Williams Sonoma Apron Review

Overview of Williams Sonoma Apron

Williams Sonoma Apron Review

Pop into a Williams Sonoma and you’ll likely feel like a kid in a toy shop. Rows of shiny pots and pans line the shelves, along with kitchen gadgets you never knew you needed. On the wall hangs a vine of aprons, and well, what’s a cook without one? 

In my Williams Sonoma apron review, I’ll get into the details of the unsung hero of the kitchen: the humble apron. Keeping your clothes clean, this top-tier brand designs the kind you’ve likely eyed up but never committed to.

Here, I’ll help you decide if it’s worth adding to your cart by looking into its materials, features, feedback, and more. Let’s get things cooking by checking out some highlights.


Williams Sonoma Apron Review
  • Wide selection of adult & kids’ aprons
  • Simple prints & fun graphics
  • Adjustable necks & backs
  • 1-3 pockets per apron
  • Sustainably sourced cotton
  • OEKO-TEX Certified options

Williams Sonoma Apron Review

Williams Sonoma Apron Review

Williams Sonoma has quite a few designs of aprons for sale, most of which are made from responsibly harvested cotton and printed with homey designs. Of course, this is a kitchenware giant we’re talking about, so there are tons of hard-working styles in the line too. 

Which one to pick depends on what you like to do in the kitchen. The occasional baker? A simple cotton number will do the trick, and be sure to check out cute aprons like Honey Bear, Meyer Lemon, and Minnie Mouse.

Always have a sauce on the go? Throw on the Ultimate Apron and your clothes will thank you later. Of course, the Classic Stripe Apron is by far the brand’s most talked about design.

Williams Sonoma has taken care to include aprons for men and styles that appeal to women. There are definitely more aprons for women in the line, but then again, ladies aren’t the only ones that like flowers and lemons.

If your kid is ready to get cooking, Williams Sonoma has matching designs for your little one as well. You’ll find mini aprons with classic and licensed prints to bring even more fun to the kitchen.


Williams Sonoma Apron Review

A cooking apron has one job, really: to keep your clothes free from messes. Williams Sonoma aprons are full and wide to give you the most coverage possible without making it a full chef’s jacket. 

Some aprons, like the Ultimate Apron, are made with an acrylic coating to resist wet spills. With a criss-cross back, this kitchen apron is said to make movement easier and eliminates tension on your neck.


Williams Sonoma Apron Review

Williams Sonoma doesn’t make just any old aprons, that’s why I’m writing my Williams Sonoma Apron review. They’re special. From OEKO-TEX certified cotton to fun prints and comfortable features, this brand put a lot of thought into its designs. Just like everything else it does.

I’m a fan of Williams Sonoma’s features because I know how useful pockets can be in a kitchen setting. After too many aprons that pulled on my neck, I like that all of its styles for both adults and kids have adjustable necks. The adults’ aprons are adjustable with a D-ring while the kids’ ones use convenient Velcro so they can do it themselves.

You’ll pick your favorite from a selection of soothing stripes, fresh prints, and cool graphics, then decide whether you’d like to add a layer of personalization. If you’d like personalized aprons, you can put a name or a word on top of yours. Or maybe your culinary alter ego.

What’s Included?

Williams Sonoma Apron Review

Some Williams Sonoma aprons are sold individually while others come in sets of sizes for both adults and children. All adult aprons measure 27” wide and 36” long while kids’ aprons are 20” wide and 24.5” long. 

Williams Sonoma has even partnered with Disney to bring you licensed Star Wars and Mickey Mouse designs. Aprons start at $20 for a simple striped kid’s design and go up to $80 for Disney-themed styles equipped with two oven mitts.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Williams Sonoma Apron

Williams Sonoma Apron Review

Buying an apron may seem like a simple enough task, but just like clothing, you want to ensure you get the right fit, feel, and protection. On top of that, the materials it’s made from matter just as how well it holds up. Below, I’ll walk you through some key factors to consider before you shop.


Williams Sonoma makes aprons for adults and kids. Make sure you’re getting the right size before buying to avoid unnecessary messes. 


