Bugatchi Shirts Review

About Bugatchi

Bugatchi Shirts Review

Bugatchi is a luxury brand offering clothing, outerwear, swimwear, shoes and accessories for men. They focus on creating timeless collections to match every personality and occasion. This Bugatchi review will give you an in-depth look at the brand and its products so that you make an informed purchase decision. 

Overview of Bugatchi

Bugatchi Shirts Review

One family shared a passion that when paired with business experience, sparked the take off of a brand. Bugatchi was founded in 1981 in Boca Raton, Florida by Daniel, Cecile, and Annie Revah. The Revahs had operated retail stores for years, selling basic clothing for women and men. With an intimate knowledge of the competitive clothing industry and of what their customers truly wanted, the family made the decision to form a brand.

The Revahs began with selling quality shirts in their journey to becoming a luxury brand. They were determined to climb to the top, and that’s just what they accomplished: the Bugatchi Uomo (the Bugatchi man) transformed into a fashion icon. The family-run business operates through passion, tradition, and keeping up to date with modern trends. Bugatchi is worn by men all over the world who want to express themselves through classy and original styles, while still maintaining comfort.

The Bugatchi mission is to give all men the right attire to encourage everyday confidence and self-expression, through Italian handcrafted products sourced from Europe. Bugatchi has experienced significant growth over the last 30 years due to consistent dedication to their brand. Bugatchi is sold in a variety of retail stores across North America and ships to over 40 countries across the world, while continuing to expand their reach. Let’s get this Bugatchi review started by exploring the upsides and downsides to the brand:


  • Offers extensive style, design, and sizing options for men
  • Clear target audience and brand mission 
  • Website appears easy to navigate 
  • Many discount and promotion options
  • Bugatchi has free shipping on all US orders
  • Products can be shipped to over 40 countries 


  • Bugatchi’s high-end pricing is not accessible for everyone
  • No products available for women
  • Limited selection of dress shirts and shorts available 
  • No option to leave a Bugatchi review on the website, only on their social media accounts

Bugatchi Shirts Review

Bugatchi Casual Shirts

Bugatchi’s line of men’s shirts is almost exclusively casual, organized into Classic and Shaped fits. Bugatchi shirts can be paired with outerwear, sweaters, and blazers also offered on the site. Whether you have a business casual meeting, a double date, or are out with friends, Bugatchi shirts will have your back (literally), making you the trendy one in any crowd. Their shirts come in four categories: 

  1. Traditional: 46 styles of long-sleeve buttoned shirts in basic one-color, striped, and plaid designs.
  2. Fashion: 64 variations of long-sleeve buttoned shirts, many featuring stylish prints and patterns.
  3. Short sleeve: 46 styles of short-sleeve buttoned shirts in basic one-color, striped, patterned, print, and plaid designs
  4. Performance: 76 long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts in basic one-color, striped, patterned, print, and plaid designs 

Bugatchi shirts are made from 100% cotton, linen, polyester, nylon, or viscose. These uniquely designed shirts feature a point collar, attractive adjustable cuffs, and sleek-looking mother of pearl buttons. Their styles range from plain one-colour, to stripes and plaid, to eclectic patterns and prints you wouldn’t think would look good on shirts. We’re talking floral prints, palm trees, a tie-dye pattern, clouds, and bright colours like green, orange, coral, and pink. 

Bugatchi’s Performance shirts, like the one featured below, are breathable, ensuring that you keep cool. Even if it’s a sweltering summer day or you’re layering in the fall, these Bugatchi shirts will remain wrinkle-free while keeping you dry and comfortable.

The prices of Bugatchi Classic Fit shirts range from $57-$199, including sale and non-sale items. The prices of Bugatchi Shaped Fit shirts currently range from $63- $199.

Bugatchi Polos

A Bugatchi polo shirt is perfect for guys who like wearing short sleeves to work, but want to remain professional looking. Bugatchi polo shirts come in three style categories including casual, golf, and resort, ranging in price between $63-185.

Most of the polos come with three buttons to match the color of the shirt, or a quarter-length zipper with detailed trim and a ribbed collar. There are a few long sleeve options with two buttons, and some of the casual shirts also come with a useful chest pocket. Premium materials in Bugatchi polos include cotton, cotton blend, mercerized cotton, microfiber, and polyester. 

For the guys who love sporting a sweet polo at the office or while hitting balls on the green, Bugatchi can dress you up or down with these. You can find classic and golf polo shirts with a bold horizontal stripe, many stripes, plaid, or in an array of colorful patterns and prints.

