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About DHGate

DHGate Review

With over 10 million downloads on Android devices and even more products available on their website, DHGate is one of the most generous e-commerce sites when it comes to variety. Chances are, if you need some retail therapy, the prescription is DHGate.

With such a wide selection of products, it’s no surprise that they have attracted such a large following online.

DHGate has 391k Instagram followers and a whopping 4.9 million Facebook followers. These are great places to stay up to date on the brand’s latest deals, which is something they are also known for.

In my DHGate review, I’ll look at this brand’s founding, their products, prices, and what customers have to say about them so you can decide if you should shop with them.

Overview Of DHGate

DHGate Review

Taking its name from an important Chinese city along the Silk Road, DHGate seeks to connect smaller Chinese manufacturers with the larger world.

The company operates out of Beijing as an e-commerce shop promising customers affordable prices and unmatched product variety. In exchange, DHGate promotes Chinese companies that wouldn’t receive adequate promotion on their own.

This brand’s mission is certainly noble, but the cost and selection among their items attract most of their customers and most likely drew you to my DHGate review. Before I cover more about them, let me to tell you about some of their highlights.


DHGate Review
  • Offers fiscally-conservative items from China
  • Incredibly large product selection
  • Products include cell phones, shoes, toys, computers, fashion accessories, and more
  • International shipping available
  • Plenty of ways to save money

DHGate Shoes Review

Online shoe shopping is one of today’s finest pleasures. Much better than leaving nasty comments on YouTube videos or Twitter. DHGate’s shoe selection should definitely satisfy you.

I’m going to cover a pair of DHGate shoes that represents the quality you can find in their catalog.

DHGate Classics Women Alphabet Sandals Review

The DHGate Classics Women Alphabet Sandals are a pair of genuine leather pumps that are great for modest weather seasons. Their heels each have a flashy look that’s far outside what you’d find for most heels.

Their outsole is made from rubber and their insole is from PVC so it should have a decently comfortable base. However, the best thing about the DHGate Classics Women Alphabet Sandals is their price. You can grab a pair for as little as $6.

DHGate Airpods Review

As popular as shoes are, they almost come second to the necessity of AirPods. That’s why I’m going to spend the next portion of my DHGate review speaking about a pair that you can purchase from them.

DHGate Airpods 3 AirPods Pro Review

The DHGate Airpods 3 AirPods Pro is a much more affordable alternative to legitimate Apple Airpods. Oftentimes with Apple products you’re mostly paying for brand recognition rather than performance.

That’s not the case with these DHGate AirPods, as they only cost $18 and provide a clear audio output. For that cost, you likely won’t even care that they’re not official Apple AirPods.

DHGate App Review

The DHGate App is your gateway to savings and deals. The main appeal of the app is to streamline the DHGate experience.

It does this through more than just putting the storefront onto a mobile front. It can also connect you directly to manufacturers through its instant messaging service.

Another handy perk that the DHGate App has is that it can speed up the time it takes for you to buy a product.

Rather than jump through the same steps of entering your payment information, shipping address, and more, it reduces all of those steps into a one-touch process. It saves all your info so that you can shop more quickly.

While the DHGate App isn’t essential, it is an easy way for you to sift through the brand’s virtual shelves and pick out what you like.

Who Is DHGate For? 

DHGate Review

The products in my DHGate review are for people who want to save money and who don’t mind waiting a tad longer for their orders to arrive from overseas.

DHGate Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

DHGate Review

Given the unofficial nature of these products, it’s a good idea to see what customers have to say after spending some time with these products.

