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Il Makiage Foundation Review

About Il Makiage

Il Makiage Foundation Review

I feel like online shopping has never been more necessary, but finding my perfect foundation shade can feel like playing Russian roulette. Enter Il Makiage, a company who aims to make online shopping for foundations easy and painless. 

As a tech-led brand, they use the PowerMatch algorithm to help you find your right shade out of their 50 options. All you need to do is fill out the 90 second Il Makiage foundation match quiz. No more trial and error, I’ve seen this the algorithm at work—it’s spot on.

Besides their signature foundation, the brand also has a wide range of eye, lip, and other face products. Plus, they feature collections with influencers like the Il Makiage Carli Bybel collection, giving you options to purchase makeup sets inspired by different looks.   

Il Makiage Foundation Review

With 1.1M followers on Instagram and features in Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Glamour, and many other publications, it’s clear that Il Makiage is a very well-known makeup brand with a wide customer base. 

If you are still wondering if this beauty brand is for you, never fear, as in this Il Makiage foundation review, I’ll take you through all the details of the brand, including best-selling products, customer reviews, FAQs, and so much more. 

Overview of Il Makiage

Il Makiage Foundation Review

Il Makiage has changed a lot since their initial start in 1972. Originally launched by makeup artist Ilana Harvaki, in 2018, Il Makiage relaunched in the US with a new focus: prioritizing the perfect consumer online shopping experience.

What does that mean, exactly? I learned that it’s all about their unique Il Makiage PowerMatch algorithm. With this tool, the brand successfully broke through digital shopping’s greatest challenge when buying makeup: finding the right foundation shade. 

I’ve been there. You’ve been there. It’s hard to find the right fit—despite products that claim they “match” your skin and beauty “experts” who suggest too-dark shades under bad lighting.

Since its massive popularity, the company has now expanded to sell in the UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia with plans of further expansion in the future. 

Il Makiage Foundation Review

Before I jump into all the juicy details about the brand in this Il Makiage foundation review, let’s first take a look at their pros and cons:


  • Offers a staggering variety of beauty products, including those for the face, lips, eyes, and brows
  • Their unique PowerMatch technology is designed to help you find your best foundation shade  
  • The Il Makiage quiz can help match your skin tone to one of their shades of foundation
  • The brand is popular, reputable, and has a large customer base 
  • Sign up for the newsletter to get 10% off
  • Free shipping via USPS for all US orders 
  • 14-day Trial


  • Higher price point when compared to other brands

Il Makiage Face Products Review

While getting to know the brand, I learned that the beauty company is best known for their foundations, such as the Il Makiage Foundation BFF, but I was stoked to find they actually have a variety of stunning face products. 

I’ll focus on their 4 main bestsellers so you can see what they’re all about. 

Il Makiage Woke Up Like This Foundation Review 

It’s Monday morning and you’ve already snoozed your alarm 5 times. I speak from experience. While I might not be feeling glamorous and filled with motivation as I drag myself out of my cozy nest, I like to still look the part.

The Woke Up Like This Foundation provides an evenness to the skin throughout the rockiest of days. It’s all about giving you a natural look. And since it comes in 50 Il Makiage shades, you can easily find your match in a 30 mL bottle after taking the brand’s quiz. 

At $44, it is definitely more expensive than drug store foundations, but the promise of a perfect match is something I’m willing to pay extra for—I’ve been burned too many times. 

Pro tip: If you want to wear the foundation for a long time, remember to pair it with a primer or setting spray. The lightweight texture is comfortable on the skin but it won’t last as long without a bit of extra help. 

Il Makiage F*ck I’m Flawless Multi-Use Perfecting Concealer Review 

I’ll let you in on a little secret in this Il Makiage foundation review: “Fake it ‘til you make it” is one of my favorite mottos. When I’m not feeling my best, sometimes all I need is a reminder. The perfect tool? The F*ck I’m Flawless Multi-Use Perfecting Concealer to let me know I’m still badass—and you are too!

This lightweight and long-wear Il Makiage concealer can easily cover eye circles, blemishes, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. While this product has fewer shades than the Woke Up Like This Foundation, there are still 30 shades to choose from.

