Gwynnie Bee Subscription Review

About Gwynnie Bee 

Gwynnie Bee subscription review

Gwynnie Bee is an unlimited rental subscription delivering designer clothing to women. Did you grow up raiding the closets of your mom, sister, or best friend? Gwynnie Bee is built on the same principle, encouraging you to raid their closet as often as you like. In other words, you’ll never be spotted in the same outfit twice. This Gwynnie Bee subscription review gives you an inside look at the brand’s clothing rental subscription to help guide you in your purchase decision.

Overview of Gwynnie Bee

The founder of Gwynnie Bee, Christine, grew up in rural Pennsylvania. Our Gwynnie Bee subscription review revealed that one of the most memorable parts of her childhood was the clothing that her adoring aunt made for her. Each Monday, Christine would receive a new box of clothes for the week, thoughtfully designed with bold prints, matching separates and stylish cuts. She wore all of it, and they gave continuity and strength to her sense of self throughout adolescence.

Gwynnie Bee subscription review

Christine’s boxes from her aunt instilled not only an inspirational idea but a foundational belief system. She recognized that shopping was a stressful and unnecessary hassle: thinking of how often you would wear an item, how it would match the other pieces in your wardrobe, searching for the right fit and size—all this leading to decision fatigue and well, pure exhaustion. 

Christine decided to change this with an innovative fix to keep closets fresh and inspirational, making customers feel their absolute best. In 2011, Gwynnie Bee plus size clothing subscription was unveiled. The Gwynnie Bee plus size clothing rental was the first of its kind. Christine aimed to instill confidence in subscribers with the Gwynnie Bee plus size style box, which has since expanded to include sizes 0-32.

Subscribers have access to 90+ designer brands including Michael Kors, Asos, Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Vince Camuto, ModCloth, and Calvin Klein. 

This Gwynnie Bee subscription review examines the benefits and downsides to the rental service:


  • Unlimited styles and looks to try
  • You can return clothing if it doesn’t suit your taste 
  • Favourite items can be worn as many times as desired 
  • Clothing pieces can be purchased for less than retail price 
  • It takes the thinking out of shopping
  • Exposure to curated collections, helping you develop your style 
  • Subscribers can expand their wardrobe with more options to choose 
  • Encourages you to be confident about fashion and your personal style
  • Free shipping


  • Pieces have been worn before
  • Customers cite incidences in which their size was not on rotation, long wait times for shipments, and lack of variety in the clothing offered 

How Does Gwynnie Bee Work?

Gwynnie Bee’s service is simple and sustainable, designed to take the worry out of assembling your wardrobe:

  1. Try: explore top fashion and take the thinking out of your selection; you can choose from curated collections and build your favourite closet
  2. Wear: your new pieces will be delivered to your door and you can reuse them as many times as you like
  3. Love: New styles are launched weekly, helping you develop your own style
  4. Repeat: Wear and return with free shipping
  5. Keep: Buy pieces for below retail price
Gwynnie Bee subscription review

How Much Does Gwynnie Bee Cost? 

This Gwynnie Bee subscription review outlines every subscription options offered, the number of items, and the estimated savings associated with each:

Gwynnie Bee Subscription Review 1
Gwynnie Bee subscription review

Gwynnie Bee Clothing Rental Review: What Do Customers Think?

Like with most brands, the customers of Gwynnie Bee are split into positive and negative reviews of the company. In our Gwynnie Bee subscription review, those who endorsed Gwynnie Bee felt that it completely transformed their shopping experience. Before encountering Gwynnie, they felt stretched thin, running from store to store trying desperately to fill their needs.

Gwynnie Bee afforded customers the opportunity to try brands they would not otherwise have experienced. Customers loved that they could choose the next items for their wardrobe from a reclined position on the couch with a mug of coffee or a glass of wine in hand.

Customers expressed being known for their stylish outfit choices at the office and among friends because of Gwynnie Bee. While some customers admitted that they did not favour all of the selection, overall, they were happy with their Gwynnie Bee choices.

