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Babyshop Review

Shopping for children can be difficult as kids are constantly growing, and at a quick rate! Babyshop offers affordable clothes, shoes, toys, accessories, strollers, and car seats for your little loved one. Carrying hundreds of global brands, such as Burberry, Nike, Adidas, Kuling, and Molo, the company has been an outlet for all things kid-proof. 

The brand holds numerous awards but most notably has been granted The Year’s E-commerce Award at the Nordic E-Commerce Summit in 2011 and The Best Online Fashion Boutique for Children’s Clothing at the Habit Fashion Awards in 2012. Babyshop has attracted the eyes of many and has 301k followers on Instagram

But, as with any popular brand, does it live up to the hype? Well, this Babyshop review will explore the brand’s most popular gear, read what the customers are saying, and provide you with their shipping and return policies so you’re well-informed before you make any purchasing decisions. 

Overview of Babyshop

Babyshop Review

Linn and Marcus Tagesson founded Babyshop in 2006 with a mission to provide people with an online children’s store, featuring some of the best clothing in the Nordic region. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden, where their flagship store is located. 

The brand’s mission is straightforward: “Our goal is to inspire our customers by offering an exclusive shopping experience and excellent customer service with the best mixture of well-known and high-quality brands.” 

Now, this Babyshop review will go over the key highlights before diving into the brand’s most popular products:


  • Wide variety of products
  • Lots of brands to choose from  
  • Affordable prices
  • Fast international shipping 
  • Many items made from recycled and sustainable materials 
  • Prioritizes gender equality, neutrality, and diversity 
  • Payment plans through Klarna
Babyshop Review

Instead of bouncing from website to website for children’s items, why not shop for everything in one place? Babyshop has a huge selection of products that include comfortable casualwear, outerwear, strollers, carrycots, car seats and age-appropriate toys for children 0-10. This Babyshop review will explore some of the items that are selling out fast. 

Babyshop Review

Babyshop is your one-stop shop for everything that a child may need. The brand carries items that make lovely baby shower gifts such as cute kids outfits, adorable playthings, and multifunctional strollers and car seats. This Babyshop review will guide you through a menagerie of the brand’s best-selling items. 

Babyshop Monnalisa Bow Detail Dress Black Review

For the somber occasion, this fully-lined Babyshop Monnalisa Bow Detail Dress Black looks a bit like the dress that Wednesday Addams would wear, which we think is very adorable! 

The white neck collar with mini bows adds elegant details to your baby’s dress, making it a great outfit for family events, holidays, and special occasions. This dress features an A-line silhouette which would look super cute worn with a pair of tights and tiny black dress shoes like Mary Janes. 

The zip closure at the back lets you easily remove your baby’s outfit which is particularly helpful for fussy toddlers. You don’t have to worry about any special care for this item as it is machine washable and made mostly from cotton materials. 

Currently, this item is out of stock on the brand’s site. 

Babyshop Ottawa Recycled Rain Set Woody Rose Review

For those living in temperamental climates, a cozy rain suit for your child is not a want but a need. Kids are natural explorers so you want to make sure they’re protected from any snow, rain, or slush they may encounter while they play outside. 

The Babyshop Ottawa Recycled Rain Set Woody Rose is fleece-lined to ensure maximum comfort for the baby. It’s designed with reflective details so you will always be able to see where those little legs have wandered off to. 

Not only is this set durable, adjustable, and resilient but it’s also made from recycled materials.  The special eco finish helps to repel water and dirt, making it easier to clean after an exploratory day. Coming in a great range of sizes, going from 6 months to 12 years old, this great set retails for $85.  

Babyshop Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller Review

Rocking a cute stroller will make you want to take an extra lap around the block as you try and get your little one to fall asleep for their afternoon nap. 

The Babyshop Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller is a great travel stroller that can be folded up and carried with you for any adventure. Whether you are heading to the cottage for the weekend or going across the globe, this adjustable stroller is an easy take-along. 

This stroller comes with adjustable handlebars, and a backrest you can easily recline for those times when your cranky little one starts to nod off. You can also store any snacks, bottles, and toys in the basket beneath to keep your child busy during those long waits. 

You can purchase this affordable piece for $359.

