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Fleshlight Review

Loneliness, stress, boredom, they’re all likely to creep up on you as much as adrenaline, desire, and arousal. And what do you usually want when you’re feeling any of those, besides a late-night slice of pizza? You want somebody.

Sadly, people aren’t always available. But, with a Fleshlight, you’ll likely never have to worry about being alone again. 

This Fleshlight review will cover every inch of the company, from their partnerships to their products, and even customer testimonials, so that you won’t have to frazzle yourself when all you’ve got around are some tissues and your roommate’s moisturizer.

Overview of Fleshlight

Fleshlight Review

Steve Shubin founded Fleshlight back in 1995. He created the original device as a sperm collecting tool but soon realized its true capabilities.

The company’s headquarters is situated in Austin, Texas. Their line of masturbatory products has become so popular that they’re a generic trademark for all sex toys. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Fleshlight Quickshot or a Gynorific X-Treme Exemplary X-Rated Suction Straddle with Pulsating Valves and a Detachable Basket; they’re all colloquially called Fleshlights.

The brand has worked alongside many top adult video stars like Lisa Ann, Mia Malkova, and Nicole Aniston to bring customers an experience that can surpass what happens on screen.

This upcoming section of the Fleshlight review will slip into something more comfortable, but while we’re away you can read through a brief list of the company’s pros and cons:


  • Offers a variety of pleasure products to help satisfy everyone’s deepest desires
  • Sex toys can be used with partners as well as solo
  • The company discreetly ships products under inconspicuous descriptions
  • Partners with world-famous adult entertainers
  • Has a line of products for gay men as well


  • Their more expensive products are so intricately designed that they’ve negated how pleasurable the more affordable sleeves are
Fleshlight Review

Beyond typical gizmos, this Fleshlight review found that the company also allows customers to build their own Fleshlight.

Furthermore, the company offers dildos and sex toys shaped like male orifices, often molded after the industry’s leading male stars.

On the flip side, the more tame options you’ll find available through Fleshlight are cock rings, condoms, cleaning liquids, lubricants, and vibrators.

Fleshlight Girls Review

This segment of our Fleshlight review will go through the company’s best-selling Girls products.

Fleshlight Girls is the brand’s line of sex toys molded after some of the most popular adult entertainment stars on the planet, so buckle up and let’s get started.

Fleshlight Mia Malkova Review

Chances are that if you’ve made it this far into our Fleshlight review then you know about Mia Malkova. 

She needs little introduction, and it’s no surprise that the Fleshlight Mia Malkova butt orifice is one of the company’s high-selling toys. One quick Google image search in incognito mode will explain why. 

The 9” deep Fleshlight sleeve is available as a mold of Malkova’s butt or lady orifice. Its marvelous mold can massage, meander, and maximize sensations. 

You can feel every inch of the 2019 Pornhub Awards Top Blowjob Performer for $90.

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Review

Autumn Falls has racked up her own impressive award catalog, winning the Top Newcomer title at the 2019 Pornhub Awards and both the Best New Starlet and Hottest Newcomer distinctions at the 2020 XBIZ Awards and the 2020 AVN Awards respectively. 

So, if you want to spend a steamy night alone with her, in a sultry hotel room where no rules exist, the Fleshlight Autumn Falls can deliver the closest possible experience.

This bedroom partner looks to transpose Falls’ flair into the product with its cream color and true-to-life mold

The best part is that unlike a true single-night extravaganza with the star, you can revisit her Fleshlight counterpart any time you want.

Both the butt and lady orifices are 9” deep and available for a cool $90.

Fleshlight Quickshot Review

Next up in this Fleshlight review is an overview of the brand’s Quickshots.

Fleshlight Quickshots are the company’s smallest sleeve, but they haven’t skimped out on pleasure for inches. The products are filled with deep rims and curves to help you reach untold levels of Nirvana.

They measure 4.4”, with 3.3” of insertable length.

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Pack Review

The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Pack has everything you could need from a Fleshlight bundle package.

Included in the bundle is the Fleshlight SuperSkin Sleeve, a sleeve case, storage lids, as well as 4 oz of both Fleshlub Water and Fleshlub Toy Cleaner.

The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage’s small size makes it easier to clean. Additionally, both the butt and lady orifices are readily available without needing to take the sleeve out of its holster.

Both holes can heighten sexual experiences with another partner, or you can use them all by yourself. 

Originally costing $65, the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Pack is now on sale for $55.

Fleshlight Quickshot Stamina Training Unit Lady Pack Review

The Fleshlight Quickshot Stamina Training Unit Lady Pack is the best bundle for your money if you want something small, innocuous, and teeming with possibilities. 

