Noie Skincare Review

About Noie

Noie Skincare Review

Noie takes the guesswork out of selecting skincare. Their test goes into detail to ensure products are tailored to your concerns, needs, and lifestyle. In the end, this thorough process gets you closer to the desired results. 

Noie does things a little differently. Because of this, they’ve received attention from notable global media platforms such as Costume, Femina, EuroMan, and Boursen. The Noie Instagram page has 19K followers

This Noie skincare review will take a close look at the brand’s range of customizable skincare options, fill you in on what customer feedback, reveal deals, and more. In the end, we’ll help you decide if they are worth the buy.

Overview of Noie

Noie Skincare Review

Daniel Jensen founded Noie in 2018 with a mission “to increase the quality of life for people with skin concerns and to create a new honesty about a taboo issue.” 

This goal is possible because of the Danish brand’s unique business model—customizing skincare products for each individual and adjusting the formulas (for free) if something doesn’t work out.  

Noie’s products achieve visible results from a mixture of scientific research and the feedback they receive from their customers. They use non-toxic ingredients, and aim to make their packaging and shipping processes just as clean. The brand zeroes in on carbon neutrality and using recyclable materials. 

Noie Skincare Review

Now that you know a little more about the brand, this Noie skincare review will fill you in on its pros and cons.


  • Dermatologically tested, customized skincare  
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Perfume and dye-free
  • Noie ingredients are compatible for sensitive skin
  • Safe for children, babies, and pregnant women 
  • Sustainable packing and working towards reducing carbon footprint  
  • Subscription can be canceled at any time 
  • Noie price points are reasonable
  • Majority of customers reported the best skin they have had in years
  • Skin Improvement Guarantee


  • Limited range of products 
  • Some users skin worsened when using Noie products
  • Only available in the EU and UK
  • Cannot be returned 

Is Noie cruelty free?

Noie Skincare Review

This is one of the key boxes a successful, modern skincare line must check off. Thankfully, the risk is incredibly low with Noie products, as we’re happy to say that the brand is cruelty free. You won’t find any bunnies or mice running around their labs. 

Is Noie vegan?

Noie Skincare Review

Noie custom skin care is completely vegan. None of their formulations use any animal products, making them completely compatible with all types of skin. The brand has claimed that their creams are safe for children and newborns, as well as women who are breastfeeding or pregnant.  

How Does Noie Work?

Noie Skincare Review

Noie skincare shop assesses your skin to categorize you with a ‘Skin Family’ (among 100,000 study participants with the same type). The brand offers a quick online test to find out which group each user falls into.

Below in this Noie skincare review, we’ll run you through some of the questions:

  1. What is your skin goal? (Choices cover healthier skin, problematic skin, or anti-aging concerns) 
  2. What is your birth date and gender? 
  3. Describe your skin tone
  4. What part of your body would you like to work on? (Body, face, or both)
  5. Describe your skin
  6. Any skin concerns you’d like Noie to be aware of
  7. Select whether you would like to invest in the Skin Improvement Guarantee (requires uploading a photo of the troubled area(s) on your face)

Noie will then focus on specific questions about the skin on your face or body. For example, is it itchy, dry, red, cracked, or thickened? Pick the most troublesome concern. Once that’s out of the way, they’ll want to dig deeper with the skin goal that you chose at the start of the quiz. 

The next part is about your lifestyle. These are general questions about:

  • Your sleep, exercise, and eating habits
  • Sun exposure
  • Stress 
  • Hygiene 
Noie Skincare Review

When the test is complete, Noie will select a skin cream that’s best suited for your skin. This touch of personalization has proven to show results in about 4 weeks or less. This Noie skincare review notes that for those with acne, visible improvements can take up to 5 weeks. 

Noie custom creams are available as a subscription or for individual purchase. Choosing a subscription is wise for this kind of service, as you want to give the product a chance to work. Plus, if it does indeed help your skin, you’re going to want to keep using it. 

Customizing your subscription to be set on a schedule is an option as well. If users haven’t used up their entire product before it’s time to receive your new one, they’re able to push delivery back a week or two. 

For more information on cancelling a subscription, scroll down to the FAQ section of this Noie skincare review. 

For those who participated in the Skin Improvement Guarantee, Noie recommends using their cream for at least 30 days. If your skin doesn’t show any signs of improvement, get in touch with the company and let them know. Be sure to do this within 60 days of purchase. 

