Nuuly Subscription Review

About Nuuly 

Nuuly Subscription Review

Nuuly is a women’s clothing subscription brand that lets you explore over 150 brands each month through non-committal rental. Customers have the option to keep the items they love for a discounted price, or the option to return items and try new styles. The subscription company carries popular brands like Urban Outfitters and Free People.

Nuuly has been featured on Forbes, VOX Inc, and Green Matters, for their sustainable approach to subscription fashion. Their sustainable approach and a wide variety of brands have gained the company over 53k followers on Instagram. 

This Nuuly subscription review will provide an in-depth view of the brand, their subscription processes, customer experiences, plus more, to help you decide if you’d like to test out this subscription service.

Overview of Nuuly 

Nuuly Subscription Review

Nuuly is part of the URBN family of companies (Urban Outfitters, Free People, Anthropolgie). URBN maintains its mission to encourage customers to express themselves through their clothes and living spaces by providing eclectic and funky clothing and household items. 

What you’ll find on Nuuly is the Nuuly X Anthropologie collection, Nuuly Urban Outfitters selections, and multiple other brands that the company is affiliated with including Anna Sui, Electric & Rose, Mod Cloth, as well as a Nuuly maternity section for mamas-to-be. 

When Nuuly was created in 2019, URBN’s approach was to ensure the brand was developed in a sustainable and earth-friendly manner. Their rental business model not only extends the lifespan of their offered apparel but the company also takes care of cleaning and repairing garments.

Nuuly’s process ensures that the clothing can be worn for longer periods of time, and is cleaned using more efficient water and energy practices

Nuuly is also proud to have eliminated the use of almost one million single use plastic bags by the brand’s rotating use of reusable garment bags that are made from post-consumer plastic. 

Nuuly Subscription Review

This Nuuly review will now highlight some pros and cons of the brand. 


  • 150+ brands to choose from including popular favorites Anthropologie and For Love and Lemons
  • Reusable garment bags to cut down on plastic waste
  • Supports brands who use sustainable practices such as Not Another Label
  • Uses water and energy-efficient cleaning methods
  • Affordable $88 monthly subscription plan
  • Pause or cancel your subscription plan any time
  • Free shipping and returns


  • Only available in the US
  • Some customers reported struggling to get the most out of their plan because of shipping times 
  • Not every style is always available, as sometimes it is rented and customers must wait until it’s restocked

How Does Nuuly Work?

Nuuly Subscription Review

Nuuly is a very straightforward business model. All you have to do is pick any 6 items that you love from their collection, wear them, and send them back. It’s as easy as that! Picture borrowing clothes from a friend, only you don’t need to worry about dry cleaning before you return them.

If you particularly love one of your chosen items, you have the option to purchase the item for a discounted price. Say goodbye to ruined friendships because of borrowed and never returned clothes. 

Nuuly Clothing Rentals

Nuuly Subscription Review

So, how does Nuuly work? Sign up on, create an account, build your profile, and subscribe with a credit card. By confirming your account, Nuuly will charge your credit card for the first month’s payment. Let the fun begin! 

You can spend hours on the website browsing their selections. You are required to pick at least 6 items but if you’d like to add another 2, there’s an additional fee. Once you’ve selected your items, confirm your shipment and your order will be on its way.

Before confirming, make sure you’ve selected the right items because when you hit that confirm button, your selection is locked in and you cannot make any changes or cancellations. 

Nuuly uses UPS for shipping and they’ll notify you when the order ships. They’ll also provide any updates along the way by email or text. Your order will arrive in a reusable Nuuly bag. Be sure to keep this bag because it’s required for returning items.

Nuuly includes a prepaid UPS label with your order that must be attached to a package for its journey back. 

Returning Nuuly Pieces

Nuuly Subscription Review

When it’s time to say goodbye to your six loved pieces, Nuuly recommends starting the return process two to three days before your next billing period in order to get the most out of your program.

