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Keto Krate Review

About Keto Krate

Keto Krate Review

Keto Krate is out to create a snacking revolution with its subscription box full of keto-approved sweet and savory goodies. Each monthly delivery is packed with high-fat, low-carb treats from around the world—some past boxes have included products from well-known brands like Think Jerky, Love Good Fats, Super Coffee, and Pyure Organic.

With over 20k subscribers and 130k followers on Instagram, it’s not hard to see that America is wild about this keto-friendly craze. Plus, Keto Krate has earned features by Forbes, Yahoo, and Women’s Health.

This Keto Krate review will focus on the brand and its snack subscription, fill you in on what customers have to say about it, answer important FAQs, and more, to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you and your lifestyle.

Overview of Keto Krate

Keto Krate Review

Keto has become one of the most popular diets in North America. Within the last few years, a ton of Keto brands have popped up on the scene, but not all of them are easy to find.

If you’ve ever been on a high-fat, low-carb diet, then you know that the food is super satisfying. But, the caveat is that on-the-go options are few and far between. Keto Krate makes things a little easier by sourcing snacks from around the world to fill your need for convenient foods that help you stick to your new lifestyle.

Jordan Litvenenko and Scott Holland launched Keto Krate in 2015 to wage a “war” against sugar and the brands that make “irresponsible” products. Plus, the duo wants people to fall in love with high-fat diets and kick sugar to the curb for good.

The brand is based in Austin, Texas, with a mission to “bring you tasty low carb snacks” to put an end to unhealthy brands that promote obesity and illness. Before we get into how the company’s subscription service works, this Keto Krate review will quickly outline its pros and cons.


  • Variety of sweet and savory treats in every box
  • All items are keto-approved
  • Sources snacks from around the world
  • Subscribers get exclusive membership to the online store
  • Can pause, skip, or cancel a subscription at any time
  • Boxes let subscribers try items without committing to larger quantities
  • Keto Krate coupon code and deals in every box
  • Free shipping


  • Only one box option (used to be two)
  • Only ships within the USA 
  • No refunds

How Does Keto Krate Work?

Keto Krate Review

Sourcing its snacks from all over the world, Keto Krate curates delicious and nutritious boxes and sends them right to your door. Have your box delivered to your home, work, or even gift it to a friend who you think could use a little excitement in their snacking regimen.

So what comes in these Keto-approved crates? Only snacks that meet the requirements of the Keto diet, of course. The items all have under 5 grams of net carbs, and often, much less. Each one is also gluten-free and maltitol-free because both aren’t kind on tummies, causing bloating and cramps—and that’s the last thing anyone needs, ever.

The snacks inside your box include ones you may recognize and those you may have never heard of before. That’s the beauty of a subscription crate, and one of the best things about this service—it does the work for you, tracking down exciting brands and introducing you to something new.

You can opt for your delivery to come every 1-3 months. And, if you sign up for one and find you want to switch up your delivery frequency, you totally can at any time. Subscriptions are auto-renewing, so if you need to cancel be sure to do it before your next billing date. Read further down in this Keto Krate review for more information on how to cancel and when.

Keto Krate doesn’t ship one-off boxes, but you can sign up for one month and cancel your subscription directly after. If you love your subscription but find you want to save a few bucks, skip a month instead of canceling.

There is no minimum time commitment, you can get as many, or as few, boxes as you wish!

Ahead, you’ll read about the brand’s keto-friendly snack box subscription, what kind of goodies you’ll find in each box, as well as other perks that come with your membership.

Keto Krate Review

Keto Krate Review

Life gets busy and diets are hard to stick to. But one of the keys to a successful diet is feeling satisfied. Keto Krate keeps you stocked up on delicious, nutritious snacks that you can eat whenever hunger strikes.

Keto Krate knows that life is all about balance. That’s why it made sure to include a mix of sweet and savory goodies in every box. Each delivery also comes with over $20 in discount codes for partner brands, as well as recipes that you can try out in your own kitchen.

Subscribing members will also get private access to the online store, from which you can buy singles or packs of your favorite products. Shipping is free regardless of how many items you buy.

Our Favorites From The Menu

Food is great, but snacks are awesome. They’re mini flavor bombs that we get to enjoy between meals or maybe even make an entire meal out of—if that’s your sugar-free jam!

Throughout this Keto Krate review, we were impressed by the brand’s selection of snacks, so we decided to include a few of our favorites below. Up next, you’ll see what treats customers have unpacked in their monthly boxes.

CHIPMONK – Birthday Cake Keto Cookie Bites

Like little nuggets of pure joy, these nutritious and not-too-sweet cookies taste like a slice of your favorite b-day cake. With multi-colored sprinkles, the ChipMonk Birthday Cake Keto Cookie Bites are cute, yummy, and perfect for a late-night dessert, but healthy enough for a breakfast on the go.

