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SnackMagic Review

About SnackMagic

SnackMagic Review

SnackMagic delivers customizable snack boxes right to your door. The company offers a selection of unique and tasty beverages, pantry staples, sweet treats, baked goods, and more to choose from.

Having launched in 2020 amid the pandemic, SnackMagic offers a safe gift-giving option for co-workers, friends, or family members. Gift-givers have the option of curating a box, or they can choose to let the giftee choose the treats they want!

The relatively new company has a respectable 4.8k followers on Instagram. SnackMagic is being increasingly recognized for its innovative build-your-own-box service and has been featured in multiple YouTube videos and by various news outlets, such as The Wall Street Journal and TechCrunch.

This SnackMagic review will look at the brand and everything it has to offer. We’ll dive into its snacks, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if its customizable snack boxes are worth the buy.

Overview of SnackMagic

SnackMagic Review

When the global pandemic hit, SnackBox founder Shaunak Amin knew there must be a safe, but still fun, way to send customizable gifts to the important people in your life.

Whether you’re thanking a group of 100+ employees or sending your best friend a birthday box, choosing what to give can be an incredibly stressful experience, especially when we are required to socially distance ourselves. As a believer that the common saying “giving is better than receiving” is not always true, Shaunak wanted to take the pressure off of giving gifts.

The result? The world’s first gift box that can be fully customized by the giftee. The process is surprisingly easy. The buyer simply sets the budget. Then, SnackBox will send a link to the recipient(s).

The giftee can then access the site and choose from a selection of high-quality treats, including fizzy beverages, baked goods, salty snacks, delicious jams, smooth coffees, and so much more. There are currently hundreds of delectable options that were sourced from around the world for their taste, quality, and uniqueness.

At the time of this SnackMagic review, the brand has already shipped millions of snacks worldwide—and it’s only the beginning of its journey. SnackMagic is proof that good things can come out of not-so-good situations.

For those that would rather choose what their giftees receive, the company offers that option, too. Customers can hand-pick snacks for their friends and family, or choose from a selection of already-curated boxes.

Now that you know a bit more about the brand and how it got started, let’s go over some initial pros and cons:


  • Offers hundreds of snack options from around the world, including baked goods, beverages, hot sauces, jams, chips, cookies, coffees, and more
  • Customers can choose to have the giftee select their snacks, select snacks for the giftee, or choose a pre-curated box
  • Inclusive of dietary choices and restrictions (i.e. vegetarian, pescatarian, kosher, and gluten-free options)
  • Option to add branded swag or boxes to your order, which is most often used by businesses
  • Can gift from anywhere in the world
  • Option to schedule your gift for a later date
  • In the event that your giftee does not claim their gift, you will not be charged
  • You can add a virtual component to your gift for an additional charge, such as a Trivia Night or Beer Tasting
  • Free US delivery
  • Ships internationally


  • International shipping can be expensive with long delivery times

SnackMagic Snack Stash Review

Whether you want to treat your co-workers, send your friends and family some love, or give yourself a treat, SnackMagic has a variety of tasty snacks to discover. Each box is customizable, so you don’t need to worry about getting anything you’re not interested in. Plus, you can choose to let whoever you’re gifting choose their preferred snacks!

This SnackMagic review will dive deep into the SnackMagic menu to give you a taste of what the brand has to offer.

SnackMagic Shiitake Mushroom Crisps 2.29 oz Review

For the nature lover who loves to try something new, the SnackMagic Shiitake Mushroom Crisps are a healthier alternative to regular chips. This product is made by DJ&A, a brand that’s mission is to turn nature’s creations into high-quality healthy treats.

These lightly cooked and seasoned crisps are made of Shiitake Mushroom, an earthy-flavored mushroom that is commonly used in cooking. Other ingredients include Garlic, Onion Vegetable Oils, Maltose, Sea Salt, Yeast Extract, Spices, and all-natural flavor.

