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LaFlore Paris Review

It’s time to upgrade your wardrobe and get a new bag, but so many name brands still follow unsustainable practices. Fortunately, LaFlore Paris has you covered with accessories that are both trendy and environment-friendly.

With interviews by Forbes and, as well as a feature in Treehugger, LaFlore Paris is a brand on the rise. But does this company serve up to all its promises?

In this LaFlore Paris review, we’ll take you into the depths of its mission, story, products, comparisons, and customer testimonials so you can see if its sustainable accessories are worth adding to your wardrobe.

LaFlore Paris was founded by a father-daughter duo, Elie and Natacha Seroussi. Eli is the founder of fashion house Cecile & Jeanne, which now has 10 boutiques in Paris, but with his daughter, they decided to create a brand that would marry fashion with environmentalism.

Natacha and Elie started LaFlore Paris in a unique way: they began by taking orders on Kickstarter in 2019, which would prevent stock waste.

Through long hours spent designing and planning, as well as social media management, the brand was able to take off. Its story is truly a prime example of successful crowdfunding.

From its renowned bag to purses, LaFlore Paris promises that you won’t need to compromise luxury and fashion to save the earth. All of its materials are ethically harvested and cruelty-free, using cork leather instead of any animal products. The best part? You won’t even be able to tell.

Unlike “vegan leather,” LaFlore Paris’s products do not have any synthetic materials like PVC—not even in its chemical coatings or dyes.

Cork usually makes you think of wine bottles or bulletin boards, but cork is an underrated genius material. It is renewable, biodegradable, and better yet, when cork bark is harvested, cork trees can absorb more carbon dioxide.

With its zero-waste vision and flair for aesthetics, LaFlore Paris is committed to bringing you high-quality bags while helping the environment and even those affected by climate change consequences. 10% of all online sales are donated to the Red Cross.

The brand also wants to end the stigma against “Made in China” labels. It is proudly partnered with Chinese manufacturers but not mass-producing companies. Instead, all LaFlore bags and accessories are made by artisans with non-dangerous machinery.

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Pros & Cons

LaFlore Paris Review

Before we get into details about products and customer comments, this LaFlore Paris review will give you an overview of the general pros and cons:


  • Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly: LaFlore Paris uses cork, a renewable and eco-friendly material, to make its bags. Cork is considered one of the most sustainable materials on the planet.
  • Unique and Stylish Designs: LaFlore Paris offers bags with unique designs, such as the 3-in-1 Bobobark convertible backpack purse, which has gained popularity among customers. The bags are described as elegant and chic.
  • Positive Customer Reviews: According to customer reviews on platforms like Trustpilot, many customers express satisfaction with the products, praising their quality, versatility, and practicality. The bags have received positive feedback for their beauty and functionality.
  • Ethical and Artisan Craftsmanship: LaFlore Paris emphasizes ethical practices and collaborates with talented artisans to ensure the highest quality in their products.
  • Versatility and Functionality: LaFlore Paris bags, such as the Bobobark, offer multiple ways to wear them, including as a backpack, tote bag, crossbody, or briefcase. The bags also feature interior compartments and pockets for organization.


  • Limited Availability: As of now, the availability of LaFlore Paris products may be limited, and customers may need to check specific retailers or the brand’s official website for purchasing options.
  • Price: Some customers may find LaFlore Paris bags to be relatively expensive compared to other brands. The use of high-quality materials and ethical craftsmanship can contribute to the higher price point.
  • Size Limitations: The bags from LaFlore Paris, like the Bobobark, may have limited space or smaller dimensions, particularly in the city center. This could be a consideration for those who prefer larger bags.


LaFlore Paris Review

LaFlore Paris primarily uses premium, earth-friendly materials in their products. The main material used by LaFlore Paris is cork fabric, which is sourced from cork oak trees native to Southwestern Europe and Northwestern Africa, with most cork being exported from Portugal and Spain.

Cork is a versatile and eco-friendly material that can be harvested from trees without causing harm, making it a sustainable choice. Laflore Paris uses cork fabric to create a variety of accessories, including designer handbags, convertible purses, backpacks, wallets, coin purses, and makeup bags.

