The Popcorn Factory Review

About The Popcorn Factory

The Popcorn Factory Review

I don’t know about you, but the first thing I think of when I hear “popcorn” is the movie theater! Watching a movie is so much better with a tasty snack like buttery popcorn. But popcorn doesn’t need to be restricted to the Sunday matinee. The Popcorn Factory carries an assortment of fun-flavored premium popcorn gifts for any occasion. 

You can read about the brand in popular media outlets such as PR Newswire, Spruce Eats, and Delish. They also have a modest 7k followers on Instagram where they frequently post giveaways and feature some of their seasonal gourmet popcorn flavors (chocolate-covered strawberry popcorn, anyone?).  

So, are you interested in giving someone a delicious gift to sweeten up their next movie night? Keep reading this The Popcorn Factory review as I take a closer look at the brand’s bestsellers, customer reviews, policies, frequently asked questions, and more to find out if this brand is worth trying.  

Overview of The Popcorn Factory

The Popcorn Factory Review

The Popcorn Factory is a subsidiary of 1-800-Flowers which was founded by James McCann in 1976. What started as a company that focussed on flowers and gifts for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays soon expanded to include specialty popcorn gifts in 1979. 

Today, the brand carries dozens of flavors and pops over 1 million kernels per year. That’s a lot of corn!

The Popcorn Factory’s mission is to bring fresh, innovative, and satisfying flavors to their customers. They want to make sure their customers are absolutely delighted with their purchase, which they call their Popcorn Promise.

Before we check out some of the brand’s top-sellers, my The Popcorn Factory review will go over some key highlights: 


The Popcorn Factory Review
  • Wide selection of high-quality tasty popcorn gifts 
  • Tons of personalization options
  • Corn is grown and sourced locally 
  • Guaranteed to be fresh 
  • Kosher and trans-fat free
  • Tons of unconventional flavors 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

The Popcorn Factory sells gift tins, baskets, and towers along with their premium popcorn. Whether you want to cheer up your best friend while they’re going through a hard time, surprise your child on their birthday, or create a movie date night package for you and your spouse to enjoy, the options are endless.

In the next part of this The Popcorn Factory review, let’s feast our eyes on some of the brand’s best-sellers.

The Popcorn Factory Review

Sometimes, it’s what’s on the inside and outside that counts. When it comes to gifts, a nice-looking package will add an air of effort and elegance to your present. Next, this The Popcorn Factory review will browse through some of the brand’s exquisite boxes and tins of popcorn prezzies. 

The Popcorn Factory Hippity Hoppity Bunny Box Sampler Review

The Popcorn Factory Hippity Hoppity Bunny Box Sampler Review
The Popcorn Factory Hippity Hoppity Bunny Box Sampler

Chocolate eggs are a quintessential Easter treat. But what about the kids who are allergic to chocolate or simply don’t like it? Thankfully, the Easter Bunny and The Popcorn Factory keep in touch.

The Hippity Hoppity Bunny Box Sampler is the perfect Easter gift for older children. Alternatively, this cute sampler can be used as a decoration for dinner guests to enjoy during your Easter festivities. 

Coming with 0.75oz of classic butter popcorn, 3.5oz of cornfusion (blend of cheese and caramel) popcorn, and 2oz of gummy carrots, this set has a little something for everyone’s taste buds. And we can’t forget the adorable bunny box that stores all the treats. This will surely crack a smile on even the most serious adults. 

Unfortunately, this product was out of stock at the time of writing. 

The Popcorn Factory Spring Botanical Tins Review

The Popcorn Factory Spring Botanical Tins Review
The Popcorn Factory Spring Botanical Tins

Craving a bit of variety in your life? If you can’t choose between sweet and salty or cheesy and buttery, why settle for less? 

The Spring Botanical Popcorn Tins lets you choose between three or four flavors of popcorn. Classic butter popcorn, cheese popcorn, and caramel popcorn are your starting three flavors, with white cheddar added in if you choose the four flavors option.

No special occasion is required for this bucket of airy goodness, other than the mere fact that it’s a new season. You can even personalize the tin with a photo or message of your choice for an additional $5

This tin comes in the following size options:

  1. 2-gallon tin with four flavors: $45, on sale for $36 
  2. 3.5-gallon tin with three flavors: $45, on sale for $46

The Popcorn Factory Garden Gnomes Tins Review 

The Popcorn Factory Garden Gnomes Tins Review 
The Popcorn Factory Garden Gnomes Tins

Do you have some popcorn-loving grandchildren? I think the Garden Gnomes Tins would be a major hit with them! 

You’ll get butter, cheese, caramel, and white cheddar popcorn to satisfy both the sweet and salty snack lovers. If you want to personalize it, you can plaster a picture of your family on the tin for $5.

You can purchase the 3.5-gallon Garden Gnomes Tins on sale for $36, marked down from $45.

