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OSUGA Review

Sexual wellness and self-love go hand in hand. Luckily, OSUGA is here to guide you through both. The brand carries a selection of sex toys designed for vaginal stimulation that are easy to use and stylish in design.

Despite being a newer brand on the scene, OSUGA has already garnered a loyal following of 5k on Instagram. The company has also received numerous awards for its innovative approach to sex toys. This includes the RedDot Design Award 2019, IDEA Bronze Award 2020, and more. 

Spending many evenings behind closed doors? Keep reading this OSUGA review to find out what the brand has in store. We’ll provide a breakdown of the top selling toys, insights from happy customers, answers to important FAQs, and more, to help you get your sexual wellness journey started. 

Overview of OSUGA

OSUGA Review

OSUGA originally launched in China in 2015 and began to really make a name for itself around 2019. While it’s not clear who exactly founded the brand, it appears that OSUGA focuses on women’s sexual health due to the lack of products on the market designed just for her.

The company is determined to transgress boundaries—both in the marketplace and in the bedroom. The toys are developed to provide playful and sensual experiences for all women and their partners. That being said, OSUGA pays close attention to “vulva-owners.” 

Basically, if you’re looking to up the ante in the bedroom and heighten the big O, you’re in the right place. These functional toys with eye-catching designs are rapidly becoming a must-have for every nightstand or underwear drawer.

Now that we’ve covered the brand’s origins, this OSUGA review will get into the nitty gritty with some highlights.


  • Collection of sex toys designed to enhance women’s pleasure
  • Minimalist and waterproof designs
  • Made with medical grade silicone
  • Downloadable manuals included
  • Fast and discreet shipping
  • 30-day returns
  • 1-year warranty
OSUGA Review

Adult stores have long been known for awkward encounters and rushed purchases. You go in with a clear mission—ready to purchase the vibrator you’ve been thinking of—and come out with a random array of tacky get-ups and a year’s supply of condoms because you wanted to leave the second you stepped foot in the store.

Fortunately, OSUGA rewrites the narrative with a seamless and pleasant online purchasing experience. You can peruse the selection for as long as you’d like, place your careful picks in the basket, and simply await their arrival at your front door (in discreet packaging no less). 

Designed specifically for women’s pleasure, the products are made to be used alone or with a buddy, if you catch our drift. ‘Me time’ and bonding dates with your special someone are equally important, and orgasms are a wonderful perk of both. OSUGA offers a friendly helping hand in either case!

Interested in what the brand has to offer? Stay tuned into our OSUGA review! Up next, we’ll delve a little deeper into its best-selling products. 

OSUGA Review

OSUGA’s collection consists of three toys that target different sensual areas for each user’s preferred experience. All purchases come with the toy itself, a charging base, a charging cable, a user manual, and a carrying or storage back. 

All of the toys available focus on clitoral stimulation for ease of use and plenty of pleasure, though there are also options for g-spot excitement. Ready to check out these bedroom essentials? Let’s take a look at the options down below.

OSUGA Moonflow Clitoral & G-Spot Stimulation Vibrator Review

Start loving yourself to the moon and back with the Moonflow Clitoral & G-Spot Stimulation Vibrator. This handy little guy features 3 speeds and 5 pulsation modes. Also, it charges wirelessly. 

In the package, you’ll find a charging cord, a charging bracket with a crescent moon shaped holder, and a storage bag for when you’d like to tuck it away after reaching a full charge. 

The vibrator features a rounded edge comfortable for holding in your hand, and a long rod ideal for whatever your heart desires (in other words, clitoral stimulation or reaching your g-spot). Hello, best of both worlds!

The multiple different speeds and pulsations are ideal for starting (and finishing) things off right in the bedroom, while the wireless charging ensures a long lasting experience. Plus, the fact that the toy is waterproof means it’s safe for shower play and super easy to clean. 

Made with medical grade silicone for your comfort and a travel lock to avoid those frustrating airport encounters, the Moonflow Clitoral & G-Spot Stimulation Vibrator retails for $120 but is currently on sale for $89.

OSUGA Cuddly Bird Clitoral Sucking Vibrator for Women Review

OSUGA’s flagship product was the Cuddly Bird Clitoral Sucking Vibrator for Women. Despite its minimal appearance, this toy packs a powerful punch. But first, let’s start off with its unconventional appearance.