For only $28, you can purchase a 7mL tube of this effective concealer. And here’s more: this product is oil-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free, and even includes ingredients with hydrating and moisturizing properties. 

Il Marriage Concealer Palette Review

What if you could find a product that has it all? To that, my friends, I say take a look at the Concealer Palette. It’s your one-stop-shop corrective concealer and palette that blends with a wide range of skin tones and covers blemishes in a velvety cream. 

Each palette includes 20 shades with 3 color correctors to find your ideal tone. This product comes in 3 varieties (light, medium, and dark) that Il Makiage says should cover any skin tone. 

At $48, this item is only a bit more costly than the foundation, but since it includes more shades, I think it can be used more often to justify the increased price. 

While reading up this product for my Il Makiage foundation review, I was happy to find out that creams in the Concealer Palette is also waterproof, sweat-resistant, and crease-free with a natural matte finish. 

Il Makiage Transparent Loose Powder Review 

I’ve found the right shade, now, how do I make it last all day? If you’re worried that your makeup won’t stay on through day dates and special events, try the Il Makiage Transparent Loose Powder. With an anti-sheen finish, this product keeps your makeup looking perfect while also minimizing blemishes. 

The powder is available in 1 shade, but I’ve read that this versatile product adapts to all skin tones when applied over makeup. 

I saw that it is also particularly effective for oily skin because its ingredients have sebum-absorbing properties. You can purchase 11g of product for $33 and let your makeup do its thing without worrying about smearing.

Il Makiage Makeup Review

Not only does Il Makiage provide you with the products to prepare your makeup base, but they also have eye, lip, and brow products to complete your looks. If these are anything like their foundations, I may have just found my new favorite cosmetics brand.

Up ahead in this Il Makiage foundation review, I’ll fill you in on all the customer favorites when it comes to glitz and glam. 

Il Makiage Glitter Eyeliner Review 

Glitter is coming back in a BIG way. It’s no longer a 2000s’ regret, I’m seeing the trend pop up in place of plain black liner everywhere.

Make those eyes pop with the Il Makiage Glitter Eyeliner. Available in 9 different shades, this product is ideal for those who don’t even know the meaning of understated. Pick your glamorous poison and apply it effortlessly with this easy-to-use pencil. 

Unlike many other pencil eyeliners, this item includes jojoba seed oil and Vitamin E to rejuvenate your eyelids. Get fabulous for only $21

Il Makiage Lip Slip Review 

Just the name makes this lipstick sound so luxurious. So what’s it all about? The Il Makiage Lip Slip is a popular lipstick in 84 different shades and 3 different finishes. You can choose if you want a pure matte finish, a creamy silky satin finish, or a light and lustrous sheer finish. Variety is the name of the game when it comes to this product. 

Made with sunflower oil, olive oil, and jojoba seed extract, the lipstick is non-drying and never sticky. Chalky lips are my worst enemy, so I value the peace that these dreamy lipsticks bring.

Not only is the Lip Slip 100% cruelty-free, but it is also made in sunny Italy. You can purchase one of these luxurious lipsticks for $20

Il Makiage Color Master Lip Palette Review 

The next product I’m obsessing over in this Il Makiage foundation review? The Il Makiage Color Master Lip Palette. It’s perfect for folks like me who can’t decide on just one lip color. Each palette includes 5 satiny matte finishes and 1 light, sheer moisturizing shade. 

There are 6 striking options to choose from, and each costs $39. With names like “striptease,” “violet affair,” and “chocolate addiction,” you know these lip palettes mean business. 

Il Makiage South Star (Trio Set) Review 

Finally, the darling of the Il Makiage Carli Bybel collection, the South Star (Trio Set) includes the namesake’s favorite makeup shades. I’m a big fan of the variety packed inside as well as the numerous color options.

This set comes with a face-shaping palette, libra lip color, and a luna lip liner. You can choose from a light, medium, or deep palette, but the nude matte lipstick and nude waterproof lip liner are included in all options. 

While this set seems more expensive at $79, it contains 3 individual and full-size items. Also, the South Star (Trio Set) is currently on sale from the original price of $93. 

Il Makiage Shade & Blend Eyeshadow Brush Review

Besides makeup products, Il Makiage also sells brushes and applicators. That’s helpful because many of its products require brushes and while I’m totally crushing on this richly pigmented line, my makeup bag isn’t exactly stocked with the right tools.

