Public Rec Pants Review

About Public Rec 

Public Rec Pants Review

Specializing in men’s leisurewear, Public Rec creates comfortable clothing without sacrificing style. Using a blend of premium fabrics, Public Rec clothing remains soft while still being durable enough to withstand any man’s lifestyle. Public Rec’s products range from shirts and pants, to backpacks and hats. All comfortable, all the time.

The following Public Rec pants review will offer an overview of the brand and its products to help customers make an informed decision.

Overview of Public Rec

Public Rec Pants Review

In 2015, Public Rec’s founder Zac Goldstein dreamt of a single pair of pants that could combine the comfortability of sweatpants with the sleek, stylish look of jeans. Goldstein aimed to create leisurewear that would become a staple in any man’s closet. From there, Public Rec was born, ensuring a promise of comfortability and durability.

Public Rec’s clothing can be summed up in one word: sleek. From their cotton t-shirts to their tapered pants, each item is the perfect blank canvas to be dressed up or down.

Expert stylists and precise manufacturers work together to create a product like no other. Public Rec is changing the way men dress, picking and choosing the benefits of a variety of items and combining them into a single pair of pants. Gone are the days where sweatpants and jeans served different functions. With Public Rec, one pair of pants can take you from day to night, effortlessly. 

Public Rec is manufactured in New York, where each item is crafted with Peruvian cotton or a special nylon-spandex blend to ensure the co-existence of style and comfort. No longer is it one or the other. For this Public Rec pants review, let’s look at the benefits and disadvantages of the brand:


  • Comfortable, durable fabric
  • Clothing comes in many colours
  • Large variety of sizes ensures accessibility for all body types
  • Site allows for the purchase to be paid in installments 
  • Free US shipping, returns and exchanges
  • Women’s clothing is coming soon


  • Clothing is expensive
  • There is limited variety in the products (only three shirt styles)
  • Few customers complain of products arriving damaged
  • Only one store location 
  • International customers must pay for shipping and return fees

Public Rec Pants Review: All Day Every Day Jogger 

The All Day Every Day Jogger fulfills Public Rec’s promise of sleek style and maximum comfort. Their versatility takes these pants to the next level, making them perfect for a relaxed day-look or more formal evening attire. The tapered leg is flattering to all body shapes, and these joggers are the nearest equivalent to Public Rec sweatpants.

These joggers sell for $98 and are made from a blend of nylon and spandex, blending comfort and durability. The joggers are available in eight different colours and allow shoppers the comfort of choosing their waist and length size. An elastic waistband and internal drawstring lets the pants be perfectly tailored to any man’s waist. Belts, be gone!

The cuffed hem and faux zipper take these joggers to the next level, dressing them up considerably for a more relaxed or formal look. I who am writing this Public Rec pants review do not usually splurge on pants, but I might make an exception with these, since you can also wear them in a more dressed up setting.

Public Rec Pants Review: All Day Every Day Pant

Met with nearly five thousand positive reviews, Public Rec’s All Day Every Day Pant is easily one of their best sellers. The sleek cut and simple, timeless design makes these pants suitable for any occasion, providing maximum style that is sure to surpass any dress code. 

The features of the All Day Every Day Pant is very similar to those of the All Day Every Day Jogger. Once again, the pants have an elastic waistband and faux zipper. The two back pockets are accompanied with one of my favorite features, two zippered front pockets. The zipper detail is key to ensuring easy, safe storage of keys, wallets, and any other valuable. The combination of spandex and nylon optimizes comfort and results in a breathable, lightweight fabric that is perfect for all seasons.

The All Day Every Day Pant is offered in nine colours, priced at $98.

Public Rec Pants Review: Workday Pant 

The Public Rec Workday Pant offers a new take on the classic 5-pocket pant. Versatile enough to go from spending the day in an office to a night in a bar, these Workday Pants come in a variety of colours, sizes, and two different fits.

Straight Fit

Public Rec Pants Review

The Public Rec Workday Pant Straight offers a less fitted style from the knee down. The straight fit offers a more traditional look; one that doesn’t compromise on style. These pants suit any shoe and come in seven different colours, making them easy to match to any shirt or jacket.