Like the name would suggest, it’s shaped like a bird and features feather-like ribbing on the sides. Plus, it comes in a cage-like charging case that doubles as a cute little night light. The toy rests on the charging pad and a clear ribbed dome rests over top of it, blurring what’s inside while setting the mood with a warm orange glow. 

The toy is convenient too, since it’s pretty easy to find in the dark. And (you didn’t think there could be more, did you?) it also turns off once it’s fully charged. The light will also stay on while the vibrator isn’t in the charging case for that perfect ambient lighting during play time. 

The little opening at the top of the toy uses Sonic Pulse Suction technology to stimulate the clitoris for some jaw-dropping effects. The soft and silky touch of the bird is appealing too, thanks to the body-safe 100% medical grade silicone. 

On top of the sucking, the toy also vibrates for extra sensations and enhanced pleasure. So, if you’re ready to light up your nightly endeavors, try out the Cuddly Bird Clitoral Sucking Vibrator for Women in one of the three pastel shades for $99, on sale from $140.

OSUGA G-Spa Clitoral & G-Spot Sucking Vibrator Review

The brand’s latest release is another dual action toy, the G-Spa Clitoral & G-Spot Sucking Vibrator. This option features two different sides, one designed for pleasuring the clitoris with a unique sensation using the Sonic Pulse Suction technology, while the other is a vibrating wand that can be used for external or internal pleasure.

On top of that, you’ll find 3 different suction modes and 7 vibration modes for the perfect amount of pleasure. This is ideal for starting off slow or jumping right in, depending on what you’re looking for. 

The flat tail end is best for putting pressure on the g-spot or clitoris while vibrating, but can also be used for stimulating other places of the body to set the mood. It also comes with a wireless charging base while the toy itself is waterproof for optimal play.

Ready to add the G-Spa Clitoral & G-Spot Sucking Vibrator to your collection? Choose from three pastel shades: pink, blue, or yellow for only $129, on sale from $120.

Who Is OSUGA For? 

OSUGA Review

Like this OSUGA review has mentioned, the products are designed for people with vaginas as they target clitorial and g-spot stimulation. But, they’re used for all types of play—alone or with a partner or more. It’s really all about enhancing sexual pleasure, which is optimal for all parties involved. 

Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re new to the world of toys or a seasoned pro because the comprehensive guides and manuals make the products straightforward and comfortable to use. Plus, the variety of modes and speeds makes it easier to find your groove. 

Another option? Gift it! Show your partner how much you care about their pleasure by purchasing a toy designed specifically for their body. While Valentine’s Day or anniversaries always hold room for great gestures, these toys can be gifted any time of the year to add a little spice to your relationship.

OSUGA Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

OSUGA Review

This OSUGA review has given you the breakdown on all the different products and what they do, but are they really worth the hype? Shoppers are doing a little more than talking (it’s coming off more like screaming) when it comes to this brand. We sourced comments from the OSUGA website, Amazon, and independent blogs like Judge.Me and Coffee and Kink. 

On OSUGA’s website, 90% of shoppers rated the brand 5/5 stars. One shopper raved about how their toy was effective and easy to bring along wherever they went: “Enjoyed veeeerrryy much. Got me off in record time! Also so soft and small, so easy to travel with.”

Another shopper described their purchase as their new “go to” as they consistently found themselves reaching for it over their other options: “I have a wide range of toys and this one is definitely top shelf! I’ve used this toy so many times and it still hasn’t gone dead yet or needed charging.

One reviewer who left 5/5 stars mentioned how excited they were for their self-love journey featuring the Cuddly Bird Clitoral Sucking Vibrator: “I am so excited to have this toy because now I can explore myself and practice. It’s so soft and beautifully made. The vibration speeds are fun to play around with. I love that it has a sucking mouth and Gspot tail.”

Another shopper rated their experience as 5/5 stars as the toy improved their sexual experiences, even on the lowest setting: “I have trouble reaching orgasm through clitoral stimulation due to nerve damage in my lower spine, but with this, I achieved 3 back to back in a matter of minutes. The lowest setting was more than enough, not sure that I can handle the higher settings, yet.”

The consensus seems consistent across the board, as seen with this buyer’s testimony for the product, “One I must say this product receives 10/10 in my book. I have never climaxed so fast from any toy and it can become quite addicting…Also the night lamp is so cute and adds a nice touch for some lovin’. I have also recommended this product to all my friends!” 

