Norma Kamali Review

About Norma Kamali

Norma Kamali Review

Norma Kamali is an American-born fashion designer that is well known for her all-inclusive collection and her ‘sleeping bag’ coat. 

Globally recognized in the clothing industry, her brand has garnered universal acclaim and awards, with her garments being featured in museums and retail shops. Kamali has also received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the CFDA in 2016. 

With a steady following of 124k on Instagram, she has also gained the attention of the press including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Refinery29, and Bustle. 

Want to know more about her brand? Look no further than this Norma Kamali review. We’ll take an in-depth look at her designs, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if she’s worth checking out. 

Overview of Norma Kamali

Norma Kamali Review

It must be fashionable, yet functional: it’s a mantra that Norma Kamali often runs in her head when coming up with a new design. 

Being a graduate at FIT from New York University, Kamali wasted no time in making a name for herself, opening a clothing boutique in 1969. Through her incredible efforts, she managed to hit the ground running, as many of her pieces were featured in the American Sportswear Fashion Magazine

Even with some of her garments being worn by celebrity icons, such as Charlie’s Angels’ Farrah Fawcett, Kamali didn’t reach global success until she designed the Sleeping Bag Coat. This piece is considered the original puffer jacket of its time. From then on, her designs have been dubbed the ‘vintage of the future.’

Over the years, Kamali continued to make waves in the fashion industry. Now known as an all-inclusive designer, she mainly focuses on creating activewear garments and swimsuits. 

With the addition of numerous awards, Kamali has also been affiliated with many companies such as Walmart and the Wellness Cafe. Today, her headquarters are located where it all began: New York City. 

I think you’ll know your style when your wardrobe is a collection of all your favorite things and is a statement about who you are. When you can look at your closet and say, “That’s it.” There’s something satisfying about knowing that about yourself. You can express yourself truthfully and with confidence,” via a statement made by Kamali in an interview. 

Before we get into this Norma Kamali review, let’s go over some of the pros and cons of the brand: 


  • A variety of clothing pieces made by the globally acclaimed designer herself. This includes the Norma Kamali jumpsuit and the Norma Kamali dress 
  • The brand ensures that they are all-inclusive. For example, they offer a gender-fluid collection on their website 
  • Customers can purchase Norma Kamali clothing at other websites such as Net-A-Porter
  • Offers International shipping 
  • The brand provides free ground shipping on all orders 


  • Pricier compared to other retailers 
  • Limited customer reviews 

If we were to summarize the essence of Norma Kamali fashion in three succinct words, it would be comfortable, fashionable, and versatile. 

Norma Kamali Review

Focusing mainly on activewear, Kamali’s collection features a wardrobe full of unique concepts and designs. Branded as the ‘vintage of the future,’ most of her pieces usually showcase muted colors, exaggerated silhouettes, and abstract patterns.

Offering pieces for both men and women, her clothing line also includes dresses, evening wear, lounge attire, and a few blouses. 

Moving forward, this Norma Kamali review will provide a selection of her most popular garments down below. And who knows, maybe you’ll learn to love her overall aesthetic too. 

Norma Kamali Dresses Review

If you’re the type to don slim-fitting holographic gowns or relaxed lounge dresses perfect for those summer city walks, consider yourself lucky. This brand features a treasure trove full of unique silhouettes and patterns fit for every occasion. 

Keep on reading, as this Norma Kamali review will take a look at some of her iconic designs within this category. 

Norma Kamali Double Breasted Coat Dress Forest Green Review 

Designed specifically for those ‘I have nothing to wear’ moments, this Double Breasted Coat Dress Forest Green can be worn as a color-blocking piece or as part of a monochromatic outfit.

With its basic silhouette fitted to contour the length of your body, users can affix this highly versatile piece as an autumn-friendly look or a stunning winter moment. Its bright, emerald green hue is only for those daringly, indecisive fashionistas. 

Made out of 4-way stretch poly lycra, the $175 Double Breasted Coat Dress Forest Green is created to show off your fit,  as it stretches and expands for whatever style you choose to wear it in. 

This stunning number features clean-cut edges, long sleeves, a v-neck front, and a mid-calf hem. As a side note, customers can save a bit of money with this jacket, as it is estimated to cost $345.

For styling tips, This Norma Kamali review recommends wearing different shades of green for a vibrant ensemble. If you’re looking for a casual way to wear this piece, we recommend a black turtleneck and a pair of cigarette jeans. 

Norma Kamali Peasant Dress W/Slip Review 

The classic off-shoulder gown can be flattering if they’re done right. For a proper example, refer back to Norma Kalami’s Peasant Dress W/Slip design, if you please. Featuring a loose silhouette, this style allows you to show off the collarbones and waistline due to its accentuated high-waisted design. 

Made out of gauze and nylon, this piece comes with a slip underneath to promote a bit of modesty. Its outer layer is designed with a stunning chiffon-like fabric decorated with white flowers. 

Cut to be midi length with long sleeves, it also showcases raw cut edges at the hem for a bit of an unfinished look.  