At 140 calories per serving and only 6g of fat, this snack can easily be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. Plus, it is completely vegan and kosher. SnackMagic offers these crisps in a single package for $5 or a pack of 6 for $28.

For a natural well-rounded snack, pair these crisps with a tea from the SnackMagic Heavenly Tea Leaves collection.

SnackMagic Himalayan Salt Chickpea Chips 1 Review

Kibo Foods offers another delicious alternative to regular potato chips with its Himalayan Salt Chickpea Chips. Kibo uses natural ingredients in its snacks while avoiding unhealthy additives such as GMOs and Gluten.

These chickpea chips are made from, you guessed it, Chickpea Flour. Chickpeas are a great source of protein for vegans, so these chips are a safe and delicious option for any animal lover in your life. We recommend pairing this SnackMagic snack with a creamy dip to round out the flavors.

One serving of this salty snack includes 110 calories and 7g of protein. These SnackMagic crowd pleasers cost $2 for a single pack, $11 for a pack of 6, or $21 for a pack of 12.

SnackMagic Texas Pit BBQ Upcycled Puffs 3.5 Review

SnackMagic’s Texas Pit BBQ Upcycled Puffs are spiced with Umami, which adds a traditional smoked flavor. These BBQ puffs are made by ReGrained, a brand that promotes edible upcycling.

The founders of ReGrained started their business after using leftover grain that came from the beer that they brewed themselves. Instead of throwing the grain away, they decided to bake bread with it. Their brand has evolved, and they now create delicious, upcycled foods like these Texas pit puffs!

A solid choice for any eco-friendly gift recipient, this sustainable salty snack is also 100% vegan. You can support ReGrained and its edible upcycling mission by enjoying these smoked puffs for $5 per single pack, $26 for 6, or $49 for 12.

SnackMagic White Cheddar Popped Water Lily Seeds 0.8 oz Review

Taali Foods’s White Cheddar Popped Water Lily Seeds might be a confusing mouthful to say, but this salty treat lives up to its name. At only 90 calories per serving, SnackMagic water lily pops are made with real cheese and are vegetarian and gluten-free.

If you’re a snack fanatic but need help making smarter choices, Taali steers clear of processed foods. Made with no added sugars, this snack features Water Lily Seeds, an ingredient that has been featured in Chinese and Indian medicine practices for centuries.

Its satisfyingly short ingredients list also includes Palm Oil, Salt, Cheese Powder, Vitamin E, Black Pepper, and Yeast Extract. Taali Food promises that customers will always be able to recognize and pronounce the ingredients it uses.

These slowly roasted water lily pops make a great crunchy snack. You can purchase this superfood treat for just $2 per bag or up to $21 for a 12 pack.

SnackMagic Cocoa Popped Sorghum 1 oz Review

For all the chocolate lovers out there, SnackMagic offers a fun kosher snack with the Cocoa Popped Sorghum by Chasin’ Dreams Farm. Although the shape and texture of this snack might look and feel like popcorn, it’s completely corn-free.

Chasin’ Dreams Farm ensures their snacks are never genetically modified, as well as always gluten-free and sustainable. This plant-based snack is made of an ancient grain, Sorghum, that was made in the US and resembles popcorn in taste and appearance. At only 110 calories, these cocoa pops are a great sweet and salty fix.

Add these Cocoa Popped Sorghums to your customizable SnackMagic box for $2 (1), $11 (6), or $21 (12).

SnackMagic Original 5-Spice Mushroom Jerky 2.5 oz Review

This vegan twist on beef jerky is a delicious and healthy alternative to reach for. Created by Munchrooms, this Original 5-Spice Mushroom Jerky is 100% plant-based and mimics the texture of meat. This snack is topped with sweet and tangy seasoning that’ll leave your mouth watering for more.

Spiced with Umami and featuring a chewy texture, you probably won’t be able to tell that this jerky is made of mushrooms and not meat. Whether you’re a meat-eater trying to make healthier choices or a plant-based eater who wants a new tasty snack, this fiber-filled mushroom-based jerky will serve your satisfaction.

