Hello Cake Review

About Hello Cake

Hello Cake Review

Hello Cake is a wellness brand that provides unique sex products for men and women. Focused on helping its customers maintain a healthy sexual appetite and lifestyle, you’ll find moisturizing lubricants, comfortable condoms, and discreet personal massagers on its site.

Despite not having a very large social media following, likely due to how new the company is, Hello Cake has still received attention for being an affordable and quality brand. It has been featured in Playboy, Glossy, Hello Giggles, Forbes, Men’s Health, Glamour, and other notable outlets.

Now that you’re aware of how much coverage the brand has gotten, you’ll no doubt be curious as to whether or not its products are worth the buy. Well, this Hello Cake review will help you make that decision.

In the following sections, we’ll look at some of its best-selling products, customer ratings, promotions, and shipping policies to help you decide if Hello Cake takes the cake.

Overview of Hello Cake

Hello Cake Review

If you’ve wandered into a traditional sex shop, there’s a good chance you thought it was awkward, tacky, or embarrassing—possibly all three. Coupled with the chance that you probably didn’t know exactly what you were looking for, it can be an all-around unpleasant experience. Thankfully, brands like Hello Cake are here to shake up the industry.

Founded in California, Hello Cake started out as a quest for finding the right kind of products for sex play. What is the right product? Well, something that is fun and safe for male and female bodies. And, something that is affordable and accessible without compromising quality.

Founded by Hunter Morris and Mitch Orkis in 2018, the pair sought to bring joy to peoples’ lives through sexual wellness products. Today, the brand is passionate about remaining inclusive and chooses to only work with individuals and companies that share the same non-discriminatory values.

The company provides customers with the opportunity to discreetly shop for their sex needs online. Offering highly informative product descriptions, a quiz, and a sex-ed blog, Hello Cake strives to inform its shoppers without any embarrassment.

Even though Hello Cake seems to have an amazing rapport, there are bound to be a few setbacks associated with a wellness brand. So, this Hello Cake review will dive into some of the pros and cons.


  • Wide range of sex and sexual wellness products, such as lubes, masterbators, condoms, pleasure-enhancing gels, and more
  • Affordable, drugstore pricing
  • Breakdown of exact ingredients within lubes available to view online
  • Helpful sex-ed guide and Hello Cake quiz
  • Free shipping for orders over $35
  • Vague and discreet packaging when your order gets shipped out
  • Subscribe to save 15% on each order
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No international shipping
  • Limited product reviews

For him? For her? Forget gender—Hello Cake does not believe that sex should have boundaries or restrictions when it comes to having a good time. Instead, it promotes a brand philosophy of sex being an open subject for people to discuss and explore.

With a few products that are designed to impress, the brand aims to be a household essential for anyone looking to have a good time within their private domain. Up next, this Hello Cake review will introduce you to some of its bestsellers.

Hello Cake Review

This brand is all about making the most of your solo or partnered sessions. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry—this Hello Cake review will take you through a variety of the company’s top-sellers so you know exactly what it has to offer.

Ready to make a commitment? Opt for the brand’s subscription service for select products, like lube and condoms. You’ll save 15% on each order, with deliveries arriving every 1-3 months, depending on your preferences.

Hello Cake So-Low Lotion Review

Men—no matter how often you indulge in “me time,” it’s important to look after your skin during every session. The Hello Cake So-Low Lotion emulsifies from a thick, creamy lotion to one that is translucent and non-staining.

Made with coconut oil, this moisturizing lotion is essentially a lube designed to maximize your experience and take care of your skin. It is also formulated with aloe, almond oil, and floral extracts (but is still fragrance-free) to touch your senses and heighten the effects of pleasure.

Treat your skin while you treat yourself with this Hello Cake solo cream. Equipt with a hygienic pump, it is available in two sizes:

  • 50 ml: $10
  • 100 ml: $18

Hello Cake Condoms Review

No man is built exactly the same. So, condoms should cater to a man’s size… as well as his partner’s tastes. Offered in five different varieties, Hello Cake has your back, and your penis, covered.

