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Le Wand Review

When it comes to wands and wand-like sex accessories, Hitachi has remained at the top for quite some time. People got used to the look and feel of the tried-and-trusted device, which is why when Le Wand stepped on the scene, unapologetically itself, sex toy fanatics and novices alike gasped and gripped their sheets in awe.

Le Wand offers sleek, aesthetically-pleasing sex toys that are made of high-quality materials. Its easy-to-use designs have caught the attention of 25.8k followers on its Instagram page.

Making waves ever since it appeared on the scene, the brand has been praised by Popsugar, Elite Daily, Bustle, Health, and Cosmopolitan. Le Wand also boasts an impressive number of trophies, including XBIZ Awards for Best Luxury Line of the Year (2020) and Progressive Company of the Year (2019), a Women’s Health Femtech Award (2018), and others.

If you are on the edge about whether you should upgrade your sex toy collection, we invite you to read this Le Wand review. In it, we’ll provide you with all of the details on the company, its collection, customer ratings, and much more.

But first, let’s look at who is behind the sleek, sexy, and easy-to-use toys, and how it came to be one of the most talked-about sex brands.

Overview of Le Wand

Le Wand Review

Founder and CEO Alicia Sinclair has been involved in the sex-positive community and intimacy industry for more than 16 years. So, it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about sexual wellness and the role that toys can play in that.

Before launching Le Wand, Alicia’s extensive resume includes working at the Department of Justice on adult industry-related task forces in addition to her position as a vice president at Jimmyjane—a high-end sex accessory company. To this day, she is a Certified Sex Expert, Sex Educator, and Sexuality Coach, and part of the World Association of Sex Coaches.

Combining all of these experiences together, through Le Wand, Alicia hopes to encourage adults to enjoy a healthy, pleasurable, experimental, and consensual sex life. Take this excerpt from the brand’s site:

Designed with pleasure in mind for all bodies, Le Wand embraces and champions intimacy for all with powerful, versatile pleasure tools that insist on bringing you to the next level. We’re proud to be people’s go-to for orgasms they can count on — over & over again.

Le Wand is headquartered in Havana, Florida, though it doesn’t disclose where its products are made.

We know you like to dive straight into the good stuff, but first, this Le Wand review will cover the highlights.


  • Wide range of sex toys, accessories, and essentials, ranging from vibrators to edible lubes and feminine wipes
  • Many toys can be customized
  • Multiple toy options that connect to the We-Connect app for Bluetooth or long-distance control
  • Products contain safe ingredients or are made from safe materials
  • 1 and 2-year warranties + lifetime guarantees
  • Sex-positive blog on brand’s website
  • Discreet shipping provided
  • Available in retailers across several countries

This Le Wand review will now get on to the good stuff. Featuring a collection of ergonomic toys, sensual serums, intoxicating candles, smooth lubricants, and more, you’ll find everything you need to take your solo or partnered play to the next level. To get you started, we’ll introduce you to the products that customers are loving the most.

To make the payment process easier, Le Wand offers ZIP. Through this service, shoppers can pay for their order in 4 interest-free instalments.

Le Wand Review

In this section, this Le Wand review will cover the brand’s top-selling products, from rumbly vibrators to silk-smooth lubes. Note that every product in this lineup that is made from silicone is body-safe and free of BPA, phthalates, and latex.

Each toy on this list also comes with a 1-year or 2-year warranty and a lifetime guarantee. If your product breaks outside of the warranty period, the guarantee will get you 50% off of a new one. The company recommends that you register your device when you get it to make the process smoother.

Le Wand Petite Rechargeable Massager Review

The award-winning Le Wand Petite Rechargeable Massager offers the same powerful vibrations as the OG option, just in a smaller size. With 10 speeds and 6 patterns, you’ll be able to find the perfect combination to bring you over the edge.

The brand recommends this product for those new to vibrating massagers, thanks to its small size and how easy it is to use. There are three control buttons on the wand, but you’ll also receive a pleasure guide to help you customize your experience even more.

Equipped with a USB charger, it’ll take two hours to fully charge your Petite Rechargeable Massager, which will then give you one hour of playtime. Simply pop the device into the included discreet carry case when you’re done—but don’t forget to clean it first!

Available in bright blue, soothing violet, or elegant rose gold, get this Le Wand massager for $135.

Worried about battery life? The brand offers a Le Wand plug-in vibrator, too!

Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager Review

This is the OG, the Godfather of Le Wand vibrators, and the one that put ‘em on the map. And, there’s a reason for that.

The award-winning Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager offers ergonomic features that keep women coming back for more. With its flexible neck, 10 vibration speeds, and 20 patterns, you can personalize your experience to hit that ‘o’ every time—with or without a partner.

