Rothys vs Birdies Shoes Review

Rothys vs Birdies: Brand Showdown

Rothys vs Birdies Shoes Review

While researching for this Rothys vs Birdies shoes review, we found that Rothys stands out in their firm stance on sustainability. In committing to sustainability as a mantra, Rothys treats their materials, production process, and their people with a sustainable lens to create five loveable silhouettes for adults and children. 

The concept for Birdie shoes emerged out of the real-life experience of two busy moms who needed a comfortable, pragmatic, and stylish shoe to answer to their unmet needs. Designed with innovation to deliver comfort and elegance to women, the Birdy is unique in its 7-layer cushion technology. 

Rothys vs Birdies Shoes Review

The following comparative Rothys vs Birdies shoes review will examine key elements of the brand and its products to assist you in making an informed purchase decision. 

Rothys vs Birdies Flats

Rothys Flats

Rothys vs Birdies Shoes Review

Rothys’ flat is the shoe that got the ball rolling. In the Rothys shoe, you’ll feel supported with a snug fit that gives your foot the hugging sensation you need to take on your day without any hesitation. Rothys signature thread gives you that feeling of security in the heel and wiggle room in the toe, with minute stretch over time. Rothys prices their shoe at $169$209 with classic and funky colours, as well as a Merino wool collection. 

The Rothys flat is a high-performance shoe that will give you confidence in each of your endeavours, but perhaps most importantly, the flat is constructed with eco-friendly materials in Rothys sustainable manufacturing workshop. A snapshot of this amazing process showcases Rothys signature thread which is made from repurposed plastic water bottles.

As you read this Rothys vs Birdies shoes review, just think what an amazing feat this is for our oceans and ecosystem! Additionally, Rothys crafts the insoles from bio-based algae Strobel boards. Each material is chosen conscientiously and with care. 

Not only do Rothys support all of your everyday demands, but they are practical and straightforward in their care instructions. You can put your Rothys in the washing machine after a work trip, or let your little one play in the mud and sand and sharpen up the look of their Rothys with ease. Rothys are durable and made to last

Washing Instructions for Rothys

  1. Remove the insoles
  2. Place the insoles and shoes into the washing machine
  3. Wash on a cold, delicate cycle
  4. Rothys don’t respond well to heat, so do not put them in the dryer or leave them in the sun

Birdies Flats

Rothys vs Birdies Shoes Review

In the first weeks of spring, when feet have been protected by boots for months, they are unaccustomed to the cut of a flat. It is not uncommon to have to tape your foot up with bandaids in response to the assault of your first walk. If you’ve had this awful and memorable experience, then the Birdies flat is for you. 

It merges the ultimate comfort of a slipper with the stylish appearance of a tasteful flat. In the Birdies flat, you will feel like you are walking on air. In a variety of styles from vegan velvet to suede, or calf hair to leather, your Birdies will stand out for their elegant line and simple feminine design, priced between $95-$165.

You work hard day in and out; treat your feet—you deserve it! An element that weighs very positively in this Rothys vs Birdies shoes review is Birdies’ sensational 7-layer cloud technology. Once you’ve sunk into it, you’ll never look back. You will feel like a queen in the soft quilted satin, dual-layer high-density memory foam, shock absorption, and arch and heel support. With the Birdies flat, you strike a balance between a cutting edge flat, the support you can count on from your best slipper and the feelings of comfort you get from stepping into your most plush slipper. 

Rothys Loafer 

Rothys vs Birdies Shoes Review

For this Rothys vs Birdies shoes review, we found Rothys‘ loafer to be effortless, comfortable, and casual. Crafted in classic solids and bold patterns that fit into your everyday attire, the Rothys is perfect for travel, routine, or dinner elegance for $223 – $263. The loafer gives vibrancy to an old favourite. It’s a shoe that simply works. Rothys guarantees your comfort with their signature thread, and you can boast the advantage of eco-friendly fashion. If you’re putting in full walking days on a trip to a new city, fret not; the Rothys loafer is washable. You will continue to look striking in this durable shoe. 

In strong statement colours, the Point is delicate in its flattering design and emphatic lines but long-lasting, priced at $196$236. The Point is where style and comfort intersect. If your foot is wider than a B, Rothys recommends that you go up a size in the Point. The mindful make of the Rothy Point will ensure that the shoe is the fulcrum of your style for many memorable occasions to come. 

Birdies Loafer

Rothys vs Birdies Shoes Review

Birdies crafted the Heron Flat for everyday versatility. For $95, this affordable shoe will win you over. That’s right, you heard it—it’s a slipper disguised as a flat. Offered in black, vegan velvet, the Heron Flat will add grace and sophistication to any outfit, whether casual or dressy. With 7-layer cushioning and a rubber sole, you can wear this shoe inside and out and believe me, you won’t want to take it off. The exterior of the shoe gives off charm, and the interior luxury is your little secret. 

