Emjay Cannabis Delivery Review

About Emjay

Emjay Cannabis Delivery Review

Ever dreamed of getting paid to get high? Well, Emjay has done that. They actually hired an intern to test out new products, and yes, they got paid for it. 

What else is there to know about this cool cannabis company? Plenty (and all will be revealed in due time in this Emjay cannabis delivery review). They are an online delivery or pickup cannabis brand located in California. 

Their social media influence isn’t exactly popping—they only have a thousand or so followers in total—but regardless, the brand has a solid reputation. Featured in Forbes and USA Today, Emjay has been around the media block and back.  

This Emjay cannabis delivery review will break it down for you, including info about the brand’s founding, best-selling products, shipping and return policies, customer reviews, and other FAQs.

Overview of Emjay

Emjay Cannabis Delivery Review

Emjay (also known as HeyEmjay) is led by Chris Vaughn, CEO. The company is headquartered in none other than Los Angeles, California, US of A.

Honestly, there isn’t much info on the actual founding of the company, but we do know that Vaughn is a passionate CEO determined to decrease the stigma surrounding cannabis use.

Instead of its current inaccessibility, he wants it to be easy for people to access quality goods and bringing Californians great prices for great weed is his way of helping the industry.

The company is known for being vocal about the wonders of cannabis and the downside to keeping stoners stigmatized (missing out on the often-awesome reported healing benefits of this stuff!).

The brand carries a wide selection of products with varying levels of THC, CBD, and CBN. They carry flower, edibles, prerolls, vapes, extracts, and tinctures. Choose as you please.

Emjay hires their own drivers to deliver to you, so think of it like Uber but for marijuana. Alternatively, they have storefront locations in LA and San Diego, so if you want pickup instead of delivery, they’ve got you covered.

Now, an overview of the brand’s pros and cons before we dive straight into our Emjay cannabis delivery review:


  • A variety of THC and CBD products to choose from: flower, edibles, prerolls, tinctures
  • Free delivery on orders over $25
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Delivery is quick
  • Affordable
  • Hires their own drivers, so it’s a seamless experience


  • Only delivers in certain locations in California

Next, let’s find out more about how the service works and how great or not-so-great the bestselling products are.

How Does Emjay Work?

Emjay Cannabis Delivery Review

Emjay’s service is pretty straightforward, so in a few simple steps, this is how it works:

  1. Select delivery
  2. Enter your delivery address
  3. Shop around for your next THC/CBD purchase and add to cart
  4. Choose your delivery time
  5. Check out and wait for your products to arrive

If you choose pick-up instead, all you do is the same process but pick up your order at the nearest location near you.

Emjay Flower Review

Time to get down and dirty into these flowers. Emjay offers plenty of variety so there’s one, or 10, for everyone. For right now, let’s review their best-selling flowers.

Emjay Fig Farms Dark Karma Review

Fig Farms Dark Karma is a hybrid strain that is all THC at 33.08% with 0% CBD. The brand doesn’t specify the ratio of indica to sativa, but users have said they experienced a high that is closer to an indica-dominant hybrid. It gives you a strong body and mind feel combined.

Dark Karma tastes like banana candy, lemon, and, apparently, a Ritz cracker. Weirdly specific, but okay, fair enough. The flower itself has some deep purple accents that add a distinctly bougie vibe.

The effects are described as relaxing and calming, two words that pair well together. For 1/8 ounce, it’ll run you $55.

Emjay Pacific Stone 805 Glue Review

The Pacific Stone 805 Glue is an indica-dominant hybrid with 85% indica. With 22% THC and 0% CBD, 805 Glue is a heavy-hitting high that builds up gradually. 

The strain is heavy in both mind and body, leaving you awfully relaxed — actually, make that wonderfully relaxed.

Users describe this one as relaxing but also balanced, so you’re just the right amount of 805-glued to your couch and just the right amount of a mind high. You’ll be chillin’ and feeling creative after you smoke this tangy-tasting strain.

For 1/8 ounce, the Pacific Stone 805 Glue is $19.