Valued at $9, this tasty treat offers 90 calories, 7g of fat, and 10g of carbs. A serving size is one bite-size cookie, of which you’ll get eight per package. Key ingredients include almond flour, butter, and eggs.

KEHO – Curry in a Hurry Savory Bite

Love protein bars but tired of the overly sweet choices? This savory bar is packed with exotic flavors to tantalize your taste buds when hunger comes knocking. Made with good fats, nuts, seeds, and spices, the KEHO Curry in a Hurry Savory Bite bar is a smart snack for active lifestyles.

In the May 2021 Keto Krate, customers received a 200-calorie bar of curry goodness. With 17g of fat, 15g of carbs, 11g of fiber, and just 2g of sugar, this individually wrapped treat is perfect for on-the-go cravings. One bar is valued at $5.

GENIUS GOURMET – Barbecue Keto Snack Chips

Taking the traditionally terrible-for-your-waistline chips and transforming them into a good-for-you snack, Genius Gourmet has made a fun and tasty treat that you can indulge in without the guilt. A tangy BBQ flavor is a great accompaniment to the big game and a refreshing beverage.

Customers received a 1.13 oz bag of the Genius Gourmet Barbecue Keto Snack Chips in the April 2021 delivery. This 170-calorie serving amounts to 14g of fat, 5g of carbs, and 3g of fiber. Key ingredients include man-made, fat-like medium chain triglycerides, a protein blend, and tapioca starch.


Yes, drinks are included in your Keto Krate! This sugar-free chocolate-coffee blend is amped up with MCT oil to give you a boost of heart-healthy fat whenever you need a little pick me up. Sweet and creamy, the Super Coffee Mocha has 200mg of caffeine to push you through mid-day slumps.

Packaged in a can, this caffeinated beverage can be tossed in your lunch bag for when a craving hits. One 12 fl oz can offers 80 calories, 3g fat, 4g carbs, and 2g fiber.

What Comes In The Keto Krate?

Keto Krate Review

Keto Crate sources its snacks from around the world. You can expect to find a diverse selection of tasty treats, all with clean ingredients. Each crate comes with 13 different snack items—a mix of sweet and savory totally poppable treats that you can enjoy anytime you need a boost or simply want something to chomp on.

As you can tell from the examples in the previous section of this Keto Krate review, what you get in each box is totally varied. Some items are cheesy, others are spicy. Some are chocolatey, some are rich. But all of them have under 5 grams of net carbs and are completely keto-approved.

For those that aren’t up-to-date on their trendy diet lingo, a product’s net carb amount is equal to the number of total carbs, minus any fiber. So, if a treat has 10g of carbs but 5g of fiber, the net carbs would be 5g.

Who Is Keto Krate For?

Keto Krate Review

Keto Krate is intended for those on the Keto diet. But, you don’t technically have to be on a diet to enjoy the snacks. In general, dieting is about getting your body what it needs, so all of the snacks included in the brand’s service have nutritional value.

If you are following a high-fat diet, then you may find Keto Krate perfect for satisfying cravings and making sticking to your diet a little easier.

Comparison: Keto Krate vs. LiveFit Foods

In the world of diets, there are a million brands that appear similar, but they don’t all follow the same rules, nor do they have the same mission. To help you see the differences between Keto Krate and a similar brand, we’re going to compare them side-by-side with LiveFit Foods.

LiveFitFoods is about helping you live the healthiest life possible. While the company isn’t strictly keto, like the one we’re featuring in this Keto Krate review is, it does offer a selection of keto-friendly meals.

But in terms of similarities, that’s about where it ends. LiveFitFoods makes prepared meals and sends them to you three times per week. It focuses on using only healthy, natural ingredients, but its priority is meals, not snacks like Keto Krate’s is.

In fact, bundling these two plans together would be a brilliant idea if it wasn’t for the fact that one only ships to Canada and one only within the USA. So, the brand you choose to opt for will depend on where you live.

How Much is Keto Krate?

Keto Krate Review

You’ll get 13 keto snacks, over $20 in coupons, free recipes, and VIP access to the online store for $40/month.

Keto Krate Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Keto Krate Review

As serious foodies, we know that the quality and taste of snacks are super important, but we’re fans of variety and great customer service too. To check up on how this brand holds up to our high standards, and yours, we combed the web for helpful customer testimonials.

A Keto Krate review on My Subscription Addiction gave the reviewer’s account of using the service for several months. It went over what was included with each box received, noting the varied selection and the theme of items specific to each month.

In regards to the additional content included in each box, it reads, “we do get a sample start-up menu, recipes, coupon codes, and success stories. All of the information is very helpful in encouraging and motivating me to stick with this lifestyle.