For a minimal cost, customers were able to wear designer clothing and many purchased items from Gwynnie that they simply could not part with. The clothing came looking brand new. Many customers had been with Gwynnie Bee for many years and will continue to use it.

Gwynnie Bee subscription review

Gwynnie Bee reviews emphasized that customers disliked that their size was not always in rotation. They were disapproving of the wait times that these incidences caused. Although in our Gwynnie Bee subscription review, we found that customers loved the concept of Gwynnie Bee, they complained that it took too long to get the next shipment.

Other customers commented that there was not enough variety and that the service was expensive for the number of garments received. Customers were frustrated that when they went to cancel Gwynnie Bee, they were prompted to make a phone call. 

Despite some complaints about variety and shipment wait times, our Gwynnie Bee subscription review showed that most customers were happy with Gwynnie Bee.  

Gwynnie Bee Promotions & Discounts 

In our Gwynnie Bee subscription review, we learned that for a limited time, Gwynnie Bee is offering a 30-day free trial. The applied promotion will end on March 20, 2020.

GB Rewards

Gwynnie Bee subscribers can collect points for closeting, small returns, purchases, and maintaining their monthly membership. GB points can be redeemed for: 

  • At-home purchases 
  • Item upgrades 
  • Returned favourites purchases

To see all the ways customers can earn points, visit the GB Rewards Page

Where to Buy Gwynnie Bee 

Gwynnie Bee subscription review

Purchase a subscription through their website,, and you’ll be done in a click. With no fuss, your outfits will be delivered to your door. 


How Long Can You Keep Gwynnie Bee Clothing?

Many members and potential customers wonder how long they can keep items, and if there are due dates for their garments. You may keep the items as long as you are a member of Gwynnie Bee. If you decide to cancel your membership, you must purchase the items or return them. 

Shipping Policy

The shipping process will begin as soon as you have selected new items for your closet. Before shipment, Gwynnie Bee has a 2-3 day processing time. The company shops their boxes using USPS Priority Mail. Delivery takes 1-4 business days, and when your box ships, you will receive an email with tracking information. 

You will also receive a preview of your box items so that you can begin to plan your new outfits! You can find a copy of this information in the At-Home section of your GB Closet

If you want to shorten the length of time to open the contents of your next passage, then return notify your items when you are ready to send them back to Gwynnie Bee. That way, Gwynnie can begin processing your next package. 

If you receive an item without the accessory, for instance, a missing belt or tie, contact Gwynnie:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Call 1-855-GWYNNIE (855-499-6643)
  • Support hours are Monday to Friday 9 AM to 6 PM ET
Gwynnie Bee subscription review

Return Policy

When you wish to send an item back, go to your closet and click on ‘Return Item.’ When you take this action, Gwynnie Bee knows that the item is on its way back, and they can prepare your next set of items. 

The process to return your items is simple, and it begins online. Go to your closet and click on the hanger icon. You will find it in the upper right-hand corner. In your At-Home section, click on ‘Return Item’ below the item that you would like to switch out. You can enter your feedback and then click submit. Members receive GB rewards when they return several items in a bag

If you are experiencing difficulty with the return process, contact Gwynnie Bee:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Call 1-855-GWYNNIE (855-499-6643)
  • Support hours are Monday to Friday 9 AM to 6 PM ET

To return your items:

  • Place them in the purple return bag
  • Seal the bag
  • Drop the items in the mail (USPS)
  • Gwynnie Bee sends one bag for every two items and you can put more than one item in the bag
  • If you have misplaced your bag, Gwynnie will send you a prepaid USPS label by email
  • You can exchange any items in the purple return bag and drop them at a USPS collection box

Cancellation Policy

It’s easy to click the wrong button, and Gwynnie Bee understands. If you return an incorrect item, email [email protected]. Include the garment name and Gwynnie will happily reset the return notification.

Contact Gwynnie Bee 

Contact Gwynnie Bee for support:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Call 1-855-GWYNNIE (855-499-6643)
  • Gwynnie is available to chat from Monday to Friday 9 AM- 6 PM ET

If you’re not set on Gwynnie Bee, check out Wantable and Rent the Runway.

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