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About Alex Mill 

Alex Mill Review

Alex Mill Clothing is full of life, celebrating the diverse and authentic streets of New York City. Their men’s and women’s clothing is designed to wear well with age and to serve as the versatile, go-to closet staples you reach for again and again. 

The brand has been featured in The New York Times, Insider, Rolling Stone, Pure Wow, Today, and many other media outlets. They’ve recently collaborated with Jimmy Fallon to create a line of PJs and have over 50k followers on Instagram.

This Alex Mill Clothing review will take a close look at the brand and their best-selling pieces, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their clothing is the right fit for your wardrobe. 

Overview of Alex Mill 

Alex Mill Review

Alex Mill was founded in 2012 when the brand was on the hunt to create the perfect shirt. After they succeeded, they went a step further and started designing pieces outside of the famous Alex Mill slub t-shirt. 

Their “uniforms for individuals” are pieces that are straightforward, not fussy, and the kinds of things we look forward to wearing and feel good in. 

Today, the scope of Alex Mill has expanded as they strive “to create the perfect uniform of well-crafted essentials.” They aim to take the fuss out of clothing, making versatile pieces that are easy to wear, wash, and care for. 

Inspired by the bustling city that surrounds them, Alex Mill clothing celebrates vibrant NYC life but also reflects the more subdued side of the city. 

The brand tries to do their part in combating textile waste. They do this by remaking unsold inventory, upcycling nearly 1,300 garments, reusing excess fabric into things like totes and masks, as well as recycling and reusing textile scraps. 

Alex Mill Review

Before we take a look at some of their trendiest apparel, this Alex Mill Clothing review will now provide an overview of the brand’s pros and cons: 


  • Offers a variety of apparel for men and women, including jackets, sweaters, hats, t-shirts, pants, and so much more
  • Emphasis on creating quality, long-lasting pieces that wear well with age
  • Recycles and reuses textile waste and upcycles excess fabric and unused inventory
  • Pieces feature attractive and often vintage details like oversized buttons and careful stitching
  • Customer love the styles and say the quality of the pieces is high
  • 15% off your first purchase when signing up for their newsletter


  • Some customers think the items are priced too high and that the brand is just another J Crew or Uniqlo
  • Does not ship internationally

The Alex Mill collection has deep meaning. The clothing is thoughtfully designed, carrying character and sophistication with every stitch. 

Alex Mill Clothing Review

This Alex Mill Clothing review will feature the brand’s customer favorites when it comes to men’s and women’s pieces, including retro-inspired sweaters that brighten any outfit, and clever, cool accessories that bring personality to your look. 

Alex Mill Sherpa Jacket Review 

The Alex Mill Sherpa Jacket is super comfy looking and has square shoulders, much like a military jacket, for extra structure and long-lasting form. This isn’t your average, throw on with a pair of sweatpants jacket, but you definitely can if you want. 

The jacket is inspired by vintage expedition gear and is lined with microfleece for a luxuriously comfortable and warm wear. 

Available in natural, dark olive, and deep navy, the Sherpa Jacket features 2 waist pockets and one chest pocket, plus a locker loop in the back for easy storage or to casually throw over your shoulder on a sunny day. 

Keep things warm and looking cool for only $165. 

Alex Mill Officer Duffle Coat Review 

The Alex Mill Duffle Coat seems to take inspiration from military design with its three lateral front rope closures and overall aesthetic. 

The rope material reminds this Alex Mill Clothing review a bit of the Navy, a sort of The Perfect Storm George Clooney vibe mixed with the precision of military-like lines. 

The Officer Duffle Coat is incredibly roomy and has wooden toggles that are quite sailor-esque. Made from merino wool, this coat is not waterproof like the one Clooney wore but is still durable and provides a ton of warmth. 

Inside, you’ll find a red interior patch pocket and ivory cotton seams with herringbone tape reinforcements. This jacket truly doesn’t skimp on details. Keep things official and orderly for $398. 

Alex Mill Sherpa Fleece Jacket Review 

With 2 oversized pockets that look as if they’d make great hand warmers, the Sherpa Fleece Jacket is a great choice for windy city strolls on days where you don’t need gloves but a nip still hangs in the air. 

This jacket makes the perfect addition to one of the Alex Mill Jumpsuits. Sherpa is certainly having its moment, and this Alex Mill Clothing review isn’t mad about it. 

Sherpa is polyester fleece, and this jacket is super soft and has a more “furry” feel to the outside, whereas the inside is a cotton jersey material. 