This Noie skincare review will now cover the brand’s range of customizable creams from head to toe, to give you an idea of all the different possibilities. 

Noie Face Cream Review  

The skin on your face is extremely sensitive. It gets a ton of exposure to the elements (sun, pollution, dirt) each day, and it’s the first thing people see when they look at you. Because of this, there’s a lot of pressure on us to look flawless. 

Aside from looks, skin health is also important, and what goes on under the surface often causes the most maladies. Noie Face Cream gets to the root of our issues, helping us to have the complexion we’ve always dreamed of—naturally. 

Choosing a skincare product can be stressful. We can spend hundreds of dollars trying out products that aren’t right for us, causing breakouts, and wreaking havoc on our skin. Noie solves that problem by tailoring a product specifically to our needs.

Use your 50 ml Face Cream after breakfast and before sleep for best results, just as you would a moisturizer. It is completely free of colorants and dermatologically tested. 

Noie Face Cleanser Review 

There are many types of skin. Some are more oily, others are prone to dryness. So it only makes sense that a generic cleanser wouldn’t work the same for both, or possibly for either!

We’ve all been there—pacing back and forth in front of the gigantic wall of cleansers, scanning labels, and wondering if a product is right for our skin. Will it strip it? Does it provide a deep enough clean? What is actually doing to my skin? 

The Noie custom face wash takes into account concerns like acne, eczema, psoriasis, or sensitive skin when the brand customizes your Face Cleanser

You won’t need to worry about how your psoriasis will react to the cleanser—they’ve already taken care of that. Additionally, the brand assures customers that their products are devoid of harsh chemicals, perfumes, or drying SLS that lead to redness and irritation. 

Noie recommends using the 200 ml Face Cleanser in the morning, to get rid of bacteria (sweat, dirt) from the night and at night. During the day, rinse away dirt build-up, makeup, and sunscreen. 

Noie Body & Hand Cream Review

Mixed especially for dryness, rough patches, acne, and textured skin, the 100 ml Body & Hand Cream can be used as much as you please. Some like to use body cream right after a shower, in the morning, or before bed—but that choice is completely up to you. 

When taking the skin test, you’ll be able to choose between light, medium, or rich coverage. Try out Noie’s Body & Hand Cream and explore your Skin Family to see how long it’ll take to show results. 

Noie Face Sunscreen Review 

Traditional sunblock is filled with chemicals and harsh ingredients that, while blocking the UV rays, cause other kinds of damage to your skin. Bumps, watery eyes, redness, rashes, and dryness can all be due to using the wrong formula. 

The 50 ml Noie Face Sunscreen will kill some of those side-effects. You shouldn’t experience any of the irritation you get from other alternatives because firstly, Noie’s does not contain drying alcohol and skin-irritating ingredients. Secondly, it’s made precisely for you!

How Much is Noie?

Noie Skincare Review

Noie skincare products can be bought individually, or as part of a subscription. Whichever option you choose, the price remains the same. But—with the subscription comes other perks that you’ll read about further down in this Noie skincare review. 

The prices for Noie’s 4 customizable skincare options are:

  • Face Cream €40
  • Face Cleanser €22
  • Body & Hand Cream €20
  • Face Sunscreen €33

Noie Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Noie Skincare Review

The brand’s concept is smart, and sounds like it could make a difference in our usual self-care routines. But no Noie skincare review would be complete without hearing from customers—plus, we truly want to find out if their customized products really work.

Ahead, you’ll read customer reviews sourced from Trustpilot and the company’s Facebook page. These help shed some light on the effectiveness of Noie’s creams. 

The Noie Skincare Facebook page displays a 3.5/5 star rating from 19 customers. Readers, please note that there are not enough reviews here to get an accurate depiction of the brand and its products, so take the overall score with a grain of salt. 

Buyers share joyous stories of reduced acne and the best skin they’ve had in many years. One Noie skincare review reads, “the result is unbelievable. No pimples and skin is healthier than last 4 years.” 

As a customized product, Noie should be able to solve individual skin concerns, but some feedback suggests otherwise. Because this is a company based in Denmark, many of the reviews are in Danish. We used Google translate, but bear with the rough translation. 

One review reads, “It boosted his impure skin more with pimple outbreaks…We were sent a different kind of cream on guarantee, but this one did not work either. Cream number two made him look like one with very bad acne and red and delicate skin.” This is unfortunate, but we’re glad the brand has a guarantee in place for situations like this. 