When it comes to aprons, comfort mostly refers to how they hang around your neck and tie around your waist. Adjustable necks ensure this as do soft ties. 


The majority of the aprons I’ve covered in my Williams Sonoma apron review are made from cotton, though some are cotton linen. All of them are OEKO-TEX certified against 350 toxic substances. The brand is also a member of the Better Cotton Initiative which promotes balanced harvesting.

Adjustable Fit

The last thing you want in the kitchen is to feel restricted. Williams Sonoma aprons feature an adjustable neck strap so you can avoid that annoying tugging while you’re mixing up tasty treats.


No matter who you are or what you do, pockets matter. Many of the brand’s designs feature single, double, or triple pockets to hold all of your essentials.


BBQing involves some tough tools, so you may want to consider the durability of the apron you choose. The ones I’ve covered in my Williams Sonoma review are made of cotton or denim. But some are thicker than others, making them more durable.

Williams Sonoma Apron Alternatives

Williams Sonoma isn’t the only brand on this earth that makes aprons, but we think you knew that already. To show you your options, we’ve included two more of some of our favorite brands below.

Tilit Aprons

Williams Sonoma Apron Review
Tilit Aprons

Looking for something specifically designed for professional chefs? Check out Tilit. With a range of long, medium, and half aprons along with chef’s shirts and pants, the brand designs with hot, busy kitchens in mind. Since it’s a professional line, its prices are slightly higher than Williams Sonoma. The average apron costs $42-$105.

Caraway Linen Apron

Williams Sonoma Apron Review
Caraway Linen Apron

Like Williams Sonoma, aprons aren’t the main product Caraway sells. It has just one linen apron in its inventory, but it comes in three cool colors with an edgy print. Made to tackle all kitchen jobs, it resists wet messes and dissipates heat. You can get it for $55.

Williams Sonoma has a wider apron selection than both of these brands, offering more prints and a greater range of options for kids. It also has the most affordable pricing of the lot and I appreciate that our featured brand uses sustainably sourced cotton and has some OEKO-TEX certified styles.

Williams Sonoma Apron Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Williams Sonoma Apron Review

The last thing I need to do in my Williams Sonoma apron review is to find out what customers have to say. After all, it wouldn’t be quite complete without their feedback. For that, I hit up sources around the web to get the full picture.

It turns out that almost every single Williams Sonoma apron review is done by big publications like the NY Times and Food & Wine. They all rave about the brand’s classic aprons, here’s what the latter had to say about the Classic Stripe Apron:

“Made of thick cotton, its straps are the ones that get least tangled in my wash and are so well-made that they look new for many, many years. The neck strap is easily adjustable with sturdy D-rings.”

We like to get a variety of feedback, so I checked out the New York Times who included the Classic Apron on their list of favorite kitchen aprons.

They wrote: “This quintessential, around-the-neck bib apron from Williams-Sonoma checks all the boxes: It’s affordable, thick, and durable. With an adjustable neck loop, roomy front pockets, and long ties, this apron is a steal at $25.”

The votes are in: Williams Sonoma aprons are high quality. Customers say they’re definitely worth it. Will the same kind of reviews hold up elsewhere? Lastly, I checked into Influenster to find out. Here the brand has an outstanding 4.6/5 stars from 82 reviews.

Here, the Dolly Parton Adult & Kid’s Aprons averaged 5/5 stars. In one Williams Sonoma apron review on it, an Influenster said:

“So cute I loved the color, my favorite color, the fabrics, perfect the design so pretty, I recommend.” Keep in mind I translated that one from French with the help of Google, but I think you get the gist. 

Final verdict? Read the next section of my Williams Sonoma apron review to find out.

Is Williams Sonoma Apron Worth It?

Williams Sonoma Apron Review

All signs point towards: yes! Higher quality than other aprons, Williams Sonoma puts a lot of thought and care into its products. Plus…pockets. Need I say more?

Where to Buy Williams Sonoma Apron

Williams Sonoma Apron Review

The best place to buy a Williams Sonoma apron is directly from That way, if you’re looking for a custom apron, they’ll be able to hook you up.

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