The Hello Cake Condoms are made from natural rubber with a thin layer of corn starch on the outside for better grip. And, there is a layer of lube on the inside for a more pleasurable experience that won’t leave you feeling dry.

Customers can choose from five different packs:

  • Snug: up to 6.8” in length, 49mm in width
  • Thin: up to 7” in length, 53mm in width
  • Large: up to 8.1” in length, 56mm in width
  • Ribbed: thin size, with horizontal ribbing
  • Dotted: thin size, with small dotted textures

Regardless of which condom you go for, they’re all priced equally. Get a pack of 12 for $8.

Hello Cake Tush Cush Review

Whether you’re a front player or prefer some butt action, the Hello Cake Tush Cush is designed to help you experiment. If you’re just beginning to explore “butt stuff,” this lubricant provides some extra comfort.

The brand knows how scary butt play can be in the beginning, so it developed a good quality Hello Cake body lotion to ease your pain and doubts. Tush Cush is a mix of jelly and silicone that gives the same consistency as a thicker facial serum. It absorbs into the skin while allowing topical elements (such as toys) that may be abrasive and irritable to enter more easily.

It’s also designed to prevent condoms from tearing and is entirely free of harmful substances like parabens and dyes.

The Hello Cake sex Tush Cush comes in two sizes:

  • 50 ml: $10
  • 100 ml: $18

Hello Cake Organic Aloe Review

Women, of course, need to give their most sensitive region the utmost tender love and care. And just like the guys, ladies should be able to reach for a trusty lube in order to discover new heights with no regrets.

This Hello Cake Organic Aloe cream is designed for vaginal play, whether used alone, with a partner, or on toys. Made from a blend of organic ingredients that are meant to please and moisturize, this product will soothe and nourish so your vagina isn’t left feeling or looking inflamed.

Organic Aloe offers a hygienic dispense pump. Plus, it comes in a discreet bottle that is smaller in size and perfect for on-the-go sessions or travel.

This Hello Cake lotion comes in a single 2 oz size and retails for $14.

Hello Cake So-Low Stroker Review

Sometimes strokers fall short and fail to impress when it comes to variety. Luckily, this brand wanted to set itself apart from the rest with the Hello Cake So-Low Stroker.

Looking like any nonsensical blue object on the outside, the rubber stroker has a star-shaped top end and narrow circle opening to eliminate any mess and obvious signs of use. Its main feature is having two textured inner layers with ribs on the lower half and beads at the top, letting you indulge in a variety of pleasurable sensations all at once.

This Hello Cake stroker retails at $20.

Hello Cake Good Guybrator Review

The Hello Cake Good Guybrator is meant to provide a different experience for men. Seriously—why are most vibrators targeted to women, anyway? It’s no secret that pulsing power can be an enjoyable experience for men, too.

The Good Guybrator is a rechargeable stroke that offers 10 kinds of sensations that are maximized by the ribbed texture on the inside. Since this stroker is open-ended, it’s ideal for all men of different sizes. It is also easy to clean thanks to the rubber material.

The stroker is a compact size and is offered in both black and blue. It comes in a small zipped bag that is discrete, meaning you can take this with you on your travels without feeling self-conscious or judged.

Get your Hello Cake heavy cream lotion ready and try something new with the Good Guybrator for $42.

Hello Cake His So-Low Play Trio Kit Review

Don’t let the name mislead you. The Hello Cake His So-Low Play Trio Kit is meant for solo play. Carrying your sex play essentials in three easy steps, this bundle includes:

  • So-Low Lotion (3.3 fl oz)
  • Stim for Him (0.5 fl oz)
  • Hello Cake Bottoms (15 wipes)

While this Hello Cake review has already looked at the lotion, the Stim for Him is another pleasure-inducing substance. It alternates between warm and cool so your body experiences a building, tingling pleasure without being thrown into overdrive.