Babyshop Bumprider Connect Stroller White/Gray Melange Review

Play Connect 4 (or 3 or 2) with your strollers as your family grows. The Babyshop Bumprider Connect Stroller White/Gray Melange is an award-winning stroller for plenty of reasons. 

This item is equipped with an automatic magnetic lock to connect multiple strollers. However, the magnetic feature can be turned off so that you can take it with you on flights. We love a product with versatility.  

Also, the Bumprider supports your baby with shoulder pads and a 5-point safety harness. A wide canopy provides UV protection for sunny days. 

Ringing true to its name, the Babyshop Bumprider has durable PU rubber tires that can withstand even the rockiest of roads. No need to worry about your stroller rolling away as it comes with lockable swivel wheels so that you can park it in place. 

This stroller is designed for children up to the age of 5 and can carry up to 22 kg. It retails for $400

Babyshop BigKid 2 Premium Booster Seat Shell Review

Booster seats are no joke! They are a necessity for your child when it comes to keeping them safe and sound in a vehicle. As your child transitions from a car seat to a booster seat, you want to make sure that they will be locked in with something durable and high-quality. 

The Babyshop BigKid 2 Premium Booster Seat Shell will give you a more peaceful state of mind knowing your child is completely safe. The cushioned side impact protection provides optimal security against any unexpected side collisions. 

With all this protection, you might think your child will feel smothered and uncomfortable. Luckily, this is not the case! Children can sit in utmost comfort using the multi-position reclining feature that is especially good for long road trips. 

You won’t have to worry about constantly purchasing a new booster seat throughout the years because as your child grows, you can adjust the backrest to meet their height. 

You can buy this booster for $239 on the brand’s site. 

Babyshop Buddy & Hope Wild Animals Stacking Cubes Review

Creative play is incredibly important for babies and children. The first few years of any baby’s life are monumental as they learn words, counting, how to walk, how to hold things, and how to eat. Also, as parents, you want to give your child as much of an advantage as possible by 

The Babyshop Buddy & Hope Wild Animals Stacking Cubes are a tactile way for your baby to learn numbers and the ability to stack objects. The cubes are numbered 1-10 and help to foster hand-eye coordination and motor skills, which are crucial for young bodies and growing minds. 

These blocks not only provide educational benefits but they are visually appealing too. Each wooden block has a wild animal painted on it. It’s a great way to help your child recognize all the different wildlife there is in the world. 

This toy is suitable for children between the ages of 12-24 months and costs $34. Currently, this item is on sale for $21 — so make sure to pick it up quickly!

Who Is Babyshop For? 

Babyshop Review

This Babyshop review believes that the brand’s target audience is middle-aged parents or caregivers. Whether you have a small child or have some nieces and nephews in your life, Babyshop carries practical, stylish, and affordable items. 

People who don’t want to run from store to store can find ease in the brand’s online format. Babyshop understands that people with children don’t have much time to waste. Since the company carries several brands and offers fast shipping, you can find all the items on your list in one place and receive them in a timely fashion. 

Babyshop Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Babyshop Review

Are you interested in any of the brand’s most popular products? You’re probably wondering what customers have to say before you make a purchasing decision. We hear you. That’s why this section of our Babyshop review will uncover what the customers have to say about the brand. 

Since the brand’s website lacks an adequate amount of Babyshop reviews, we searched the internet to find out what people on third-party sites such as Trustpilot, Google, and The consensus of the brand is wonderful! 

The brand has 4.2/5 stars on Trustpilot which is admirable considering the platform is mainly used to address any concerns customers have. Many people complimented the brand for having excellent customer service skills and for its huge assortment of goodies. 

Out of 874 reviews on Trustpilot, one 5-star reviewer writes, “I ordered many items from Babyshop and was always happy with how fast orders are delivered. For the first time today I talked with a woman on customer service and she was super friendly and helpful. I was positively surprised. This is how good service looks like!” 

From 946 ratings on, one 5-star reviewer says, “Great shop with a big selection of clothes for kids. Shipping is always very fast even to the USA! I love ordering merino clothes from Babyshop for really affordable prices. Thank you so much!” 

