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Truly Beauty Review
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Truly Beauty specializes in hair, body, and skincare products that are fun and functional. Formerly known as Truly Organic, the company combines health and luxury to create affordable clean-beauty products. Their pretty pastel containers and whimsical advertisements are extremely popular amongst Gen Z-ers.

When shopping for the best skincare products, there are several things to consider like the price, quality, and overall reviews.

With over 550k followers on Instagram, the brand has been the talk of social media. Truly Beauty was recently seen on Elle’s 6 New Brands Shaking Up The Beauty Industry list and featured by high-profile outlets like BeautyStoned and Vogue.

My Truly Beauty review will take a deep dive into the company and its collection. I’ll discuss bestsellers, customer opinions, ratings, and more, so you can decide if their beauty collection is worth the buy.

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Overview of Truly Beauty 

Truly Beauty Review

Clean beauty and affordable products are two phrases that don’t usually go hand-in-hand. Businessman Maxx Appelman saw this gap in the market, so he founded Truly Beauty in 2019 to bring clean products to everyone.

Unfortunately, the brand, under their former name Truly Organic, fell into some hot water in 2019 when they were caught misrepresenting their products. 

Though the company advertised their collection as organic, vegan, and cruelty-free, the results of an FTC investigation “found that some Truly products contained no organic ingredients at all, and others contained ingredients that were not vegan – like honey and lactose.”

The brand never confirmed or denied these claims, but chose to settle for over $1 million prior to rebranding. For the purposes of this review, I’ll report on each product as it is listed on their website, but make sure to check the ingredients if you have any concerns after reading this Truly Beauty review.

Today, the Miami Beach-based company has a clear mission, intersecting health and luxury with every product they formulate:

Our team of experts has worked and continues to work with physicians, microbiologists & world-renowned chemists to perfect Truly’s chemistry. We believed that by formulating with a clean and vegan base and combining with the most powerful, high performing skin care ingredients, Truly products would yield equal or better results than the high end or natural products.”

Truly Beauty products are manufactured in the US with globally sourced ingredients.

Let’s go over some highlights of the brand and its products.


  • Variety of hair, body, and skincare products to choose from
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Aesthetically pleasing products and packaging
  • 30, 60, or 90-day subscription options available for 10% off each order
  • International shipping

Truly Beauty Products Review 

Truly Beauty Review

Truly Beauty prides itself on products that are unique in both appearance and formula. They offer an exceptionally large collection that ranges from glow serums, to heart-shaped acne patches, to whipped shaving butters, and beyond.

The simple glass, white, and gold-colored bottles and jars let each product’s magical color and formula shine through. Truly Beauty containers are the kind you artfully arrange on your vanity or dresser to make a space look pretty.

If you’ve never heard of hemp patches or bath rocks, don’t worry, up ahead in this Truly Beauty review I will give you all the details on their bestselling products.

Truly Beauty #Heart Your Imperfections Blemish Treatment Acne Patches Review 

The #Heart Your Imperfections Blemish Treatment Acne Patches are meant to conceal those dreaded flare ups that always seem to come at precisely the wrong time.

Made with Hydrocolloid, these patches are designed to clear the dirt and bacteria from your pores while draining liquid from lingering pimples and zits. I recommend wearing the patches overnight to unleash the full potential of the patches.

The #Heart Your Imperfections Blemish Treatment Acne Patches come in a pack of 36 for $10. 

Truly Beauty Super Star Patches Review 

Waking up to a new zit is not how the story went in Sleeping Beauty, but you can still get a bit of fairytale sparkle. These Super Star Patches are packed with retinol and salicylic acid to drain your pimples, so by the time you’re done dreaming, those pimples will be put to bed.

If that wasn’t enough, these starry patches also help prevent any hyperpigmentation or scarring that results from acne. Hydrocolloids diminish the size and redness of a zit, doing damage control while you sleep.

Truly Beauty recommends applying these patches after washing your face but before moisturizing to ensure they stick. Leave them on for at least 6 hours, repeating this process until your blemish is gone.

Note: for optimal effectiveness, these patches should be applied to pimples that have come to a head. They’re not designed to dig up deep skin blemishes.

A set of 18 Truly Super Star Patches retails for $17. Cute and practical, these patches are also available as a 30, 60, or 90-day subscription for 10% off.

Truly Beauty Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter Review

Typical body moisturizers have a lotion-like consistency, but those don’t always cut it. The Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter applies with a rich, smooth feeling for deep nourishment. As mystical as it looks, the benefits are anything but.  

Made with Açai, Rose, Vegetable Collagen, and Matcha, this body butter is formulated to enrich and repair the skin. Its deeply soothing Shea Butter base adds a huge dose of saturation locked in by Vitamin E

This body butter restores elasticity to the skin so you can add a little plump to those regions that need it. The Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter comes in a 1.3 oz container for only $20

Truly Beauty Golden Leaf Resurface & Brighten Face Mask Review 

Truly Beauty’s Golden Leaf Resurface & Brighten Hemp Face Mask has been described as a “God send.” Why? It helps brighten dull complexions by resurfacing skin layers for a year-long summer glow.

