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Cocofloss Review

Let’s be honest, we don’t floss as much as we should. We’ve all heard it from our dentist that we need to make it part of our routine, but it somehow always drops out of our minds when it comes down to it. 

Cocofloss aims to change the negative emotions we so often associate with flossing to make dental hygiene laid-back, easy, and even fun. This goal has landed the company features in the likes of Vogue, Forbes, Bustle, Fast Company, and many more notable media outlets.

This Cocofloss review will give you all the details on their products, quality, prices, customer testimonials, and more to help you decide if this is the brand that might finally get you flossing.

Overview of Cocofloss

Cocofloss Review

Cocofloss launched in 2015 as a result of two sisters coming together to confront a problem. Catherine and Chrystle Cu connected on the issue of poor flossing habits after Chrystle saw one too many patients in her dentist’s office come through with some form of gum disease. 

Despite many concerns being solved by simply flossing every day, Chrystle found most people wouldn’t stick with the habit, finding it tedious and not worth their time. 

After complaining to Catherine about the lack of interest and discovering she didn’t have a favorite floss brand herself, the two set out to make a difference by trying to bring some fun to flossing.

Since launching, Cocofloss has inspired a whole new population to focus on flossing and give their smiles the attention they deserve.

Before we take a look at all the brand has to offer, this Cocofloss review will go over a few highlights:


  • Offers a great variety of flavors when it comes to floss, including strawberry, orange, and watermelon, plus they sell accessories like toothbrushes
  • Many positive customer reviews
  • Cocofloss products are designed to be eco-friendly and are made with vegan ingredients 
  • Subscribe and save
  • Their rewards program is helpful to help save towards great deals
Cocofloss Review

With those points in mind, let’s move this review onto one of the most important parts – the product!

Cocofloss Review

Give us your best smile while looking through the featured bestsellers in this Cocofloss review! Between the ergonomic designs and fantastic flavors, the brand is bound to have just about a product for everyone.

Cocofloss Cocobrush Review 

We all struggle when it comes to brushing those hard-to-reach places. The Cocobrush is here to help those issues become a thing of the past. The handle, made from ocean-bound plastic, curves perfectly to help you get every inch while you’re brushing. 

The curved design also keeps your brush head from touching the counter when you put it down for a second to grab something, removing those possible germs from infiltrating your cleaning routine.

Extra soft bristles allow the gums to be massaged with every brushstroke rather than getting scratched up like some harsher bristles cause. These micro-bristles are perfect for maintaining your pearly whites while also protecting you from gum disease, bleeding, and more.

These brushes come in four colors, with each individual brush costing $10. The brand recommends replacing this brush every 3-6 months as necessary.

Cocofloss Pure Strawberry Dental Floss Review

Brighten up your life with a very berry treat in the form of Cocofloss Pure Strawberry Dental Floss

Made with an intoxicating strawberry fragrance and featuring coconut oil and vegan wax, this floss smoothly works through your gums to strengthen and protect them from gum disease and bleeding. 

If you’re tired of your dentist lecturing you about flossing every checkup, this could be a great solution. Leave behind hard and stringy traditional floss for this soft and super-cleansing Cocofloss option for only $9.

Cocofloss Cara Cara Orange Dental Floss Review

Bring the summer to your smile with the Cara Cara Orange Dental Floss by Cocofloss! Coated in a light citrus scent, this product works in combination with soothing coconut oil and vegan wax to help you floss with ease. 

All Cocofloss is made free from parabens, SLS, and PFAS, making all production cruelty-free!

Help your smile shine for only $9. This product (like the other flosses) comes out to 33 yards that lasts for roughly 2-months.

Cocofloss Summer Watermelon Review

Cocofloss dental floss defies all expectations and flavours with their Summer Watermelon flavour! Who can resist some fresh watermelon? 

This summer special is a limited-time offer to non-subscribers. You can buy this refreshing scent for $10 or subscribe to keep the summer pool party going all year round.

Cocofloss Single Review 

Fruity flavours aren’t for everyone and the brand knows that all too well. That’s why beyond their strawberry and orange flavours, Cocofloss Single also comes in coconut and mint options. 

Every unit comes with 32 yards of floss made to help your smile shine. Stock up on a few options and you’ll be set for the year. This product costs $9, so why not buy a few and mix up the flavors when it comes to your routine? 

Cocofloss The Sampler Review 

Cocofloss knows how hard it can be to make a choice when it comes to your favorite flavors. If you’re looking to dip a toe in before taking the plunge, the brand has you covered with The Sampler

This kit includes Cocofloss samples of all four key flavors: mint, coconut, strawberry, and orange. There’s a little something for everyone in this 2-month supply. Get it today for $12.

