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About Adina’s Jewels

Adina's Jewels Review

What’s your pleasure when it comes to jewelry? Are you going for a fun, flashy, contemporary vibe, or a more understated, traditional but classy look? If you’re searching for a jewelry brand that offers an extensive range of pieces for all styles and age groups, stick with this Adina’s Jewels review. 

This NYC-based brand rose to fame through Instagram, where it currently counts a mighty 658K followers, and has been featured in such media outlets like Forbes, The New York Times, Vogue InStyle, and CNN. Celebrities and influencers  such as Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner, Billie Eilish, Cardi B, and Cara Delevingne have all been spotted sporting the brand’s products. 

Looking to add some sparkle to your life? This Adina’s Jewels review will give you a comprehensive look at the brand, its bestselling items, customer feedback, promotions, and more to help you decide if this glitter is truly golden (or at least gold-plated).

Overview of Adina’s Jewels

Adina's Jewels Review

Adina Kamkhatchi first began selling her own self-designed jewelry in her Brooklyn neighborhood and also online via Instagram at age 18. The rapidly growing popularity of her products inspired Adina, along with her mother and brother, to launch an official e-commerce jewelry brand in 2015, which she named after her grandmother (and namesake). 

Adina’s Jewels is dedicated to providing jewelry enthusiasts with fashionable, high-quality pieces that are affordable to all. Of course, it didn’t hurt that celebrities quickly cottoned on to the brand’s colorful designs, which gave this budget-conscious line that invaluable aura of jet-set glamor.

The brand moved out of Kamkhatchi’s family home and opened its own Brooklyn head office and warehouse in 2018. It has since opened two flagship stores in Soho and New Jersey, and its products are carried by major brick-and-mortar retailers Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s.

Now that you know a bit more about the brand, it’s time for this Adina’s Jewels review to start getting down to brass tacks. Let’s kick things off with a top-line look at some of this trendy jewelry brand’s most notable pros and cons. 


  • Extensive line of fashionable, affordable jewelry made of high-quality materials
  • Large celebrity following and media profile (if that matters to you)
  • Standing, regularly refreshed sale section with hundreds of steeply discounted items
  • Loyalty program gives you access to discounts, benefits, and exclusive access to sales and offers
  • Installment payment option available via Afterpay or Affirm
  • International shipping available
  • Free returns


  • No free shipping
Adina's Jewels Review

From earrings to anklets, bracelets to rings, this brand has the bling you need for all up and down your bod. This Adina’s Jewels review gives you an in-depth look at some of this internet-famous brand’s top-selling items below. 

Adina’s Jewels Necklaces Review

While the brand made its name on flashier items sported by celebs, this Adina’s Jewels review decided to stick more to the trad side of things for our look at the brand’s necklaces. The elegant simplicity of the pieces below provides a perfect showcase for their quality materials and beautifully crafted centerpieces. 

Adina’s Jewels Pavé Zodiac Necklace Review

Show the world your sign with the Pavé Zodiac Necklace. The 16” gold-plated sterling silver chain is adorned with the zodiacal symbol of your choice, studded with cubic zirconia stones. 

The Adina’s Jewels Zodiac Necklace is perfect for either hardcore astrological enthusiasts or style queens looking for an intriguing little adornment. You can wear it solo for subtlety, or complement it with a thicker chain or larger pendant. It retails for $58.

Adina’s Jewels Safety Pin Necklace Review

Punk style goes Park Avenue with the Adina’s Jewels Safety Pin Necklace. Composed of a sterling silver base lovingly coated in gold vermeil, the safety pin pendant has a perfectly sized cubic zirconia gem right in the eye to give it a stylishly off-balance sparkle. 

The super-thin chain gives this piece a delicate feel that you can easily dress up or down; try pairing it with an Adina’s Jewels choker with chain-link design to really go for that high-class punkish vibe. It’s currently sold out on the brand website, but you can grab it for $42 when it’s available again. 

