review

Whether you’re obsessed with Bieber’s “Peaches” or just love the emoji, you will fall in love with having this luscious fruit on your phone case.  

We love the detail of the peaches on this Skinny Dip Peachy Shock Case, especially the cheeky look you give others whenever you take your phone out. These hand-drawn peaches on the back of the case will make it stand out sitting on your desk at work or in the classroom at uni.

You also get all the great protective shock case features previously mentioned in this Skinny Dip review. And don’t worry about having your phone slip out of your hand ever again — the ribbed edges are easy to grip. Not only that, but the case is really light so you won’t feel like you’re lugging around a brick just to keep your phone safe.  

The case is fitted for iPhone 7 through iPhone 13 models only. Pick up the Peachy Case for $28 or pay later with Klarna.   

Skinny Dip Care Bears x Skinnydip Rainbow Shock Case Review 

The best thing about memories is that you can revisit them at any time. And the Skinny Dip Care Bears x Skinnydip Rainbow Shock case is a great example of having your childhood cartoon with you at all times for a dose of pure nostalgia.

The six Care Bears displayed on this case are frolicking among the glittery clouds and include:

  • Good Luck Bear 
  • Wish Bear 
  • Love-a-lot Bear 
  • Cheer Bear 
  • Grumpy Bear 
  • Bedtime Bear 

As mentioned before in this Skinny Dip review, the phone case has cushiony corners in case you drop it, and even comes with ribbed edges to make sure it doesn’t slip through your fingers. 

No matter what, this case will make your phone stand out and broadcast that you are a Care Bears superfan! 

Fitted only for iPhone 7 through 13 models, you can pick up this cell phone case for $28 or pay later with Klarna.  

Skinny Dip Cherub Shock Case Review 

If you’re sugar and spice, and everything nice, then you might just enjoy having this Skinny Dip Cherub Shock Case on your phone. 

This classic, vintage, and angelic case will surely charm anyone who catches it in your hands. 

You won’t ever have to worry about dropping your phone again because these three angels will definitely protect your cell. And the ribbing on the sides will help you more if you have a case of butter fingers. 

Get this case in your fall lineup for $28, currently on sale for $20, or pay with Klarna. Available for iPhone 7 through 13 models only.

Skinny Dip Cloudy Shock Case Review 

Dreaming of blue skies on those gray dreary days? The Skinny Dip Cloudy Shock Case is the case for dreamers and lovers of sunny days. The fluffy clouds on this phone case shine and glimmer in the light — the same way real clouds do. 

No need to worry if you drop your case as the case will prevent any fall damage as if it landed on a soft, fluffy cloud. This case will help you stay in that meditative state, and its blue colors will lull any anxiety you have into a sense of calm. 

No matter what the situation is, your phone will be protected if dropped when you were daydreaming. The case even has a bit of a holographic look to it, and along with the bit of sparkle, it will brighten up anyone’s day. The case is fitted only for iPhone 7 through 13 models. 

Is this your dream case? Then pick it up for $28, or pay later with Klarna. 

Who is Skinny Dip For? 

Skinny Dip Review

In this Skinny Dip Review, you have seen several options for your cell phone case and these cases are for anyone looking for the most trendy styles that don’t sacrifice your phone’s safety. And, the brand is definitely for anyone who loves cute characters Skinny Dip does collabs with.  

Here are some characters featured on Skinny Dip iPhone cases:

  • Care Bears
  • Stitch (Lilo & Stitch)
  • Olaf (Frozen)
  • Pascal (Tangled)
  • Mickey Mouse 
  • Lizzie McGuire 
  • Barbie
  • Alice in Wonderland 
  • Cinderella
  • Hello Kitty 
  • Toy Story 
  • PowerPuff Girls
  • SpongeBob SquarePants

And since Skinny Dip London has no plans of ever stopping its collaborations, they’ll be adding new cases every season. Maybe your favorite cartoon character will find its way on the back of a Skinny Dip cell phone case soon!  

Skinny Dip Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Skinny Dip Review

Let’s put on our best outfit, because this is the part of our Skinny Dip review where we look at what customers have to say about the company’s products.

