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About Dame Products

Dame Products Review

Dame Products engineers vibrators for women and other accessories for couples to accentuate women’s sexual experience and give them more orgasms. Dame Products designs these tools with the aim to provide “life-changing education to your bedroom.” 

Interestingly, a 2016 study[1] found that only 6% of women report they always have an orgasm during intercourse, while 16% report orgasming about half of the time, and 38%  at most report orgasming frequently. Why are these numbers so low?

One study[2] found women’s orgasms, regardless of sexual orientation, are less predictable and more varied than men’s orgasms. So, we might not be familiar with our own bodies and the best way to get to the finish line. 

Plus, heterosexual encounters[3] in our society typically focus on penetrative intercourse. This matters because clitorally focused sexual activities are a more realistic way of achieving orgasm for many women. 

In fact, another study[4] found that about 36% of women require clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm, while another 36% don’t require it but feel their orgasms are better when their clitoris is paid attention to. 

Dame Products has been featured on countless media outlets, including Fast Company, Forbes, The Today Show, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Vice, and more. Is the brand as good as the media hypes it up to be? That’s what we’re here to find out.

This Dame Products review will take a peek at what the company is all about, what products they make, customer feedback, promotions, and more, to help you decide if this brand is the right fit for you.

Overview of Dame Products

Dame Products Review

Sexologist Alexandra Fine and engineer Janet Lieberman founded Dame Products in 2014, which currently operates out of Brooklyn, NY. Their mission is to “close the pleasure gap” between men and women. 

This gender gap in sexual pleasure[5] is all too real and is perpetuated by the narrative that heterosexual intercourse has to involve penile-vaginal intercourse. 

It all started with Eva, the most crowdfunded sex toy in history, which speaks to how high the demand is for female-first sex toys. With time and feedback, Dame Products has grown to satisfy the needs of women with toys of all different shapes and sizes

Their Dame vibrators are made from feedback gathered in Dame Labs, a community of over ten thousand people. This Dame Products review will now list the highlights of the company: 


  • Designed by women for women
  • Provides sex education
  • Waterproof toys
  • Rechargeable (no batteries, hooray!)
  • All prototypes are tested by women & couples
  • 60-day return policy (even for used items)

Dame Products creates vibrators, accessories, andcurated sets to help women access their full-orgasm potential. Let’s take a look at some of the items they offer in this Dame Products review.

Dame Products Review

Dame Vibrators Review

Dame Products vibrators were developed with female pleasure and anatomy in mind. Each one has a unique design to suit your needs. This Dame Products review will now review their best selling vibrators

Dame Products Eva II Review

Eva II is innovative, to say the least. Its groundbreaking design is made for hands-free clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. For those who aren’t aware, the clitoris becomes highly sensitive during sex, so giving it some extra TLC when the moment strikes can do wonders for your orgasms.  

Eva II tucks in nicely to your vulva, stays out of the way, and does its thing so you can use your hands for other important things like hair grabbing or gentle caressing. Nervous about purchasing a vibrator? Don’t let the stigma[6] surrounding sex toys get in the way of your pleasure. In fact, vibrator use is totally normal. One study[7] showed that over half of women use vibrators.

Eva II works wonders, so you can try different positions and support your (or your partner’s) weight and still get your kicks in. Though Eva II is designed for partnered play, it works great for solo adventures too. Eva II can be paired with other sex toys, like dildos, or can be used on its own.

This Eva Dame Products review discovered that the 3-speed vibrator is waterproof and contains medical-grade silicone. Eva II also comes with a handy charging case (read our FAQ on how to Charge Eva II). 

For more information on how to use this handy little tool, watch the Dame Products Eva video on the products page on the brand’s official website, or read the Dame Products Eva II How to Use manual. Eva II sells for $135

Dame Arc Review

In this Dame Products Arc review, we’ll tell you what’s so great about this vibe. Arc was designed to hit all the right angles, giving you the freedom to explore what feels best. You can use Arc internally or externally. It’s a G-spot vibrator but works just as well as a clitoral stimulator

Arc’s handle makes play easy on your wrist, and the company suggests trying out different motions like rocking, rotating, steady nestling, and sliding in and out. The squishy bulb at the end is great for accessing your G-spot in a soft-loving way. Arc also has a strong motor and features 5 different patterns and intensities

Arc is waterproof and made from medical grade silicone. It includes a magnetic USB charger. Arc is $115, and has been described as “the best self-care purchase ever” on the Dame Products website.

Dame Pom Review

A firm, pointy tip and a flexible body will help you to bring pleasure to the right areas during solo or partnered play. Being easy to hold onto may mean you never want to let Pom go. The range of speeds and patterns means you can switch things up easily and bring a little variation into playtime. 