Emjay Pacific Stone Wedding Cake Review

Pacific Stone’s indica-dominant Wedding Cake comes with 19.93% THC and no CBD.

Wedding Cake is supposed to nurture you into a relaxed, balanced state of mind that sparks creativity and daydreaming. 

It doesn’t taste like actual cake, but it does taste earthy and sort of like black pepper because of the main terpene, caryophyllene. And scent-wise? It actually does smell like cake! Vanilla cake frosting, to be precise.

At $19 for 1/8 ounce, help yourself to a slice of Wedding Cake.

Emjay Edibles Review

We wouldn’t forget about you edibles lovers, would we? Of course not. If you don’t feel like smoking and you’re craving a heavy-hitting high, then come right this way to Emjay’s bestsellers.

Emjay Camino Midnight Blueberry Review

Kiva’s Camino Midnight Blueberry are berrylicious gummies. The whole pack is 100 mg THC, 20 mg CBN, and 0 CBD. With that extra bit of CBN, this indica strain is really designed to help you sleep — hence the “midnight” in its name.

Split evenly between 20 gummies, the 100 mg amounts to about 5 mg per gummy. Take one or two before beddy-bye and you should be nodding off in no time. For insomnia, these could just be your cure. One pack of Camino Midnight Blueberry is $17.

Emjay WYLD Elderberry Gummy Review

WYLD Elderberry Gummy is a package of 10 gummies with 100 mg THC and 50 mg CBN. Once again, these are for sleep, mostly. With the addition of the CBN, these will likely make you sleepier than if they were just THC.

One elderberry-flavored gummy has 5 mg THC and 2.5 mg CBN, so one or maybe two gummies should be enough to knock you out for the night.

The WYLD Elderberry Gummy is an indica-dominant hybrid. 10 gummies will cost you $20.

Emjay Kiva Milk Chocolate Churro Bar Review

Kiva Milk Chocolate Churro Bar is mmmm. Picture this: Milk chocolate. Cinnamon sugar. 100 mg THC. Sounds pretty splendid.

Its exact effect on you will probably be calming, relaxing, and uplifting, but you’ll have to taste it to really find out.

With 0 mg CBD, the Milk Chocolate Churro Bar has an all-THC hybrid strain. Each $20 bar comes with 20 pieces of 5 mg THC covered by chocolate-cinnamony goodness.

Emjay Prerolls Review

Emjay has plenty o’ preroll on their diverse menu and plenty o’ strains to choose from. Which ones are the best-sellers? Here are just a few fan favorites.

Emjay Pacific Stone Private Reserve OG Review

Pacific Stone Private Reserve OG is a 14-pack of indica-dominant hybrid strain joints.

With 7 g of 15% THC cannabis, these 1/2 ounce prerolls are designed to help you unwind while also giving you a balanced mind high too. You’ll be chilling mentally and physically.

Pacific Stone’s Private Reserve OG for $39.

Emjay Jeeter Infused Baby Gelato Review

The Jeeter Infused Baby Gelato #33 is a decent-sized pack of 5 joints. With 2.5 g, each contains 1/2 ounce of a balanced hybrid strain with 25.17% THC. 

They say this stuff tastes citrusy and bright and can energize you. Customers have said they felt uplifted even while their pain was relieved — the best of both worlds. 

We can’t confirm the exact price of the Infused Baby Gelato prerolls because they are currently sold out, but on other sites, these go for $45, so you can expect something in that range.

Emjay Presidential Infused Moonrock Grape Blast Review

The Presidential Infused Moonrock Grape Blast is a blunt with 1.5 g of indica strain.

Kief-coated and with 24.8% THC distillate, this blunt is tobacco-free and weed-heavy. From this heavy-hitter, you’ll feel relaxed, calmed, and chilled. The Presidential Infused Moonrock Grape Blast is $18.

Is Emjay Safe?

Emjay Cannabis Delivery Review

Emjay is totally safe. The brand itself is very upfront about their practices and keeping customers safe with socially distanced deliveries from masked drivers.