Cocofloss Refill 3-Spool Set Review

Here’s a tip for your floss – get The Sampler to find what you like, then order a Refill 3-Spool Set of your favorite for $24 You’ll get three spools in one go and be stocked for months with the flavor you love the most. 

Refills come for all four flavours with an additional fruity refill option that includes a melange of coconut, strawberry, and orange.

Don’t let stress about refilling your dispenser hold you back from your order. Cocofloss offers a free instructional video to guide you step-by-step when it comes to refills. 

Cocofloss 4-Spool Happiness Set Review 

Be happy and proud of your gum health. Cocofloss wants you to keep up the good work and what better way to do that than by supplying you the tool you need most. 

The 4-Spool Happiness Set gives you almost a year’s worth of supplies to keep up the motivation and routine you’ve established! Even better? The packaging is made of recycled paper. Cut down on waste in more ways than one by ordering this set.

You can order four spools of any one of your favorite flavors! Don’t have a favorite? That’s fine too. Get the Mixed Fragrances pack and get all four to switch between whenever you feel like it. Change up the flavors and keep up the good work! Your smile will thank you.

What Is Cocofloss Made Of? 

Cocofloss Review

Cocofloss is made with coconut oil and vegan wax to provide a smooth and cleansing material designed to help your teeth shine. Their flosses are also infused with various essential oils to provide their various aroma profiles.

How Long Does Cocofloss Last? 

Cocofloss Review

A single roll of Cocofloss is 32 yards, lasting for about three months of use. Sampler sizes run smaller and the four-pack sampler is made to last two months of consistent use.

Is Cocofloss Sustainable?

Cocofloss Review

Cocofloss is working to make the world a greener place through their products. 

Rather than using traditional virgin polyester like most floss products, Cocofloss uses 85% recycled polyester from PET water bottles, requiring less energy, emissions, and water consumption to produce.

Cocobrushes are made from recycled ocean plastics (that can then be recycled when you’re done with the brush!), while their packaging comes from sustainable sourcing such as recycled paper and renewable wood cellulose.

By offering refills for their floss, Cocofloss puts an end to single-use plastics in their company.  

Who Is Cocofloss For? 

Cocofloss Review

Cocofloss is for everyone. Full stop. Dental hygiene is a matter that concerns everyone, no matter the age or gender. Flossing is so often overlooked and considered a tedious process, but Cocofloss does its best to make it fun. 

Flossing will lower the risk of bleeding and gum disease, making your smile healthier than ever before.

Whether fruit is your go-to flavor or mint is what makes your mouth water, Cocofloss does their best to provide you with the tools needed to keep your smile healthy and glowing for years to come.

Comparison: Cocofloss vs. Dr. Tung’s   

Cocofloss Review

When it comes to making flossing fun, Cocofloss is far from the only name in the game. Dr. Tung’s opened in the ‘90s by offering one of the first commercially sold tongue cleaners on the market. 

Their product line has since expanded, as has their competition. So, do you go with the older name or the new kids on the block? Here are a few notes to help you decide:

  • Price – Dr. Tung’s prices are slightly lower. It’s not enough to make a huge difference, but to some people, every cent counts.
  • Materials – floss is traditionally made with polyester and these companies are no different. The difference comes in Cocofloss’s (re)use of PET water bottles to make up 85% of their floss, saving energy, water, and emissions. 
  • Flavor – Cocofloss wins this battle as they offer a variety of flavors that keeps growing! Dr. Tung’s floss comes with a natural cardamom aroma that, while many enjoy, just can’t compare to the variety of Cocofloss.
  • Packaging – Cocofloss again takes the title when it comes to recycled and reusable packaging! Dr. Tung’s has introduced paper packaging recently in addition to the refill floss options, but Cocofloss uses recyclables for products and packaging alike. 
  • Reviews – we’ll get more into our brand’s reviews in the next section. Generally, customers are quite pleased with both brands. There is a preference when it comes to flavor options, but quality in Dr. Tung’s and Cocofloss reviews proves quite consistent.

Cocofloss Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cocofloss Review

We need to be honest when it comes to Cocofloss reviews, and the honest opinion seems to come in the form of a 4.7/5 star rating on Amazon for the brand’s floss. Think that’s impressive? Those ratings come from over 3,700 customers dedicated to using these products. 

82% of Amazon reviews were Excellent with a further 10% being Good. The majority seem to think very highly of this brand and their products when it comes to price, quality, and customer service. Many comments sound a little bit like this:

“This floss is awesome. I used to use the glide type flosses, as those were easier to get in between my teeth, but it didn’t deep clean enough. This does it all. Easy to use, and it gets everything out (which is both gross yet hygienic).”