Designed for external stimulation, you’ll find three control buttons on the wand. This device takes three hours to fully charge, and that will give you the same amount of ‘me-time.’ The charger is included, as well as a travel case.

Available in three neutral colors, including black, grey, and white, add the Rechargeable Vibrating Massager to your arsenal of pleasure-inducing toys for $170.

Le Wand We-Vibe Melt Review

Nothing kills a mood more than the fear that your roommates can hear the obnoxious buzz of your vibrator—let’s face it, apartment walls aren’t very thick. Described as “whisper-quiet,” the Le Wand We-Vibe Melt might be the answer to your prayers.

Though small, this sleek coral-colored vibe has more options than you might initially think. It connects to the We-Connect app, which you can think of as the control center for all things pleasure. Here, you’ll be able to choose from the 12 levels of suction, as well as put it in sleep mode or monitor the battery level.

Speaking of the battery, it’ll take two hours to fully charge, which will then provide two hours of suction. Oh, and the We-Vibe Melt is completely waterproof.

Ready to keep your ‘me-time’ out of everyone else’s business? Get the super-quiet We-Vibe Melt for $150.

If you’re not into the suction, check out the Le Wand stainless steel sex toys. (Hint: or pair them together!)

Le Wand We-Vibe Jive Review

Designed to be your little secret, the Le Wand We-Vibe Jive is small but mighty. Its curved, G-spot-stimulating design easily tucks inside your body. Then, the device is controlled via Bluetooth (by you or a partner) for pleasure wherever and whenever you want.

Made from silicone, this ergonomic vibrator features 10 vibration patterns that can be customized via the We-Connect app. This app also allows for long-distance control. But, if you prefer a manual approach, there are two buttons on the outside of the device.

This vibrator is charged via USB, and one full charge provides two hours of stimulation. The We-Vibe Jive is also completely waterproof, meaning you can fully submerge it in the bathtub and enjoy the sensations.

Offered in a soft blue hue, treat yourself (or your partner) to the We-Vibe Jive for $120.

Le Wand Womanizer Starlet 2 Review

The Le Wand Womanizer Starlet 2 is small, fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand. Designed for external stimulation, this device features the brand’s signature Pleasure Air Technology and four levels of intensity, easily controlled by the buttons.

You may be wondering why it’s called the Womanizer—we suspect it is because this little vibe is Mr. Steal Yo’ Girl levels of good. You’ll be feeling sinfully empowered with this little device that gives your clitoris the attention it deserves.

Made of silicone, this device is completely waterproof. And, the brand actually recommends it for sex-toy novices, due to its simple, ergonomic, ultra petite size and how easily it can be maneuvered.

Available in coral or navy, get the Womanizer Starlet 2 for $80.

Le Wand Pussy Pump Review

If you’re not yet an expert in the world of sex toys, you’re probably wondering what a pump does. Meant for use before sexual activities, particularly anything involving a clitoris, this device “creates a vacuum seal over the vaginal area to increase sensitivity for greater orgasms.

Making you more sensitive to the lightest of touches, the Le Wand Pussy Pump consists of a 4-inch long ABS plastic chamber, which is attached to a hose and pumping mechanism. It features two quick-release ABS valves to enable quick removal, as well as a detachable hose.

But, that’s not all. With each order, you’ll also get a Clit Clamp—a “tweezer-style clip” that attaches to the clit for added stimulation.

Pump up your pleasure centers for $50. Then, try following it up with one of the Le Wand steel dildos.

Le Wand The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine Review

Save a horse, ride a cowboy—right? Get ready to saddle up and ride The Cowgirl into the sunset.

The 100% vegan leather saddle seat features handles for you to grip on to, a non-slip base, and comes with several body-safe attachments that rotate 360 degrees for multiple ways to play. You can connect the powerful, vibrating seat to the Cowgirl app for IOS and Android to control and customize your ride—even from long distances.

The package comes with a corded LED remote, global adapters (US, UK, AUS, EU), a user manual, and a guide to ride. Giddy up for $1,500.

Le Wand Complete Le Wand Pleasure Set Review

Orgasms are not ‘one-size-fits-all,’ but if you’re reading this Le Wand review, you probably already know that. Think of this Pleasure Set as a toolkit that provides sensations for whatever mood hits.

In addition to the OG Rechargeable Vibrating Massager in pearl, grey, or black, you’ll also receive five special attachments:

  • Ripple: a silicone dildo that features bumps along the inner edge; use it to combine internal and external stimulation
  • Curve: similar to the previous option, this dildo adds a curved shape to reach your g-spot
  •  Shiatsu Deep Tissue Massage: offers five bumps to relieve muscle tension in your body
  • Le Wand Silicone Texture Covers (2-Pack): two covers, one featuring ripples and one with bumps, to customize the external stimulation

The Complete Le Wand Pleasure Set offers a $305 value, but you can grab it for just $235.

