Columbia Care Review

About Columbia Care

Columbia Care Review

When you hear about cannabis, do you think of chilling out, relaxing, eating snacks? Well, cannabis has significant medicinal benefits as well. Many people who experience chronic pain feel relief from using cannabis. Columbia Care is your one-stop-shop for medical or adult-use cannabis and CBD products.

You might have seen the brand’s name featured in popular media sources such as Business Insider, Financial Post, and The Globe and Mail. Columbia Care also received recognition in the 2021 Clio Cannabis Awards for its impressive and innovative technology tools and branding. 

Are you over the age of 21? If so, keep reading this Columbia Care review as I check out what the brand is all about, how it works, what’s on the menu, and see what customers have to say.

Overview of Columbia Care

Columbia Care Review

Columbia Care was co-founded in 2012 by Nicolas Vita and Michael Abbott. The brand is based in New York and is one of the world’s largest licensed medical cannabis companies. Columbia Care supplies its products to both large-scale institutions and individuals. 

Partnering with some of America’s leading medical centers, Columbia Care aims to provide people with safe and high-quality pharmaceutical-grade marijuana products. Their brand portfolio includes Classix, Press, Amber, Seed & Strain, Triple Seven, gLeaf, and Platinum Label CBD. 

The brand’s mission is radical: “At Columbia Care International, our entire philosophy is patient-centered. And it is our ambition to help solve some of the world’s most challenging and currently unmet healthcare needs through cannabis-derived therapies.”

Essentially, the goal of Columbia Care is to provide people with alternative, more natural remedies to common health problems by using cannabis. The brand understands that not everyone has access to traditional medication but everyone deserves to be happy, healthy, and pain-free.

Before my Columbia Care review gets into the brand’s services and products, let’s take a quick look at some of its key features: 


  • A reputable and trustworthy company 
  • Premium cannabis and CBD products 
  • Reputable brand portfolio 
  • Exclusive partnerships with Mike Tyson and Pitbull 
  • Affordable and accessible price points 
  • Dispensary locations all around the US 
  • Positive customer testimonials 
  • International brand 
  • Online cannabis discovery tool 

Columbia Care carries edibles, flowers, oils, tablets, and other popular cannabis and hemp-derived products. You can most certainly guarantee that you’ll find the most potent, pure, and predictable products that cater to a vast range of needs. 

In this Columbia Care review, I’ll explain how the company works, the different products you can expect from them, and what sets them apart from other cannabis manufacturers. Sit down, get comfy, and let’s get right into it, shall we? 

Columbia Care Review

Columbia Care Review

Columbia Care has an assortment of resources and tools to help you find the most suitable cannabis products for your needs. You can discover their products by visiting a Columbia Care dispensary location near you. All you have to do is use the brand’s dispensary locator on its website to find out the address of your nearest dispensary. 

Before stepping foot into a dispensary, you can make use of the brand’s online cannabis discovery tool, Forage. Whether you want to feel relaxed, tingly, euphoric, or energetic, Forage will match you with the best strain and products for your desires.

Once you find the right fit, you can pre-order your products directly through the app. Pretty cool, right?

So what kind of products do they offer? The brand supplies consumers with nothing but top-notch THC products that have the approval of leading medical institutions in the US. The brand’s carefully selected brand portfolio includes clean cannabis items that offer many different benefits. I’ll steer this Columbia Care review into specifics shortly. 

I should also note that Columbia Care has a credit card that you can use at any of their dispensaries. People who have a Columbia National credit card will receive special perks such as invites to special events and exclusive cardholder promotions while being the first to get notified when new products launch. If you’re a cannabis connoisseur, you’ll want to reap the benefits of this card.  

Columbia Care Menu

Columbia Care Review

Curious about what’s on the menu? You won’t find typical restaurant meals here but you’ll probably crave some burgers and chips after using one of the brand’s cannabis products. 

In 2021, Columbia Care launched its retail brand, cannabist. In this Columbia Care review I looked into the brand’s cannabist dispensary to find out what kind of products they have on the market. 

As mentioned above, before you step into a shop you can use Forage to find out which brand and strain of cannabis is ideal for your needs. After you find your match, you can use Virtual Care to locate your nearest dispensary and start virtual shopping.

