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LELO Review

LELO is a wellness brand that provides unique sex products for men and women. Intent on providing customers with the right tools and resources to maintain a healthy sexual appetite, they’re resolute on embodying sensuality. You’ll discover luxury sex toys, condoms, and moisturizing lubricants as well as bundles for either solo or partnered play.

Despite being such a new company, LELO has made a name for itself as a luxury retailer in such a distinct industry and has a stable 205k Instagram followers. Featured in many articles by some of the heavyweights such as Forbes, Buzzfeed, InStyle, and Cosmopolitan, it is the darling new brand by winning a few awards from XBIZ Europa and Adultex.  

You’re obviously dying to know what the brand has and whether their products are worth the buy. In the next few sections of this LELO review, we’ll look at some of the brand’s best-selling products, customer ratings, and promotions to help you determine if the brand will give you a mind-blowing experience. 

Overview of Lelo

LELO Review

Founded in 2003, LELO started out in Stockholm where Swedish designers—Eric Kalen, Carl Magnuson, Filip Sedic—asked themselves the question: How can sex toys be luxurious? This sparked the conception of LELO, creating intimate objects of quality materials, even ones that could be put on display like art.

The trio sought to eliminate discreet packaging and cheap-looking products to form a sexual wellness brand that delivered stylish goods and designer packaging. There’s no need to feel shame around your sex toys anymore!  

There seems to be an endless number of sexual wellness brands and like most, Lelo is bound to have a few upsets associated with being a luxury retailer in a restricted industry. To start, this LELO review will highlight some of the brand’s highlights.


  • High-tech sex products for both men and women
  • Helpful video guides on the website explain product info
  • Delivered in discreet parcel boxes
  • 1-year warranty on all tech products 
  • Coupon codes offered
  • Customers can pay in instalments using Sezzle
  • Free standard shipping 

The intimate wellness industry does not have to be laden with cheap products and tacky packaging. As a luxury brand, LELO is committed to crafting the finest goods you’ll want to invest in, versus tawdry items that are easily accessible but never last long enough.

With a couple of products that will arouse you in more ways than one, the brand aims to provide only the best when it comes to your sexual health and well-being. In the next section, this LELO review will walk you through the brand’s best-selling toys and condoms.

LELO Toys Review

LELO Review

Regardless of whether you intend to go solo or make the most of bedroom play with your partner, the brand has an item for everyone. Not sure where to begin? Breathe a sigh of relief, because this LELO review will break down everything the brand has to offer your ecstatic journey. 


If you have only stuck to the tried and true, you may be missing out on something spectacular. Enter the LELO SONA—a massager that uses sonic pulses so you’ll feel those orgasms deep inside your body. 

With multiple awards under its proverbial belt, the LELO SONA has changed the way women are approaching masturbation. Instead of focusing solely on the outer part of the clitoris, this massager will thrill every single area of your lady parts. 

The SONA has a rounded mouth and comes with eight different vibrations so you can find one that suits your mood best. Whether you use it in the shower, bath, or in bed, this 100% waterproof massager will still rock your world. It’s also made for easy cleanup so there’s no need to plan out when you treat yourself. 

The LELO SONA retails at $69, currently on sale for $59. You can also purchase it with four interest-free payments through Sezzle. 

LELO SONA Cruise Review

Think you can’t live without the SONA? Then you’ll want to check out the LELO SONA Cruise, designed to take you on a wild ride. Similar to the SONA previously mentioned in this LELO review, the SONA Cruise has all the same eight vibrating settings but with more of a wow factor.  

Constructed with a larger surface, the SONA Cruise’s smart function is designed to increase its potency when it’s held tight against your body. This means you’ll never have to pause and switch gears but can feel every bit of intensity without missing a single moment.

Though it is waterproof and perfect for in-shower or bath use, the brand recommends using lube as water will create some unwanted friction on your tender bits. 

The LELO SONA Cruise retails at $99. Or purchase it with four interest-free payments through Sezzle. 

LELO SONA 2 Cruise Review

Same name but different. The LELO SONA 2 Cruise is the exact replica of the original Sona cruise in terms of functionality and appearance but with greater specs—we’re talking 12 levels of vibrations. Talk about upleveling! 

How does it work? Using 20% less battery power, the SONA 2 Cruise won’t be dying out on you any time soon, as the vibrator gives off the same amount of power. Unlike most vibrators that simply die out, the SONA 2 Cruise takes that 20% of battery reserve and keeps the force going for your big finish!  