If you have any questions, contact the brand directly and they will be happy to provide you more reassurance about the safety they ensure.

Is Emjay Addictive?

Emjay Cannabis Delivery Review

It’s hard to say, really. Marijuana isn’t typically considered a super addictive or dangerous substance, hence why it’s becoming (or already is) legal.

But that doesn’t mean you’re totally in the clear when it comes to substance use problems because many people end up increasing their tolerance so much that they have a dependence on it.

Talk to your doctor if you are genuinely concerned about addiction.

Who is Emjay for? 

Emjay Cannabis Delivery Review

HeyEmjay cannabis delivery is for Californians over the age of 21 in the Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Long Beach regions who want their weed delivered right to their door or picked up at an in-store location.

Comparison: Emjay vs Grassdoor

Emjay Cannabis Delivery Review

Our Emjay cannabis delivery review would not be complete without a competitor analysis. What makes Emjay different from a tough competitor, Grassdoor?

Firstly, these are the similarities:

  • Delivers in California
  • Fast
  • Sells a variety of cannabis products

Now here are some things Grassdoor does differently:

  • Customers have to spend $75 for free delivery
  • Usually more pricey
  • Fastest delivery option is 45 minutes

The two brands are generally the same in price, but Emjay’s free delivery minimum is only $25, which is pretty sweet. On the other hand, Grassdoor has a 45-minute delivery option, while Emjay’s fastest option is 1 hour. Not much of a difference, but hey, it’s still worth noting.

Emjay Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Emjay Cannabis Delivery Review

Firstly, on the brand site, reviews are nothing but glowing. One Emjay cannabis delivery review sums up the brand quite nicely: “quality weed for good prices” — and with that, who can complain?

Customers generally back up Emjay’s claims of pain relief, calming effects, and additional benefits like increased focus. They say the strains are effective and lovely in their own unique ways.

Just check out the star ratings of some of the best-sellers we included in our Emjay cannabis delivery review:

  • Pacific Stone 805 Glue – 4.8/5 stars out of 53 ratings
  • Pacific Stone Wedding Cake – 4.9/5 stars out of 57 ratings
  • Camino Midnight Blueberry – 5/5 stars out of 9 ratings
  • Pacific Stone Private Reserve OG – 5/5 stars out of 12 ratings

Another customer promises the Pacific Stone 805 Glue flower will “taste like actual heaven” and produce good-lovin’ feels like creativity, balance, and relaxation. All wonderful sensations in our opinion. 

And don’t forget about the edibles — customers loved those, too. The Camino Midnight Blueberry gummies left one Emjay reviewer all-around satisfied:

I suffer from insomnia and these work better than any pot I’m familiar with, and better than benedryl and several other products on the market. Strongly recommended.

On top of it all, customers vouched for the customer service and delivery drivers: “All of the employees are awesome,” understanding, knowledgeable, and friendly. They’ll deliver your stuff with a smile (under a mask for COVID-19 precautions, of course).

On Leafly, Californians left their detailed reviews of the brand and gave us plenty of insights we think you’ll benefit from. For example, delivery is “friendly, fast and cheap.”

One Emjay cannabis delivery review wrote these confidence-inspiring words:

bag is sealed tight, delivery driver was chill. there is constant communication between company driver and buyer. everything was easy and fast. i am definitely ordering from here again.

And for multiple customers, “the delivery time ended up being shorter than the projected time.” 

There’s a special kind of satisfaction when your online order ends up delivering quicker than it was supposed to. It’s like, you knew it was coming, but now that it’s caught you off guard, what a special little gift it is… from you to you. How sweet.

Another customer’s positive review had this to say about the brand’s selection of quality cannabis:

excellent selection, quality stock. My delivery guy was sweet and very professional and the pay process w debit was smooth even during COVID

So, to recap: fast delivery. Cheap prices. Good quality smokes. Good quality eats. Friendly customer service and couriers. An easy, accessible experience. A diverse selection of products. Professional and chill at the same time.