Choose from natural, dark olive, or deep navy colors for this addictive-feeling Alex Mill wool shirt jacket that you may find yourself obsessively stroking, but don’t worry, we would too. Stay warm and trend-forward in the Sherpa Fleece Jacket for $165. 

Alex Mill Hilde Fair Isle Sweater Review

This jumper has the look of the one you may see a little girl wearing on the front of your childhood-favorite food packaging. Undeniably classic and reminiscent of the 1950s, this sweater was in fact designed to evoke that response. 

In a bright, vermillion color, the Hilde Fair Isle Sweater brings a playfulness to any outfit and can be worn draped over your shoulders paired with one of the button-down Alex Mill Shirts and skirt for a truly vintage vibe. 

You could also just wear it as a regular sweater to add some joy to your everyday t-shirt and jeans outfit. Take a trip down memory lane with the Hilde Fair Isle Sweater for $145. 

Alex Mill Mill Blazer Review 

Corduroy was big in the 70s, but it has made an appearance in our wardrobes throughout the years because it’s comfortable, durable, and unique looking. 

The Mill Blazer has a classic feel to it and is a fun contrast piece when paired with modern-day wardrobe staples like maroon slacks and a classic white tee. 

Available in khaki, deep navy, and dark olive, this blazer can also work as part of a 2-piece suit (think, a deep navy Alex Mill Corduroy Pants and Jacket with a crisp white shirt, chocolate brown tie, and brown shoes). 

Channel the distant yesteryear with the comfortable, retro-inspired Mill Blazer for $165. 

Alex Mill Nico Chunky Cardigan Review 

Remember when the Olsen twins made grandma-sweaters a thing? All of a sudden oversized, knitted sweaters became a wardrobe staple, and we suppose we have them to thank (alongside Alex Mill) for this incredibly comfortable looking, yet chic cardigan. 

But hold up, this isn’t your average grandma-sweater. While it channels an old-school vibe, the Nico Chunky Cardigan features modern details that make it a crowd-favorite. 

The Nico Chunky Cardigan comes in 5 colors, but this Alex Mill Clothing review adores it in Faded Grove. Made of 100% cotton, this cardigan has dropped shoulders for an almost bomber-jacket-like look that is just one of the reasons this piece is so cool. 

Oversized buttons add the finishing touch to this beloved $125 Nico Chunky Cardigan. 

For another ultra-cozy piece, check out the Alex Mill Cup of Joe Reading Sweater.

Alex Mill Argyle Sweater Vest Review

The Argyle Sweater Vest is totally geek-chic, calling to mind Steve Urkle and his dynamic personality. 

Sorry, not sorry for all the references we’re making, but their designs are so full of character we just can’t stop drawing comparisons between these clothes and the memorable personalities they remind us of. 

Classically geeky, argyle is traditionally associated with uniforms or preppy looks and often provides a distinguished air. The Argyle Sweater Vest has a cropped fit, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Cher (from Clueless) herself came marching out in it. 

Made from merino wool, the buttons on this sweater vest are so bold on their dark background. Get preppy in this sweater vest for $96. 

Alex Mill Cashmere Beanie Review

Available in 12 colors, the Cashmere Beanie lets you add a pop of color to any outfit. This Alex Mill Clothing review especially likes the paprika color, as it’s a bright and fun way to add contrast to a neutral outfit and pairs well with navy, khaki, and white. 

This beanie is cozy, and speaking of cozy, this is the perfect accessory for the ultra-comfy Alex Mill Sweater Jumpsuit

Made from 100% cashmere, the beanie can be folded up at the base for a more hipster look or left rolled down for a more relaxed appearance. Supremely cozy and comfortable, the Cashmere Beanie can be yours for $95. 

Alex Mill Bandana Scarf Review 

A bandana is extremely versatile. It’s like the perfect accent piece to add flair to any outfit, or even to an accessory. Tie this silky beauty onto your purse for a pop of personality, or braid into hair for a low, classy bun. 

Made from lightweight cotton, this Bandana Scarf can even be worn as a face mask and doesn’t add extra heat when tied fashionably around the neck. Available in 4 colors, grab this adaptable piece for only $25. 

Alex Mill Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Alex Mill Review

Alex Mill has barely any customer ratings for the clothing on their website. The brand also does not have many reviews on external sites, meaning the ones provided below may not be a true reflection of the brand or their clothing. 

Below, you will find customer reviews and opinions taken from Reddit,, and Nordstrom. 

We found an Alex Mill review Reddit thread where users discussed the pros and cons of the brand. 

One Redditor spoke highly of the quality and fabric: “Looking at the fabric content, a lot of the clothes are made of better fabric than Madewell and J Crew’s stuff. A lot of 100% cotton instead of acrylic blends and that sort.” 