The LELO SONA 2 Cruise retails at $139, currently on sale for $118


Similar to its namesake, the LELO LOKI is the sneaky massager for any gents out there looking to raise the bar on their pleasure. 

With six different settings to pleasure your prostate area, the massager also has a safety ring to ensure secure use along with a better grip. Since it’s made with thin silicone, you’ll be able to feel every single sensation, even in water since you can take this bad boy into the shower with you.

The LELO LOKI comes in either blue or black and retails at $169, currently on sale for $127.


For women looking to have a magical time alone, the LELO SILA will help you explore your sensual imagination. 

Formatted with the same sonic technology (hello intense pulsations!) as the SONA devices covered earlier in the LELO review, the SILA has an opening that instantly clamps over the clit area before hitting you with gentle waves of pleasure. 

What makes the device unique is its 8 varying levels of intensity, allowing your body and vaginal area to be accustomed before building up to your big toe-curling finish. 

The LELO SILA retails at $169.


If you were a fan of the Rabbit, then it might be time to meet the LELO SORAYA 2 for an upgrade. 

With 12 distinct vibration settings, this vibrator offers stimulation on both your G-spot and clitoris—which means double the fun. With its pliable clitoris stimulator (calculated for your pleasure), it can easily adjust to any body type or shape. Add in the internal vibrating tip and your G-spot will thank you! 

The LELO SORAYA 2 retails at $219, currently on sale for $165. Or purchase it with four interest-free payments using Sezzle.


Masturbating can be exhausting, resulting in aching and sore hands if you’re someone who tends to take longer. Unfortunately, most brands only take women into consideration when manufacturing devices, leaving the guys out. Sorry, men.

Luckily, the brand has created a hands-free toy for men with the LELO HUGO, controlled by a wireless remote. Developed to boost your prostate climax by 33%, the HUGO comes with two motors that are strategically to hit the right spots, every time. 

And don’t be dismayed by the compact size, it packs a punch in the best way possible with its powerful pulses.

The LELO HUGO retails at $219. Or purchase it with four interest-free payments using Sezzle.

LELO F1S V2 Review

Tired of inferior sleeves? LELO heard you. The brand produced their ever-popular penis-sleeve with the LELO F1S, and it was so favored that they came out with the LELO F1S V2. And you better believe version 2 is even better. 

It may look like some sci-fi device but its metallic exterior hides a soft and smooth interior design, fashioned with a thick silicone sleeve for support. It’s also comfortable to move around, becoming an extension of your hand while the vibrating massager’s four levels and 10 responsive sensors allow you to choose a specific speed for your mind blowing climax.

This penis-sleeve also comes with seven different types of patterns, combined with its sonic pulsations, which hit specific nerves for that oh so good feeling. The cherry on top is the F1S V2 hooks up to an app so you can simply select your preferred modes easily, no fumbling required. 

The LELO F1S V2 retails at $219. Or purchase it with four interest-free payments using Sezzle.


Condom breakage during sex is a scary thing that can put an end to the fun and games, causing heightened alarm for both you and your partner. So what’s the solution to thinly fashioned latex? The LELO HEX

This LELO review has primarily focused on the brand’s toys but it’s important to shift gears and focus on the fundamentals of sexual wellness, and condoms are an essential part of happy and safe sex. 

LELO has crafted a condom with hexagonal support for more stability while the inner layer’s surface reduces slippage and the condom comes undone. If you think that sounds really thick, don’t worry. This is one of the thinnest lightly lubed condoms you’ll ever find! 

The LELO HEX comes in a pack of 36, retailing at $35 and is currently on sale for $21. Or purchase it with four interest-free payments using Sezzle.

Who Is LELO For? 

LELO Review

It’s clear from the contents of this LELO review that the brand is for adults 18+ who are serious about their sexual wellness and sex play. 

Comparison: LELO vs. Hello Cake

LELO Review

There are plenty of sexual wellness brands out there and each is different in its own way. To better understand the uniqueness of the featured brand, this LELO review will compare it to another sexual wellness brand, Hello Cake, to see how the two differ. 

Where LELO is luxe with definitive technology, Hello Cake is a friendly, drugstore brand that produces products for men and women, even targeting teenagers who are beginning their sexual journey and becoming aware of their body’s needs. 

Hello Cake’s branding is colorful and loud as they are outspoken about sex. On the other hand, LELO is all about sophistication with packaging that is sleek, like unboxing a designer handbag. 