Here are the customer scores for the two products I featured in my DHGate review as found on the brand’s website:

  • DHGate Airpods 3 AirPods Pro: 4.8/5 stars based on 87 reviews
  • DHGate Classics Women Alphabet Sandals: 4.7/5 stars from 931 reviews

I also looked at what customers said about DHGate on other websites. These are the average scores that I found:

  • Apple App Store: 4.5/5 stars from over 292.5k ratings
  • Google Play Store: 4.3/5 stars from over 458.3k ratings
  • Site Jabber: 3.5/5 stars after over 6.5k reviews

As you can see, the majority of DHGate reviews praised the brand. Those that left good words said that it was important that shoppers did a bit of homework before they used the service. I’ll let this 5-star DHGate review from the App Store explain what I mean: 

“I recently started making purchases again and overall I’m happy just about every time. Granted I do my research. Once I find something I like or if I came looking for something specific I will look for the seller with the most sales and positive feedback.”

The point is that this buyer, and many others, trusted DHGate, though they admitted that they had to look at the reputation of the product manufacturer.

Many of these shoppers said that DHGate’s selection and variety were fantastic, but that sometimes that wide selection meant that not every product was up to snuff.

That being said, there were plenty of customer testimonials that said that the products on DHGate were worth looking for:

“If you are patient, a true bargain hunter, and someone who is willing to do the work to find the right item – to put it quite simply you cannot beat what DHGate has to offer to everyday consumers whether you’re a whole seller or just shopping for personal retail items.”

Here’s one final positive DHGate review I pulled from Trustpilot where the brand’s service was able to convert one shopper into a repeat customer:

“I’ve been shopping on [the] DHGate website for over 8 years. Their product is superb. At times it takes a little while to receive it, but I’m always satisfied with whatever I purchase. Love this website. I’ll recommend anyone to shop here.”

That last one mentioned one common criticism I found among pieces of buyer feedback. DHGate’s shipping times could be quite slow. However, many customers didn’t mind that because the products were still so affordable.

Is DHGate Legit?

DHGate Review

As the customer DHGate reviews pointed out, you can find legit products on the storefront so long as you do a bit of investigating first.

Is DHGate Worth It?

DHGate Review

I think that DHGate is worth it so long as you pay attention to the customer scores for certain sellers and the overall quality of their products. So, if you do your homework before buying something, then you’ll likely be satisfied with your purchase. 

DHGate Promotions & Discounts 

DHGate Review

The DHGate app is your number one ticket to discounts, coupons, and rewards.

Not only does it make tracking your shipments easier, speed up the purchasing process, and provide you with instant messaging to the DHGate team, but you’ll also earn app-exclusive discounts.

Another way that DHGate rewards its customers is by giving them a variety of coupons when they set up their account. Some of these coupons include:

  1. $2 off of orders over $3
  2. $5 off of orders over $50
  3. $12 off of orders over $80

They also have a variety of flash deals on products of all categories. This includes sales of up to 70% on the New Designer Slippers Men Women Slide Sulfur Stone Sage Onyx Ochre Bone Pure Glow Green Sandals and more.

Finally, as if there weren’t enough deals in my DHGate review, there’s a multi-tiered discount running until August 30. You can save up to $59 on certain products as well as up to 49% on select purchases.

Where To Buy DHGate

DHGate Review

You can either purchase DHGate’s products through their website at or through their app. You can download the app through the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, or by scanning the QR code on their website. 


DHGate Review

Who owns DHGate?

CEO and founder Diane Wang owns DHGate

Does DHGate ship internationally?

Good news! Yes, DHGate can ship globally.

What is DHGate’s Shipping Policy?

Since DHGate acts as a link between consumers and companies, it’s hard to give a consistent shipping policy. You have to look at the terms of each individual purchase and seller before you buy the product.

What is DHGate’s Return Policy?

DHGate’s return policy varies from seller to seller. They do say that it takes about 1-2 business days to be refunded to your original form of payment once a refund has been approved.

How To Contact DHGate

DHGate Review

If you want to contact DHGate then you will need to sign up for an account or contact them through Facebook.

They have a chat function on their website, their social media pages, and a dispute zone on their FAQ page. You can find the necessary links here.

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