If you’re wondering what the main difference is between a golf and resort polo, then you came to the right place. Resort polos are the perfect kind of shirt to wear in an exotic location or at a tropical resort. Their patterns say it all, with palm trees, sunsets, fish, and the like. There’s no reason not to dress the part when you’re in paradise. 

Bugatchi Dress Shirts

Bugatchi dress shirts are available in 12 styles, ranging from plain, to checkered, to polka dot, to floral. Each Bugatchi dress shirt is made from 100% cotton, making them super soft and comfortable. The shirts feature a pointed cuff and either clear or white mother of pearl buttons, giving them a classically understated look that can pair with any suit jacket or blazer.

It should be noted in this Bugatchi review, that compared to the variety of casual shirts and polos the brand offers, there isn’t much in the way of dress shirts. Most of the shirts come in black, white, and shades of grey, with a few navy and pink options. The average cost for a Bugatchi dress shirt is $86-130, as some of the styles are on sale.

Bugatchi Socks Review

Bugatchi has options when it comes to socks, if you want to match them with your plain Bugatchi shirts or go all out with vibrant colors and patterns. With hundreds of mid-calf styles to choose from, you will have socks for every occasion.

Their no show/sock liner options allow you to wear your loafers during the summer months, which can be paired with your favourite polo. You can also shop for socks in three packs, in case you’re the type of person who loses pairs (no judgments here). 

All Bugatchi socks are handcrafted in Italy, made from a smooth cotton blend and heal seams. Mid-calf socks range in price from $14-$25, while no show socks are $15

Bugatchi Shoes Review

Bugatchi sells luxury drivers, moccasins, casual shoes, boots, and sneakers. Paired with Bugatchi shirts, their shoes can be matched with six styles of casual shorts or an array of jeans, chinos, lounge and five pocket pants. 

Drivers & Moccasins 

These Bugatchi shoes are handcrafted from Italy with the best leather and suede materials to ensure all-round comfort. These drivers and moccasins are the perfect finish to your spring or summer attire that will have others questioning you on where you found them. 

Bugatchi drivers and moccasins have a variety of colours to go with any outfit pairing, including brown, black, grey, or shades of blue and red, if you’re feeling bold. Certain styles of the loafers and moccasins include a chic buckle, and others include braided leather laces or a ribbon for a more laid back look. The overall clean finish and one-of-kind design of their drivers and moccasins make them worth the price of $160-$375.

Casual Shoes

Casual Shoes
Casual Shoes

Bugatchi has perfected the casual shoe meets dressy design. Bugatchi’s casual shoes are made in Italy with the same high-quality leather and suede materials as their drivers and moccasins. With rubber soles and inside padding, these shoes provide lasting comfort. The brand features three styles in their line of casual shoes:

  • Derby
  • Brogue
  • Wingtip

The thought that was put into creating these shoes is evident, judging by their unique textures. While derby, brogue, and wingtip shoes are common to men’s fashion, Bugatchi’s models are worth looking into if you’re looking for something different from traditional suede and leather designs. 

Bugatchi casual shoes come in an array of colors, including black, brown, dark blue, and red, priced between $135-$324.


Bugatchi has thought of pretty much everything, including the changing seasons: Bugatchi’s handcrafted Italian boots come in styles that are wearable throughout the year, including the Chukka boot, Chelsea boot, and Portofino boot. They feature trim details, padded leather insoles, and rubber soles. Bugatchi’s Portofino boot comes in a polka dot pattern that will be one of the funkiest pieces in your closet. 

Bugatchi boots are offered in dark colours including black, dark blue, brown, and grey. These boots exude timeless sophistication, priced from $130-235.


Picture yourself sprinting to work or golfing at a fancy resort, and Bugatchi sneakers will fit in nicely. Bugatchi offers an assortment of styles and designs to support your feet for whatever you’re running off to do. Their sneakers feature leather, nylon, nubuck, and suede combinations to create a sleek and effortlessly stylish look. 

Bugatchi aims for customers to embrace their style with comfort. Bugatchi sneakers feature rubber soles with breathable material, laces, and slip-on options. They even have Hi-Top sneakers to pair with your long pants. Bugatchi includes slip-on skater sneakers with elastic band openings for those who want a quick and easy change. 

Bugatchi sneakers come in basic black, brown, white, and grey options. There are also color choices for those who want to match their bold polo shirts with bright shoes in lively red or blue. Prices of these sneakers range from $150-$275.