The simple design makes it hassle-free for both indulgence and cleaning. That’s compounded by the fact that Fleshlight includes a 4 oz bottle of the FleshLube Water and a bottle of their FleshWash in the package.

You can pick up the Fleshlight Quickshot Stamina Training Unit Lady Pack for $55, a discount on the usual $65 cost.

Fleshlight Flight Review

The goods in this segment of the Fleshlight review were designed for long, lonely flights.

The Fleshlight Flight’s slim and understated design gives them a degree of innocence, so you can sneak away to the onboard washroom for a single-person ticket to the mile-high club.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot Review

The Fleshlight Flight Pilot is an 8” deep cavern of varying widths, ridges, and curves so you feel like you’re a pilot navigating some naughty turbulence.

The product also comes with its own carrying case, perfect if you do travel as much as a real pilot. Take off to new pleasure destinations with your own Fleshlight Flight Pilot for $57.

Fleshlight Sleeves Review

Fleshlight Sleeves are the brand’s line of best-selling insertable sleeves. Each flaunts a different interior canal design, so no two sleeves feel like the same experience.

We do note that the sleeves are not sold with cases included.

Fleshlight Destroya Pink Review

A hero’s tale of experiences lay in the Fleshlight Destroya Pink. You’ll navigate bumped rings, tight caverns, titillating teeth, and a final pleasure dome, which is where your journey will reach its sublime climax.

The 9” deep Fleshlight Destroya Pink is available in both orifices, butt and lady, for $60. You deserve it, you rascal, you.

Fleshlight Launch Review

This section of the Fleshlight review may read like science fiction, but we’ve entered the future. A Fleshlight Launch is a dual-function video mount and automatic pump, turning a typically one-man show into a sensory extravaganza we didn’t believe was possible with modern technology.

Fleshlight Universal Launch Review

The Fleshlight Universal Launch is a hands-free automatic stroking attachment compatible with these Fleshlight products: 

  • Fleshlight Go
  • Fleshlight Turbo
  • Stamina Training Unit
  • Fleshlight Vibro
  • Fleshjack Boys
  • Fleshlight Girls

It features a phone mount so you can lay back, watch a video, and let the device pamper you like a king.

This product is capable of delivering up to 250 strokes a minute. If you can match that manually then you’ve probably reached a higher stage of evolution.

It can supply various stroke lengths (short, medium, long) and positions (base, shaft, tip) while lasting up to 60 minutes. You won’t need batteries either as the Fleshlight Universal Launch includes a charger.

Spoil yourself with climax incarnate for $211.

Who Is Fleshlight For? 

Fleshlight Review

Fleshlight has just about everyone covered with their products. Their line of portable toys is perfect if you often travel for work, and their Fleshlight Girls products can edge your wildest fantasies one step closer to reality. Plus, they even sell products for women.

Fleshlight Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Fleshlight Review

While it’s been fun keeping this Fleshlight review as a two-person affair, we’d be lying if we weren’t interested in bringing in a third, a fourth, or maybe even more. Let’s add to the party by covering what Fleshlight customers have to say about the company.

Reviews on the Fleshlight website are all brazenly positive. They were breathless after a few rounds, reaching for water bottles and dripping in sweat. Many customers loved the products for their feel and pleasurable designs. 

This return customer was pleased with his Fleshlight Mia Malkova purchase: “The Mia Sleeve is absolutely fantastic. It has a very good texture and I am very happy with it. Very happy with the addition to my growing collection.

Another customer went in-depth about how the Fleshlight Mia Malkova’s depth and design left him drained. 

This sleeve is great. It is definitely in my top three. I love the tight opening and the texture bumps in the beginning. As you slide in the canal gets a little bigger but when you are deeper in, the texture and waffling are also great. I also love the color and external aesthetics of the lips!

Customers were delighted by how easy the products were to clean. One 5/5 star review summarizes their feelings as, “Easy to clean. Feels better than my hands. I totally recommend it.

Amazon also has a stellar amount of Fleshlight customer reviews. 

There, the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage has a 4/5 star rating based on over 2,500 customer reviews. Based on what customers said, the device fits even the most well-endowed of men while also being easy to clean, portable, and discrete.

This review details why the customer found the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage to be an essential purchase: 

I travel quite a bit and it gets very lonely at times. I love how compact this device is. I can put it in my carry-on and as soon as I get to the hotel wham bam thank you ma’am. My husband and my girlfriend love it too! It’s small enough that you could even use it as a stocking stuffer for the upcoming Christmas holiday season.

Another product, the Fleshlight Pink Lady Original Sleeve, has a high 4/5 star rating from over 980 customer reviews as well. 

Fans celebrated how Fleshlight discreetly ships their products, saving them from potential embarrassment. 