Birdies Slides

Rothys vs Birdies Shoes Review

Birdies slides come in ornate patterns like cheetah and divine floral jacquard as well as refined classics like crimson and black. Your slides will complement every outfit hanging in your closet. These shoes are no-sweat, just slip them on and go. After trying a pair of Birdies slides, you’ll leave them by the door as your go-to. They fit any occasion, and the comfort of the 7-layer cushioning is unparalleled. Birdies flats have a price point of $80$120.

Winner: Birdies 

While both brands fared well in the shoes category of this Rothys vs Birdies shoes review, customers say Birdies flats fit like a glove. Birdies admit that you will feel like you’re walking on a cloud—how can you not love them! For your next pair of flats or slides, we present to you Birdies. With undeniable comfort, the seven-layer cushioning will genuinely blow your mind, especially when paired with the beautiful cut, design, and patterns offered by Birdies. With the Vegan pair, you are helping our world one step at a time. 

Rothys is also a great sustainable shoe for everyday use and comfort, but the shoes come in far fewer colours and are more strictly casual as opposed to the adaptive Birdies shoe. The Rothys flat, loafer and pointer were significantly more costly than the Birdies shoes. In the Birdies shoe, you really can have the best of all worlds! We’ve got your back—you’ll never slip your foot into another shoe. 


Rothys vs Birdies Shoes Review

Another important category in this Rothys vs Birdies shoes review is quality. Rothys have a zero break-in period. Rothys team commits to being the most comfortable shoe in your closet. Fit matters to Rothys; they’re self-proclaimed fit geeks who insist that you get it just right with some room to move your toes around in the front and a secure feel in the heel to make walking just right. Rothys makes their shoes with eco-friendly materials. This aim is achievable because Rothys has its very own sustainable manufacturing workshop. 

We’re not done yet—Rothys has a signature thread. This helps them to know their shoes from front to back. They use hand-picked eco-friendly materials for their insole with a dedication to your comfort. Rothys are durable to start, but the ability to wash the shoes expands their lifespan and keeps you looking sharp and at your best. 

Rothys vs Birdies Shoes Review

Birdies transport you from “coffee to cocktails.” Their rich fabrics are timeless. With a durable sole suitable for outside wear, you can prep dinner and then slip out the door without a single transition. With a vast array of materials from velvet to suede, leather to faux fur, Birdies has your look covered. 

Did you say seven layers of comfort!? The truth is that Birdies has mastered the slipper and the stylish statement shoe in one. Carefully researched and crafted, the seven-layer interior of Birdies will keep you so comfortable, you’ll forget you have left the comfort of your bedroom behind. Birdies make no compromises; they’re good at both parts of what they do—support and fashion. 

Birdies: 7 Layer Cushioning

  • Shock-absorbent cushioning
  • Dual-layer of high-density memory foam to cushion the ball of the foot
  • Breathable Poron comfort cushioning
  • Elevating arch support
  • Pressure-reducing heel
  • Signature satin quilting

Winner: Rothys

Did you know Rothys are worn proudly by Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project? They truly are quality made to promote quality of life! In this Rothys vs Birdies shoes review, both shoes offer divine comfort, ethics and excellent quality, but Rothys offers a more well-rounded quality

It is impossible to deny the seven-layer cushioning of Birdies, but Rothys excels at balance. All their shoes are eco-friendly, and they place emphasis on fit. They’re nerds for the kind of perfect fit that happens right off the bat. The fact that their shoes are durable can’t be ignored, and this is made clear by the washability of the shoes. We think Rothys rock. 

Customer Ratings 

Rothys vs Birdies Shoes Review

Rothys customers reported terrible customer service, underscoring that it was challenging to get in touch with a customer representative, and it was challenging to navigate the website. Customers also complained that the website did not have their size in particular shoes. Other customers stated that they love Rothys shoes and had multiple pairs. Customers also had a negative experience with the shipping experience. 

Customers said that while Rothys shoes were worth the price, they were too expensive and that the price was a barrier to their purchasing more shoes. Customers described the shoes as durable, and they loved that they could put them in the washing machine. Customers also said they could walk ten miles a day in their Rothys without any sign of discomfort.

Rothys vs Birdies Shoes Review

Birdies customers say that they can’t stop buying the shoes, every pair seems to get better than the last. Customers are amazed at the duality of the beauty and comfort of the shoes. They love supporting a business that is run by women for women and feel the thoughtfulness and shared experience in each pair of shoes. Customers felt that Birdies shoes were a great price. The free shipping and returns clinched the deal. Customer service was described as amazing

Winner: Birdies

Meghan Markle’s Birdies slippers come out on top. Horrible customer service reports clouded the Rothys brand, which must be factored in to the Rothys vs Birdies shoes review. They were bad enough that many customers vouched that they would not buy a pair of shoes through the company.