The formula features AHAs, BHAs, and hemp to gently remove impurities from the skin without stripping moisture.

Don’t worry: this mask won’t leave behind an oily residue. On Truly Beauty’s website, users love that this mask is not the “typical mask thickness, and feels like a moisturizer.

This hemp face mask is suitable for sensitive skin and provides both immediate and long-term benefits, which include its acne irritation fighting properties.

The company recommends using this Truly face mask at least once a week, and to leave it on for 10 minutes to absorb all its benefits. This restorative hemp face mask retails for $44 (4oz).

Truly Beauty Mary Jane Glow Serum Review 

CBD skincare is all the rage these days, but what does it actually do for the visage? Meet Mary Jane Glow Serum. She minimizes pores, firms the skin, and smooths texture for a flawless, non-irritated finish.

Glycolic Acid and hemp are anti-inflammatories that aid in skin growth and cell regeneration. The hemp oil in this serum is suitable for all skin types and it’s main benefit is balancing oil production.

Back to CBD, which contains Vitamin A, E, and D and Omega 3 and 6. These ingredients work together tighten up the skin for a younger-looking complexion.

Truly Beauty recommends using this serum every day during your morning and night skin routines in 1-2 drop doses. Apply to the skin and gently massage until fully absorbed. Get this youth-preserving serum for $30 (1.7 oz).

Truly Beauty Anti-Cellulite Mask Review

Days at the beach (and any day, really) call for the Anti-Cellulite Mask. Using toning properties, the mask reverses the look of discoloration and wrinkles on the skin for a visibly improved appearance. 

The mask uses Bitter Orange and Retinol to deliver its effects. Bitter Orange is a lipolytic complex that improves the overall appearance of the skin as a decongestive ingredient. Retinol, a more common ingredient in skincare, improves the appearance of the skin with anti-aging properties

The Anti-Cellulite Mask comes in a 10 oz tube for $28. Try pairing this treatment with the Truly Heartbreaker Lip Plumping Mask to look good where you need it most. 

Truly Beauty Vegan Collagen Face Mask Review 

If you’re after younger-looking skin, collagen is a go-to. This ingredient exists naturally in the skin, decreasing as we age and causing wrinkles. While collagen beauty products are plentiful, the formulas aren’t usually vegan.

Truly Beauty boasts that its Vegan Collagen Face Mask is the “first of its kind.” Using plant-derived collagen full of anti-aging magic, you’ll notice smoother, tighter, and more supple skin.

To combat other common aging concerns, this mask is infused with Vitamin C and Retinol. These powerhouse ingredients will help rid the top layer of skin (aka dead cells), leaving you with a glowing complexion.

Apply the mask to cleansed skin with your fingers. Leave it on for 10 minutes or wear it overnight so the ingredients can soak even deeper into your skin. The luxuriously honey-like Vegan Collagen Face Mask is available for $35 (5oz).

Truly Beauty Glowing Skin Bundle Review 

Rather than spending hours amassing a skincare routine, Truly Beauty did the work for you. The Glowing Skin Bundle was curated to kick-start radiance and combat dull-looking skin. This bundle features:

  • Volcanic Rosewater All‐Over Hydrating Mist (8oz)
  • Mary Jane Glow Serum (1.7oz)
  • Cream Skin Face Moisturizer (1.8oz)

The serum’s key ingredient, Hemp, calms inflammation and helps prevent future breakouts. Formulated to create a dewy-looking complexion, these products feature Aloe, Hyaluronic Acid, and Glycolic Acid. After regular use, you’ll notice clearer and more hydrated skin.

This trio of potent pink products rings in at $71, saving you $12 if you were to buy each item individually.

Truly Beauty Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Truly Beauty Review

Now you may be wondering, is Truly skincare good? I took a deep dive into customer feedback online to get the full picture. Overall, the Truly Beauty website is filled with 5/5-star reviews and customers rave about bestselling products in the collection:

  • Booty & Boobies Bundle: almost 900 reviews and an average of 4.8/5-stars
  • Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter: over 400 reviews and an average of 4.8/5-stars
  • Coco Cloud Whipped Luxury Shave Butter: almost 300 reviews and an average of 4.7/5-stars
  • Buns Of Glowry Glow & Tighten Butt Serum: over 900 reviews and an average of 4.8/5-stars
  • Silky Smooth Shave Set: over 800 reviews and an average of 4.7/5-stars

Users agree that Truly Beauty’s products are fun and functional. They love the smell, efficacy, creativity, and youthful glow that the skincare provides. Take these glowing testimonials on their bestsellers:

One customer shares how effective the Super Star Patches are: “My skin started breaking out… I put one of these little dudes on my face for like 4 hours (6 is technically the minimum) and they worked like a CHARM! It made having acne feel… cute!