In addition to cork, LaFlore Paris also incorporates other sustainable practices and materials in their products. They prioritize ethical and sustainable production, ensuring that their bags and accessories are handcrafted for women with a focus on durability and chic design.

The brand is committed to using vegan materials and does not employ animal or synthetic materials in their products. Furthermore, they use recycled cotton lining and packaging that is plastic-free and recyclable.

4 Best-Selling LaFlore Bags

Though it’s a fairly new brand, some of its products are well on the way to being considered iconic.

And it’s easy to see why. Despite all of the hype around sustainability in the past few years, designer goods have been pretty overlooked. But, our eco-friendly readers will be happy to hear that all of the following designs are made with vegan and sustainable materials.

Up next, this LaFlore Paris review will take you through some of the company’s top-selling items. As of now, its collection is quite small. But, each piece is designed to be timeless and long-lasting.

LaFlore Paris Bebebark Convertible Cork Purse Review

You have a busy day ahead, running from meetings to errands to dinner dates—you just can’t decide between taking your shoulder bag, mini backpack, or a clutch. Luckily, with the LaFlore Bebebark Convertible Cork Purse, you don’t have to choose.

This versatile LaFlore cork purse can be readjusted into three shapes, giving you the look you need. Simply hook the straps to the top for a hands-free crossbody bag, attach them through the back loops for an adventure-friendly backpack, and then remove them for a classy dinner look.

This is a small but mighty bag. There are 11 interior pockets and compartments to hold everything you need. Plus, the cork material is durable, waterproof, and easily cleaned if, in your rush, you spill your cup of coffee.

The Bebepark Convertible Cork Purse stands at 9” x 9” x 4.7” in a sleek slightly rectangular shape. You can choose between black or emerald blue colors. At $259 it is definitely a higher-end item, but the price accounts for the unique design, function, and high-quality materials.

LaFlore Paris Bobobark Convertible Backpack Purse Review

If you want a bigger bag without sacrificing design and elegance, the LaFlore Bobobark Convertible Backpack Purse is right for you.

At 16.5” x 11.4” x 2.7”, it is significantly larger than the Bebebark model, but without sacrificing any aesthetic. Just like the previous product, you can adjust this bag into three different styles: a shoulder bag, backpack, or briefcase.

Not only is this LaFlore backpack purse versatile, but it is also heavily decked out with useful features. With a large zippered pocket to divide your bag into several compartments, like a padded laptop compartment, you can carry this bag into both business and casual functions.

The LaFlore Bobobark Convertible Backpack Purse comes in black for $279. But, there have been such high demands that shipping is delayed to mid-July. You can only pre-order now.

LaFlore Paris Clutch Wallet Review

LaFlore also carries a range of accessories. Even though cash is used less and less, there is a reason why the LaFlore Clutch Wallet is back-ordered and sold out. The premium cork skin provides you with a vegan and waterproof clutch purse, stylishly and sustainably protecting all your cards.

At 7.9” x 4.7”, you can fit a variety of items into this clutch. Be it coins, cash, cards, your passport, and even your phone, you don’t need to worry about a clunky bag with this staple.

The two compartments, card pockets, and two additional zippered pockets would also let you sort all your items, so there won’t be the awkward rummage holding you up at the bank or stores.

Secured with a brass clamp, this clutch is an elegant black with a bright orange lining that doesn’t clash at all. Instead, it highlights the interior to help you more easily find what you need. Though it usually retails for $99, it is currently sold out.

LaFlore Paris Coin Purse Review

The brand’s accessories are all elegantly designed and made with excellent materials. But, if you are venturing into sustainable fashion and don’t yet want to invest in a large purchase, the LaFlore Paris Coin Purse is an easy step into the waters.

As the smallest item, standing at 4.7” x 3.9”, there are only three compartments inside the purse.

You’ll find that all of the brand’s products have a similar design, with a black exterior and a high-contrast orange interior. This ensures that all products will seamlessly match with one another, sharing the same timeless LaFlore Parisian purse qualities.

Unfortunately, the Coin Purse is also currently sold out and back-ordered. When it is back in stock, you can buy it for $39.

Who Is LaFlore Paris For?