Completed with a wide-brimmed hat, black heeled sandals, and hoop earrings, there’s some class in the Peasant Dress W/Slip for $275, on sale from $505

Norma Kamali Goddess Dress Review 

Aphrodite called. She wants you to return the Goddess Dress to her as soon as possible. This stunning gown features a dark silver hue that’s perfect to wear for those summer set vacations. 

Made out of 4-way stretch poly lycra, the dress perfectly drapes around the bust, hips, and down to the skirt for a full, wedding-train-like effect. 

Finished off with an asymmetrical cut, a string tie at the waist, and a deep v-neckline, you would have a pretty high chance of seducing even Narcissus in this silhouette. 

To bring that ancient Greece aesthetic home, we suggest wearing a gold leaf headband, an arm cuff, and some gladiator sandals to match. For a gown that’s Olympus approved, this dress is available for $275

Norma Kamali Uneven Blanket Coat Review

The Uneven Blanket Coat offers a slight variation of the quintessential trench coat. Designed with asymmetrical cuts and shark bite hemming, this jacket shows off dimension in its unusual fit. 

Made out of 4-way stretch terry, this coat is not only fashionable but functional. Its insulated material helps users keep warm and snug. Additional features include a self-tie belt, pockets, and slim-fitting sleeves. 

Cut to look slim, the silhouette showcases a subtle interpretation of the classic waterfall skirt. Designed to be dramatic, but subdued- the Uneven Blanket Coat is offered in 4 different colors. We recommend going for black if you want to look mysterious and alluring. 

Paired with some high stiletto boots and matching sunglasses, and the iconic look is complete for the price of $217

Norma Kamali Faux Fur Collar White Dusty Pink Review

For those who hate the ‘blandness’ of similar-looking winter jackets, the Faux Fur Collar White Dusty Pink coat provides the optimal amount of warmth with a touch of glam. 

Featuring a larger-than-life silhouette, this jacket is designed to look like a household robe. With the addition of an exaggerated collar, it embodies a sort of Cruella De Vil vibe due to its lion-mane-like rufflet. But of course, no animals (including dalmatians) were harmed in the making of this beauty. 

This Norma Kamali blanket coat either comes at waist-hem or in midi-length. Dyed in a stunning Mean Girl’s pink, it also comes with pockets on the front to hold your phone. If you’re not a fan of the hue, this jacket is available in pewter blue or red. Worn best with an iconic Juicy Couture 90s tracksuit, the $345 Faux Fur Collar White Dusty Pink coat only costs $75

Norma Kamali Long Sleeve Turtle Jumpsuit Review

The Long Sleeve Turtle Jumpsuit is designed to be unisex. Ideal in showing off your curves, this stunning number features a tight-knit silhouette on the top and flowing straight-leg pants on the bottom. Accentuated with a high neckline and slim-fitting sleeves, it gives off a tiered look that’s ideal for extravagant cocktail parties or networking events. 

This one-piece is for those moments when overalls and rompers won’t cut it. For styling tips, this Norma Kamali review recommends wearing a matching pair of black booties and some gold or silver accent jewelry for a bit of glamour. The  Long Sleeve Turtle Jumpsuit is all yours for $175

Norma Kamali The Strapless Jumpsuit Black Review

Ideal for fancy parties or special events such as weddings or birthdays, the Strapless Jumpsuit Black enables you to show off those curves and legs throughout its seamless design. 

Composed with 4 way stretch poly lycra fabric, this wardrobe essential comes in a tight-fitting silhouette as a tube top, with flowing trousers at the bottom. Cut to show off those shoulders, this one-piece serves as a sexier version compared to the casual jumpsuit or overalls. 

The $170 Strapless Jumpsuit Black can be easily worn with a pair of charcoal pumps and some chandelier earrings for a statement look. 

For those that would like to wear this out on the town, we recommend tossing on a denim jacket and an accompanying pair of converse shoes. 

Norma Kamali Side Slit Flared Skirt Review

The Side Slit Flared Skirt can be considered a more ‘dressed up’ alternative compared to the classic skater petticoat. Designed to be high-waisted, this closet-essential accentuates your waist while providing the illusion of height. 

Featuring a side slit, this soft-pleated number is cut to be midi-length to show off your kicks. Made out of 4-way stretch poly lycra, this black skirt can serve as a more comfortable option than those stiff, linen frocks. 

For further styling tips, this Norma Kamali review suggests wearing a black turtleneck and matching black high heels for an office-wear-inspired outfit. Priced originally at $165, you can get the Side Slit Flared Skirt for a steal at $75

Norma Kamali Snake Mesh Bra Review 

This Snake Mesh Bra embodies the boss attitude of Beyonce while keeping things upper class with its modest fit. Featuring a flattering one-shoulder top and a high-waisted bottom, this two-piece set comes with an interesting see-through pattern detail as a unique touch. 

Made out of 4-way stretch lycra, this swimsuit is made to hug your figure to ensure the best silhouette. Offered in either acid yellow, nude & white, or tan & black, you can style this $135 Snake Mesh Bra with a pair of stiletto black heels, sunglasses, and a high ponytail to let others know you mean business. However, if you’re not a fan of bikinis, customers can always peruse the Norma Kamali swimsuits one-piece collection. 