Le Wand Woo More Play Coconut Love Oil Natural Lube Review

Lube is important! It’s unrealistic to expect to be like a slip-and-slide at all times, and any dryness can cause discomfort. The non-toxic Le Wand Woo More Play Coconut Love Oil Natural Lube is made from organic virgin coconut oil for a smooth experience—whether that’s solo or partnered play.

Featuring a subtle yet intoxicating vanilla scent, as well as a sweet flavor, this aromatic product helps heighten other senses, too. It’ll also leave your skin feeling silky smooth—not sticky.

When playtime is over, the Woo More Play Coconut Love Oil Natural Lube is easy to clean and won’t leave any telling marks on your favorite sheets. 

In terms of toys and condoms, Le Wand notes that this lube is suitable for silicone, glass, wood, ceramic, leather, PVC, sil-a-gel, lamb skin, and polyurethane. But, don’t pair it with TPE, cyberskin, jelly, rubber, or ABS.

A true nightstand necessity, lube up for $25 (3.3 fl oz). Note that this product comes with a one-year warranty.

Can You Shower With a Le Wand?

Le Wand Review

The bodies of the Le Wand Original and Petite are not waterproof, so they can’t be used in the tub. Submerging them in liquids will damage the hardware, leaving you with a dysfunctional toy and a voided warranty. The Petite is “splashproof” enough so that you can use it in the shower, as long as you are careful to not get it too wet.

But, this Le Wand review has good news. If you’d like to get your toy wet, opt for one of the brand’s other products, such as the We-Vibe Jive or the Womanizer Starlet 2—both are completely waterproof.

Because the OG massager is not waterproof, you’ll have to be careful when cleaning it. Clean the head with a damp cloth and a toy cleaner (such as the Le Wand Intimate Organic Toy Cleaner) or warm water and antibacterial, body-safe soap. More instructions can be found on each product page.

Note that the brand offers non-powered products, too. For other tub-friendly options, check out the Le Wand metal sex toys.

Who Is Le Wand For?

Le Wand Review

Le Wand’s products are for anyone who wants to enhance their solo or partnered play, whether it be through aromatic candles and bath bombs or intense vibrators.

Its OG Rechargeable Vibrating Massager is a multi-purpose accessory that can be used as a sex toy and a body massager by men and women. As a massager, its smooth and sleek design allows it to glide with the contours of the body, and its powerful vibration patterns allow it to provide relief.

As a sex toy, it can be used both externally and internally to provide men and women with earth-shattering orgasms. For women, the wand can be used externally to stimulate the vulva, clitoris, and other pleasure centers. It can also be used internally with the Curve or Ripple attachments, which are specifically designed for internal (anal, vaginal) stimulation.

For men, the wand can be used externally on the tip or shaft of the penis, testicles, perineum, or any other sensitive spot. Using the Curve or Ripple attachments, it can be used internally on his prostate.

Comparison: Le Wand vs. Hitachi

Le Wand Review

As we move towards a more sex-positive society, more brands have been launching toys and accessories to help people enjoy their bodies more. Plus, we no longer have to head to a store to get such intimate items. Instead, we can order them online and have them delivered discreetly to our doors.

To find out how our featured company compares to others on the market, this Le Wand review will compare it to a brand that has been around for a long time: Hitachi. More specifically, we’ll compare their traditional vibrating wands.

The Hitachi Magic Wand has been a hit since 1968 when the brand filed a trademark for the name. The device has deviated far from its original, boxy look, now featuring a sleek, rounded design that delivers a variety of vibration patterns. Let’s see how it compares to the much newer Le Wand version:

Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable:

  • Four vibration speeds and four patterns
  • Charge time and battery life not advertised
  • Can use for sexual play or as a massager
  • $125 at Target
  • Only offered in white with blue detailing
  • One-year warranty

Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager:

  • 10 vibration speeds and 20 patterns
  • Three hours to fully charge for three hours of use
  • Can use for sexual play or as a massager
  • Add-ons available to customize the experience (for an extra charge)
  • $170 on brand’s site
  • Offered in three colors: pearl, grey, and black
  • One-year warranty

As you can see, there are a lot of similarities between the products. But, the differences lie in cost and features. While Le Wand’s product is certainly more expensive, its device provides more speeds and patterns, as well as attachments to customize the experience to your preferences.

Le Wand Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Le Wand Review

Sure, the brand’s products sound pretty fantastic, but to find out what they’re really like, we’re going to need to hear from customers. Online testimonials on the company are quite sparse, but this Le Wand review uncovered some comments on blog sites and Reddit.