The floss itself has been widely praised for its vegan and eco-friendly packaging. Their attempts to reduce waste through manufacturing have skyrocketed sales in the past few years. 

But what are some other highlights of the brand? 

People are in love with the intertwined strings’ texture, noting that the floss itself doesn’t give off any waxy feeling on teeth or fingers after use. 

Flavors are the perfect amount, giving satisfaction without overwhelming the user. Many have claimed that despite the somewhat higher cost, this product is more than worth their purchase:

“I think I would give this 7-stars if I could! As in, It goes two whole stars beyond my wildest expectations. it’s not just great floss; I think it’s one of my favorite products among all other products. I never would have thought a floss could compete with things like nice jeans.”

But wait, there’s more! Let’s see how the brand’s products fared on the company website:

  • The Cocofloss Cocobrush: 4.7/5 stars out of 31 ratings
  • The Cocofloss Sampler: 4.8/5 stars out of 2,752 ratings
  • The Cocofloss Single: 4.8/5 stars out of 2,707 ratings

Things are looking wonderful across the board. Like Amazon, cocofloss.com is a treasure trove of positive customer testimonials with many saying they’ll buy the brand’s products again.

Lastly, Business Insider conducted their own Cocofloss review and, quite frankly, their title says it all: “This strawberry-scented dental floss is an unnecessary expense, but I’m willing to pay for it because it makes me want to floss every day.”

With all that in mind, what can we say? The brand is an utter hit when it comes to their products, eco-mission, and customer service. 

Is Cocofloss Worth It?

Cocofloss Review

While the price is a little higher for the product, we would highly recommend adding Cocofloss to your dental care routine. The flavors make this brand fun for all while the floss itself is designed to get every nook and crevice typically hiding from standard floss. 

Cocofloss does note that it can be uncomfortable for the first two weeks of use due to the thicker stands, but many would recommend that its continued use will solve that issue and keep your gums healthier than ever.

 Thousands of Cocofloss reviews recommend adding this to your list as one to buy and we’re right alongside them!

Cocofloss Promotions & Discounts 

Cocofloss Review

Cocofloss isn’t overt with their promo codes, but they do exist. The most commonly used discount comes in the form of orders of over $20 getting free shipping. 

Looking for more than just free shipping? Sign up for their newsletter and receive special deals and promotions alongside the self-care tips and tricks!

You can also subscribe to save over 10% on their products.

Where to Buy Cocofloss

Cocofloss Review

Cocofloss can be found through the brand website, cocofloss.com, as well as through select stores across the US and Canada. To find a store near you, use the Store Locator page online and find the nearest shops by postal code.

If those options don’t work for you, Cocofloss can be found through select partner retailers:

  • Amazon
  • India Rose
  • Bigelow Apothecaries
  • Invisalign Accessories
  • Sunja Link Body Shoppe
  • Walmart
  • Indigo
  • Sephora
  • And more!


Cocofloss Review

Who started Cocofloss?

Cocofloss was founded in 2015 by the Cu Sisters. Catherine and Chrystle Cu worked with their backgrounds in art and dentistry to combine skills to make a product and brand worth buying.

Where is Cocofloss made? 

Despite being a US company, Cocofloss is actually made in Italy. Having partnered with a family-owned factory, all fragrances in Cocofloss come from aromas carefully crafted by a caring Italian family dedicated to giving you the best quality possible.

What is Cocofloss’s Shipping Policy?

Cocofloss doesn’t list shipping prices on their website, but all shipping costs are confirmed before checkout so you’re not slapped with any unexpected fines upon delivery.

When it comes to shipping, Cocofloss ships solely to the US and Canada. Both countries use UPS as their carrier service.

Delivery times are as follows:

  • US: 3-10 business days
  • Canada: 1-2 weeks

You’ll receive a notification from the company when your package is out for delivery.

What is Cocofloss’s Return Policy?

Not feeling it with your Cocofloss? That’s perfectly fine! If you’re not satisfied with your product, you have 30 days from the date of receipt to return the product. It’s a super simple process too:

1.    Contact customer service through email ([email protected])

2.    Give them your name and order number

3.    If your product is unused, Cocofloss will provide a prepaid return label so you can ship it back at no cost!

4.    Give it 48 hours and your refund will be in your account!

How to Contact Cocofloss

Need to get in touch with a question or comment after reading our Cocofloss review? The brand has you covered with phone and email availability. They even provide separate emails if you want to reach out for collaboration or wholesale inquiries:

Phone: 855.661.4719
9 am – 6 pm PST, Monday – Friday
Email: [email protected]
For collaborations: [email protected]
Wholesale: [email protected]

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