Pick this nut-free and vegan snack up for $8 or in a pack of 6 for $46. Not enough? Choose the 12 pack for $86.

SnackMagic Sour Blueberry Soda 12 fl oz Review

With so many salty snacks to choose from, you’re going to need something satisfying to wash it all down with. SnackMagic isn’t limited to food; it also offers fun beverages to choose from for a well-rounded box. The Sour Blueberry Soda is a fan favorite created by United Sodas of America.

If you’re someone who avoids soda, you can welcome the beverage back into your life again. Most sodas are made with unhealthy ingredients, including High Fructose Corn Syrup and other chemicals. United Sodas uses ingredients from nature to safely flavor their sodas, freeing you from consuming dangerous additives.

The Sour Blueberry Soda is currently sold out at the time of this SnackMagic review but is originally priced at $3. Keep an eye out for this item to restock so you can get your hands on it. 

SnackMagic Peach Perfect Sparkling Green Tea 12 fl oz Review

Adding another soda to the mix, the Peach Perfect Sparkling Green Tea by SZZL Tea is a thirst-quenching blend of soda and tea. Made of real fruit and carbonated goodness, this natural bubbly brew might be your next go-to.

This sparkling green tea is only 30 calories per can with a total of 8g of sugar. Including safe and easily recognizable ingredients, this beverage features flavors from Green Tea, Carbonated Water, Sugar, Stevia, Apple Juice Concentrate, Ginger Juice, Peach Juice Concentrate, and Citric Acid.

If you need help shaking your unhealthy soda habit, this SnackMagic beverage has your back. Add this sparkling tea to your arsenal of drinks for only $3 per can, 6 for $17, or 12 for $32.

If you prefer your tea and sparkling water separate, a great sparkling beverage to try is the SnackMagic Ringo Apple Japanese-Style Sparkling Water by Kimino Drinks!

SnackMagic Peppermint Seasoned Mini Twists Pretzels 6 oz (Pack of 12) Review 

We are rounding out our snack reviews with a modern twist on a classic treat. Pretzel Pete’s Peppermint Seasoned Mini Twists Pretzels fuse together unexpected flavors for a surprisingly satisfying treat. Its delicious peppermint flavor embodies nostalgic Christmas moments.

These kosher peppermint pretzels are a seasonal flavor made in small batches. Unlike other flavored pretzels, Pretzel Pete soaks the flavor throughout the dough to ensure an evenly-flavored result when cooked. What does this mean for you? Every bite will be incredibly tasty.

At the time of this SnackMagic review, these seasonal pretzels are sold out. When Winter hits, you can purchase a pack of 12 for $32.

SnackMagic Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

SnackMagic Review

Though the brand’s selection of delicious treats and unique gift-giving service seem promising, this SnackMagic review wanted to see what customers are actually saying. Because SnackMagic is a newer company, online reviews were very limited. We’ve gathered the most informative testimonials from the brand’s social media platforms, its website, and webpages like Reddit and G2 to get a clearer picture on what it offers.

On its customer reviews page, SnackMagic helpfully divides its feedback into three sections: organizer feedback, US recipients feedback, and international recipients feedback. Importantly, reviews are hand-picked by the brand and are limited in quantity. As a result, these reviews only show a glimpse into what shoppers are saying about the company.

One customer reported that sending a SnackMagic box required only a small amount of effort, but that the giftees loved it: “I’ve got some key people that I wanted to thank for sticking with me through the last few months. I surprised each of them with SnackMagic, and they were absolutely thrilled! The small gesture went a long way to show them my gratitude.”

Another reviewer highlighted the SnackMagic gavottes and water lily seeds for how delicious they were: “I’m just getting into it but the popped water lily seeds are very tasty and the Gavotte’s thin butter cookies in salted butter, caramel and vanilla are fabulous. I have to hide the rest from my husband if I want any. The U Luv brownie cookies are very good. Hard to believe their gluten free.”