It’s important to note that the account stays locked until your items have been received by Nuuly and the next monthly fee has been charged. If you’re craving to browse Nuuly in between orders, feel free! But you’ll only be able to add items to your ‘Closet’.

Your next order can’t be processed until your previous items are returned. This Nuuly subscription review notes that if you would like to unlock your account before the next billing period, you can return items and pay the monthly fee early.  

If you need to return your order late, don’t stress as there are no late fees. But you won’t be able to place another Nuuly order until after the items are scanned by UPS. For those pieces that you wish to keep, log in to your Nuuly account and purchase.

This lets Nuuly know you’re keeping the items and will not look for them in your return order. Keep in mind that all items you choose to purchase are final sale and cannot be returned

When it’s time to return your items, place them into the reusable Nuuly bag that you received them in. Remember to slide the return slip into the clear pocket on the outside of the garment bag and drop it off at UPS.

This Nuuly subscription view will note here that if you accidentally misplace your return label, you can print it off from the Rental History section on your account. 

Nuuly Monthly Subscription

Nuuly Subscription Review

Nuuly subscriptions by monthly. You can unlock your account early but your monthly subscription payment will continue to come out on the same day of the month, following the one you unlocked early.

For example, if your billing date is on the 15th of each month and you unlock your February order early on the 2nd, your next payment will come out on the 15th of March unless you unlock that one early as well. You cannot change your official billing date

If you need to pause or cancel your account, you have the ability at any time. You can choose to pause your account for either 1, 2, or 3 months and extend this pause on a month-to-month basis.

For example, when your two-month pause is up and you need to extend for one more month, you can do this by selecting ‘Extend Pause’ on your account. 

You can also unpause your account early. In this case, your official billing date will be moved to the day when you selected ‘Unpause’ in your account. If you’d like to cancel, simply hit ‘Cancel Subscription’ on your account page.

If you have any Nuuly items at home, you’ll need to send them back before you hit ‘Cancel’. However, this Nuuly subscription review found that if UPS doesn’t scan your items before your next billing date, you’ll be automatically charged for another month.

The Nuuly subscription plan gives you access to their wide-ranging collection of popular and up-and-coming brands. With styles ranging from basic tees to flowy, bohemian dresses, you’ll be sure to find items you love and that will keep you coming back for more.

This Nuuly subscription review will now take a look at what you get in their Women’s Monthly Subscription plan. There is no Nuuly for men subscription or clothes available. 

How Much is Nuuly?

Nuuly Subscription Review

A Monthly Subscription for Nuuly is $88. This works out to roughly $15 per item which includes shipping, returns, cleaning, and any repairs needed. If you’d like to add up to 2 additional items to your order, this is possible for an additional fee of $18 each. 

Nuuly Subscription Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Nuuly Subscription Review

This Nuuly subscription review will take a look at customer reviews found on Reddit, TrustPilot, Business Insider, and My Subscription Addiction, to give you an idea of what customers’ experience with the brand has been like. 

Nuuly Reddit users report loving the concept trouble having trouble with shipping, particularly in terms of getting the most out of their subscription.

Another Nuuly review on Reddit says, “Six items for $88 is a bargain compared to other rental kits. It’s fun to change stuff up seasonally…I like that I can experiment safely…I’d never in a million years buy [some of] these things, but a rental is non-committal.”

Business Insider seconds those thoughts: “It’s about discovery. You’re only paying a low price per item each month so it gives you the opportunity to take some risks…Another great part of renting is that you have access to things you might not be able to afford at full price.”

Nuuly has only one review on Trustpilot, which reads, “Love my monthly Nuuly. It doesn’t matter that I have nowhere to go. Makes me feel cute and on-trend without spending a ton.”

My Subscription Addiction breaks down the pros and cons of the Nuuly subscription service. “Pick exactly what you want. Plus & petite sizes. Vintage looks.” The reviewer also notes, “not all products are available in full-size range. Availability depends on which items are rented out.” 

