Proper Cloth Shirts Review

About Proper Cloth 

Proper Cloth Shirts Review

Proper Cloth is an earnest, humble, and relatable company that set out to simplify shopping for men, focused predominantly on dress shirts. Proper Cloth NYC began with down to earth roots, which the brand continues to embody today. They keep the customer at the center of everything they do and are continually striving to improve their processes, potential and output. 

The Proper Cloth team never ceases to pursue getting better, going above and beyond to purchase custom dress shirts for men to make the steps hassle-free and deeply satisfactory. The following Proper Cloth shirts review will examine key elements of the brand and its products to assist you in making an informed purchase decision. 

Overview of Proper Cloth  

Proper Cloth Shirts Review

According to a Proper Cloth shirts review, the brand launched in 2008 with a dream and a driven, passionate team. Despite a clear vision to simplify men’s purchases of custom dress shirts, the founders were relatively inexperienced in fashion. On top of this unsteady foundation, the financial crisis hit. These unstable characteristics for launching a business would be the decisive factor that made this team stand out as a company invested in customer experience.

A Proper Cloth shirts review highlights that the brand’s initial distance from the fashion world led them to ask more questions and to seek the tools to answer those questions effectively. The only way to go was up, and this made them thoughtful and conscientious. The team geekily immersed themselves in the study of shirts and fabrics. One step at a time, they mastered photography, supply chain and logistics and became self-proclaimed nerds of UX. Mindfully, they kept their team small—designers, entrepreneurs and friends. They grew together, working in New York City, motivated to serve their mission to help men buy great custom dress shirts. 

Since those fast-paced early days, Proper Cloth has become an expert in value. They offer top-of-the-line fabrics, fit and service. This motivated group wants to be the best that they can be and the top in their sector. They continually search for the highest quality materials for their customers, engaging with fabric mills in China, Japan and Europe. 

Proper Cloth was not copying old systems but instead learning from the ground up and creating their own—and that includes their fabrics. In total, a Proper Cloth shirts review emphasizes that the company has 600 fabrics, with new ones added to the portfolio weekly; Proper Cloth makes their shirts in Italy, Japan and Portugal.

As a brand, Proper Cloth uses innovative 3D visualization. Proper Cloth also delivers elevated shirt-making technologies through the use of custom size interface and algorithms, generated patterns and robotic fabric cutters. We’ll see how this translates into customizable shirts later on in this Proper Cloth shirts review.

Proper Cloth Shirts Review

Take the Steps to Make Your Next Custom Dress Shirt:

  • Order online
  • Custom made
  • Fast Delivery
  • Guaranteed Fit (or remake)


  • Small, interconnected team
  • Create a size with customizable Proper Cloth measurements
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Two remakes
  • Great customer service
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction and better processes
  • 600 fabrics
  • Good quality


  • International shipping is not free
  • Complications with shipping
  • Challenges with sizing

Proper Cloth Custom Shirts Review

Where Are Proper Cloth Shirts Made? 

Proper Cloth Shirts Review

It’s always useful to know where your clothing is produced, especially if you’re ordering customized shirts. Proper Cloth shirts are produced in Italy, Japan and Portugal. Proper Cloth’s customizable shirts are offered in Business, Casual, Formal, and Design a Shirt categories. 

Business Shirts 

A Proper Cloth shirts review uncovers that Proper Cloth has a beautiful and classic selection of business and business casual shirts from a delicate checked pattern, to fine stripe, and elegant solids priced between $128 and $430. Proper Cloth makes shirts to support daily life at the office and a more refined statement for a stand-out meeting or event. 

Each shirt is made with a button-down 2 collar, a long button cuff and a front placket with a signature rounded pocket, crisp but not overly structured. Proper Cloth accents the shirts with Roma buttons designed with a faux off-white pearl button. The buttons are durable to fit your everyday pace and needs. Customers may alter any shirt details, choose from a variety of collar designs, add a monogram or customize the design. 

Casual Shirts

Casual shirts are comfortable and relaxed in plaid, flannel, neutrals and Merino wool. How much do Proper Cloth shirts cost? Casual shirts range from $94-$255. Casual shirts differ in material but maintain the classic style and design of business wear with a variety of collars, according to a Proper Cloth shirts review. 

The features also include a long one button cuff, a double reinforced placket, no pocket, and a beautiful mottled Roma button that is crack resistant (isn’t it so frustrating having to replace unseemingly shirt buttons?). The pattern and the softness of the plaid and flannel shirts will keep you cozy while looking crisp. You can pick from chunky or refined patterns to complete your look; many fabrics offered are versatile and rustic

Formal Shirts

Proper Cloth’s formal custom shirts include classic colours such as white, blue, and salmon. In addition to collar options and attractive Roma buttons, some of the formal wear shirts include a sleek tuxedo front with no pocket and a french cuff for special occasions. Proper Cloth’s formal wear is subtle, stately and refined. Shirts are suitable for an elegant black or navy suit or a tuxedo. Dress your finest for a memorable occasion with a Proper Cloth shirt. 