Meanwhile, the wipes are designed to safely and quickly clean up any mess after you’re done. They come individually wrapped and are completely flushable.

Get the Hello Cake trio play kit for $35.

Hello Cake Backside Lovers Kit Review

For couples who are ready for some serious back action, the Hello Cake Backside Lovers Kit is here to take your exploration to the next level. Completely condom-friendly, this bundle includes:

  • Tush Cush (3.3 fl oz)
  • So-Low Lotion (3.3 fl oz)
  • Bottoms (15 wipes)

Designed for both men and women to receive some “back action,” add this Hello Cake lovers kit to your next session for $38.

Hello Cake Ultimate So-Low Stroker Kit Review

The Hello Cake Ultimate So-Low Stroker Kit is for the ultimate me-time adventure. Featuring four of the brand’s top-selling products, you’ll walk away feeling refreshed, recharged, and possibly even ready for round two. This bundle includes:

  • So-Low Lotion (3.3 fl oz)
  • Stim for Him (0.5 fl oz)
  • So-Low Stroker
  • Toy Wonder (3.3 fl oz)

While we’ve already discussed most of these pleasure-focused products, the Hello Cake toy joy wonder hasn’t yet received the same attention. This lubricant was designed with toys in mind. Providing a load of moisture, your skin won’t feel irritated, even with the most intensive level of a vibrator or stroker.

The Ultimate So-Low Stroker Kit retails at $56 and provides everything you need for some advanced solo play.

Who Is Hello Cake For? 

Hello Cake Review

This brand is designed for adult men and women. Its products are tailored towards those who are either novices or seasonal users of sexual wellness products and goods. So no matter where you are when it comes to your personal sex journey, Hello Cake wants to be a part of it.

Comparison: Hello Cake vs. Maude

Hello Cake Review

There are a number of sexual products and wellness brands on the market, but that doesn’t mean they’re all doing the same thing. To help our featured brand stand out from the crowd, this Hello Cake review chose to compare it to its competitor, Maude, to see what similarities and differences exist between them.

Hello Cake is somewhat loud when it comes to its packaging, offering obvious and clear labeling. The company seems to be all about opening up conversations around sex, and the way in which its products are designed and marketed falls in line with that mission.

On the other hand, Maude is more mysterious in the packaging of its products. For example, its lubricant called Shine comes in a dark vessel with the vague name printed on its front—if left out, no one would be the wiser.

Hello Cake’s lube called So-Low Lotion isn’t inconspicuous. Instead, it features bright orange packaging with its overt name printed on the front. Looking closer into these two products reveals other similarities, though. Maude’s Shine costs $10 for 2 fl oz, whereas Hello Cake’s So-Low Lotion is $10 for 1.7 fl oz.

Ultimately, the aesthetics of these two brands are completely different, though prices are fairly similar. This Hello Cake review will also mention that Maude offers products beyond its sexual wellness collection, offering body, bath, and fragrance items, too.

Hello Cake Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Hello Cake Review

Affordable products, innovative sex toys and accessories, and gender-inclusive branding all sound pretty great. But, to get the full scoop, this Hello Cake review needed to see what real customers were saying about the brand.

On Hello Cake’s site, its top-rated products have been reviewed dozens to hundreds of times. And, they score exceptionally high, with most reaching 4.8/5 stars or higher. Here’s an overview:

  • So-Low Lotion: an average of 4.9/5 stars from 465 ratings
  • Tush Cush: an average of 4.9/5 stars from 74 ratings
  • So-Low Stroker: an average of 4.8/5 stars from 132 ratings
  • Stim for Him: an average of 4.8/5 stars from 46 ratings
  • All Day Penis Play Kit: an average of 4.9/5 stars from 43 ratings

We chose to dive deeper (pun intended) into the So-Low Lotion because it’s the company’s top-rated product. And, after looking at the comments, it’s easy to see why. Take this user’s experience:

It’s thick going on, but thins out after it warms up, turning into more of a slick, slippery lubricant. And it feels really REALLY good! I also like that it doesn’t just feel like a product with one specific purpose; it actually feels like a nice moisturizing lotion that helps keep my skin down there happy and healthy 🙂 I very highly recommend trying it!

