Go-To Skincare Review

About Go-To Skincare

Go-To Skincare Review

Go-To is an Australian-based skincare brand that creates worry-free, uncomplicated, and effective skincare to make you feel confident about your complexion. While there is no Go-To makeup yet, the brand has a wide range of products such as cleansers, moisturizers, and facemasks. Go-To caters to women, men, and children who are looking for cruelty-free and clean skincare. 

The brand has an informative blog called Go-To skin school, where it talks about various issues regarding skincare. For example, search “Go-To damp skin” to learn about the benefits of applying your skincare regimen on damp skin versus dried skin. 

Go-To has been mentioned in many notable media outlets such as PopSugar, Maire Claire, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan. The Go-To Skincare Instagram boasts nearly 280,000 followers and uses its platform to provide skincare fanatics with helpful tips and tricks on how to build a routine and how much product to apply. 

This Go-To Skincare review will dive deep beneath the surface of this brand and its products. It will also explore customer ratings and divulge promotions to help you decide whether or not Go-To products are worth the investment in your skin.

Overview of Go-To Skincare 

Go-To Skincare Review

Go-To Skincare was created in 2014 by Zoë Foster Blake. Blake came up with the concept for Go-To after years of using and reviewing bazillions of products. Eventually, she realized there was a disconnect between customers and the products, ingredients, and application. She thought “skincare shouldn’t be intimidating, complicated, or confusing,and so, Go-To was born. 

Go-To skincare products are simple and effective and contain no harsh chemicals or toxins. The brand’s goal is to “not piss off your skin.” Everything is made in Australia and New Zealand, where founder and Australian beauty editor Zoë resides. 

The brand is also devoted to charity, sustainability, inclusivity and is cruelty-free. Go-To supports Reforest Now, a non-profit environment NGO that protects, conserves, and regenerates forests. The founder is also an ambassador for The Orangutan Project. An organization that supports critical habitat protection, orangutan care centres and rehabilitation programs. 

Before we go into the full review we thought we would run you through some highlights.


  • Variety of products – cleansers, moisturizers, facial masks, etc. 
  • Clean ingredients 
  • Cruelty-free 
  • Palm-oil free 
  • No silicons, parabens, PEGs sulphates, GMOs, mineral oils, petrolatum, or synthetic colours
  • Carbon-neutral brand 
  • Free samples with every order 
  • Free shipping on US orders 
  • Free international shipping on orders over $100
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Afterpay 

Pissed off skin is never a good time. Breaking out truly takes a toll on your confidence. Thankfully, the Go-To brand has many wonderfully clean and effective products to transform an unhappy face to a healed, healthy and happy one.

Even better, this Go-To Skincare review will go over the bestselling products by the brand. If you’re feeling that it’s time to level up your skincare routine, you’ll want to check out the luxurious skin treats featured in the following list.  

Go-To Skincare Fancy Face Review

Fancy Face is a cleansing oil that leaves you with very clean, nourished, supple, and super soft skin. It effortlessly melts away makeup, sunscreen, and excess sebum and dirt to leave your complexion feeling lovely and polished. It also features five botanical oils including camellia, sunflower, and argan

Fancy Face can be used in your nighttime routine so that when you wake up, you can start your day with fresh, moisturized skin. There’s no dryness, tightness, and no messing around with the skin’s barrier—just a fantastic cleanser and healthy skin to prove it. 

Every bottle comes with a Posh Cloth to complete the full fancy cleansing ritual. Add a Go-To Skincare shower cap and have yourself a spa night. Soft, clean, good skin is a click away for $34 or use Afterpay and pay four installments of $8.  

Go-To Skincare Super Softy Review

Are you looking for a nourishing body lotion for your little one? Then look no further than Super Softy. It’s a plant-based moisturizer with a unique blend of seven plant extracts that nourishes, comforts, and softens even the most delicate, unpredictable, and touchy skin. The coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and shea butter work to replenish and protect, leaving your baby’s skin silky-smooth. 

The Super Softy is an excellent moisturizer for dry skin as it is creamy, comforting and partly water-based. Pair this moisture-retaining lotion on top of Skin Wizard to create the ultimate skin-softening experience, provided your child will sit still long enough. Go to the skin school blog and look up “Go-To baby Ph” to learn more about maintaining your child’s healthy skin. Buy the lotion for $20 or pay four $5 instalments. 

Go-To Skincare Face Hero Review 

Never fear. Face Hero is here to save the day. This facial oil is potent and lightweight. It deeply hydrates, soothes, revitalizes, and protects the face against bad guys trying to make it unhappy. It features 10 useful plant and nut oils. It also boasts a bunch of essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

This supercharged facial oil leaves zero residue and creates a bright and bouncy canvas for makeup. It’s suitable for all skin types which is just another reason why it’s referred to as a “hero product” in Go-To’s ever growing line. Get this daily skin booster and your new best friend for $45 or use Afterpay

Go-To Skincare Face Hero Extra Review

If you loved the premise of Face Hero, you’d die over Face Hero Extra. Like it’s little sister, Face Hero Extra deeply hydrates, soothes, revitalizes, and protects the face against environmental stresses and bad bacteria. This calming and restorative super oil is loaded with fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants suitable for all ages and skin types.