Design a Shirt 

Proper Cloth Review

Designing a shirt is creative, helping you lay the foundation for your own style. Becoming more familiar with fashion, like Proper Cloth’s founders had, encourages you to develop your style. Are you trendy or classic? Do you attend dinner parties and cocktail events after hours, or do you follow a predictable routine at the office? Do you like subtle colours or bolder patterns? 

Your life influences and mentor figures may have a bearing on how you select your materials, cuts and colours. Ask yourself what items you have in your closet presently and what would best complement those items. You want to enjoy your clothing and straightforward rotation of outfits—these thoughtful questions will help you determine what you want to get out of your custom shirt and the design process. 

Customizing Your Shirt:

Proper Cloth Review
  1. Choose one of 600 Proper Cloth fabrics
  2. Choose from casual, business casual, business or formal styles
  3. Choose from eight colour schemes
  4. Choose a pattern: solids, stripes, check, gingham, plaid or print
  5. Select Proper cloth price range or Proper cloth sale
  6. Thread count: below 80s, 80s, 100s, 120s, 140s+
  7. Select fabric weight: very lightweight, lightweight, medium weight, medium heavyweight, heavyweight, very heavyweight
  8. Choose a country of origin: Italy, Japan or Portugal
  9. Choose fabric mill: Albini, Canclini, David & John Anderson, Grandi & Rubinelli, Thomas Mason or Reda.
  10. Choose fabric weave: Broadcloth, Denim/Chambray, Dobby, End-on-end, Flannel, Oxford Cloth, Pinpoint, Plain Weave, Royal Oxford, Seersucker, Twill or Other. 
  11. Choose composition: 100% cotton, cotton linen blend, 100% linen, 100% Merino wool or Other 

Proper Cloth Tailored Clothing Review 

Proper Cloth Jackets

Proper Cloth offers an array of cutting edge jackets to compliment your custom shirt. A Proper Cloth shirts review emphasizes that the key to the design and look of the Proper Cloth Jacket is simple elegance. Whether you are looking for a conservative, understated high performer for a day of meetings at the office or something with a pattern or colour that gives off a bit of personal branding for the chic event you are attending after 5:00, Proper Cloth will expertly meet your needs. 

Made in a variety of materials to conveniently match the season and your body temperature, Proper Cloth offers a style handcrafted to incorporate minute details and luxurious textures. The cost of a Proper Cloth jacket is $655$1201. Although Proper Cloth designs are expensive, their customized jackets are timeless and will always be in fashion and can be worn for years to come.

Proper Cloth Pants 

The dress pants from Proper Cloth offer the best of both worlds from $242-$470. They’re reminiscent of the best and most beloved parts of an ageless suit pant, but simultaneously, they make a unique imprint with the boldness of the pleat, and the eye-catching detail of the side tabs extended waistline

From houndstooth to charcoal and corduroy to remarkably soft fabrics in wool flannel, Proper Cloth has a pant to reflect your taste and ambitions. Proper Cloth also has a selection of highly sought after casual pants. They offer sophisticated chino in tasteful colours like navy, beige, light grey, white, faded rose and sage for $168-$201. The chino is a luxurious basic. Proper Cloth makes the pant from fine combed cotton out of the Italian mill in Di Sondrio, which is more than a century old! 

The chino has a relaxed, worn-in look, that makes you look entirely yourself. The stretch and comfort of the pants are key features that have wearers looking their best. It has the potential for endless pairings, and you will be delighted by the perfect fit. 

Proper Cloth Suits

You will look like you are straight off the runway in the striking Proper Cloth suit! The Proper Cloth suit is made with sophistication for comfort and the day-to-day, and will rise to any occasion, ‘wow-ing’ your colleagues and friends. The team at Proper Cloth is mindful of matching your diverse needs, designing suits to provide comfort and temperature regulation all year round from $906 to $1604. With Proper Cloth, you have a perfect fit guarantee! From the formal to the more subdued, you will fall in love with the flexibility and adaptability of the Proper Cloth suit


Ok, gentlemen: cue James Bond. With this tux, old-world charm and modern suave meet. The ladies will be trailing you in this ensemble indefinitely. From $906$1248 the tuxedos and dinner jackets are designed with comfort and breathability in mind. The clean, distinctive lines will make you look sharp and confident in a crowd

Proper Cloth Perfect Fit Guarantee

Proper Cloth is so committed to your happiness and the perfection of your clothing items that each customer is allowed up to two complimentary remakes for both shirts and tailored clothing. Included in these remakes, Proper Cloth will support you through body changes. For the most part, one does the trick. 