Norma Kamali Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Norma Kamali Review

This Norma Kamali review hasn’t come across many customer reviews online. Because of this, we may not be able to paint an accurate picture of the brand. 

This is partially because Kamali is a well-known fashion designer, as most in-house clothing brands usually don’t have buyer testimonials compared to commercial companies like Old Navy and H&M. 

With that in mind, media outlets such as Vogue and Vanity Fair usually praise Kamali’s designs as being out of the box and true to her passions and values

For example, Vogue’s article on Kamali’s Fall 2021 Ready to Wear collection details her vision of what clothing is: “It occurs to me that “aging with power” is also what clothes need to do if the industry is to become sustainable. Season after season, Kamali shows that this is possible, regularly revisiting pioneering looks first introduced in the 1970s.” 

Aside from magazines, this Norma Kamali review uncovered a few buyer reviews on websites such as Shopbop, Zappos, and Amazon. 

On Shopbop, there are over 230 testimonials that have been written for this brand with a generally positive rating for many of the products, although they don’t provide an average. 

On Zappos, a total of 61 comments were made for Kamali’s Kamalikulture collection. A majority of customers on both websites have noted that her swimsuits, dresses, and jumpsuits were flattering and comfortable to wear. 

I love this suit. It fits me perfectly (I’m normally a 4 or a 6) and ordered a size small. I have worn this suit all summer (in lake water)…The shape and cut are very flattering,” One Shopbop reviewer wrote for the Mio Norma Kamali swimsuits one-piece set. 

As for Amazon, there are a handful of ratings for each product available, most notably,

  • Women’s Diana Gown: 3/5 stars out of 21 reviews
  • Women’s Slim Fit Long Sleeve Turtle Dress to Knee: 4.5/5 stars out of 16 reviews
  • Women’s Fishtail Pant: 4.3/5 stars out of 17 reviews

All of these ratings should be taken with a hefty grain of salt since there are so few reviews for each piece of apparel.

We also found a few negative reviews online. Some users on Zappos and Shopbop complained that some of their garments were too sheer, or fit too large on their bodies. 

A few customers on Yelp detailed poor customer service experiences in their New York City location, but there are only 14 comments posted on this website

Is Norma Kamali Worth It?

Norma Kamali Review

For highly versatile designs that are both functional and fashionable to wear, this Norma Kamali review wholeheartedly recommends the brand. 

While there is a lack of customer reviews posted online, it seems that this designer brand has already gained positive acclaim through reputable media sources such as Vogue magazine

Norma Kamali, in our opinion, is considered a good clothing brand, as it can be grouped with widely popular fashion houses like Prada or Coco Chanel, the cream of the crop when it comes to haute couture.

What is especially unique about Norma Kamali’s designs is her concept of versatility. Best seen in her All In One collection, her garments are not only multifunctional in terms of fit and color but can also be reshaped and styled to be something completely different. 

Offering pieces for all genders, Kamali’s collection embodies a sense of timeless nostalgia, holding to her title of ‘vintage of the future.’ For clothing that is ageless, classic, and innovative, Norma Kamali is truly a brand to behold within the fashion industry. 

Norma Kamali Promotions & Discounts 

Norma Kamali Review

Aside from the pop-up sale offered on their website, this Norma Kamali review hasn’t come across any other promotions or discounts at this time. 

Where to Buy Norma Kamali

Norma Kamali Review

Customers can purchase garments, such as the innovative Norma Kamali spliced dresses and the Norma Kamali white hi low skirt, by visiting You can also find her collection at select retailers:

  • Net-A-Porter
  • Nordstrom
  • Revolve
  • Amazon
  • Mytheresa 
  • Farfetch 
  • Walmart 


Norma Kamali Review

What sizes does Norma Kamali have? 

According to the Norma Kamali size chart, the brand offers XXS to XXL for women. For men, the company has a clothing range of XS to XXL. 

What is Norma Kamali’s Shipping Policy?

The brand offers free U.S ground shipping on all orders. They also provide 2-day shipping ($15), standard overnight delivery ($30), or same-day delivery ($45). It usually takes 1 to 5 business days for ground packages to arrive. 

Norma Kamali is also available for select countries, as listed on their website. Customers will receive a tracking number via a confirmation email to help locate their orders. 

What is Norma Kamali’s Return Policy?

If a customer is unsatisfied with their order, they have 30 days to send it back for a refund. Norma Kamali will charge $9 for a return shipping label for American buyers. 

Items must be in new condition and their original packaging to be considered eligible. Certain garments, like Norma Kamali NormaLife products, are considered ineligible for their return policy. 

To initiate this process, contact their customer service team for more details. 

How to Contact Norma Kamali

For inquiries that go beyond this Norma Kamali review, you can contact the company through 3 methods:

  1. Email: [email protected] (Mondays to Saturdays from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm EST)
  2. Visiting their showroom at the  Norma Kamali headquarters in New York City (temporarily closed)
  3. Direct messaging the brand through the Norma Kamali Instagram page 

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