Adina’s Jewels Butterfly Pendant Necklace 14k Review

In its transition from humble caterpillar to colorful, winged beauty, the butterfly has come to embody ideas of transformation, resurrection, and rebirth. No matter what meaning you give it, though, the Adina’s Jewels Butterfly Necklace is a wonder to behold with its solid 14K gold pendant suspended from an elegant chain.

This would make for the perfect centerpiece for your Adina’s Jewels summer jewelry collection, symbolizing the wonderful awakening that takes place after months of grey, slushy drabness. The Butterfly Pendant Necklace is priced at $198.

Adina’s Jewels Herringbone Necklace Review

Looking to get a haute couture look without breaking the bank? With its assertively flat design, the eye-catching Herringbone Necklace gives you that enviable air of downtown NYC sophistication on a bridge-and-tunnel budget. 

Made from gold-plated sterling silver, it’s available in five lengths, from 15.75″ to 24″. Go short if you like the more choker-style look, spring for the longest if you want to display it on top of your clothing, or buy multiple so that you can layer them! And if you really love the look of this necklace, there’s a matching Adina’s Jewels 14 gold anklet with the same herringbone design.

You can get the Herringbone Necklace for just $74.

Adina’s Jewels Coin Necklace 14k Review

Simplicity can be a statement unto itself, and the Coin Necklace embodies that truth to a tee. This solid 14K gold circular pendant is the ultimate in bold minimalism, and goes equally well with everyday wear or your finest big-night-out ensemble.  

To add a personal touch to this piece’s unadorned look, you can opt to have it engraved with an initial. If the Coin Necklace has caught your eye, we advise you to move on it fast, as it’s currently available for a massive discount: $198, down from $388!

Adina’s Jewels Rings Review

This Adina’s Jewels review kept it pretty classic and simple with the necklaces we took a look at. Now it’s time to add some flair, as we keep things rolling with close-ups on two of the bestselling Adina’s Jewels rings.

Adina’s Jewels Rainbow Baguette Ring Review

A standout in the substantial collection of Adina’s Jewels rainbow jewelry, the Rainbow Baguette Ring is a colorfully chunky number that is sure to draw eyes. The sterling silver base is coated in rose gold vermeil, and is adorned with multi-colored cubic zirconia stones.

This Adina’s Jewels rainbow ring is available in size 6 only, and is currently marked down to $50, nearly a 50% savings on the regular price. And if you’re in the market for an Adina’s Jewels anklet with the same multi-hued aesthetic, there are more than half a dozen options to choose from on the brand website.  

Adina’s Jewels Stars Ring 14k Review

The Stars Ring has a charmingly fairy-tale feel with its simple gold band studded with tiny stars. Made of solid 14K gold, it’s a great way to complement thicker bands or more ornate ring designs, but it shines brightly all on its own.

Available in sizes 6 to 8, the beautiful Stars Ring retails for $158

Adina’s Jewels Earrings Review

Adina’s Jewels trendy earrings have become a familiar sight in celeb Instagram pics thanks to their inventive and whimsical designs. Our Adina’s Jewels review hooks up a couple of the brand’s top sellers in this category below.

Adina’s Jewels Safety Pin Earrings Review

Never mind the bollocks, here’s the Adina’s Jewels Safety Pin Earrings. The classic punk-couture staple gets the Tiffany’s treatment with these ultra-chic earrings studded with gleaming cubic zirconia stones.

The Safety Pin Earrings have a sterling silver base, and come in your choice of gold, rose gold, or silver plating. You can take them home for $68.

Adina’s Jewels Diamond Huggie Earrings 14k Review

A small-scale stunner from the Adina’s Jewels gold earrings collection, the Diamond Huggie Earrings are luxury personified. Available in solid 14K yellow, white, or rose gold, each individual earring sports 12 brilliant-cut diamonds on its narrow metal band.

The Diamond Huggie Earrings come in two sizes (10mm and 12mm), and are available either individually or as a pair, at the following price points:


  • Individual: $194
  • Pair: $388


  • Individual: $214
  • Pair: $428

Adina’s Jewels Adina Chunky Hollow Hoop Earring Review

Sometimes basic is best. With their assertive but stripped-down style, the Chunky Hollow Hoop Earrings can be worn by themselves, or serve as the anchor for you to decorate your lobes with other earrings, whether studs or huggies.