While the brand’s website doesn’t offer customer testimonials, we did find a number of threads on Reddit that discussed its collection in great detail. Given the number of new sex toy lines that have popped up in recent years, most commenters compare Le Wand to other options.

For example, one Redditor argues that the Rechargeable Vibrating Massager’s pros lie in its settings and appearance, but not its power. Take this excerpt:

Finally if you don’t need the raw power of the other ones but prefer pretty and gorgeous wands then look at the Le Wand, they are still powerful but not quite as powerful as their counterparts but they look really really good…They also have a few more features like 10 speeds and 20 patterns (unlike the the magic wands 4 speeds), travel locks, and…badges and stickers.

Additionally, other users appreciate that the wand has “attachments for both penis , as well as prostate stimulation.” This ensures that your experience can be tailored to your preferences and unique body.

Next, we turned to an in-depth testimonial on Miss Ruby Reviews. The author argues that, while the brand isn’t doing a lot to distinguish its wand from other massagers, it is “spa-esque” with its crisp pearlescent color, rose gold detailing, and body-safe, high-quality materials.

Her takeaway after trying the toy is that it’s powerful but buzzy (as opposed to rumbly), which isn’t her personal preference. But, the writer does note that it successfully “delivers orgasms,” and that the wand’s main perk is that it looks “less industrial” than other options. In other words, if you’re a sucker for aesthetics, the Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager is for you.

Finally, we headed over to blog Slutty Girl Problems. Here, the author awards the following ratings for the Petite:

  • 5/5 hearts (how much she likes it)
  • 5/5 stars (its quality)
  • 2/5 devils (its naughtiness)
  • 4/5 cars (vibration power)
  • 3/5 bees (noise)

The writer praises the Petite for its sleek look and powerful, varying, deep vibrations. Take this glowing excerpt:

Glamorously chic with a variety of deep vibrations, the Le Wand is sure to become a quick favorite! It has a sizable handle for total control during play, a flexible and interchangeable head to move with your body, and delivers strong sensations. This toy is great for those who enjoy moderate, teasing vibes to ones that will take you over the top in a matter of seconds.

Overall, shoppers appreciate Le Wand’s vibrators for their sleek appearance and reliability. While some users found the vibrations to be deep and powerful, others disagreed—which is normal! Everyone has different preferences, but from what we can tell, this brand is a good option to try for yourself.

Is Le Wand Worth It?

Le Wand Review

Due to the high-quality materials used, the warranties and Lifetime Guarantee, and the customization options, this Le Wand review definitely thinks the brand is worth it.

Many reviewers agree that the biggest feature that distinguishes the Le Wand Original from its predecessors is its aesthetic quality. But despite the fact that it is a luxurious-looking, high-quality device, it delivers the same pleasure power as the others. In other words, it’s a win-win.

Plus, the company offers multiple ways to save on your order. There’s also an extensive collection of products, ranging from dildos and vibrators to lubes and candles. For all of these reasons (and more!), we think the site is definitely worth checking out.

Le Wand Promotions & Discounts 

Le Wand Review

While researching, this Le Wand review kept an eye out for deals and promotions. Here’s what we found:

  • Free shipping on orders totaling $50 or more
  • Sign up for the e-newsletter for 20% off your first order
  • Purchase a bundle to save up to 40%

Where to Buy Le Wand

Le Wand Review

If you’re a US shopper, you’ll want to head to to take advantage of the brand’s deals. If you live outside of the US, there are authorized retailers that sell its products, such as Indigo in Canada and Wild Secrets in Australia. For a full list, see the International Shipping page.


Le Wand Review

Where is Le Wand Made?

Le Wand is headquartered in Florida. But, the brand does not disclose where its products are manufactured.

What is Le Wand’s Shipping Policy?

Le Wand currently only ships to locations within the US. Free ground shipping (UPS) is offered for orders over $50 for all of March 2022. Delivery costs and times are not listed on the website, but the company promises you discreet and secure shipping.

What is Le Wand’s Return Policy?

All of Le Wand’s products are covered by a 1 or 2-year warranty. If you discover dysfunction or damage with your product, simply reach out to the brand for a free replacement.

If your product breaks after the warranty expires, it’ll still be covered under the Lifetime Guarantee. Through this policy, you’ll get a 50% off code to use on a new product.

Shipping charges are only refunded if the product’s being defective is the reason for the return (if it is Le Wand’s fault, in other words). On the other hand, if you are simply unsatisfied with the product, you cannot return or exchange it—all products are final sale.

How to Contact Le Wand

If you have any questions after reading this Le Wand review, reach out to the brand via its online Customer Service Form. The team monitors inquiries Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST.

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