Other shoppers add that this lotion ensures no irritation (even during more “aggressive” sessions) and doesn’t compromise any pleasure. In fact, most users agree that it enhances their orgasms.

Next, we turned to Facebook to see how these ratings hold up. With a slightly lower, but still respectable, rating of 3.9/5 stars from 15 shoppers, we took a look at what people had to say.

The So-Low Lotion gets a lot of praise on this site, too. One customer notes that it is now his go-to, thanks to its long-lasting and non-sticky formulation:

Bought the So-low lotion and wipes pack to give it a try and have to say it’s now my favorite lube for my alone time. Feels great, stays slick, doesn’t get sticky, last for a long time and has the benefit of being a good moisturizer as well.”

The Bottoms and the Tush Cush get a thumbs up from customers too, as well as the brand’s customer service, which is described as “reliable.

That sums up online Hello Cake reviews. As a fairly new company, a sparse online presence is understandable. But, we hope that more users share their honest experiences with the brand as it continues to grow.

But, from the comments and ratings that we did find, customers seem to love this company. Whether indulging in some me-time or getting busy with a partner, the brand’s prices are affordable, its customer service is reliable, and the formulation of its products is spot-on.

Is Hello Cake Worth It?

Hello Cake Review

Whether you’re looking to take your solo or partnered play to the next level (or both!), this Hello Cake review thinks this brand is worth checking out. With top-quality products offered at drugstore prices, coupled with the ability to purchase the intimate products in the privacy of your home and have them delivered discreetly, it would be hard to argue against giving it a try.

We also appreciate the variety of products. While the brand seems to excel in innovative sex-enhancers like its Tush Cush, it also makes sure your bases are covered (literally) with its condoms and strokers.

Plus, Hello Cake focuses on being inclusive and non-discriminatory. It also offers a sexual education blog, which also serves to remove the stigma around various topics that are often considered taboo.

Customers across the board recommend the company’s products too. So, whether you’re looking to add some slip to your solo action or explore some butt play with your partner, Hello Cake’s online shop has something to take your session to the next level.

Hello Cake Promotions & Discounts

Hello Cake Review

This Hello Cake review kept an eye out for any discounts provided by the brand. When you land on its page, you’ll be met with the Feeling Lucky wheel. Enter your email and spin the wheel for the chance at $5-$10 off your order.

While the company does not offer any other promo codes, shoppers can sign up for a subscription for some of the brand’s products. You’ll save 15% on each order and get free shipping.

Where To Buy Hello Cake

Hello Cake Review

Customers can head to HelloCake.com to shop for the brand’s products. Some Walmart locations in the US carry them, too.


Hello Cake Review

Where is Hello Cake made? 

All Hello Cake items are produced and shipped from the United States, with the brand’s headquarters located in California.

What is Hello Cake’s Shipping Policy?

Hello Cake only ships within the United States. The brand provides two shipping options, both of which are expected to be shipped within 3-5 business days:

  1. Orders over $35: free shipping
  2. Orders under $35: $5 shipping

What is Hello Cake’s Return Policy?

Hello Cake has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you feel that the product fails to meet your expectations prior to opening it, you had an allergic reaction, or anything else, simply contact the brand to receive a refund or replacement.

If you desire a refund due to shipping delays or issues then the brand states that it is happy to do so as long as you reach out to its team within 14 days.

How to Contact Hello Cake

If you have any questions after reading this Hello Cake review, you can contact the brand through:

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Safe sex and STI prevention are essential. Get tested and consult with experts at:





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