Providing the food is one thing, but we like how the brand goes beyond just selling snacks. It’s good to hear that the service gives users inspiration to stick to their diets and tries to make the diet as enjoyable as possible with themes.

Overall, the reviewer enjoyed being able to try out snacks without buying them in larger quantities at the store. The only negative to the box was receiving ones that she didn’t “end up caring for,” but that’s not really a deal-breaker when they only come in small quantities.

This may be an issue in the future if the brand ever includes the same items. But for short-term subscribers, it shouldn’t pose a problem.

Crate Joy shows a subscriber rating of 3.6/5 stars for Keto Krate, based on 31 customer reviews. Take a look at the rating snapshot below to get an idea of how subscribers enjoyed their boxes:

  • 5 stars 61%
  • 4 stars 3%
  • 3 stars 6%
  • 2 stars 6%
  • 1 star 23%

What could possibly go wrong with a subscription box full of delicious treats? Let’s see what customers have to say.

Apparently, negative reviews aren’t about what’s in the box, they’re due to either not receiving their box, missing items, or billing issues. One reads, “it’s been over two months I’ve not received it. I’ve called and complained and they just keep stalling.”

A rep replied under this Keto Krate review that boxes are sent out monthly, so if you miss the ship date at the end of the previous month, you won’t receive your box until the following ship date at the end of the current month.

A Keto Krate review on The Ketologist showed users what they received in their crate and talked through each of the items, noting their “super unique and great quality.” It’s nice to know that the products are ones that you wouldn’t typically find at your local supermarket.

But, for every product the reviewer enjoyed, there were “some not so great ones” too. This doesn’t speak to the quality of the brand, but of the reviewer’s personal taste. The review went on, “I don’t think that packaged food should be a staple of your diet.

This kind of resonates with us, as if you have an over-eating issue, a bundle of snacks may be hard for some to not eat them all in one sitting.

All in all, Keto Krate boxes are filled with a variety of new and popular items and allow customers to try out a product before they commit to buying it in a larger size. The issues reported aren’t technically deal-breakers, and many could have been resolved if certain buyers had read the FAQs.

Is Keto Krate Subscription Worth It?

Keto Krate Review

Just like any diet, keto diets can be hard to stick to. But having the right snacks on hand can help curb cravings and make it easier for you to stay on track.

With 13 items per box and each box costing $40, that makes each snack worth $3 each. Throw in free shipping and over $20 in coupons and that brings the cost down to about $1 per item—a fantastic deal for someone who loves treats.

Further, controlling portions and not knowing what to eat are two problems that many people starting a new diet have trouble with—and one that Keto Krate aims to help with. Not only are you sent a variety of sweet, salty, and tangy snacks, in addition to the occasional beverage, but every treat is pre-portioned. Just be sure to not eat the whole delivery in one sitting.

If you’re on a Keto diet, love snacks, and trying new things, then we’d recommend Keto Krate.

Keto Krate Promotions & Discounts

Keto Krate Review

During this Keto Krate review we discovered a few ways the brand helps customers save money, giving a $20+ Keto Krate discount code to use for partner products with each box and free shipping on every order.

Sign Up For Keto Krate Subscription

Keto Krate Review

If you made up your mind about Keto Krate and decide it’s time to hit subscribe, follow these steps below:

  1. Head to
  2. Click the blue ‘Subscribe’ button
  3. Enter your shipping & billing information
  4. Hit ‘Complete Purchase’


Keto Krate Review

Where is Keto Krate located?

Keto Krate is located in Austin, Texas.

How do I cancel my Keto Krate subscription?

If there ever comes a time when you need to cancel your Keto Krate subscription, stick to the guidelines below:

  1. Log in to your Keto Krate portal
  2. Click on ‘Subscriptions’ in the top menu
  3. Choose ‘Cancel’ on the subscription you wish to cancel

This Keto Krate review notes that to avoid an additional billing charge, be sure to cancel your account before 11:00 pm EST on the 2nd of each month.

What is Keto Krate’s Shipping Policy?

Keto Krate ships to all US destinations, including APO and FPO boxes–for free! Your Krate will ship out on the 3rd of each month and will get to your door between the 10th-15th of the month. Once your order ships you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking link. Use this link to follow your parcel’s progress right to your door.

What is Keto Krate’s Return Policy?

Keto Krates are non-refundable, but you can cancel your subscription at any time. If your box arrives and you find any items are missing or damaged, let them know as soon as possible by emailing the brand’s support team.

Within your email, include a description of the issue along with some photos of the damaged items. Keto Krate will get back to you within 24 hours and do their best to fix the issue.

How to Contact Keto Krate

If you need any other information that this Keto Krate review did not include, you can get in touch with the brand by using any of the following methods:

Still hungry? Explore your options for snacks with these top subscriptions:



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