On the review website Trustpilot, Noie has an average rating of 4.5/5 stars from 266 buyers. Here is the general breakdown:

  • Excellent (5 stars) 82%
  • Great (4 stars) 8%
  • Average (3 stars) 4%
  • Poor (2 stars) 3%
  • Bad (1 star) 4%
Noie Skincare Review

The comments on Trustpilot are in regards to the brand’s entire line of products—not just one in particular. You’ll find mentions of a few different items in the next two paragraphs of this Noie skincare review. 

Happy customers write that their skin is improved and report fewer blemishes. Apparently, the ones they do get fade faster when using the customized face wash and creams. 

One customer’s Noie skincare review revealed that their “skin looks a lot more refined and glowier, healthier. I also noticed that my wrinkles are barely visible anymore.” This is great to know for those who have anti-aging goals.

To discuss the Face Sunscreen, one review reads, “I was unfortunately disappointed with the consistency. It is very oily and makes my skin look shiny and greasy.” A Noie representative replied that this is completely possible as their formulas do not contain alcohol—something that avoids drying out your pores.

Based on all of the feedback, we’ve gotten a good idea of Noie’s skincare products. Are they effective? Yes. Are they for everyone? Maybe not. It’s worth noting that their customer service team appears prompt, helpful, and professional. 

Is Noie Worth It?

Noie Skincare Review

We certainly think so. Personalized skincare just makes sense. We value the way Noie modifies its products based on the comprehensive skin test required before purchase. The assessment was fun; it makes users feel as if their needs, goals, and concerns are being heard. 

This Noie skincare review also appreciates that the Danish brand uses clean ingredients, and does not test on animals. They have a strong mission of sustainability and working towards becoming carbon-negative, while using only recycled materials. Plus, their products are suitable for all types of skin—even the most sensitive. 

If you do give Noie a try and it doesn’t work out, fear not, the Skin Improvement Guarantee promises a refund. 

Noie Promotions & Discounts 

Noie Skincare Review

After scoping out some official deals, we uncovered a €14 Noie skincare discount code for referrals. Customers can spend €14 worth of credit on products once their friend places an order. 

This Noie skincare review also found that with a subscription comes perks. To get free shipping and VIP access to new launches, choose to sign up at checkout. 

Sign up for Noie

Noie Skincare Review

Signing up for Noie means you’ll need to take a skincare test. Before you roll your eyes at having to do another, online lengthy quiz, understand that this one is extremely important. Essentially, it’s the foundation of what makes this brand’s products so effective. 

We’ll give you a brief rundown of the signup process below:

  1. Head to and click ‘SKIN TEST’ in the upper right-hand corner 
  2. Answer the questions to complete your basic profile, so that Noie knows what you’re looking to accomplish
  3. Then, you’ll be asked a series of questions around any concerns and your current skincare routine
  4. They’ll ask about lifestyle, eating habits, and so on to get a rounded picture of your health 
  5. Once the test is complete, Noie will reveal a custom product and you’ll select a delivery schedule that works best 
  6. All you need to do now is enter your billing details and address

If you’ve chosen to subscribe, shipping for your Noie order will be free of charge. 


Noie Skincare Review

How do I cancel my Noie subscription?

If there comes a time where you need your Noie subscription to end (it auto-renews at the frequency chosen at checkout), directly email [email protected].

Be sure to do this before your billing date. If you fail to cancel beforehand, Noie will send out the order you are subscribed to. 

What is Noie’s Shipping Policy?

All of Noie’s shipping options are listed at checkout. They have a variety of methods offered via these carriers:

  • DHL
  • UPS
  • Postal Service
  • DAO365 and GLS (within Denmark)

Costs start at €6, but the brand does have a free shipping option for EU and UK orders over €55. Noie currently only services select locations. They do not deliver to the US or Canada. For more information on this, head to the FAQ section of 

What is Noie’s Return Policy?

Noie products are customized for your skin. Because of this, the brand cannot take them back unless they arrived damaged. 

For members who are part of Noie’s Skin Improvement Guarantee, the company will issue a refund within 60 days. Contact customer service to initiate this process and send them a new photo. 

How to Contact Noie

We hope that this Noie skincare review proved helpful. For any other questions, feel free to reach out to the brand by:

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