Lastly, Weedmaps has 116 reviews that amount to a 4.2/5 stars rating. Buyers say Emjay sells “high quality” cannabis, are “extremely punctual,” and offer “many different prices that are affordable for all kinds of people.”

Even when there is a problem with the delivery (which, obviously, is inevitable with any brand), customer service doesn’t hesitate to resolve the situation and satisfy you, the valued customer:

Recently this 4/ 20 I had some issues with my delivery and I never got my order but to make up for that they put extra credit on my account so it discounted my next purchase significantly. They have really good customer service.

Yet another Emjay cannabis delivery review testified how great their customer service is:

Ryan was extremely helpful in helping solve the problem. I am now thoroughly impressed with customer service. I never judge a company by whether or not they make a mistake — mistakes are human — but how they take care of an issue when it does happen.

One customer highlighted some more awesome aspects of the service, noting that their first delivery from the brand was exceptional and certainly a cut above the average in weed delivery:

The delivery person who arrived was in a nice uniform and was really friendly and helpful! They made sure I received everything that I ordered before departing. Truly a 5-star experience! I was even able to pay by credit card with my driver.”

Let’s read one more review just for good luck and to wrap this section up:

By far the most reliable, efficient and customer oriented delivery service in Oakland. Above all, the quality of the product totally exceeded my expectation. Mad love for y’all. Stay groovy!!!

And with that, that pretty much sums up the customer reviews for Emjay. Customers love the delivery service for its efficiency, friendly customer service, wide product selection, accessibility, affordability, and high-quality weed

Is Emjay Worth It?

Emjay Cannabis Delivery Review

All in all, Emjay is worth it. They have fast and free delivery, positive customer reviews about high-quality products, competitive prices, and good customer service.

Testimonials are pretty promising, what with people saying Emjay reps are kind, helpful, and understanding when problems do arise. So, know that if things go wrong, it’s likely that you’ll find good customer service ready to listen at the other end.

Also, the wide variety of cannabis products is exciting. You have plenty to choose from, and the prices are decently affordable compared to other brands. THC, CBD, CBN, pick your fancy. Our Emjay cannabis delivery review says yes — worth it!

Emjay Promotions & Discounts 

Emjay Cannabis Delivery Review

Okay, so now you’ve decided to get an Emjay delivery. Here are some discounts you can use:

  • Sign up for the newsletter for $10 off
  • Use the coupon code EMJAY35 for 35% off
  • Referral program: get $20 for you and your friend when you share the Emjay love


Emjay Cannabis Delivery Review

Does Emjay offer contactless delivery due to Covid-19? 

Yes, Emjay has the most minimal contact delivery with the Hypur option at checkout. Your courier, adorned in a mask and gloves, will maintain distance during the transaction.

Because you are purchasing cannabis and have to be 21 to do so, they cannot leave it at your door without you there to accept it with a valid ID.

Is there an order minimum? 

The delivery minimum is $25, then boom — free delivery. Regular shipping charges will be applied otherwise.

How does the Emjay referral program work?

When you send your pal an invite link and they sign up, they get $20 off their first delivery. Once their delivery has been made, guess what? Now you get $20 off too, to spend on your next order. Voila.

How old do I need to be to create an account?

Our Emjay cannabis delivery review found that you need to be 21 years old to make an account and order.

What if my ID can’t be verified by Emjay?

If your ID cannot be verified, contact customer service by email: [email protected].

Can I pick up my order directly from Emjay?

Yes, you can choose pickup instead of delivery. The storefront locations are in LA and San Diego.

What is Emjay’s Delivery Policy?

Emjay is a local service. They only deliver within Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Long Beach. 

Here are a few other important things to note:

  • Add $25 of goodies to your cart for free delivery — it’s that easy!
  • Pick the time and date when you want it delivered
  • Express delivery options of up to only 1 hour 

When the actual delivery takes place, what you can expect is a masked courier who asks for your ID and payment. 

How to Contact Emjay

Now that we’ve reached the end of our Emjay cannabis delivery review, here’s how you can contact the brand to answer any lingering burning questions:

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