True Botanicals Skincare Review

About True Botanicals 

True Botanicals Skincare Review

Taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up. True Botanicals specializes in natural and plant-based skincare products that are both good for the skin and environment. Their collection addresses a range of concerns surrounding complexion, anti-aging, dryness, breakouts, and more

With a fan following of over 200k on Instagram, True Botanicals has become a favorite among celebrities such as Olivia Wilde and Zazie Beetz. The brand has also been featured in numerous publications including InStyle, Refinery29, and Forbes

With the buzz surrounding this company, is their skincare line any good? Keep reading this True Botanicals skincare review as we analyze the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if this brand is for you.

Overview of True Botanicals 

True Botanicals Skincare Review

After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer as a young mother, Hillary Peterson found herself in between fear and frustration, specifically towards the beauty industry.

She learned that most products contain toxic chemicals like carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and developmental toxicants, that could be harmful if applied to the skin.

Peterson was in the market for a skincare line that was safe for both her body and the environment. With the veritable lack of skincare brand options that covered both needs, she set out to establish her own brand.

In 2014, True Botanicals was born and she sought the help of several top-of-the-field researchers to source the best ingredients and formulas. For instance, the head of Food Science at Cornell University assisted the brand in identifying the benefits of antioxidants found in apple peel.

True Botanicals is MADE SAFE certified, which restricts more than 5,000 chemicals from their products. It also ensures that each of the included ingredients is safe for users and the planet.

With headquarters based in the glamorous valley of California, True Botanicals continues to abide by its company mission as its products are sold globally. 

“It’s exciting to know that we’re doing something that not only supports people’s health but also is delivering the results that they’re looking for and helping them to feel their best. Every day I get to work with an incredible team to create a world that’s more true.”

True Botanicals Skincare Review

Before we get into this True Botanicals skincare review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons of the brand.


  • All-natural, plant-based ingredients that are both good skin and the environment 
  • Range of products to choose from including cleansers, face masks, oils, hair and body products, and more
  • Trial and True Botanicals samples selection that customers can use to test products 
  • Offers a skincare quiz for users to figure out skin type and products that work the best
  • Offers Afterpay 
  • Ships internationally
  • Free standard shipping on US orders over $40


  • Pricier than competing skincare brands 

True Botanicals Review

True Botanicals Skincare Review

Self-care means taking care of your soul and body. With that being said, True Botanicals offers a variety of products that’ll help achieve radiant and glowing skin.

The company offers many skin treatment products including a purifying grapefruit True cleanser, a lux glacial clay face mask, and a nutritious lavender toner. Customers can also shop by skin concern for products that target acne and hyperpigmentation

With a variety of skincare products to choose from, you may feel lost where to begin. Stay tuned as this True Botanicals skincare review will showcase a selection of bestsellers to discover.  

True Botanicals Renewing Cleanser Review

Cleansers are often the first step in skincare routines as they scrub away makeup residue, excess oil, and dirt accumulated throughout the day. The Renewing Cleanser cleans, conditions, and smooths your complexion for a refreshing feel. It also preps your face for exfoliators and serums.

Ideal for dry and aging skin, this cleanser helps hydrate the complexion for a more even and youthful tone. It contains green and white tea, aloe vera, and green tea seed oil. As a finishing touch, the Renewing Cleanser is naturally scented with sweet-smelling aromas of lavender, grapefruit, and jasmine. 

Make the first step matter with the Renewing Cleanser for just $48 for a 3.9 fl oz bottle. However, if you have a subscription, you can snag this cleanser for $41

True Botanicals Nourishing Cleanser Review 

Dry skin can be hard to fix and for those who suffer from rough patches and an uneven complexion, we’ve searched high and low for products that won’t add to the overall dryness.

The Nourishing Cleanser provides a more gentle option for the first step in your skincare routine as it is specifically targeted towards congested skin.

This True Botanicals cleanser removes dead skin cells and leaves skin feeling nourished, clean, and hydrated. This is all thanks to its three key ingredients of green and white tea, black willow bark extract, and helichrysum.

Scented with aromatics such as lavender and carrot seed, the Nourishing Cleanser costs $48 or $41 if you sign up for a subscription. For each price, you get a 3.9 fl oz jar.

True Botanicals Pure Radiance Body Oil Review

While there are many products available to treat complexions, we often forget to take care of our bodies. While body lotion is considered the most traditional way of ensuring soft and smooth skin, there are other options available that provide the same amount of moisture.

Enter the Pure Radiance Body Oil. This product contains an ultra-nourishing blend of green tea, hemp seed, and sandalwood oil to protect and replenish skin. To be used immediately after showering, this body oil will help skin glow with its super hydrating formula.