LaFlore Paris Review

In this LaFlore Paris review, we already talked about the environmental and sustainable commitments the brand has made, so its products are definitely for those who are interested in eco-friendly fashion.

Especially with the growing concerns about climate change, individuals who can avoid fast fashion are branching into greener practices. Of course, there is the trade-off of price.

LaFlore Paris’s products are more expensive, rivaling name brands like Coach, Kate Spade, or Michael Kors, and there is a greater limitation on the products it offers. There are fewer designs, and several products are back-ordered, so you would not be able to receive them as quickly.

That being said, all the products are still high-quality and beautiful on top of being sustainable. And, this LaFlore Paris review also found the price to account for the versatility of the designs.

If you want a staple sustainable bag or accessory, LaFlore Paris would totally be for you. The aesthetic fits a wide range of locations, from your office to a coffee shop to a picnic date and even the beach since the cork is waterproof—you’d be able to take this investment wherever you go.

Comparison: LaFlore Paris vs. Matt and Nat

LaFlore Paris Review

Now that more eco-friendly accessory brands are popping up, you’re probably wondering how LaFlore Paris compares to other options. We chose to take a look at a seemingly similar company: Matt and Nat.

Matt and Nat is a Canadian-based eco-friendly and vegan company. And, it actually uses the same key ingredient in its designs: cork. But, unlike LaFlore Paris, this brand uses a combination of recycled materials, like nylon, rubber, and cardboard.

Both collections include high-quality vegan products, but Matt and Nat definitely has a wider range of options. It also has diaper bags, shoes, and outerwear, while LaFlore Paris has a much more limited collection.

On the other hand, LaFlore’s warranties are longer, and it doesn’t use any synthetic materials since its products do not use vegan leather. So, you won’t find any PVC.

Unfortunately, there is a trade-off. With the more expensive material comes a higher price, and this LaFlore Paris review finds that Matt and Nat’s products are more affordable. But they are also not adjustable to different styles.

Plus, Matt and Nat has been around for much longer—since 1995. So, we expect LaFlore’s range to expand as the company continues to grow.

Want to learn more about Matt and Nat? Then head over to the full Matt and Nat Review and see how they stack up.

LaFlore Paris Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

LaFlore Paris Review

After reading through various customer comments for this section of our LaFlore Paris review, we found that shoppers are all generally pleased with their purchases as of June 2023.

From individual blog posts to comments left on the website to reviews posted on third-party sites, people have many good things to say about the brand.

Taking the famous Bobobark Convertible Backpack Purse as an example, the 879 reviews leave an average 4.5/5 star rating on the company’s site. Customers love the design, especially how it lives up to its promise of being waterproof.

One woman actually spilled on her purchase and was delighted to see that the liquid could be easily wiped away: “I kid you not – two hours ago I knocked an entire glass of red wine off a table and all over my bag. It just wiped right off with a damp napkin. Not a mark in sight! The cork is seriously waterproof and stain-resistant.

Meanwhile, another user reports that she gets compliments whenever she carries her LaFlore accessory: “The photos don’t do this bag justice. It’s a gorgeous finish. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it. It’s my every day bag from now on. I bought the BeBeBark purse.

The main critique is that shoppers wished there were more color options, which, let’s be honest, is a very mild yet valid remark.

Chere Di Boscio for Eluxe Magazine even calls the Bebebark the new favorite handbag. She says, “It’s the perfect bag for work, elegant nights out, or simply everyday use.

While there is no Trustpilot profile for the brand, there are 955 reviews collected by, of which, 71% are a perfect 5/5 stars. But there are also 83 one-star reviews, so we took a closer look to see the customer complaints about the company.

Most of the comments seem to be about products easily breaking, especially the rings by the handles.

Unfortunately, a few other customers have the same problem. Some also report issues with dealing with customer service. Since the bags are so expensive, there should definitely be greater customer service and guarantees.

However, customers are generally satisfied with the design and aesthetics of each bag, but the praises for versatility are dampened by complaints about poor quality. LaFlore Paris guarantees the quality of its cork material but some customers are finding issues with the metal rings.

Is LaFlore Paris Worth It?