The Popcorn Factory Make You Smile Tins Review 

The Popcorn Factory Make You Smile Tins Review 
The Popcorn Factory Make You Smile Tins

Last but not least in this The Popcorn Factory review I’m wrapping up the best-sellers with a bright bucket of happiness.

If you’re looking to cheer up someone close to you, then I’d highly recommend the Make You Smile Tins. This bright yellow bucket is plastered with fun-loving smiley faces. So adorable!

Coming with your choice of cheese, white cheddar, butter, and caramel popcorn, this snack is sure to please anyone. Like the other tins mentioned in this review, you can add a customized touch for $5 more. 

This product comes with a few different options to consider before adding it to your cart: 

  1. 2-gallon and three flavors: $40
  2. 2 gallon and four flavors: $45 
  3. 3.5 gallon and three flavors: $45
  4. 3.5 gallon and four flavors: $50

Who Is The Popcorn Factory For? 

The Popcorn Factory Review

Well, it probably comes as no surprise that this The Popcorn Factory review recommends the brand to anyone who enjoys popcorn! Or at least if you know someone who you love a delicious buttery gift. I wouldn’t recommend the brand for very young children as popcorn can be a choking hazard. 

The Popcorn Factory Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The Popcorn Factory Review

Craving the crunch of some specialty popcorn? Before you buy, I’d suggest sticking with this The Popcorn Factory Review as we discover what customers have to say about the brand and its products.

I’ll start by seeing what peeps over on Influenster said about The Popcorn Factory. Out of 1,518 reviews, the brand has an average rating of 4.4/5 stars.

One 5-star reviewer wrote: “I sent a congratulations box to a friend for a baby shower that I couldn’t attend, (as well as a baby gift of course!) and it was such a hit! The girls loved the variety and the tin was adorable. I got multiple messages asking where the popcorn was from! Definitely recommend.”

Another 5-star review spoke about the brand’s efficient shipping service. They said: “Fast delivery, beautiful product and such a beautiful presentation, my mother-in-law was super stoked.”

On Sitejabber, one 5-star reviewer commented on the quality of the brand’s popcorn: “I have ordered from the Popcorn Factory many times and those who have received their products have been very happy. The popcorn is crisp, flavorful, fresh and it arrives in a timely manner! Kids of all ages enjoy receiving gifts from the Popcorn Factory.”

To wrap it up, this The Popcorn Factory review found an in-depth report of the brand’s seasonal Valentine’s Day popcorn assortment on Reddit. The user wrote: “This as a whole was a very satisfying gift basket, the popcorn was mostly tasteful and the non-popcorn items above average, all presented in a nice tin bucket.”

Overall, most of the customer reviews I found were quite pleasant. Unfortunately, I came across a few complaints about the brand. Some customers reported poor customer service and late delivery.

Since the brand produces premium popcorn gifts, timely delivery should be prioritized. Thankfully, there were only a few negative reviews compared to the positive ones I found.

Is The Popcorn Factory Legit?

The Popcorn Factory Review

Yes, The Popcorn Factory is completely legit. They’ve been serving consumers with gourmet popcorn gifts, tins, and boxes since 2010. 

Is The Popcorn Factory Worth It?

The Popcorn Factory Review

The Popcorn Factory offers tons of yummy gift options for any occasion. If you have a popcorn fanatic in your life, then I’m sure that the brand is certainly worth ordering from.

The Popcorn Factory Promotions & Discounts 

The Popcorn Factory Review

At the time of this The Popcorn Factory Review, the brand is offering $10 off some of their best-sellers. Just use the coupon code WITHPOP10.

Where to Buy The Popcorn Factory

The Popcorn Factory Review

You can order The Popcorn Factory online at


The Popcorn Factory Review

Who owns The Popcorn Factory?, Inc owns The Popcorn Factory. 

Does The Popcorn Factory ship internationally?

Yes, The Popcorn Factory does ship internationally. However, I found that international customers cannot place orders online. To place an order from outside of the US, you need to phone the brand’s toll-free number at 1-888-216-0235. An extra $35 charge will be added to each item.

What is The Popcorn Factory’s Shipping Policy?

Depending on the total cost of your order, location, and preferred delivery method, shipping rates will vary. The Popcorn Factory ships using FedEx or USPS.

While shipping costs depends on your order total, here are the shipping methods the company offers for the continental United States: 

  1. Ground Shipping: up to 5 business days
  2. 2-Day Shipping: $11 upcharge per item
  3. Overnight Shipping: $21 upcharge per item 
  4. Saturday Shipping: $26 upcharge per item

For orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories, there will be a $9 upcharge per item.

What is The Popcorn Factory’s Return Policy?

The Popcorn Factory offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of its products. If you’re not completely satisfied with your order, or if it’s not fresh, make sure to contact the brand using one of the below methods. 

How to Contact The Popcorn Factory

The Popcorn Factory Review

Have any more questions about the brand? If there is something I missed in this The Popcorn Factory review, feel free to give them a shout. You can contact them through one of these:

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