Pom is waterproof and made with medical-grade silicone[8]. Its squishy, flexible body fits into the palm of your hand. It has 5 patterns and 5 different intensities, which means there is a lot of exploration and fun in your future with Pom.

Featuring a magnetic USB charger, plug the magnetic charger into Pom and the USB into a wall adapter or laptop. The Pom vibrator is $95

Dame Fin Review

Fin fits between two fingers, adding stimulation to wherever you touch. The options are endless really, touching and teasing with Fin is easy; it feels like an extension of your hand, just with a little more zing. Use the tether for a more secure fit.

Fin is water-resistant, made with medical-grade silicone, and is USB rechargeable. This versatile vibrator has 3 different speeds. Press the button on the top to turn on and then again to cycle through the speeds. This Dame Products vibrator costs $85.

As with all Dame products, Fin features a travel mode that can be activated by holding the button for 10 seconds. The light will blink the count and turn red when in travel mode, which means the device cannot be turned on accidentally. To exit this mode, just plug Fin in. 

Dame Zee Review

Zee is a tiny little guy that will bring you big-O’s. A great bedside or on-the-go companion. If you’re new to vibrators, Zee is a great place to start, as it has all of the basics for an affordable price. It lasts for 1 hour on the highest setting and takes 1 hour to recharge. 

Zee is a simple, straight forward vibe featuring 3 different speeds that you can activate by pressing the bottom. Press once to turn on, then again to cycle through the different speeds. Zee is water-resistant, is made with Soft Touch ABS Plastic, and is USB rechargeable, so you don’t have to keep going to the store to buy batteries. 

Charge Zee by lifting the silicone charging port tab and plugging in the micro-USB end of the charging cable. Then plug into a wall adapter or even your laptop. The Zee bullet vibrator is $30

Dame Products Sets Review

Dame Products put together these handy little sets to help you achieve maximum pleasure. This Dame Products review will now go over as some of their best selling sets.

Hands-Free Set

The Hands-Free Set helps you to get exactly what you need, with the least effort possible. The Pillo raises any part of your body that you’d like as elevated as your orgasm is going to make you feel. Eva II tucks into your labia and stays in place, providing steady clitoral stimulation, while Pillo gives you extra support. 

Pillo has a water-resistant liner, is machine washable, and has a soft cotton cover with grabbable handles. The Hands-Free Set is now $190 but is normally $230. A set you can depend on when you want to ramp things up in the bedroom, or wherever!

Duo Set 

Duo Set Review

The Duo Set is the perfect love-making kit or fun-making kit. Or both. Whatever your vibe!

The Duo Set contains 5 different items: the Zee (bullet vibrator), 2 Alu packets (aloe-based lube), 2 pairs of socks (unisex), 2 latex condoms, and The Stash (sex toy pouch). Aloe[9] is a natural ingredient and is actually used to soothe skin irritations rather than cause them, so it is safe for use during intercourse. 

Dame Products socks keep your toesies warm to increase blood flow, resulting in better orgasms. Condoms and lube, because slippery and protected are better than dry and not. All this wrapped up in a handy little carrying case. The Duo Set is $50 but has an $82 value.

Partners Optional Set

The Partners Optional Set is the perfect pair for solo play, but if you want to include a partner, that’s cool too. More fun for the both of you! 

With Eva II’s flexible wings, the vibrator stays put on its own, meaning you can use your hands to use Arc or play with other things as well. Arc is a G-spot vibrator but also operates as an external stimulator for your clit or any other spots as well.

You can get The Partners Optional Set right now for $220, normally $250.

Dame Products Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Dame Products Review

As you can imagine, there’s no shortage of Dame Products customer reviews across the internet. This is one popular brand! 

Amazon customers who bought the Pom rate the company as 5 stars among 54% of users and with 13% of users giving 4 stars. 

Positive Amazon reviews write that the women who designed the Pom knew “exactly what they were doing” and that the product isliterally life-changing” and has a great variety of settings and speeds with an awesome amount of power when wanted.” 

Some Dame Products Reddit reviews recommend other less pricey vibrators, while others praise Dame vibrators. According to one notable Dame Products review: “unlike any other toy I’ve seen/used, the Dame Eva II has wings that sit underneath the labia to provide hands free clitoral stimulation during sex. It’s pretty amazing.”

A Dame Products review from Allure mentioned: “unlike the Fin, which is small and delivers concentrated vibrations to the clit (or whatever erogenous zone you’re focusing on), the Pom is shaped like the palm of your hand and can cover your entire vulva area for maximum pleasure.”

Reviews on DameProducts.com are filled with all sorts of praise and thanks to the company. This one about the Arc says, “I thought I knew where my G-spot was, and then this product told me.”

Is Dame Products Worth It?

Dame Products Review

There are a lot of satisfied Dame Products customers out there, and it cannot be denied that their vibrators are designed perfectly for the female body. 