While other users love the results they feel after using the Buns Of Glowry Glow & Tighten Butt Serum: “I started only using it for my legs but let me tell you, I’ve been using this all over my body! leaves my skin tight and soft!!! I will keep buying!

Positive customer feedback continues in Ulta testimonials. There, customers particularly love their Buns Of Glowry Tighten & Glow Smoothing Butt Polish, awarded 4.4/5-stars from over 100 ratings. On the same site, buyers gave the Black Jelly Blemish Treatment Body Serum 4.4/5-stars from 69 ratings.

In Truly Beauty reviews on Reddit and Influenster, customers are seriously happy with their butt polish. One Influenster user was skeptical at first but is now a fan:

Omg I thought this was so overhyped until I got it in a set… Left my skin so smooth and hydrated I can honestly say I noticed a difference when I don’t use it I’ve already repurchased!

Though their F-rating on the BBB should not be discounted, other customers are quick to compliment the company’s customer service. One Truly Beauty review on the website complimented their response to COVID-19-related delays:

it took some time to receive my order… but it’s worth it. I had prompt responses from customer service with order update information throughout. I just received my products and they are so cute + smell amazing!

To summarize this segment of my Truly Beauty review, I found that the vast majority of customers were happy with their products. Based on the limited number of complaints, it seems that problems are fairly rare and should be of most concern to those living in the UK.

Is Truly Beauty Worth It?

Truly Beauty Review

I can heartily recommend these fun and functional hair, body, and skincare products. While the company previously struggled with transparency, it seems that they are moving forward in an attempt to bring honest and high-quality products to their customers.

As a result of their rebranding, Truly Beauty now more accurately advertises what their products are about:

Our goal is not to be ‘the most natural or organic’ and if this is what you seek, Truly products may not be for you – If you do seek a rare blend of perfection that will leave you with long-lasting real results from your hair to your pores, give Truly a try and our bet is you’ll only want more.

The thousands of positive Truly Beauty skincare reviews reflect how satisfied customers are with the collection. I love how whimsical and one-of-a-kind their collection feels, from bath rocks to unicorn butter, glitter masks, and more.

Plus, they’re paving the way with innovative formulations, like vegan collagen. Check out the Truly Aspen Bark Extract blog post to see how they incorporate this highly beneficial ingredient.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to lighten up your beauty routine with effective, creative, and Instagram-worthy products, I think the Truly Beauty collection is worth it.

Truly Beauty Promotions & Discounts 

Truly Beauty Review

Truly Beauty offers permanent ways to save on their line. You can purchase their hair, body, or skincare products as a 30, 60, or 90-day subscription, which will save you 10% off of each order.

The best way to discover Truly Beauty’s promotions is by signing up for their e-newsletter. They’ll send you emails on upcoming deals and limited-time offers. Or, you can follow them on Instagram to keep up with launches.

Truly Beauty also has a rewards program! With every purchase, you earn 1 point for every $1 you spend. Plus, there are opportunities to earn bonus points, like by referring friends. Points can then be redeemed for $5, $12, or $22 vouchers.

Where to Buy Truly Beauty

For the complete collection, purchase directly from their website: A selection of their products are also available for US shoppers through Ulta and the Truly Beauty Amazon page.


Where is Truly beauty made?

Truly Beauty’s products are made in the USA. Though, they source some of their ingredients globally.

Is Truly Beauty clean?  

The company combines organic, vegan, and safe non-organics to create their beauty line. All ingredients are listed on the Truly Beauty website and on the product containers.

Truly Beauty considers their products to be clean: “what clean means to us is being as organic and natural as possible without sacrificing performance.”

How much is Truly Beauty shipping? 

Truly Beauty offers free shipping within the US on orders over $50. They also provide free shipping on international orders over $125. For orders below $50, the shipping price is calculated at checkout.

How long does Truly Beauty take to ship?

Truly Beauty ships worldwide. Orders placed on their website ship within 24 hours, unless there are any issues with the products, shipping address, or order payment. Shipping times vary depending on location, but typically take 5 to 10 business days.

How do I track my Truly Beauty order?

Truly Beauty orders can be tracked through USPS, with the tracking number that will be sent to you once your order is shipped.

What is Truly Beauty’s Return Policy?

All products have a 30-day money-back guarantee, beginning from the day you receive your order.

If you’re unsatisfied, change your mind, or have any issues with your order, email customer support at [email protected]. Funds will be reissued within 3 to 6 days of your return.

How to Contact Truly Beauty

If you have any questions after reading my Truly Beauty review, there are a few ways to reach out:

  • Truly Beauty customer service phone number: +1-866-TRULY-01 (1-866-878-5901)
  • Truly Beauty customer service email: [email protected]

Phone lines are open from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm PST. Response emails are sent within 48 hours, excluding holidays and weekends.

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