Since this product is best used during a bath time routine, this True Botanicals Skincare review recommends pairing it with one of the brand’s nourishing shampoos or conditioners. The Pure Radiance Body Oil (3.9 fl oz) retails for $48 for a one-time purchase or $41 if you choose to subscribe. 

True Botanicals Calming CBD Body Oil Review

While commonly known as a recreational drug, the effectiveness of cannabis is also useful in other applications. For instance, CBD skin-care products can reduce inflammation, combat acne, and help with anti-aging and wrinkles.

The Calming CBD Body Oil helps relax the skin as it moisturizes and melts away tension. This lightweight oil contains additional essential ingredients like hemp seed and green tea seed oil.

Scented with refreshing tones of jasmine and bergamot, be sure to massage into the skin for a relaxing experience. The Calming CBD Body Oil is available for 2 fl oz bottle for $75

True Botanicals Resurfacing Moisture Mask Review 

It’s girls’ night and you know what that means- time to break out the drinks and junk food to watch the hottest Netflix series. To add to the fun, why not treat your best gals to some quality skincare?

The Resurfacing Moisture Mask is the perfect way to soak up some good as you watch the next episode of Riverdale. This lactic acid-based resurfacing mask moisturizes and exfoliates at the same time.

Containing additional essential ingredients like avocado butter and astaxanthin (a fatty acid), your skin will feel moisturized and nourished in just 5 minutes. For a more indulgent girls’ night in, try pairing the mask with the Deer Repair Eye Serum for more coverage.

The Resurfacing Moisture Mask retails for $65 for a 1.01 fl oz bottle. If you’re on a budget, sign up for a True Botanicals subscription to save 15% and pay $55

True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil Clear Review

As we grow older, our complexion shows the effects of aging including wrinkles, acne scars, patchy spots, and uneven tones. To help fine-tune blemishes, try the Pure Radiance Oil Clear.

This face oil prevents future breakouts and minimizes the effects of aging. Results will show a more smooth and healthy-looking complexion. The oil’s effectiveness is linked to star ingredients of helichrysum, algae extract with astaxanthin, hemp, pumpkin, and grape seed oil.

You can get clear skin with the Pure Radiance Oil Clear for $110 or $94 (if subscribes) for a 1 fl oz bottle. You can also test out this product as part of the True Botanicals trial kit.

True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil Renew Review

If you’re looking for a skincare product that’ll help restore an uneven complexion, check out the Pure Radiance Oil Renew formula. According to a 30-day clinical study conducted by True Botanicals, 100% of participants (36 women aged 30 to 60) reported these effects:

  • More luminous skin
  • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improved overall hydration
  • Minimized appearance of pores

Optimized for dry and oily complexions, this radiance oil is a bestseller for a reason as it contains skin-loving ingredients including oils from chia seeds, kiwi seeds, passion fruit, and papaya seeds.

The Pure Radiance Oil Renew formula also includes extracts of aloe vera and astaxanthin to help even out skin tone. Scented with pleasant aromas of jasmine, neroli, and rose, this oil can easily become a skincare staple. 

For further nourishment, pair the oil with the Nutrient Mist to freshen things up. The Pure Radiance Oil Renew formula (measured at 1 fl oz for one bottle) costs $110 for a one-time purchase or $94 if you sign up for a subscription.

True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster Review 

You don’t have to consume an abundance of oranges to get your daily fill of vitamin C. The Vitamin C Booster contains a healthy amount of the superhero vitamin to help firm and brighten your complexion.

Formulated to target hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles, it contains ferulic acid to help stabilize the effects of vitamin C. Before using the Vitamin C Booster, apply your choice of True Botanicals Skincare serums to further strengthen skin for $90 (0.49 oz).

True Botanicals Nourishing Shampoo Review

While True Botanicals is known for skincare, the brand also offers an array of hair products. The Nourishing Shampoo is packed with antioxidants to help hydrate hair for healthy, nourished locks.

Its lather luxuriously cleans your scalp and strands without stripping hair of essential oils. It contains nourishing ingredients such as green tea oil, meadowfoam seed oil, and aloe leaf extract.

This shampoo is also scented with aromatic notes of bright citrus and subtle floral tones. The Nourishing Shampoo costs only $35 for an 8 fl oz container. 

True Botanicals Skincare Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

True Botanicals Skincare Review

This True Botanicals skincare review found high praise for its products among customers and numerous media outlets. On their website, a selection of bestsellers has 5/5 star ratings with rave reviews.

