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AbeBooks Review

Since the mid-90s, AbeBooks have offered booksellers and buyers a platform to find one another and connect globally. 

They have a Facebook following of about 113k and close to 150k views on their YouTube Channel. They have sellers in more than 50 countries and also offer textbooks, collectibles, and art.

In this AbeBooks review, I aim to take an in-depth look at this platform to see if they are worth your money. I’ll do this by checking out their products, promotions, and customer reviews.

Overview Of AbeBooks

AbeBooks Review

In 1996, when the internet was young, AbeBooks came into being as a platform for booksellers to list their products online.

They came out of British Columbia, Canada but were available for sellers and buyers around the world. Starting mainly with books – rare, new, used, and bestsellers – they now offer collectibles and art.

In 2008, Amazon bought AbeBooks from Rick and Vivian Pura and Keith and Cathy Watersand.

The company continues to operate out of their headquarters in Victoria, BC, and now has six international sites, with sellers from more than 50 countries worldwide.

Before I check out some of the products found at this established platform in this AbeBooks review, let’s take a glance at some of their highlights.


AbeBooks Review
  • Offers a place to find any book, new and used
  • Discounted prices
  • Sellers from around the world
  • Rare books available
  • Sells art and collectibles as well

AbeBooks Books Review

AbeBooks are a platform that connects sellers and buyers in four categories – new and used books, rare books, art & collectibles, and textbooks

As any student knows, textbooks are really expensive and you only tend to need them for one scholastic year. AbeBooks allows students to find new and used textbooks for less.

AbeBooks used books give avid readers the chance to buy books in all sorts of conditions at huge discounts. 

They also have new ones and best sellers for those who still prefer the feel of paper to an ebook. Book collectors can find rare books, while comics or movie memorabilia collectors can get all kinds of paraphernalia and rare editions.

While some products like lithographs and best sellers are available in large quantities, many are one-offs like rare editions. In this AbeBooks review, I’ll look at a few of their products so you can get an idea of what they have to offer.

AbeBooks The Exorcist Original Poster Maquette for the 1973 Film Review

AbeBooks The Exorcist Original Poster Maquette for the 1973 Film is a great example of what you can find in the rare movie memorabilia section of the collectibles. 

With a haunting image of a priest standing in the light coming from a window, any Exorcist fan will get chills up their spine. This one-of-a-kind item is priced at $8,500.

AbeBooks The Lord of the Rings First Edition Set Review

Look up AbeBooks The Lord of the Rings First Edition Set and you get four options, depending on how much you want to spend. 

A paperback boxed set in good condition with just a bit of damage is $22, while a hardcover, with dust covers, of the 1954 original print is almost $52,000. This addition to my AbeBooks review is only for the most hardcore Tolkien fans.

AbeBooks Pablo Picasso Etude de Personnages Lithograph Review 

Along with books and collectibles, this platform offer artworks, like the AbeBooks Pablo Picasso Etude de Personnages Lithograph

This replication of the artist’s 1899 painting was produced between 1979-82 by the family of Picasso. It sells for $850.

AbeBooks DC Super Heroes Poster Book Review 

What DC Comics fan wouldn’t love an AbeBooks DC Super Heroes Poster Book from 1978? The cover has everyone running somewhat towards you. 

Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are most prominent with other lesser characters like Robin, The Joker, Bat Girl, Aquaman, and the Flash behind them. The posters are all there and in good condition.

This poster book has three retailers and sells between $150 and $320.

Who Is AbeBooks For? 

AbeBooks Review

From all that I’ve shown in this AbeBooks review, I feel that this platform is for anyone looking for books, artwork, and/or collectibles

In a day and age when e-readers are popular, those who enjoy holding paper books find it more difficult to buy them, especially if they aren’t new titles. AbeBooks let people find books – new, used, and rare – in one place, from many vendors.

Folks into collectibles such as movie memorabilia or old comics/graphic novels, you can find items from retailers worldwide.