The Public Rec Workday Pant is made from polyester and spandex for a stretchy, breathable fit. Belt hooks ensure the waist is a perfect fit for anyone, and a zippered back pocket ensures safe storage of valuables. The Public Rec Workday Pant Straight sells for $108.

Slim Fit

Public Rec Pants Review

The Public Rec Workday Pant Slim shares the same features of the Straight pant, only differing in the fit from the knee down. This pant is tapered from the knee down, offering a more modern look. The hem ends above the ankle, allowing for a sleek, clean look with any shoe.

Like the Straight, the Slim pant has belt hooks and zippered back pockets. The Slim pant is offered in eight colours, selling for $108. 

Public Rec Apparel

Public Rec Pants Review

This Public Rec review focuses on pants, but we wanted to give you a taste of what else the brand has to offer. After browsing the site, it’s easy to see why the brand has high critical acclaim. The Public Rec clothing offered is elevated leisurewear, and every piece looks expertly crafted and undeniably comfortable.

Even the Public Rec hats and backpacks are made of the same crisp lines and muted colours. Each piece is versatile enough to be dressed up or down, and can easily go from being worn sitting on a couch to strutting the streets during a night out.

Public Rec’s cotton t-shirts and long sleeves range from $54-$88, while a beanie will set you back $38 and a backpack between $162-$204. Their quality goes hand-in-hand with price, and Public Rec does appear to deliver on their promise of comfortable, durable clothing.

Their pants are their bestseller, and buyers appear to get the most out of their money when opting for the All Day Everyday Pant or the All Day Every Day Jogger. A beanie is comfortable all the time, but the same cannot be said for jeans. Hence the popular demand for Public Rec pants.

Public Rec Review: What Do Customers Think?

Public Rec Review

You can leave a Public Rec review for every product they offer. After sifting through the reviews, thousands of people attest to the clothing’s comfortability and durability. 

A verified buyer left this Public Rec pants review for the All Day Every Day Pant: “They’re everything they’re cracked up to be… Very thoroughly and thoughtfully designed, they address all the regular issues that normal pants/jeans/trackies suffer from. Comfy, high quality, flexible waistband, excellent cut, deep practical pockets, breathable and flexible without losing their shape and stylish. Perfect for the busy, active, professional man!”

There is the occasional 1 star Public Rec pants review of a disappointed customer explaining how the item they received was ripped. The company comments back and assures them it was a rare mistake, and even promises to send a new item free-of-charge. While browsing the site, Public Rec seems to deliver on their promise of men’s leisurewear. 

Reviews for Public Rec that are posted off their site are drastically different. On PackHacker, Public Rec has a 3.8/5 star rating. On TrustPilot, the average Public Rec review drops to a scary 2.1/5. Customers complain about packages not being delivered, unresponsive customer service members, and items beginning to fray after a few wears. It is difficult to suggest what makes up for these discrepancies. Perhaps it is nothing more than what the company suggests: a few faulty products being sent out among the thousands of great ones.

Public Rec Promotions & Discounts

Public Rec Review

In writing this Public Rec pants review, I searched for deals, but they don’t appear to exist. There is no Public Rec coupon code or any discounts on their products, with free shipping in the US being the sole exception. 

One offer Public Rec currently promotes is a draw where one can enter their email for a chance to win up to three different prizes. The contest ends January 31, 2020. The prizes are listed below:

  • First place: $300 gift card
  • Second place: $150 gift card
  • Third place: $50 gift card

Where to Buy Public Rec

Public Rec Review

Public Rec products are available for purchase in two places:

  1. On their website
  2. In their NYC store


Public Rec Review

Shipping Policy

For orders placed within the US, all shipping and return costs are covered by Public Rec. In other words, it is entirely free.

For international orders, shipping and return costs must be paid by the buyer. Public Rec does not cover these costs. Orders are shipped with DHL and can take anywhere from 7-14 business days to arrive.

Return Policy

Public Rec offers a full refund for all products if they are returned unwashed and unworn. Products can be returned in person to their store in New York or mailed to the same location. 

For those sending in their return via mail, the buyer is in charge of printing the prepaid shipping label, assembling the order and mailing it. 

Contact Public Rec

For more information regarding Public Rec and their products, their service team can be contacted through email, phone, or their online chat.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 855-255-5152

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