Face Hero Extra is housed in a luxe gold bottle and is a limited edition, gloriously festive treat. Feel free to add a dash to your foundations for a serious glow or in your face cream as a snazzy booster. Better yet, add a drop or two to your Zincredible SPF 15 to further protect your from the sun’s rays. 

Grab this fabulous Go beauty staple for $75 or use Afterpay.

Go-To Skincare Skin Party Review 

Have a party all over your body with Skin Party. This hydrating body lotion keeps skin soft, smooth, and happy. It’s never sticky or greasy and it smells heavenly. Skin Party may sound fun and smell cute, but it doesn’t kid around.

Packed with hydrating oils and essential fatty acids, powerhouse occlusives (shea butter & coconut oil), and antioxidants, Skin Party replenishes thirsty complexions without feeling overly oily or heavy—textures that summer skin dreads when temperatures increase.   

This comforting lotion protects the skin’s moisture barrier and softens even the driest, most delicate, dehydrated skin. It’s like having a Go-To Skincare birthday all year round. This lotion will nourish and comfort your skin on and off the dance floor. Your body deserves replenishment and care, so get a tube of Skin Party for $34 and start looking after it. Or use Afterpay

Go-To Skincare Very Useful Face Cream Review 

The Very Useful Face Cream is precisely how it sounds: very useful. This hydrating and lightweight daily moisturizer defends the face against premature ageing and smells divine. This Go-To face cream boasts powerful antioxidants like the amla berry, which is known to have 30x more antioxidants than oranges. 

In addition to replenishing oils and butters like fatty acid-full avocado oil and sweet-smelling mango butter, the Very Useful Face Cream is more than a moisturizer—it’s like dessert for the skin! Plus, the consistency leaves the complexion feel plump and bouncy, never weighing it down in the daytime. 

Basically, the Very Useful Face Cream ensures the skin is thoroughly hydrated, supple, smooth, soft.  But most importantly, it protects from havoc-causing free radicals that cause wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, and suppleness. Treat yourself to a 50ml bottle for $41 or a 100ml bottle for $72, or use Afterpay. While you’re at it, why not a Go-To face case to protect your skin while you sleep? 

Go-To Skincare Little Squirts Review 

Are you looking for new baby gifts or a gift for a new mom? Little Squirts is here to answer your prayers. This is a gift set that new parents actually want—a genuinely useful gift for the baby and a little treat for their mum. In this bundle, you receive… 

  1. Sup Bud: a super-gentle bath gel 
  2. Super Soft: a nourishing, protective, and calming body lotion 
  3. Skin Wizard: a silky and smoothing magical body oil 
  4. Transformazing sheet mask: the best selling facial-in-a-sachet 
  5. Note: a little love note congratulating mom on creating the miracle of life and then freeing it from her body

Little Squirt comes in a luxurious and practical yellow towelling zippy bag that’s perfect for travel or to store all of your Go-To products in. Prepare to get lots of hugs and perhaps a few tears of hormonal joy for $70, or use Afterpay.

Go-To Skincare Big Kids Review

Big Kids is a kid’s bath and body set that features all four fantastic Go-To kids products. This means their skin will be soft and clean, and their room will be calm and monster-free at night. This set is the perfect gift for growing kids who want something fun in the bathroom that they don’t have to share. 

The Big Kids set includes:

  1. Sud Bud: a gentle plant-based bubble bath/body wash 
  2. Super Softy: a nourishing and calming body lotion
  3. Skin Wizard: a soothing and dreamy body oil 
  4. Bad Dream Buster: a calming room spray 
  5. A sheet of sassy stickers
  6. Classic 80s lunchbox to store toys, pencils, cool bugs, or even lunch 

Big Kids is approved by 9 out of 10 rubber duckies and is sure to make you the cool aunt or uncle of the family. And if you thought your nieces and nephews didn’t need skincare products at such a young age, it doesn’t hurt them to start a routine early, does it? 

Get the set for $98, or use Afterpay and bribe your way into your favorite child’s heart. 

Go-To Skincare Amazinger Face Review

Prepare to convert to good skincare religion with Amazinger Face, a beauty bible you’ll end up swearing-by. It’s created by Go-To founder Zoë Foster Blake and is the follow-up to her book Amazing Face. This is the perfect read for anyone wanting to learn how to correctly apply SPF, for those interested in the shelf life of mascara, and for all people with faces everywhere. 

Pair this beauty bible with Go-To Skincare exfoliating swipeys, and you have an excellent gift for the beauty guru in your life or for yourself. For the guy in your life, gift this book with Go-To’s The Lot, the specialized male skincare line for the budding skincare enthusiast. 

The bottom line is, if you’re going to take skincare advice from someone, why wouldn’t you take it from Blake the beauty editor and brand founder herself? Get it for $33 or use Afterpay, and keep it next to your bedside as you do with all holy books. 