Is Nuuly Worth It?

Nuuly Subscription Review

This Nuuly subscription review finds the brand’s prices to be extremely reasonable and the fact that you can try expensive styles risk-free is an exciting concept for those who have commitment phobia when making a purchase. It also eliminates buyer’s remorse. 

On top of that, Nuuly makes the process hassle-free. Shipping, returns, cleaning, and repairs, are all taken care of. All that’s required of the customer is to shop, pay, and wear. Nuuly is just like an in-store shopping experience but without the risk.

The only downside of the subscription service seems to be its “account locking” feature. This Nuuly subscription review understands why this process is in place but it can be frustrating when shipping delays cause customers to lose a week of the potential wearing time of their Nuuly clothes. 

This Nuuly subscription review believes the service is worth it, and the brand’s approach to sustainability is great, too. It seems that whatever is in the brand’s power to control including the reusable bags, offered brands, and cleaning methods, they are making the right choices to offer these services with the planet in mind.

Nuuly Promotions & Discounts 

Nuuly Subscription Review

There is currently no Nuuly free trial or discount code available on the website, but check in with them regularly for updates.

Sign up for Nuuly

Nuuly Subscription Review

Follow the steps below to get started with Nuuly:

  1. Head to
  2. Click ‘Join Now’ in the upper right hand corner of the webpage
  3. Click ‘Next’ and enter your contact information, payment, and shipping details
  4. Build your profile
  5. Shop for any six items in your first order
  6. Confirm your order


When was Nuuly founded?

Nuuly was founded in 2019. The company was formed by parent brand URBN, which was founded in 1970. 

Where is Nuuly based? 

Nuuly is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

How do I cancel my Nuuly subscription? 

To cancel your Nuuly subscription, log into your account on On your account page, simply click ‘Cancel Subscription’. 

How long does Nuuly take to ship? 

Nuuly ships all of their orders using UPS from Monday through Friday. When you place an order, it can take approximately two business days to process and an additional three business days to be delivered. They do not offer expedited shipping. 

All orders are shipped in the Nuuly reusable garment bag, except for any oversized items that you order. These items will arrive in their own separate bag. Nuuly is only available within the US. They do not ship to APO/FPO or PO box addresses. 

How do I return Nuuly? 

This Nuuly subscription review will note again that items you choose to keep and purchase are final sale and are not valid for a Nuuly refund. To return your monthly Nuuly order of items you do not wish to keep, follow these simple steps:

  1. Zip all items up in your Nuuly reusable garment bag
  2. Slip the prepaid return label into the outside clear pocket
  3. Drop it off at UPS or schedule a pickup

If you misplaced your return label, you can print another from your account by accessing your Rental History. If you would like to keep any of the items in your order, log into your account, head to your Rental History, and click ‘Buy’ under the item you wish to purchase. You’ll need to do this before you return your order so Nuuly knows what to expect. 

Nuuly recommends returning your items two to three business days before your billing date so UPS can scan your item before your billing period and your account can unlock on time. If you would like to return your items early, you can absolutely do so but you won’t be able to place another order unless you choose ‘Unlock Early’. 

If you return your items after your billing date, there are no late fees but you won’t be able to place another order until your current order is scanned by UPS. If you notice that an item you were supposed to return has made an appearance on your floor, under your bed, or somewhere it shouldn’t be, contact Nuuly customer support right away so that they do not charge you. The brand will also help you send it back as soon as possible.

How to Contact Nuuly

If you need any information that this Nuuly subscription review did not provide, the Nuuly customer service team is available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST.

This Nuuly subscription review notes that you can get in contact with the brand via their Online Chat or in writing to the Nuuly Registered Office: 5000 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19112.

If you’re interested in a position with the brand, you can find Nuuly job positions available on the URBN website. 

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