For instance, Pure Radiance Oil has over 835 reviews and most customers have commented noticeable differences. Users also report skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and soft.

“I’ve hated my skin most of my life (I’m 52), but this is a game changer. I barely have to use foundation now, two months after starting to use this. Smaller pores, smoother, less red skin. Can’t say enough about this. Looking forward to trying other (True Botanical) products,” one reviewer wrote on the True Botanicals website. 

There are also positive reviews on Influenster and the brand’s Facebook page. Influenster ranks the Pure Radiance Oil with an average of 4/5 stars from 42 reviews. On Facebook, the oil is ranked with 4.2/5 stars based on 105 people ratings.

True Botanicals Skincare Review

The most common True Botanicals skincare review we came across is customers sharing before and after images, which clearly showcase positive results from using the brand’s products. 

Additionally, customers commented that the products smell amazing and love the fact that the company uses plant-based ingredients in all formulas

I use some combination of the Clear line both morning and night and I love everything about it. It  smells amazing, is gentle enough on my sensitive skin and most importantly it works!! It feels even better knowing everything is all natural, made with ingredients I can trust!”, one Facebook user wrote. 

This True Botanicals skincare review found a few customer complaints during its research. On Facebook, some users reported no differences in complexion, or that their skin looked worse. Some reviews also mentioned issues communicating with customer service

Is True Botanicals Skincare Worth It?

True Botanicals Skincare Review

For all-natural, plant-based skincare, this True Botanicals skincare review readily recommends this brand. The company is very transparent in terms of ingredients while ensuring that all products are science-backed, sustainable, and organically grown.

There are also hundreds of customer reviews that point to the validity of their products with many before and after images showing drastic results. While the products are more on the expensive side, customers forgive the price tag if desired results are achieved.

Again, it’s about quality versus quantity. Additionally, it’s also helpful that the brand offers a skincare quiz to help navigate through products. It can be overwhelming to shop for skincare items so this website feature makes the process more streamlined and clear.

If you’re tired of conventional serums and creams that don’t provide results, True Botanicals can be your saving grace. 

True Botanicals Skincare Promotions & Discounts 

True Botanicals Skincare Review

For a limited time, True Botanicals is offering a Share the Love Event where customers can receive $40 if they give friends $20 off first orders of $100 or more.

Customers can also save 15% on select items if they sign up for a subscription.

Where to Buy True Botanicals Skincare

True Botanicals Skincare Review

Customers can shop skin care through or at:

  • True Botanicals Amazon
  • The Goop Shop

The company is looking to expand its partnered retailers, so keep your eyes peeled for a potential True Botanicals Sephora collaboration, in particular.


Who owns True Botanicals? 

True Botanicals is owned by the founder, Hillary Peterson. 

When was True Botanicals founded? 

True Botanicals was founded in 2014 in Mill Valley, California. 

Where are True Botanicals products made? 

This True Botanicals skincare review hasn’t come across exact information on where products are made. However, it is known that their main headquarters are located in California. 

Does True Botanicals test on animals? 

This True Botanicals skincare review found out that the brand is a cruelty-free company. 

Is True Botanicals vegan? 

True Botanicals is Leaping Bunny certified, which means its products are vegan and plant-based. 

Is True Botanicals pregnancy safe?

This True Botanicals skincare review found that the brand offers a curated selection of products that are safe for pregnant women. 

Is True Botanicals non-toxic?

Ingredients used in all True Botanicals products are completely devoid of toxins or harmful ingredients. This is clearly stated in their company mission. 

Does True Botanicals work for acne? 

This True Botanicals skincare review found that a select few products are specifically targeted to combat acne breakouts including the Clear Nutrient Toner and Clear Pure Radiance Oil

What is True Botanicals’ Shipping Policy?

True Botanicals offers international shipping for several countries, however, select products may not be eligible for delivery to Singapore. They offer free standard shipping on all US orders above $40. This True Botanicals skincare review also found that they offer free international shipping on orders above $150.

In terms of shipping options, True Botanicals has Express 2-Day, Overnight shipping, and Express International Shipping, which takes 1 to 3 days to deliver. Customers will receive a tracking number once their order has been placed. 

What is True Botanicals’ Return Policy?

If customers are unsatisfied with their order, the True Botanicals return policy has a 30-day guarantee on all products. Customers can initiate returns by visiting the company’s return portal on their website. If buyers ordered a bundled product, they are encouraged to reach out to their customer service team. 

How to Contact True Botanicals

If you have questions that were not addressed in this True Nature Botanicals skincare review, you can contact the company through:

  • Submitting a message form on their website 
  • Using their chat form on their website
  • Email: [email protected]

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