On Trustpilot, Skinny Dip nabbed 3.2/5 stars out of the 637 reviews. 

A happy customer said, “My case had broken at a couple of months old. I wasn’t expecting much to be completely honest I just wanted to say what had broken in case it was a common fault. I was sent a gift voucher for the same amount as I paid for the case. Really polite, quick and helpful. Will 100% continue ordering.” 

On Sitejabber, another satisfied reviewer added, “Would buy again! My rainbow cross-body bag arrived only on the early shipping days. Very good deal in terms of price and quality!” With fast shipping and quality, you can’t ask for much more. 

But let’s see how the company fairs on Amazon, starting off with this 5-star review from this person, “Cute and functional phone case. It fits my phone like a glove and is soft to the touch.”  Or what about what someone else had to share, I am absolutely obsessed! The case fits my aesthetic perfectly & is amazing quality.” 

The company also has ratings on their site, featuring some of the cases we’ve covered in our Skinny Dip review: 

  • Blue Butterfly Shock Case 5/5 stars out of 130 reviews
  • Peachy Shock Case 5/5 stars out of 43 reviews  
  • Cherub Shock Case 5/5 stars out of 11 reviews 
  • Cloudy Shock Case 5/5 stars out of 17 reviews

Common complaints among Skinny Dip were about poor customer service, but these are rare compared to the positive testimonials. All in all, the brand receives stellar ratings and reviews from many pleased buyers who enjoy showing off how well the cases match their outfits.

Is Skinny Dip Worth It?

Skinny Dip Review

Yes, the iPhone cases we looked at in our Skinny Dip review are definitely worth it. The prices for the cases are competitive and they often have great sales, with cases selling for as low as $5!

All the cases are made from the same quality shock resistant plastic so you are getting something that will protect your phone. And let’s not forget about the fun collaborations, making these fashion accessories a must-have in your life.  

Skinny Dip Promotions & Discounts 

Skinny Dip Review

If you search through the Skinny Dip site, they often have different items discounted in their Sale section. They also offer a 20% discount to students if you register with Student Beans for a discount code.

Finally, if you sign up for the newsletter located at the bottom of the website you can receive a 10% discount. 

Where to Buy Skinny Dip

Skinny Dip Review

The best place to buy Skinny Dip products is from the company’s website, but they also have displays in different retail locations. 


Skinny Dip Review

Who owns Skinny Dip?

As mentioned previously in our Skinny Dip review, the company is owned and operated by brothers, James, and Richard Gold, along with their friend, Lewis Blitz.  

Who does Skinny Dip collaborate with?

At the moment Skinny Dip has collaborated with the following brands, favorite characters, and influencers: 

  • Disney
  • SpongeBob
  • Care Bears 
  • Powerpuff Girls 
  • Hello Kitty
  • Barbie
  • Carms
  • Jade Thirlwall
  • Anastasia Kingsnorth

Does Skinny Dip ship internationally?

Yes, Skinny Dip delivers to most countries in the world but there are currently restrictions due to COVID. At the moment, the company is unable to ship to the Philippines or Russia. 

What is Skinny Dip’s Shipping Policy?

Since Skinny Dip is headquartered in London, England, the majority of their shipping policies apply only to the UK. 

  1. UK standard delivery: £3.99 on orders under £30 or free on orders on or over £30.
  2. UK next working day delivery: £4.95 but the order must be placed before 3 pm from Monday to Friday.
  3. EU standard delivery: £7.00 (about 10-14 business days).
  4. International standard delivery: £10.00 (10-14 business days).  

If you’re located outside of the UK and expecting a shipment from Skinny Dip, be aware that you will be charged for duties and taxes. 

What is Skinny Dip’s Return Policy?

You can return items within 30 days of the delivery date, and only if the product is inside the original packaging and free of damage. Returns are free for those customers living in the UK. However, Skinny Dip will not accept returns after the 30 days have passed. 

If you’re outside of the UK and need to return an item, you must first contact [email protected] and cover the cost of shipping yourself. It may take up to a month for the item to arrive and for the brand to process your return. 

How to Contact Skinny Dip

We hope you enjoyed this Skinny Dip review! For any other questions, there are two ways to contact the brand:

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