The Shade & Blend Eyeshadow Brush is double-sided and includes a flat dome-shaped brush head and an oval brush head. Both sides work together for optimal pigment application and blending. 

Made from 100% cruelty-free synthetic bristles, the Shade & Blend Eyeshadow Brush costs a cool $22

Is Il Makiage clean makeup?

Il Makiage Foundation Review

While getting the full scoop for this Il Makiage foundation review, I found that the brand creates their formulas to be free from animal testing and parabens. I discovered that most of the Il Makiage products, like the foundation, are vegan too. 

The foundation is also blended with vitamin E and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump your skin. While the ingredients are clean, the foundation may need to oxidize for five minutes before matching your skin tone so give it some time.

Is Il Makiage hypoallergenic?

Il Makiage Foundation Review

Unfortunately, I didn’t come across any hypoallergenic products in the brand’s collection, and you should also keep in mind that not all of them are gluten-free. 

On the bright side, you can readily contact Il Makiage for a full list of their gluten-free products. 

Is Il Makiage safe for acne?

Il Makiage Foundation Review

The lightweight and buff-able texture of Il Makiage foundation works for any skin, even with acne and spots. Since the formula includes hyaluronic acid, I treasure that the foundation will also keep your skin hydrated throughout your wear.

For the sake of clarity in this Il Makiage foundation review, I’ll note that I didn’t find the brand named on any guides about recommended acne-safe foundation brands. Their products do not contain ingredients that can help acne, like salicylic acid, and generally, most foundations and makeup will block pores. 

Il Makiage is not designed for acne-prone skin; instead, they focus on matching you to the perfect shade.

Il Makiage Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Il Makiage Foundation Review

Il Makiage foundation has hundreds of thousands of reviews and counting. And with it’s immense Instagram following, it is clear that the brand has a large following of loyal customers. 

In this section of my Il Makiage foundation review, I’ll give you the inside scoop as I explore a range of feedback.

Roberta Shroeder of Cosmopolitan reviewed Il Makiage in 2021 and found that despite her initial skepticism, she ended up enjoying the product. 

She wrote, “The coverage is indeed major, yet it doesn’t feel like a heavy-duty foundation at all: in fact, I completely forget I’m wearing it during the day. The finish is a little more matte than I’d normally go for, but it doesn’t feel dry or cakey, even after a full day’s wear.”

Il Makiage Foundation Review

Gabriela Garcia from the Editorial List agrees. She found a perfect match and full coverage, writing: “For the first few hours, my complexion looked pretty fabulous under different lighting conditions—indoor lights, natural sunlight, the bright lights of my bathroom vanity.

The author went on to write that this changed throughout the day and the product was not as long-lasting as she would have liked: I think this foundation would work great for short-term events, like a photo shoot or after-dinner drinks with friends.” If you’re looking for all-day wear, try finishing your look with the Loose Powder.

The professionals seem mostly delighted, but what do the everyday customers think? Overall, the brand’s products are well-rated on the company website:

  • Woke Up Like This Foundation: 4.5/5 stars out of nearly 345k ratings
  • F*ck I’m Flawless: 4.5/5 stars out of over 136k ratings
  • No Filter Poreless Base Smoothing Primer: 4.4/5 stars out of 45k+ ratings
  • Icon High Volume & Intense Curl Mascara: 4.4/5 stars out of close to 7.6k ratings

So…345k reviews for the foundation? That’s a pretty good sign people love it.

Heading off of the brand’s website, I saw some customers reflect on issues with the 14-day free trial. One unhappy buyer details her experience on Reddit citing wrongful charges despite sending the products back.

Il Makiage Foundation Review

There are multiple claims online of issues with billing and customer service. The Better Business Bureau alone holds nearly 965 complaints, earning the brand a rank of F. That’s something I don’t take lightly but the 4.63/5 star score from 6,692 shoppers tells me a different story.

So, is Il Makiage actually good? While aggregate review sites are quick to praise the individual products for their high quality and effectiveness, the company as a whole seems to be lacking when it comes to taking care of their customers. My take? It’s products are indeed good but with such a wide customer base, they’re struggling to satisfy everyone.