One customer had similar sentiments about the effectiveness of the Moonflow Clitorial and G-Spot Stimulation Vibrator, “I was a little skeptical about this style of toy but oh my goodness it is amazing! The design is beautiful, cute and elegant. The material is soft and the power incredible. This is a must have for every woman to have. It will bring you multiple wonderful moments within minutes!”

On Amazon, one patron explained how the minimal designs blended in easily with their other decor, while also mentioning that the vibrators make great gifts: “Fun to use. You won’t have any idea what it is when you see it so i find it discreet…so soft and cute color. Thinking of gifting it to a girlfriend.”

Judge.Me features similar high ratings, where 90% of shoppers also gave the brand 5/5 stars. One shopper wrote a review for the G-Spa Clitorial and G-Spot Sucking Vibrator and its ability to multitask: “Whether you want some gspot satisfaction, or oral stimulation, this lil guy will do the job. It’s versatile, easy to clean, safe to use in the shower, and so soft and squishy.

On Coffee and Kink, a happy customer shared how quickly the toys worked and met their expectations: “Once I had the angle right, the Cuddly Bird delivered near-perfectly in terms of what I look for from a clitoral suction toy…[the vibrations] were relatively quiet, maxing out at around 50dB. It easily passed my extremely scientific ‘door closed, under a blanket’ test.”

These OSUGA reviews make one thing clear: there’s no challenge reaching the finish line when it comes to these products. That being said, the same goes for enjoying the ride. The toys perform exactly as they should, helping users reach climax quickly while also enhancing the overall sexual experience. 

Is OSUGA Worth It?

OSUGA Review

All that being said, you might be wondering what our OSUGA review concludes. Well, it’s safe to say that this brand is well worth the buy. First up, it’s ideal for taking good ol’ fashioned play to the next level.

On top of that, the focus on women’s pleasure is definitely admirable as the brand strives to perfect those toys for a simple and sensual experience. Speaking of simple—don’t let the minimalist designs fool you. There are loads of different modes and speeds to choose from in every toy to help you feel A.O.K. Emphasis on the O. 

With OSUGA, it’s all about exploration. Sexual health has been a taboo topic for far too long, but these vibrators make it easy to learn about yourself and what you want. The same goes for sharing the experience with your partner. 

Another perk? The toys are super easy to clean. Bring it into the shower with you and get down and dirty while cleaning off. Just kidding. Well, only a little. Once you’ve finished, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Apply soap (preferably an unscented, gentle formula) to the product and lather it up 
  2. Rinse it off in the shower or hand wash it in the sink
  3. Dry it off with a soft towel
  4. Place it on display on your nightstand or tuck it into your drawer  

OSUGA Promotions & Discounts 

OSUGA Review

If you’re searching for a deal on your OSUGA toy, let us make things easier for you. Here are the current promotions offered over on the brand’s website:

  • Take 20% off sitewide with code OSG20
  • Receive 10% off your order when you sign up for emails

Where to Buy OSUGA

OSUGA Review

Need a little help to liven things up in the bedroom? This OSUGA review found that you can shop the brand’s collection at or on Amazon!


OSUGA Review

Who owns OSUGA?

OSUGA is owned by Shenzhen Youxing Technology Co., Ltd, which encompasses a wide range of electronic brands.

Does OSUGA ship internationally?

If something in our OSUGA review has caught your attention, you’re in luck! The brand offers free worldwide shipping so shoppers everywhere can get their hands on these toys.

What is OSUGA’s Shipping Policy?

Wondering when you’ll get your OSUGA Cuddly Bird? Orders generally take about 1–3 days to process and delivery times depend on location:

  • North America: 2–10 days
  • Europe: 3–8 days
  • Rest of the world: 7–21 days

Plus, the brand offers free tracked shipping, so you can keep your eyes on the prize!

What is OSUGA’s Return Policy?

Not sure if OSUGA is the right fit for you? Fortunately, the brand offers 30-day returns on all unopened products. To start the process, simply contact the brand for a return shipping label and further instructions.

How to Contact OSUGA

We hope you enjoyed our OSUGA review! If you have any further questions about the brand or its products, you can contact them by emailing [email protected] or calling (861) 866-561-0131.

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