Lastly, this Fleshlight review will cover Reddit’s thoughts on the brand. A poll conducted there found that out of 150 fan votes, 65 said the products exceeded their expectations, while another 42 said Fleshlight met their expectations. 

Redditors swooned with how good Fleshlights felt and how easy they were to clean. They liked how each product’s design distinguished them and loved how the small touches, like the lips and ridges, elevated their pleasure.

Here’s the simplest, yet most honest, Fleshlight customer endorsement. I didn’t think it could feel better than hand stuff. I was very wrong.

This Fleshlight review has compiled the scores of the company’s best-selling products from their website. Check them out:

  • Fleshlight Girls Mia Malkova: 5/5 stars based on over 30 ratings
  • Fleshlight Girls Autumn Falls: 5/5 stars based on over 220 ratings
  • Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Pack: 5/5 stars based on over 90 ratings
  • Fleshlight Quickshot Stamina Training Unit Lady Pack: 5/5 stars based on over 25 ratings
  • Fleshlight Flight Pilot: 5/5 stars based on over 215 ratings

Some reviews mentioned the higher price point, but that’s because Fleshlight designs the interiors with the highest qualities. Many sex toys are simply smooth on the inside, but Fleshlights aim to provide a more realistic sensation with their ornately designed interior orifices.

So, the brand can deliver portable, stress-free, and mess-free pleasure. At least, that’s what their customers are saying, and we’re very inclined to believe their ecstatic reviews.

Is Fleshlight Worth It?

Fleshlight Review

Maybe it’s because most of the world distanced itself from each other over the past year, but this Fleshlight review sees the merit in the brand’s products.

You never know when pangs for intimacy will strike. It’s better to plan ahead with a Fleshlight than it is to be left to your own devices.

Fleshlight Promotions & Discounts 

Fleshlight Review

Fleshlight offers free shipping on orders over $102, not too shabby considering their product’s price range.

What’s more, the company offers even more savings with their brand loyalty program, where every Fleshlight product you buy nets you Fleshbucks. 

You can redeem your Fleshbucks for credit. The program has three tiers:

  • Bronze Tier: You’ll receive 1 Fleshbuck for every dollar you spend
  • Silver Tier: You’ll receive 2 Fleshbucks for every dollar you spend
  • Gold Tier: You’ll receive 4 Fleshbucks for every dollar you spend

You’ll also earn Fleshbucks by interacting with the company on their social media, like writing reviews and liking the brand’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Here’s a full breakdown of how Fleshbucks transfer over to store credit:

  • 500 Fleshbucks: $5 off of your purchase
  • 1,000 Fleshbucks: $10 off of your purchase
  • 2,500 Fleshbucks: $25 off of your purchase
  • 5,000 Fleshbucks: $50 off of your purchase
  • 10,000 Fleshbucks: $100 off of your purchase

Where to Buy Fleshlight

Fleshlight Review

You can purchase Fleshlight products on the company website, fleshlight.com, or through various online retailers like Amazon and Lovehoney. 

Many in-person sex shops also carry Fleshlight goods.


Fleshlight Review

What is Fleshlight’s Privacy Policy?

Fleshlight does not sell any of the information they collect about their clients to other third-party companies. 

How does Fleshlight Declare the Items in Customs?

The customs office won’t judge you for your package. Fleshlight declares each product category under alternative names. For example, Fleshlight Sleeves are declared as rubber sleeves, and vibrators will be written as personal massage tools.

What is Fleshlight’s Shipping Policy?

Free shipping is only for customers living in Canada through Canada Post ground shipping. Orders must total over $100 to be eligible for free shipping.

While the brand does ship internationally, this Fleshlight review found that many countries cannot receive Fleshlight products. For more information, visit the company’s FAQ page to see if your country is eligible to receive Fleshlight goods.

Orders in Canada can take anywhere from 1 to 9 business days to ship, depending on which shipping option you select.

US orders can take anywhere from 1 to 4 business days, based on which service you prefer. 

International shipments are delivered within 2 to 6 business days.

What is Fleshlight’s Return Policy?

Fleshlight only accepts returns on products that have never been used or opened, for obvious reasons. 

You’ll have 30 days after your order has been delivered to return it. Returns must be addressed to the company’s Mississauga, Ontario, Canada branch. You can find that address on the FAQ page on their website.

How to Contact Fleshlight

There are plenty of ways you can speak to a Fleshlight representative.

  1. Call the company toll free at 888-804-4453
  2. International callers can reach the company through their international number, +1-512-865-5266
  3. Email the company at [email protected]
  4. Fill out the Contact Us Form on their Contact Us webpage

Fleshlight’s customer service hours are 7 am to 7 pm CST. Their lines are open every day of the week.

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