When it comes to the brand’s flagship store, it may be more reasonable to stick to the web if you’re looking for variety. A Google review, which rated the brand 3.9/5 stars from 20 people, says of their in-store experience, “Very small store but helpful staff. Their website has a huge variety!” 

Unfortunately, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine when it comes to Babyshop’s customer reviews. There were a few complaints on Facebook of people having issues with their order delivery. But overall, this Babyshop review can happily say that the brand’s positive reviews surpassed the negative ones.

Is Babyshop Worth It?

Babyshop Review

This Babyshop review thinks that the company is highly worth checking out. A wonderful spot for anything child-related, it carries high-quality products from a conglomerate of well-known brands.

The brand’s products speak to hundreds of different developing personalities and styles. They offer lovely pieces that can be reused and passed along to other children as your child grows out of them. 

In regards to the values of the brand—they’re phenomenal. Case in point, the company recognizes and promotes gender equality and neutrality within its workplace. As well, they make sure to have a diverse group of employees from various nationalities. 

Many items on the brand’s website are either made from recycled fabrics or sustainable materials. The Babyshop Group is dedicated to following the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations. These goals take a holistic approach to blending human rights with climate action

Finally, many shoppers praised the brand’s excellent service and knowledge. Customer communication can make a huge impact so it’s nice to see the brand puts in the effort in this area. If you’re in the market for Nordic style children’s wear and accessories then this Babyshop review cannot recommend the brand enough. 

Babyshop Promotions & Discounts 

Babyshop Review

The brand currently has lots of reduced-priced items available on its website. This Babyshop review encourages you to sign up for the brand’s newsletter to get 10% off your first order. 

Other deals include: 

  • 20% off on orders over $145 with the code BABY2022
  • Up to 60% off items in the clearance section
  • 15-40% off baby essentials 
  • 15-40% off storage and textiles 
  • Up to 50% off sweaters and knitwear
  • Up to 50% off baby clothes 

Where to Buy Babyshop

Babyshop Review

Where is Babyshop located, you ask? Well, the flagship store is in Stockholm, Sweden. However, the brand does most of its business online at


Babyshop Review

Who owns Babyshop?

Babyshop was founded in 2006 by two entrepreneurs, Linn and Marcus Tagesson, who also formed The Babyshop Group. This conglomerate of brands continues to expand today, but mainly operates online. The company has offices located all over the world including Paris, Oslo, London, Stockholm, and Seoul. 

Does Babyshop ship internationally?

Yes, Babyshop is proud to offer speedy shipping to 50+ countries. To see if they ship to your location, take a look at the dropdown menu under Delivery. 

What is Babyshop’s Shipping Policy?

This Babyshop review was relieved to see that the brand’s shipping info is clear and concise. All you have to do is choose your country on the dropdown list to see what you can expect for delivery times and cost. 

Here are the options available to US customers, which is based on your order amount: 

  1. UPS Expedited: Free (for orders $175+), $12 (orders between $100-$175), $14 (orders under $100) — up to 6 business days.
  2. Access Point Expedited: Free (for orders $175+), $9 (orders between $100-$175), $12 (orders under $100) — up to 6 business days.
  3. Express Saver: $21 (up to 3 business days). 
  4. Access Point Express: $19 (up to 3 business days). 

What is Babyshop’s Return Policy?

Babyshop has a very generous return and exchange policy. Due to Covid-19, the brand has extended its return policy from 30-100 days to account for any possible shipping delays. 

As with many other companies, the items must be unworn, undamaged, and unused and must have the original tags attached. Plus, you won’t be able to return any items that have a hygiene factor (such as a pacifier, underwear, baby bottles, and hair accessories).

For customers in the US, the return fee is $10 which will be deducted from your refund amount. There is a dropdown menu where you can see the specific return costs from your country. You have two options when it comes to returning your items, either register your return through the brand’s online portal or mail your parcel to the warehouse. 

Of course, it’s always important to keep in mind that you are responsible for any shipping fees associated with your return parcel. 

How to Contact Babyshop

Are you interested in hearing more about the brand? Have any of Babyshop’s best-selling items caught your attention? You can get in contact with the brand via: 

  • Online contact form 
  • Phone: +1 (646) 970-8452

Babyshop’s operating hours are Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 7 pm, Friday from 10 am to 5 pm, and Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm. 

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