Additionally, a review of Rothys vs Birdies shoes uncovers that the price was a block for Rothys customers. Birdies customers could not say enough about the sensational shoe, the excellent price, and the great customer service. 

Shipping & Returns 

Rothys Shipping

Rothys vs Birdies Shoes Review
  • Standard shipping takes 5-9 business days
  • It is always free; Rothys knows sizing can be a challenge
  • Track your order on your account or the Order Status Finder
Shipping OptionTimeline
USPS Standard Ground (Free)5-9 business days
UPS Expedited ($25)2-3 business days
UPS Rush ($35)1-2 business days
International Shipping5-10 business days

Birdies Shipping

Rothys vs Birdies Shoes Review
  • Ground shipping in the US is free, and you will receive your items within 5-7 business days
  • Birdies ship to Canada, Australia and the U.K.
  • To ship to Canada costs $10 
  • To ship to the U.K. and Australia costs $20
  • International orders can take 7 to 15 days to arrive
  • Birdies do not offer free return shipping on international orders, but they will refund your shoes if you send them back 
  • Connect with [email protected] for the shipping address
  • Birdies charges for duties and taxes at checkout
  • Birdies will send you a shipping confirmation with a tracking number after sending your order

Rothys Returns

  • You may return unworn, unwashed shoes in their original packaging within 30 days of receipt
  • You can try them on for fit but make sure only to wear them indoors
  • For a limited time, Rothys is offering free return shipping on Canadian orders, but the company does not presently provide exchanges on Canadian orders
  1. Return or exchange in person: visit a ‘Happy Returns Return Bar’
  2. Return or exchange online: visit the ‘Returns Center’
  3. Return or exchange in-store: 2448 Fillmore Street in San Francisco

Birdies Returns

  • Birdies will accept a return or exchange of unworn Birdies within 30 days of receipt
  • In the US, Birdies offers free return and exchange shipping
  • Once you receive a shipping label, Birdies has 14 days to receive your order
  • If you select an exchange, Birdies will send out your new items 1-3 days after the return of the original order
  • Birdies do not accept exchanges and returns on worn items

Winner: Rothys

In a Rothys vs Birdies shoes review of shipping and returns flexibility, Rothys was the winner. Rothys standard shipping is always free, while Birdies international shipping comes at a cost. Rothys shipping time, however, may be slightly slower. Additionally, Rothys has a more flexible Return Policy. There are three locations where you can return your shoes, including a Happy Returns Bar. 

Rothys gives customers 30 days to return shoes once they have received them. There is an additional step to the Birdies process, and once customers receive the shipping label, they have only 14 days to return the item. Overall, in our review comparing Rothys vs Birdies, Rothys had the most considerate Shipping and Return policies. 

Price & Value

Review of Rothys vs Birdies

Loafers/Heron Flat$223-$263$95

Winner: Birdies

In comparing price and value in this Rothys vs Birdies shoes review, the latter’s shoes had the edge. While Rothys are beautiful, durable, well-constructed shoes, Birdies attained the same level of comfort and elegance for less. The eco-friendly sustainability factor may increase the price of Rothys product, but Birdies still offers vegan materials for the conscientious consumer. 

Both products have remarkable performance, but Birdies comes at a margin of the cost. Customers love Birdies shoes so much that they buy many pairs and price is a contributing factor to their ability to continue to invest in the value of Birdies. 

We Choose: Birdies

Rothys vs Birdies Shoes Review

We tallied up the score on these two leading brands, and Birdies took the title by a single category. Performing best in shoes, customer ratings and price and value, Birdies was a hair ahead of its competitor. It should be noted in this Rothys vs Birdies shoes review, that Birdies won in 3/5 categories.

It became clear in this Rothys versus Birdies review, that thanks to seven-layer cushioning and opulent design, Birdies are the shoe that women continue to come back to. One woman even explained that she became so used to the comfort of her Birdies slide that one day she left the house with a pair of slippers on and had no recognition of her error until her two-year-old pointed it out. 

This Rothys vs Birdies shoes review highlighted just how affordable Birdies are. Birdies flawlessly combine comfort and high fashion, with an excellent customer service team. It is an approachable, relatable brand, made by down-to-earth women for women.

If you’re not already typing into a side screen to make your purchase or planning a trip to a Birdies retailer near you, then trust us—you’re going to want to get a pair!

Next up, check out our in-depth reviews for Rothys and Birdies.

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