Go-To Skincare Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Go-To Skincare Review

This Go-To Skincare review will now reveal what customers of the brand honestly think. However, before we jump, this Go-To Skincare review found it challenging to find collective reviews for the brand outside the To-Go website. Thus this review will use individual product reviews from various sources to provide you with a clear picture of the brand. 

On the official To-Go Facebook page, customers give the brand an overall rating of 5 stars. On sites such as Influenster, customers award Face Hero 4.6/5-stars. While on the Go-To site, the Very Useful Face Cream has 5-stars out of 1000+ reviews. Customers compliment the brand on the following things, 

  • High-quality clean ingredients 
  • Sensitive skin-safe 
  • Efficacy
  • Wonderfully helpful customer service

One review from the Go-To site on the Go To beauty staple Very Useful Face Cream has this customer’s stamp of approval. “I’m an ex-beauty therapist, so I am FUSSY about skincare, and I LOVE this face cream. I’m 31, and my skin is getting drier as I get older, so I love how I can feel it sitting on my skin after I apply it, rather than getting soaked up instantly.” 

Go-To Skincare Review

Another positive review from Influenster applauds the efficacy of Face Hero in combating acne. “I started using this product because I had bad acne all over my face. It’s super effective and efficient. When my acne appears when I have my period, I use it at night after cleaning my face. The next day I don’t have anything on my face.”  

As with any skincare brand you may find some hiccups along the way, however, the general consensus on Go-To’s products is overwhelmingly positive. 

Is Go-To Skincare Worth It?

Go-To Skincare Review

This Go-To Skincare review believes the brand is worth buying for many reasons. Firstly, it’s a women-owned business which is always a reason to support it as we like to watch female founders succeed. Secondly, Go-To’s skincare ingredients are made from ethically sourced, clean materials. They also contain zero harmful chemicals or toxins that can irritate the skin. 

This inclusive and environmentally friendly brand is involved in many wonderful charitable organizations. It even has a blog dedicated to dealing with specific skincare issues. You can search “Go-To congested skin” to learn more about treating blemish-prone skin or even “Go-To blind pimple” for how to get rid of whiteheads safely. 

This Go-To Skincare review has said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times. Skincare is not one-size-fits-all. Skincare is a journey, not a race, and it may take time to find what products work best for you. Thankfully, Go-To offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a clean, sustainable, women-owned business to support, make Go-To your go-to skincare. 

Go-To Skincare Promotions & Discounts 

Go-To Skincare Review

Sadly, at the time of this Go-To Skincare review, there is no Go-To Skincare discount code available. However, the brand does offer gift sets that will save you a couple of dollars on your purchase. But when we say only a couple of dollars, we really mean it. 

Take for example, the The Full Face gift set, which includes the following products: 

  • Go-To’s Fancy Face oil cleanser
  • The Properly Clean foaming cleanser
  • Exfoliating Swipeys
  • The Removalist clay mask
  • The Face Hero serum
  • Very Useful Face Cream (50ml)
  • Zincredible SPF 15 or Zincredible SPF 15 Tinted
  • A single Transformazing Sheet Mask
  • The Lips! balm

There are lots of brands that offer package deals on product sets, but with a price tag of $325, Go-To only shaves a few dollars off the original cost of The Full Face bundle ($328). That said, all orders of The Full Face set do come with a cheeky zippy bag to store all of your Go-To products at no extra cost. We call that a bonus!

Where to Buy Go-To Skincare

Go-To Skincare Review

If you’re wondering where to buy Go-To products, this Go-To Skincare review has got you covered. If you search “Go-To Skincare mecca” you’ll find the products listed there. However, if you look up “Go-To Skincare Sephora” you’ll only be disappointed. 

Select products are also available on Revolve, Free People, and Amazon. For the best selection and price, shop on the official site:


Go-To Skincare Review

Is Go To Skincare made in Australia? 

Yes, Go-To Skincare is made in Australia and New Zealand. 

Is Go To Skincare natural?

Yes, Go-To Skincare is natural and contains zero harmful or toxic ingredients. 

How do I use Go To Skin Care? 

The answer to this question entirely depends on what products you are using. For example, for Face Hero, massage five or so drops over the face, neck, and decolletage after cleansing and before face cream. 

Does Go To have Afterpay? 

Yes, there are Go-To Skincare Afterpay options on the site. 

What is Go-To Skincare’s Shipping Policy?

Go-To shipping is available for most places worldwide. US orders receive free shipping on all orders. For international orders, shipping is $18 or free for orders over $100. US orders typically take 1-3 business days to arrive. International orders take up to 5-9 business days, depending on location. 

Customers are responsible for any additional duties and taxes. To track your order visit the “Track Your Order” page and enter your email address and order number

What is Go-To Skincare’s Return Policy?

Go-To offers a 30-day money-back guarantee from the time you receive the product. Email [email protected] within that time if you’re not satisfied with the purchase. It’s recommended to return the item via Registered Post and that you prepay for postage. 

How to Contact Go-To Skincare

Go-To Skincare Review

If after this Go-To Skincare review you still have questions, the Go-To Skincare contact information is [email protected].

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