Proper Cloth exercises fairness and generosity. If you remake an item, you are still eligible for a full refund. Simply return the remade version of clothing as well as the original garment. 

Proper Cloth Supports Tailoring Expenses: 

Item Reimbursement
Suit (jacket and pant pair)Up to $125
Tailored jacketUp to $75
Tailored pantUp to $50

For more detailed information on requesting to alter or return a dress shirt, visit their website.

Proper Cloth Shirts Review: What Customers Think 

Customers are loyal to Proper Cloth, due to the fantastic customer service and the quality product. Many love the ability to customize their garments and comment on the excellent fit and beautiful fabric. Customers agreed that Proper Cloth had a vast array of fabrics to choose from. Customers were satisfied with the price and felt that the clothing was excellent everyday wear. Proper-cloth stands by you until you are 100% satisfied.

Customers found dissatisfaction with the amount of packaging and the price of shipping. They also felt that the system for inputting customized sizes was overly complicated. Some customers experienced in their Proper Cloth shirts review that the experience of having a shirt remade and still not achieving the right fit. Shipping was slow, and there were instances of challenges with delivery, which produced frustration.

Is Proper Cloth Worth It? 

Proper Cloth Shirts Review 1

Proper Cloth produces custom clothing that takes into consideration the many facets of day-to-day life, including temperature regulation, comfort, style and adaptability across occasions and purposes. The company is driven toward high-level performance, developing the best technical understanding of fabric, fit, quality, and customer needs.

Their garments are classic and elegant in construction with the best-sourced materials; simultaneously, Proper Cloth is modern and forward-thinking in its details. Proper Cloth masterfully approaches menswear, handcrafting garments that exceed expectations. 

Proper Cloth Promotions & Discounts 

In researching this Proper Cloth shirts review, there were no deals to be found. There is currently no Proper Cloth coupon, Proper Cloth promo code, or Proper Cloth discount code but check back to their website regularly. 

Where to Buy Proper Cloth

Proper Cloth clothing can be purchased on their website.


Shipping Policy

Proper cloth ships internationally to 40 different countries. The length of time it takes to receive your purchase depends on what you ordered. On average, deliveries take 1-4 weeks.

Clothing ItemEstimated Delivery Time (US)
Custom Shirts12-14 days
Casual Pants14 days or less
Tailored Clothing4 weeks
Stocked Products & Gift Certificates1 week
Fabric Samples1 week 
Clothing ItemWhere does it ship?How does it ship?
Custom ShirtsUnited States, Canada, European Union, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, and TaiwanDHL, UPS, or FedEx
Casual PantsUnited States, Canada, European Union, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong, Kong, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, and TaiwanDHL, UPS, or FedEx
Tailored ClothingMade to order in Thailand, shopped to headquarters in New York and then sent to you Sent by USPS in the U.S. and by FedEx to other countries
Stocked Products & Gift CertificatesInternationallySent by USPS in the U.S. and by FedEx to other countries
Fabric SamplesInternationally Standard mail

Where Does Proper Cloth Ship?

Proper Cloth ships to 42 countries including the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Consult their website to determine whether they ship to your country. At Proper Cloth, you can shop in US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, and Hong Kong Dollars. 

Import Fees

  • Duties are included in the price of shirts for Canadian clients. Import duties will be added to stocked products and tailored clothing on receipt of items
  • For EU clients, import duties are included in all order prices
  • Australian orders of less than $1000 will not have duties. Orders greater than $1000 will have duties on receipt
  • For other countries, duties are not included and will be incurred on receipt

Customers can track an order by signing in to their Proper Cloth account and visiting the Order History page. 

Return Policy

The team at Proper Cloth recognizes and honours that you don’t always hit the mark with the sizing of tailored clothing on the first try. Proper Cloth makes the promise that if you are not 100% satisfied with the way that your shirt or clothing item fits, they will make an alteration or remake. Proper Cloth is experienced at making alterations, and the process is seamless and speedy.

If your tailored clothing does not meet your standards, then initiate an alteration request within 90 days from the time that you receive your order. To qualify for an alteration or remake request, you must return your clothing to the Proper Cloth showroom in Soho, New York. After you make the request, you can expect a two-week turnaround for delivery and 4-6 weeks for a remake. Customers outside of the United States must cover shipping costs. 

Contact Proper Cloth  

Visit the Proper Cloth website to send a message

Call (647) 964-4221. Phone hours Mon-Fri 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST. Sat-Sun 10:30 AM -7:00 PM EST

Office/showroom located in Soho, New York at 495 Broadway, 6th Floor, New York, NY, 10012. 

Office/showroom hours: Mon-Fri 10:00 AM – 7:30 PM Sat-Sun 10:30 AM – 7:00 PM

Visit the website to schedule an appointment

Connect through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

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Are shirts made in Vietnam? If not, where?

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