LaFlore Paris Review

Ultimately, LaFlore Paris does serve up to its promise of marrying fashion, function, and sustainability. In a time where there is a growing need for eco-friendly practices and ethical fashion, the brand has stepped up to provide.

Unfortunately, complaints about quality and customer service dampen the overall appeal of the brand. Combined with the high prices, LaFlore Paris might not be a viable option for everyone, especially if its bags would be a big hit to your bank account.

That being said, the verdict of this LaFlore Paris review is that we still find the brand to be worth the money if it is working on improving its return policies and customer service support.

If you want to invest in a bag, then this is definitely a worthy option since the materials are environmentally friendly and the versatile design lets you pair the bag with any outfit.

You can take it anywhere, so you will definitely be getting your money’s worth—just make sure to not treat it as a laptop bag because its bags are, at the end of the day, mainly shoulder bags.

LaFlore Paris Promotions & Discounts

LaFlore Paris Review

At the time of this LaFlore Paris review, there are no active promotions or discounts.

Where To Buy LaFlore Paris

LaFlore Paris Review

The brand’s products are sold on


Looking to round out your eco-friendly online shopping trip? Here are a few more options to look into:

  1. Reformation: Reformation is a trendy brand that offers stylish and sustainable clothing options. They prioritize using eco-friendly fabrics, such as TENCEL™ lyocell, recycled materials, and deadstock fabrics. Reformation also focuses on minimizing waste and reducing their carbon footprint.
  2. Amour Vert: Amour Vert is a women’s clothing brand that promotes sustainability and conscious consumerism. They use organic cotton, TENCEL™, and other sustainable fabrics. Amour Vert is committed to planting trees with every purchase and producing their garments in limited quantities to reduce waste.
  3. Veja: Veja is a sneaker brand that produces eco-friendly footwear. They use organic cotton, natural rubber sourced from the Amazon rainforest, and recycled materials. Veja values transparency and fair trade practices throughout their supply chain.


LaFlore Paris Review

Where is LaFlore Paris made?

LaFlore Paris’s products are hand-made in China. The company promises that it pays its workers fair wages and they are in safe environments to work.

Is LaFlore Paris vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes! Since LaFlore Paris’s products are made from cork bark, it does not use any animal products. Unlike vegan leather, these products do not include any synthetic material. Indeed, The brand’s materials are 100% natural and ethically sourced.

What is LaFlore Paris’ Shipping Policy?

LaFlore does not indicate any fixed shipping prices. If you live in Europe, then your order will be shipped from the warehouse in Europe. It should take between 3-4 business days for the brand to fulfill your order, and then you should receive an email with your tracking information.

This LaFlore review finds that the company does ship worldwide from its U.S. warehouses, but shipping prices vary.

Your order will be processed between 2-3 business days, and then you will receive an email with your tracking information. The shipping rate and any taxes and duty fees would all depend on your location.

If you face any issues with your shipping, you have 20 days after the purchase date to demand an investigation from LaFlore Paris. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Returns page on the brand’s site
  2. Fill out the form with your Order ID and email address or phone number associated with your order

What is LaFlore Paris’ Return Policy?

If your item is in the same condition that you received it in, meaning unworn and unused with all the tags, you have 15 days from the delivery date of your shipment to request a refund. You would need to follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the return form with your Order ID and email address or phone number
  2. Begin your return process, following the provided instructions

You must fill out the form before beginning the return process or else your item(s) will not be accepted. Total shipping fees, of the initial order and the return, will not be refunded.

If you want to exchange your item for another color, you can easily follow the same process. But if you want a replacement or if you have a defective item, LaFlore Paris will cover the total shipping costs.

You also have a 90-day warranty for free reparations starting from the delivery date of your item. You will follow the same steps for a return, but the overall costs will be covered.

If you miss the 90-day window, don’t worry! You will have a lifetime warranty. If LaFlore cannot repair your time, you can choose to “Trade-in Value” to get a new item. Once again, the process is the same as for returns, but you will need to pay the overall shipping fees.

How to contact LaFlore Paris

If you have any questions after reading this LaFlore Paris review, you can reach out to the brand through the following methods of contact:

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