On its Instagram page, this SnackMagic review came across encouraging comments across its posts. Here customers report how yummy the snacks are and how diverse the selection is. Similarly, a lot of brands are commenting about how they’re happy to be involved with SnackMagic.

On G2, the company has earned an impressive 5/5 stars, though it is only from 12 reviews. These testimonials are incredibly positive, with many customers recommending its unique service.

One customer argues that SnackMagic boxes are the perfect solution for gifting large groups of people during COVID-19:

As an administrative assistant, one of my roles is to provide rewards to employees, often in the form of food. When I could just bring snacks to the office, it was an easy job! During this past year, everyone has been working from home, so in order to send treats, I had to collect dozens of home addresses. With SnackMagic, the employee can provide their address directly to the vendor.”

As for SnackMagic Reddit reviews, one user shared their opinion on the brand’s overall image stating, “their branding could use some work but overall seems like a solid company.

Overall, customers seem extremely satisfied with the company’s selection of snacks that are delicious, unique, and sourced from around the world. Because it is such a new business, online reviews are very limited. This SnackMagic review believes the company is on the right track to a bright future. As it grows, we hope more users will share their honest experiences with the brand.

Is SnackMagic Worth It?

SnackMagic Review

If you’re looking for an exciting gift that you know the recipient will use, appreciate, and enjoy, SnackMagic is definitely worth a shot. With its customizable products that cater to the giftee, you’re pretty much guaranteed a happy reaction.

Even if you want to order a snack box for yourself, you have 600+ food products to choose from, making snacking easier and potentially healthier. You have the option to explore different brands, foods, and drinks that were developed from all over the world. With the nutritional information posted on their website, it’s easy to make informed decisions.

Being the only 100% customizable snack box on the market, SnackMagic is a fresh new concept that is fun to use and intriguing to receive. Although their international delivery is slower and more expensive, it’s great that they have the option available to global customers.

This SnackMagic review believes the brand stands by its mission to provide a pressure-free gift-giving process for co-workers or loved ones with tasty snacks they’ll love. After reviewing customer ratings and taking a closer look at their purpose, we perceive SnackMagic to be accommodating, having your best interest in mind. In other words, we think the brand’s products are worth the buy.

SnackMagic Promotions & Discounts 

SnackMagic Review

Unfortunately, there are no SnackMagic promo codes or discounts currently available.

For the most up-to-date information on future SnackMagic coupon codes, you can follow its social media pages or sign up for the brand’s emails.

Where to Buy SnackMagic

SnackMagic Review

You can only purchase the brand’s products through its website,


SnackMagic Review

What is SnackMagic?

SnackMagic is a service that lets you build your own box of goodies. You can also treat others by setting a budget and letting your friends, family, or co-workers choose the snacks they want.

The company donates a snack to a New York City healthcare worker, essential worker, or first responder for every purchase.

Who owns SnackMagic?

Shaunak Amin is the co-founder and CEO of SnackMagic.

What is SnackMagic’s Shipping Policy?

SnackMagic shipping is free across the US. The company does ship internationally, but there is an $18 fulfillment fee for those recipients.

SnackMagic boxes ordered within the US are shipped from Long Island City, New York. Regional partners handle international orders. The company uses UPS within the US, and orders usually take 2-7 days for delivery, depending on your location. International shipments will take about 14 days to arrive.

When sending someone a gift, you don’t need their shipping information. They will receive an email with a link to fill it out themselves.

You can use SnackMagic tracking service, Treats Dashboard, to follow your delivery once the order is placed. Here, you can see if the recipient has received your gift.

What is SnackMagic’s Return Policy?

Considering its products are consumable, SnackMagic doesn’t accept returns. With that being said, if your product is damaged or incorrect, send the company an email within three days of delivery. The team will then look into it and provide a replacement or refund.

How to Contact SnackMagic

If you have any questions after reading this SnackMagic review, you can contact its team through:

Customer service agents are available Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm EST. 

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