AbeBooks Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

AbeBooks Review

On to my favorite part of this article: what the AbeBooks reviews from their customer tell us about the brand.

Let’s start with TrustPilot where they have 4 reviews and a  5/5-star rating. Here is quite the explanatory customer testimonial:

“The books offered range from almost new in higher prices to those from libraries for which you pay only for shipping. It’s easy to find ten books for less than $100 I’ve compared with Amazon and returned to Abes. You won’t be sorry.”

So, that customer uses AbeBooks for used books at an exceptional price. If you aren’t bothered by some damage and don’t plan to collect the books, this is ideal for you. 

The next AbeBooks review is from Influenster where the brand has amassed a score of 4.3/5 stars from 373 reviews. I just had to include this review for its positivity: 

“Abebooks is an excellent place to find pretty much any book you’re looking for, even the really hard-to-find ones. My dad uses this site a lot to buy rare books for his collection of boxing books, and I use it when a book I want can’t be found anywhere else.”

This platform helps families like theirs find hard-to-find and rare books for any interest. The next AbeBooks review from the brand’s website uses it for finding college textbooks at a cheaper price. They say:

“I use this site to buy textbooks for college. It has never let me down yet. Love that they offer prices that are sometimes cheaper than prices on Amazon. I would totally recommend this site. Definitely won’t stop using it :)”

So, these AbeBooks reviews show that people can anything that they are looking for through the retailers on this platform. But how easy is it to navigate? 

The next customer left this review on Reviewopedia – which has 5/5 stars based on 2 reviews – that answers that very question. They say:

“Go Here First. This is the best place to find almost any book available with the default order of results being lowest price first. You can search according to hardcover, paperback, first edition, etc. and you can make your search very specific. This site is like stepping into a huge second-hand bookstore where you can browse and find hidden treasures.”

After seeing these great reviews, I should also make note of a few bad reviews on Sitejabber and some complaints on the Better Business Bureau website.

The issues tend to be about the delivery process, with some items never arriving. Since AbeBooks is made up of many vendors, some aren’t as diligent as others but that’s a risk well worth taking.

AbeBooks reimburse you for any such issues. They also have a 5-star rating system that is based on the percentage of sales a vendor completes that don’t get refunded or canceled. I suggest checking those ratings before purchasing from any vendor.

Is AbeBooks Legit?

AbeBooks Review

There are complaints out there of delivery issues where often orders weren’t received.

However, AbeBooks responded to the Better Business Bureau complaints to the satisfaction of their customers, leading me to think that this brand is indeed legit

Is AbeBooks Worth It?

AbeBooks Review

So, to the crux of the matter – is AbeBooks worth your money? Yes, absolutely, but I do suggest doing your due diligence as to the seller ratings. 

As an online mall with vendors from all over the globe, AbeBooks is the best place to find any books – new, used, rare, and text. They are also a great place to find art and collectibles.

AbeBooks Promotions & Discounts 

AbeBooks Review

For this AbeBooks review, I was unable to find any AbeBooks coupon codes or any other promotions. This is because the brand is an online platform or mall, so it is the shops that are responsible for any discounts and promotions.

Where To Buy AbeBooks

AbeBooks Review

As an online platform, the only place to get AbeBooks is on their website at


AbeBooks Review

Who owns AbeBooks?

AbeBooks has been owned by Amazon since 2008.

Does AbeBooks ship internationally?

Yes, AbeBooks ships internationally as their sellers are located across the globe.

What is AbeBooks’ Shipping Policy?

Since AbeBooks are a platform with many vendors, each seller determines their own shipping costs and times depending on where they, and you, are located. Books are usually shipped out within two business days.

What is AbeBooks’ Return Policy?

AbeBooks has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with your purchase because the seller misrepresented it or it never arrived.

For any other issues, you need to contact the seller directly.

How To Contact AbeBooks

AbeBooks Review

If you have any questions that I didn’t answer in this AbeBooks review, you can contact their customer service through their Contact US page

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