Bugatchi Review: What Customers Think

In writing this Bugatchi review, I researched customer feedback outside of their website, which does not accommodate comments. Customers can leave a Bugatchi review on the brand’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. After searching through both social media accounts, I found that customers all over the world consistently commented on: 

  1. Price – The quality is worth the higher rates.
  2. Style – There are so many options for shirts and socks for all occasions.
  3. Fit – Their shirts fit just as described.
  4. Unique – Customers have never found a fashionable style with such impeccable design combinations.

Although many of the comments were positive, some customers left a Bugatchi review stating that they were disappointed by customer service and the organization of the website. There have been cases in which customers had trouble making their purchase and were unable to obtain direct answers on their shipping issues. 

Is Bugatchi Worth It?

Bugatchi Shirts Review

After exploring the website, researching the brand as well as customer feedback, this Bugatchi review concludes that the brand is worth the addition to your wardrobe. Men seem to struggle to find nice shirts that fit their body while keeping up with current trends. Bugatchi reconciles this issue by selling extensive combinations that we don’t usually see with high-end brands. 

As customers have expressed dissatisfaction with customer service, make sure you know your size and what you want to add to your closet before finalizing your order. Aside from a few negative experiences with customer service, Bugatchi’s products seem to live up to their promise. With any luxury brand, you have to expect high prices—what you want to be sure of is quality, which Bugatchi delivers on.

Bugatchi Promotions & Discounts

For this Bugatchi review, I found these deals on their website:

  • If you register your email with, then you can receive 15% off your first order
  • If you refer-a-friend, then you and your friend can get 20% off 
  • You can take an extra 25% off reduced items by using promo code LAST25 (this is only for a limited time)

Where to Buy Bugatchi

Bugatchi products can be ordered off their website and are currently available on Amazon.

Bugatchi also sells products in multiple retail stores in the US and Canada, including Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, The Chelsea Group, Harry Rosen, and Saks Fifth Avenue. The Bugatchi website has a store locator feature that customers can use to find retail stores in their vicinity. 

Bugatchi Sizing

Each Bugatchi clothing item comes with its own size chart and recommendations, which can be found on their site.

  • Bugatchi shirts: S-3XL
  • Bugatchi socks: S-L
  • Bugatchi shoes: 8-13
  • Bugatchi pants & shorts: S-3XL


Shipping Policy

  • Free shipping on all US orders (3-6 business days for delivery)
  • Bugatchi ships to the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and 38 other countries (refer to their website)
  • They have FedEx two day shipping for a standard fee of $25
  • Shipping charges for orders outside of the United States can vary; the more you order, the higher the shipping charge

Return Policy

  • You can return your order from the website within 14 days of the purchase date
  • Exchanges cannot be made online
  • Final sale products cannot be returned 
  • US purchases can be returned using the free prepaid return label
  • International returns can be made once you make a request to their customer service email listed below

Contact Bugatchi

For more information, services, or any further questions following this Bugatchi review, the customer service team can be reached on their main website, phone, or through email:


Phone: (561) 893-0555 

Hours: Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm EST

Email: [email protected]

Bugatchi Headquarters: 

  • 1377 Clint Moore Road
    Boca Raton, Florida 33487
  • 145 E 57th St, New York, NY 10022

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I have never afforded any clothes high end and found your shirts at Marshals at a price I can afford and am very proud to wear your shirts and just want you to know

Asked by Michael Fuchs (2 years ago) Reply

I purchased a dark blue striped shirt on Poshmark, and I fell in love. I am 6’4, thin, and in my mid 60’s, and the shirt fits like a custom piece. Thankfully I look about 20 years younger. Everything about this fine garment reminds me of my junior college year in Florence. I had previously been clothed by my father’s tailors and cobblers in London, NY, and occasionally Hong Kong. I was so tired of the wooden heels of London, that finding Italian driving shoes was heavenly. At 6’4, I did not need the height of wooden heels. And the sound on cobblestone streets echoed off everything. My Allen Edmonds shoes specifically from Italy are so comfortable.
I am so lucky to find a shirt maker that fits my body to perfection. I am a loyal customer by accident. Perhaps it was just kismet! The quality of materials and the fine fit has never disappointed me, and the wonderful comments let me know that I am doing something right. Thank you, for all you are doing for this gentleman. My custom wear which is significantly more expensive never receives the praise my Bugatchi pieces do. What pleasure your work brings to my life.
Dr. Michael Cushman-Fuchs

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