Different dispensary locations will carry slightly different products, but there is a lot of overlap in their selection of cannabis products. For this Columbia Care review I scrolled through the Boston location’s menu to get a taste of what customers can expect to find there. 

Honestly, I was pretty satisfied with the wide variety of cannabis products that I came across. The brand’s selection includes edible chocolates and gummies, flowers, vape cartridges, extracts, and topicals.

Columbia Care’s brand portfolio includes well-established and reliable companies. They also have exclusive partner brands such as Undefeated Cannabis by Mike Tyson and Turning Negative to Positive with CBD by Pitbull.

There are different potency options available that you can choose from depending on your preference. You’ll also find several accessories such as grinders, lighters, hand trays, and vaporizers. The best part? Compared to its competitors, Columbia Care’s items are quite affordable.

How Does Columbia Care Work?

Columbia Care Review

Columbia Care sets you up for success by using innovative technologies and tools to connect you with the most suitable cannabis brands and dispensaries. Whether you’re a newbie in the cannabis scene or a regular user, Columbia Care offers personalized services to guide you to the best products.

Before you visit a dispensary in person or online, I’d recommend using the Forage app to pinpoint your perfect product match. Simply visit the brand’s site or download the app, answer a few questions about yourself and what you’re looking for in a cannabis product, and get your recommendations. If you like what you see, you can pre-order your products without even leaving your home!

Alternatively, once you have an idea of the products you’re looking for, you can use the dispensary locator tool to visit your nearest dispensary in person. If you prefer, you can also use Virtual Care to visit your nearest dispensary virtually (as if you were walking around in-store), and then order your products online.

It’s important to note that you must be 21 years or older to make a purchase. Once you receive your cannabis products make sure to use them in a safe and controlled space. Avoid driving, operating heavy machinery, or making important decisions when you take them as your judgment will be impaired.  

Who Is Columbia Care For? 

Columbia Care Review

Columbia Care cannabis products are designed for anyone over the age of 21 living in the United States or Europe. Whether you’re buying cannabis products to help reduce chronic pain or you’re a recreational user, the brand has you covered with its product diversity. Regardless of your situation, Columbia Care has a product for you.

However, since the brand is involved in many scientific research initiatives and its products are medical-grade, I think Columbia Care’s target audience is mainly those who are using the products for medicinal purposes. People who are pregnant or have certain medical conditions, should not use any cannabis products. If you’re unsure how you’ll react to Columbia Care products, I suggest running it by your doctor before you buy and try.

Columbia Care Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Columbia Care Review

It’s high time we check out Columbia Care’s customer reviews. Before you visit one of the brand’s dispensaries, I suggest sticking around for a little while longer. In this Columbia Care review I took a look at the brand’s site, Google, and Leafly to find out what customers had to report.

The verdict? Generally, Columbia Care reviews attested to the brand’s highly functional and superior quality products. Also, many reviewers spoke kindly about the brand’s affordable prices and accessibility. All of which are very important traits.

On the brand’s site, one person said: “Medical cannabis has changed my life by giving me safe and affordable access to quality products that improve my symptoms. I don’t worry about availability because the dispensaries have ample amounts of various products to choose from. Also, they are open daily and have convenient hours of operation. So I never worry about running out of medicine.” 

Another testimonial from the brand’s site shared how the brand’s products helped reduce their physical pain: “I have a serious back injury and have undergone multiple surgeries. This all causes me chronic, terrible pain every day.  Since I started using medical marijuana, I am able to sleep at night and I have noticeable relief from the muscle spasms and the pain itself.

They went on: “The staff has been patient and kind as I continue to search for the combination of products that treat my symptoms most effectively, including the chronic anxiety that comes with the uncertainty of a future living every day with severe pain.  I would suffer greatly if not for the help of cannabis and the staff.”

To get a holistic view of the company, for this Columbia Care review searched for the brand on third-party websites to see if it lived up to its hype. In particular, I focussed on customer reviews of the Columbia Care Manhattan dispensary.