The negative reviews the brand has received regarding a lack of intensity should be taken with a grain of salt, as everyone has different preferences. If you’ve used vibrators heavily throughout your sexually active life, then you may prefer a higher level of vibration. For someone starting and exploring their body, a little less powerful is better. 

This Dame Products review found many more positive reviews than negative. Bonus: they have a 60-day return policy, even if you use the products. So you can feel free to try them out and ship them back if the toy isn’t right for you.

Dame Products Review

Dame products are more expensive than other vibrators, but the reviews that talk about the toys changing their sex lives completely make this Dame Products review think that they are worth the buy

Dame Products Promotions & Discounts 

You can subscribe to their newsletter to get a Dame Products discount code. Other than that, there are no other promotions available right now, but keep checking their site regularly for a Dame Products coupon code.

Where to Buy Dame Products

Dame Products Review

You can buy Dame Products directly from their website, DameProducts.com. The vibrators are also available on Amazon, in various sex toys shops, and on Goop. 


Where is Dame Products located?

Dame Products NYC Headquarters are located in Brooklyn, New York. Their fulfillment center is also located in the US. 

How do you use a Dame Fin?

Dame Products designed Fin to be versatile, so they leave it up to you to discover what you like best. Include the tether to slip over your finger for more security. You can hold Fin at the tip of your fingers or close to your palm, above or below the hand, and with either the end of the bulb facing forward. 

How long does Pom take to charge? 

Pom takes 2 hours to reach a full charge. Once fully charged, Pom lasts 1 hour on the highest setting. 

How do I charge my EVA 2? 

Eva II comes with its charging base. Simply plug the charging base into the wall, and nestle Eva into the base, by putting the “wings” into the two holes on the side, and the body into the larger hole in the middle. 

What is Dame Products’ Shipping Policy?

Dame Products currently offers shipping within the US and Canada. But normally, they ship to the following countries as well: Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. 

For US customers, orders over $100 get free shipping. International orders do not qualify for free shipping, and shipping costs for those orders do not include international taxes or duties. For customs purposes, the product description on your customs forms will read “Battery-Operated Massager” to keep your order as discreet as possible. 

Once your order is placed, it can take up to 7 days to get your package. For orders under $100, US Shipping is as follows:

  • USPS Priority Mail $7.50
  • UPS Ground (Office/Commercial) $10
  • UPS Ground (Residential) $10
  • UPS 2-Day (No Weekend/Holiday delivery) 3 pm ET Cutoff $15
  • UPS Next Business Day (No Weekend/Holiday delivery) 3 pm ET Cutoff $25

 Dame Products Canada shipping is at a flat rate of $25.

When your order ships, Dame Products will send you a tracking number that you can track online via the postal service. 

What is Dame Products’ Return Policy?

If you bought your Dame Products directly from their website, you can return them within 60 days for a full refund. At Dame, they believe everyone has the right to try something out, and acknowledge that not every product will suit everybody’s taste. 

This Dame Products review needs to note that the refund is in the form of a website credit, and it never expires. If you change your mind somewhere along the road and want to try something different, your credit will be there waiting for you. However, credits never include the cost of shipping, just the cost of the product. 

If you’d like to start a return, email [email protected] and let them know. They’ll send you instructions on what to do. If your product is defective, it’s covered under their 3-year warranty, and they will happily send you a new one. 

How to Contact Dame Products

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this Dame Products review, you can reach out to the company by emailing: [email protected] or snail mail to the following address: 

Dame Products, 

101 North 10th Street, 

Suite 308, Brooklyn New York 

US 11249. 

They are also very responsive on their social media pages. Send them a message on Facebook or the Dame Products Instagram: @dameproducts. 

Safe sex and STI prevention are essential. Get tested and consult with experts at:





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Received Defective Product -- Pom
Asked by Billie Simion (3 years ago) Reply

I ordered Pom from Dame based on their recent product review in Women’s Health Magazine. I normally would go to a local store for such a product. And, I would not have spent $107, maybe $30 and have an operable product. However, the Dame Pom arrived defective. It will not power on, even after charging. When I went to read return instructions, I found that Dame will not give cash refunds, rather store credit/gift card. Why should I accept such terms when they sent me a defective product? Why would I want to spend any more money with this company? I have emailed them and am hoping they do the fair and ethically right thing, if for no other reason than the reputation of their company.

Answered by Molly Bryden (1 year ago) Reply

Dame products has ignored that I unsubscribed to get reorders of a lube. No phone to call. They have ignored every email I have sent except to give me some offer of a coupon for $16 something. I just received another order. Checked my status was deactivated. Can’t get a proper reply to my issue and they are using a new card not listed as a payment card. They must have got hold of my new debit card that is not on their payment page. Scammers!

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