These Adina’s Jewels thick gold hoop earrings come in either gold or silver, and are available in three different sizes and price points:

  1. 20mm: $68
  2. 35mm: $78
  3. 50mm: $88

Is Adina’s Jewels Real Gold?

Adina's Jewels Review

The majority of the brand’s product line is made from sterling silver plated with real 14K gold. Each jewelry category (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets) also has a dedicated section for solid 14K gold options. And if you’re really feeling luxe and have the bills to back it up, you can spring for a solid 18K gold item from the brand’s fine jewelry collection.

Who Is Adina’s Jewels For? 

Adina's Jewels Review

Although the brand became Instagram-famous thanks to its popularity among youthful celebrities and influencers, its range of styles and price points makes it a go-to glitter destination for women (and girls) of all ages and all tax brackets. 

For example, you can get a pair of Adina’s Jewels cute earrings with gold plating and cubic zirconia stones for as little as $52. Or, if you happen to be pulling in Kardashian- or Hadid-level dollars, you can drop $3,198 on a Diamond Thin Tennis Choker as a nice little everyday piece.   

Comparison: Adina’s Jewels vs. Vancaro  

Adina's Jewels Review

As the jewelry market is absolutely oversaturated, this Adina’s Jewels review owes it to you, our dear readers, to compare our spotlighted brand to one of its many competitors in order to see how it stacks up. 

Vancaro is an online, California-based retailer that aims to provide its customers with quality jewelry at affordable prices. Like Adina’s, it too offers more classic, traditional designs, as well as more specialty pieces offered within a series of themed collections, such as Gothic, nautical, animal lover, flowers, and so forth. 

One key difference between the two brands that is immediately apparent is that Vancaro explicitly positions itself as a brand that makes jewelry for “lovers and couples,” as per its dedicated sections of engagement rings and wedding bands. By contrast, Adina’s is far more about everyday wear.  

In terms of price, the two brands are roughly comparable, with several items within the roughly $50$100 range as well as more pricey selections. From what this Adina’s Jewels review could see, though, Vancaro does not carry the kind of high-end, four-figure items that our spotlighted brand does.

Overall, Vancaro’s designs tend more toward the ornate than Adina’s—think a kind of Goth/theatre kid vibe. While Adina’s does have its share of whimsical pieces, such as its rainbow-themed collection, on the whole the brand hews more closely to sleek, classy-looking jewelry.

Adina’s Jewels Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Adina's Jewels Review

We know that the celebs love this Instagram-friendly brand, but what about the woman in the street? This Adina’s Jewels review took to the interwebs to see what real customers had to say about the brand and its jewelry.

The brand website itself was a little scanty on customer reviews, but we’ll give you what we got! Let’s begin with the Pavé Zodiac Necklace, which pulls in 4.5/5 stars based on 10 reviews. (See, we told you they were scanty!) 

While some buyers found the necklace a little smaller than expected (though one wonders why, considering that the site shows models actually wearing the pieces), most loved both the quality and the design. “Beautiful quality, simple and dainty piece. In love with it!” said one five-star reviewer.

The colorful Rainbow Baguette Ring is another winner, with a perfect 5/5 stars from 27 reviews. Buyers loved the versatility and eye-catching design of this ring, as per this reviewer who declared it “Sooo chic”:

I’m obsessed with this ring. It’s so well-made, it’s comfortable to wear, matches any outfit, and it adds a pop of color whenever I need it! It’s just beautiful!

Unfortunately, the brand’s retail partners Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s did not yield very helpful results in our review quest. The latter featured only one review per product for those few items that actually had a review. The former, meanwhile, does have several reviews for some products, but the (very) broken English of most is pretty convincing proof that these are bots.

So, we ventured over to the brand’s Facebook page, where Adina’s scores 3.6/5 stars overall from 195 reviews. Sad to report, a number of customers here seem to have had negative experiences with the brand’s customer service, while others were extremely critical of the quality of the jewelry they ordered.