Another user really enjoyed their designs: “I think currently there is a place for nice, nicely cut, quality basics.” 

This prompted a quick rebuttal, with one comment reading, “It reminds me of what I already get at uniqlo for a fraction of the price, and I can’t see anything they’re doing to justify the additional cost.”

There are definitely some mixed reviews on Reddit. While it seems that Alex Mill does craft some high-quality staple pieces, it’s just not enough to fit the price tag for some.

We found 2 reviews for the Cardigan Sweater Jacket on 

One customer rated it as 5/5 stars and had only good things to say about the apparel: “Super cute! The color has a rich tone to it and the details make it look special…A jazzed up basic that will work with so many different looks. The knit weave is smooth and slightly heavy.” 

The other review rated it as 3/5 stars and wrote that the “weight of the fabric was a bit too heavy for me. It’s also boxy and short so combined with the heavy weight this cardi didn’t sit right.”

The Stretch Cotton Jumpsuit is rated 3.5/5 stars by 6 customers on Nordstrom’s website. 

I love the style of the jumpsuit the material is nice and light. I rolled the sleeves and the legs for a more relaxed fit. It’s a little pricey but I recommend trying it out I’m glad I did,” wrote one buyer who didn’t regret their purchase at the end of the day.

So, what can we say about all these testimonials? The price seems to be the biggest factor when it comes to whether customers enjoyed their purchases. Their quality materials and designs have won the brand many fans, but there are still a few skeptics out there.

Is Alex Mill Worth It?

Alex Mill Review

This Alex Mill Clothing review has found that customers enjoy what the brand is about and like the style of clothes they make. 

Argued by some to be just another version of J Crew, we can see the similarities but also some major differences, including cut, fabric, and overall mission

Alex Mill works to reduce the amount of clothing we have in our wardrobes, instead putting the focus on well-made, long-lasting, and versatile pieces that last us for years. 

The brand puts a heavy emphasis on upcycling, recycling, and reusing clothing and textile scraps to do their part in reducing waste. 

The brand’s price point for their clothing is mid-high, but this Alex Mill Clothing review is a believer that buying quality clothing is worth a few extra bucks. 

Their clothing designs are charming, and we were quite taken aback by how much we enjoyed the cuts and details of these – at first glance – incredibly simple-looking pieces. 

All in all, Alex Mill is worth the buy. If you’re not sure that their clothes are right for you, try them out, and if you don’t like them, the brand has a solid return policy. 

Alex Mill Promotions & Discounts 

Alex Mill Review

Make sure to sign up for the Alex Mill newsletter to get 15% off your first purchase. 

Where to Buy Alex Mill

Alex Mill Review

You can buy Alex Mill’s clothing directly from or their brick-and-mortar store in Soho, NYC. Certain items are also available for purchase at the select retailers:

  • Nordstrom & Alex Mill Nordstrom Rack section
  • Shopbop
  • TNT
  • Hampden
  • Goop


Alex Mill Review

Where are Alex Mill clothes made? 

This Alex Mill Clothing review could not find exactly where the brand’s clothing is made, but one article does state that their production is mainly overseas. The same article mentions that the brand plans to eventually move the bulk of their production to the US. 

What sizes does Alex Mill have?  

Alex Mill typically carries sizes XS-XL for both men and women. Check the sizing charts on their website for more information about their sizing. 

What is Alex Mill’s Shipping Policy?

Alex Mill currently only ships within the US. Shipping is calculated at checkout and varies by location and shipping option. Orders placed before 12 pm ET normally ship out that same day unless the order is placed over the weekend, in which case it will ship on the next business day. 

You will receive tracking information in a confirmation email once your order ships. Unfortunately, you cannot make any changes to your order after your order is placed, including changing your shipping address, so be sure to double-check it. 

If you wish to place an order and live outside of the US, you can shop through one of Alex Mill’s partner retailers. 

What is the Alex Mill Returns Policy?

Alex Mill accepts returns and exchanges on unworn, undamaged merchandise that has the tags attached within 21 days of purchase. Returns and exchanges cannot be made for orders delivered to Puerto Rico and the U.S Territories. 

To start a return or exchange, head to the Returns Page and enter your email. From there, they will send you an email that links to your order history. You’ll need to select the items you’d like to send back and print off the provided prepaid return label. 

Returns are processed within 14-21 days.

How to Contact Alex Mill

If you need any other information that this Alex Mill Clothing review did not include, you can contact the brand during their customer service hours Monday-Friday 10 am – 6 pm ET in the following ways:

  1. Call (212)343-2539
  2. Email [email protected]

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