Hello Cake focuses more on the accessorizing aspect of sex play. For instance, the brand has far more variety when it comes to condoms, moisturizers, and lubricants while Lelo places more attention on vibrators and massagers. 

In terms of pricing, it’s clear that Hello Cake is catering to a more beginner crowd, with $30 for a bullet vibe and $20 for a penis massager. 

Overall, these two brands deliver on totally different scales due to them having different objectives, prices, and product formulation as well as design. 

LELO Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

LELO Review

LELO is here to shake things up by revolutionizing a stagnant industry with technology and quality but to get a real exclusive, this LELO review considers it paramount to see what customers have to say about the brand.

On LELO’S site, hundreds and thousands of people have shared their thoughts on the brand’s best-selling products with most scoring remarkably high. On average, products are rated as 4.4/5 stars or above with more than 84% of customers recommending any given product. 

We’ll delve deeper into the SONA because it has been bought and commented on the most. Many of their satisfied customers remark on how they normally struggle with stimulation during sex, and the SONA helped solve those problems with ease. 

“I personally struggle with stimulation from intercourse alone, so the combination makes my time so much better and enjoyable without as much work or hand cramps. If you struggle like I do, this is so worth the purchase.”

Another satisfied customer of the SONA wrote, “This is not like other vibrators. They are fine. They do the job! They do a very fine job. But this one? *chefs kiss* This takes pleasure to a new arena and has given more intense, fun, multiple, intriguing, and amazing Big O’s.”

One customer wrote, “I’d like to express my gratitude and much respect for the professional conduct shown by your employee Deni. Deni swiftly and flawlessly handled the problem I had, showing a genuine concern and understanding for my situation. Deni’s attitude and extra efforts left a great impression on me.”

Next, we turned to Trustpilot to see what customers had to say about LELO and whether what was expressed on the brand’s site held credence. Luckily, LELO has a 4.5/5 star rating out of 427 reviews with the majority of comments describing exceptional customer service.

Of course, with any long-standing brand, there are bound to be a few negative reviews which center around customer service and possibly defective products. This LELO review notes that the customer service might require some improvements but overall, the majority of users are more than happy with their purchases. 

Is LELO Worth It?

LELO Review

Customers across the board generally recommend LELO products and swear by the brand’s high caliber. If you’re tired of mediocre toys that wear out quickly or can’t satisfy you, then LELO is a great option to transport you to your big O.

As a note, LELO seems worth it more so for women than men. Taking the numerous glowing reviews on women’s vibrators and massagers, there’s a lesser chance of being totally dejected once you try out the product and fall in love.

LELO Promotions & Discounts 

LELO Review

Who doesn’t love a good sale and discounts? With LELO’s pricing, any kind of savings is welcomed.

The brand does seasonal sales and runs a major sale event in the summer for 25% off of certain merchandise, with some toys marked down to 15% off. They even offer a 15% student discount with a verified ID. 

At the time of this LELO review, the brand is offering a free toy with purchases over $189

Where to Buy Lelo

LELO Review

Customers can visit to shop and browse through the brand’s products. You can also find LELO goods through Amazon, sex shops found through their store locator, and Walgreens. 


LELO Review

Who owns LELO?

Lelo is founded and owned by industrial designers Eric Kalen, Carl Magnuson, and Filip Sedic.

Where is LELO made? 

All Lelo items are produced in Sweden, with the brand’s headquarters located in Stockholm. 

Are LELO products waterproof?

Yes! All the LELO sex toys covered in this review are labeled as waterproof, with the exception of men’s products like the F1S V2 and LOKI.

That being the case, this LELO review advises readers to always double check the manual of their toys and various devices before submerging them into water.

What is LELO’s Shipping Policy?

LELO offers three modes of shipment for those within the United States:

  1. Standard shipping: free (10-14 business days) 
  2. Premium shipping: $5 (5-7 business days)
  3. Express shipping: $10 (2-3 business days) 

What is LELO’s Return Policy?

Returns on LELO goods can be done as long as the items are unused and unopened for obvious sanitary reasons. If you’re unhappy about your purchase, you have 14 days of receiving your order to make the request with the customer support team. 

Opened items can only be returned if they are defective, and if they are, the return is further subjected to warranty coverage but only with a valid receipt.

If you are unsatisfied with your HEX condoms, then you have 30 days after you purchased them for a full refund. 

Exchanges require a different process and can be completed by contacting the brand’s customer service support. 

How to Contact LELO

LELO US can be contacted in three ways:

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