On the other hand, there were also many commenters who pledged their loyalty to the brand, and had become regular customers. As one satisfied buyer put it: 

Adina’s Jewels is excellent. I love all of the pieces and I feel so confident when wearing jewelry from here. This is definitely my go to place for new jewelry from now on since everything looks so beautiful and is reasonably priced. Absolutely recommend!

This Adina’s Jewels review should also note that, on all the sites cited above, we did find comments from customers who said that the brand was very helpful in addressing issues like wrong orders, defective products, and so on. So this may be a case (which does happen often) of review sites attracting primarily those who have an ax to grind with a company.

Is Adina’s Jewels Worth It?

Adina's Jewels Review

This Adina’s Jewels review would love to be 100% positive about this brand. The jewelry styles it offers are wide-ranging, from subtle to showy; their versatility makes them go with almost any outfit or look; and the brand’s prices put its pieces well within the grasp of the average consumer. 

The brand is so affordable that you’re not taking such a huge risk. If these styles appeal to you, this Adina’s Jewels review recommends that you try out one or two of the lower-priced items from the brand’s collections. If you love them, great! If not, you won’t be out of pocket too much.

Adina’s Jewels Promotions & Discounts 

Adina's Jewels Review

There are all kinds of ways to save when you shop at First off, there is a standing sale section where you can get steep discounts on hundreds of items. You can currently also get 25% off your next purchase when you use the Adina’s Jewels coupon code FRIENDS at checkout.

The brand’s loyalty program is another great way to save. As soon as you sign up, you get an automatic 15% off all your purchases going forward by using the code ADINASGAL at checkout. You can then move up to higher tiers with more benefits the more you spend. The tiers are as follows:

Silver ($150 spend)

  • $15 off your next purchase
  • Early access to sales

Gold ($300 spend)

  • $30 off your next purchase
  • VIP access to sales and exclusive offers
  • Early product drop notifications

Fine ($500 spend)

  • $50 off your next purchase
  • Chance to win free jewelry and travel boxes 
  • VIP access to sales and exclusive offers
  • VIP drop notifications

Where to Buy Adina’s Jewels

Adina's Jewels Review

You can buy Adina’s Jewels from the brand website,, or from one of the brand’s two flagship stores, if you live in the New York/New Jersey area. Select items are also available online and in-store at Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s. 


Adina's Jewels Review

Where are Adina’s Jewels made? 

The brand’s jewelry is designed from its home base in Brooklyn, New York. While all manufacturing used to be done in-house, the rapid expansion of the brand necessitates that its products now be made “overseas,” as was vaguely reported in a Forbes profile of the founders. This Adina’s Jewels review can hazard a guess that this refers to China.

What is Adina’s Jewels’ Shipping Policy?

Unfortunately, as far as this Adina’s Jewels review has discovered, the brand does not offer free shipping for orders of any size. Still, though, the shipping rates and times are not at all unreasonable:

For US orders:

  • USPS First Class (5-8 business days)—$4
  • USPS Priority (4-5 business days)—$10
  • UPS Next Day (1-2 business days)—$30 

For international orders: 

  • UPS Innovations (14-20 business days)—$7
  • UPS Priority Mail (4-6 business days)—$25 
  • DHL Express (3-5 business days)—$45 

What is Adina’s Jewels’ Return Policy?

US orders are eligible for free returns and full refunds within 14 days after receipt, or exchange for a new item or store credit within 30 days after receipt. Products must be in their original condition, and with the included black return tag still attached. 

You can initiate a return by accessing the returns portal on the brand website. Note that sale items, personalized items, or those purchased with discount codes are not eligible for return. 

International orders are eligible for refunds only (no exchanges), and the customer is responsible for all return shipping costs. 

All returns should be sent to the address below:

AJ Shipping Dept.
1416 Ave M, Suite 501
Brooklyn, NY

How to Contact Adina’s Jewels

Do you have any questions after reading through this Adina’s Jewels review? You can contact the brand directly via:

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