Is Il Makiage Worth It?

Il Makiage Foundation Review

At the end of the day, if you are buying foundation online and you struggle with finding your shade, often wasting your money playing a guessing game, I think that the brand is worth the price. 

Skeptical? Just watch the video transformations on the brand’s site. It totally blew me away to see how well its foundation covered discoloration and redness.

I’m personally fed up with trying new foundations, then loving one only for it to be discontinued. For me, it would be worth investing in an Il Makiage foundation since it’s backed by their fantastic matching technology and quiz. 

It’s important for me to point out in this Il Makiage foundation review that the brand’s ingredients aren’t the cleanest. While they are cruelty-free, they aren’t hypoallergenic and the alcohol in the ingredients list can counter the hydrating effects of the hyaluronic acid. 

If you have sensitive skin and a limited budget, Il Makiage might not be the best choice for you. I’m a fan of the brand’s Try Before You Buy option, and if you’re interested in seeing how game-changing its foundation can be, I’d recommend opting for this 14-day trial.

Il Makiage Promotions & Discounts 

Il Makiage Foundation Review

Il Makiage currently offers 10% off your first purchase when you sign up for their mailing list. I consider the 14-trial a pretty great deal too.

Where to Buy Il Makiage

Il Makiage Foundation Review

Besides, you can purchase the brand’s products from a variety of stores. For instance, you can buy Il Makiage at Sephora, as well as their own brick-and-mortar stores. 

Fortunately, all the Il Makiage Sephora products are the same as the ones you would find in their in-person boutiques.


Il Makiage Foundation Review

Who is Il Makiage owned by?

While Il Makiage was founded by Ilana Harkavi, it was relaunched in 2018 by the brother and sister duo Oran Holtzman and Shiran Holtzman-Erel. 

L Catterton also purchased a minority stake in June 2017 for $29 million, and since launching, they have increased their investment to $44 million—a number that shows me just how popular this brand has become. At present, Oran Holtzman is the CEO. 

Does Il Makiage have bad ingredients?

While scoping things out for this Il Makiage foundation review, I found that their Woke Up Like This Foundation contains alcohol denat, a common and often-debated skincare ingredient. 

While it has benefits as a solvent, penetration enhancer, and antimicrobial solution, it can also be very drying since it is an alcohol. The foundation also has perfume and fragrance, ingredients that can be detrimental to your skin. 

Overall, there are no extremely hazardous ingredients present in their formulations, but it may irritate sensitive skin.

Is Il Makiage toxic?

The ingredients in Il Makiage are not toxic, but they can negatively affect individuals with damaged or sensitive skin. Also, their ingredients are not hypoallergenic. 

Il Makiage formulas are not irritant-free, so the foundations are not safe for teens, babies, eyelids, or lips. 

Does Il Makiage have parabens?

I’m happy to report in this Il Makiage foundation review that the Woke Up Like This Foundation is paraben-free. Most of their products are paraben-free but there is no guarantee for their entire line of skincare. 

How long does it take for Il Makiage to ship?

Il Makiage provides free shipping for all U.S orders, as well as first-class shipping for orders less than one pound, and priority mail for orders above one pound. 

The brand says that your order will be delivered within 1-3 business days and to allow for 1-2 business days for Il Makiage to process the order. 

If your order is shipped to a P.O box, it may take 14 business days from the shipment day to arrive. 

Orders for APO/FPO/DPO are delivered within 14 to 21 business days and delivery for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico may take up to 14 business days

If you need your order in a hurry, you can choose the overnight delivery option for a flat rate of $3. Orders received by 3:00 pm EST will arrive in 1-2 business days

There is no overnight shipping available to P.O boxes, APO/FPO/DPO addresses, Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. 

International shipping is available at a flat rate of $20.

Does Il Makiage pay for returns? 

Yes! Il Makiage promises a 100% money-back guarantee and free returns if you do not love your product. 

After you submit your Il Makiage returns or exchange request, you can download your free shipping label. For Try Before You Buy orders, you must return or exchange your product within 14 days of the delivery date. 

How to Contact Il Makiage Customer Service 

You can contact Il Makiage by emailing [email protected]. You can also fill out the online form available on their website.

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