Over on Google, the Columbia Care Manhattan location averaged 4/5 stars from 222 reviews. Many customers of the dispensary commented on the relaxing atmosphere, exceptional customer service, and high-quality products

One 5-star Google reviewer said: “This establishment deserves 6 stars. The location is convenient, stylishly decorated and relaxing. The staff is accommodating, pleasant (very) and professional. Their THC products are the highest (no pun intended) quality and are extremely effective for relieving pain.”

Another 5-star reviewer of the store said: “Columbia Care is an accessible and well stocked location. Just complete the pre-registration form one time to have a complete ordering process. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and provide swift service.”

Last but not least, I went over to Leafly to see what Columbia Care reviews had to say about the brand. Again, many people rave about the brand’s products and how well they worked for pain relief and sleep health. Columbia Care Manhattan has an average rating of 3.9/5 stars from 37 reviews. Not too bad!

One 5-star customer comments on the brand’s unique selection of powerful products: “First time ordering online and prescription was ready hours before the time I selected! The dissolvable tablets are amazing and actually worked for my pain. I also had the best night sleep in years!!! I recommend these for anyone that had chronic pain and doesn’t want to smoke the flower. Haven’t seen these at other dispensaries so I will be returning back.”

To summarize this segment of my Columbia Care review, I was incredibly pleased to see so many glowing testimonials about the brand’s customer service, products, and company as a whole. Columbia Care seems to be a great place to go for cannabis products and prescriptions.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any reviews that spoke about the brand’s technological tools but it’s safe to assume that they are useful because of the numerous awards they’ve won.

Is Columbia Care Worth It?

Columbia Care Review

Columbia Care provides consumers with plenty of resources and access to affordable, high-quality, cannabis products and tools. The brand is one of the oldest and largest operators in its industry, continuing to grow and expand its services and product selection to help more people. 

I love the impressive technology tools that the brand has created. Novice cannabis users can find out which product best suits them before making a purchase. This feature helps people find what they need without having to waste money trying out various products. As well, numerous customer reviews say the brand’s products helped them feel better and more relaxed which shows that their cannabis is good quality.

After all that was said in this Columbia Care review, I believe the brand is well worth a try. Not only does Columbia Care have high standards for their products, but as their name suggests, they deeply care about the people who work for them and those they are serving in the community.

Columbia Care Promotions & Discounts 

Columbia Care Review

At the time of this Columbia Care review, I couldn’t find any current deals and discounts offered by the brand. You may want to contact or visit your nearest dispensary to find out if anything is on sale. 

You can always sign up to receive emails from the brand to be informed of upcoming promotions and offers. Oh, and don’t forget that if you sign up for a Columbia Care National credit card you’ll receive the following perks: 

  1. Exclusive deals 
  2. Invites to events 
  3. New product notice 

Where to Buy Columbia Care

Columbia Care Review

Columbia Care has dispensaries located all across the United States. You can use the locator feature on the brand’s site to find your local retailer. 

Also, the Virtual Care option allows you to browse your local dispensary through your phone or device. This is a phenomenal option for those who are low on time and want to order their products ahead of time. 

Listed below are the states that have a Columbia Care dispensary: 

  • Arizona 
  • California 
  • Colorado 
  • Delaware 
  • Florida 
  • Illinois 
  • Maryland 
  • Massachusetts 
  • Missouri 
  • New Jersey 
  • New York 
  • Ohio 
  • Pennsylvania 
  • Virginia 
  • West Virginia 
  • Washington DC
  • Utah


Columbia Care Review

Who owns Columbia Care?

Michael Abbott, the brand’s co-founder is the current Executive Chairman of the company. Co-founder Nicholas Vita is the current CEO. The brand is headquartered in New York, New York. According to the brand’s site, Columbia Care will soon be acquired by Cresco Labs. 

How many locations does Columbia Care have?

In total, Columbia Care has 131 facilities under operation. This includes 99 dispensaries and 32 manufacturing facilities.  

Is Columbia Care a US company?

It sure is! Columbia Care is one of the first medical suppliers of cannabis products in the United States. Now, they have expanded to deliver cannabis products designed for medical purposes and adult use to over 18 states and locations in Europe

How to Contact Columbia Care

Looking to get in touch with the brand after reading this Columbia Care review? You can contact them by visiting the website of your nearest Columbia Care dispensary. For media inquiries, you can email the brand at [email protected]

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