Hedley & Bennett Vs Williams Sonoma Aprons Review

Hedley & Bennett vs Williams Sonoma Aprons: Brand Showdown

Williams-Sonoma Inc. is a multi-channel retailer with its hands in many different cookie jars. Williams Sonoma California is one of eight brands under their umbrella that sells high-quality cookware, tools, electrics, and entertaining essentials.

Hedley & Bennett, on the other hand, focuses on aprons almost exclusively (face masks, socks, totes, and other knick-knacks also make an appearance in their store) which is what makes their aprons stand out from the crowd.

They have a variety of aprons designed for different activities, fit, and style, so that everyone feels comfortable in the kitchen.

Through detailed analysis of product design, customer feedback, pricing, and more, this Hedley & Bennett vs Williams Sonoma aprons review will determine which brand is the champion.

Overview of Hedley & Bennet and Williams Sonoma

Founded by Charles Williams in 1956, Williams Sonoma started as a store in Sonoma specializing in French cookware.

He opened a store in central San Francisco soon after and began importing high-end European brands like Le Creuset for curious American customers.

Appetite for his products grew tremendously. From there, the company branched out into cookbooks and food items. In 1983, the company went public. The rest is history.

Hedley & Bennett launched in 2012 and made it their mission to create the sturdiest, best-looking apron in the world.

Self-described hustlers, their aim is for each of the aprons to be super functional, comfortable, proper, and badass, but most importantly, to provide professional-tier products designed hand in hand with talented chefs.

For Hedley & Bennett, an apron isn’t simply a splash pad, but a tool that enables creativity and success.

Hedley & Bennett The Essential Apron vs Williams Sonoma Ultimate Apron

Hedley & Bennett The Essential Apron

The Essential Apron from Hedley & Bennett is a 100% cotton denim fabric that weighs 10oz, so you want to take good care of it, plus, there are 25 colors and patterns to choose from.

If that isn’t enough, the brand also offers free embroidery to make the apron your own. So right away we see that Hedley & Bennett has put a lot of attention into aprons and wants customers to love them as much as they do.

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Now for the gritty details. The Essential Apron was the first protective garment developed by Hedley & Bennett in a professional kitchen. This all-purpose apron has also been tested by both Michelin Star chefs and home cooks.

It also comes with an oh-so-stylish tie around the waist and costs $95 or $23.75 over four interest-free payments, free shipping, and facemask included. It has over 250 reviews and a 5/5 star average.

Williams Sonoma Ultimate Apron

The Ultimate Apron by Williams Sonoma comes in three colors: grey, black, red. It is made in India from fabric-dyed cotton with clean acrylic coating. It’s touted as “handy for a range of household tasks, from cooking and gardening to spring cleaning.”

A simple and effective cross-back tie design and four reinforced pockets, one small, two medium, and a hidden cell phone pocket, make it suitable for a wide range of tasks.

William Sonoma says that the Ultimate Apron is designed and tested for a professional kitchen. Its double-layered center front provides protection and comfort while working around hot appliances.

It is available for $40, but has not yet been reviewed on their official website.

WINNER: Hedley & Bennett’s The Essential Apron

The Essential Apron has rave reviews; its cotton denim provides a strong twill weave and anti-wrinkle properties, and the cotton webbing is 100% American.

While William’s Sonoma’s Ultimate Apron might be a great product, it has only two reviews (on Amazon), and it comes in plain cotton weave put together in India.

Hedley & Bennett wins hands-down as a quality purchase, and that’s not including the free facemask and customization options.

Hedley & Bennett The All Day Crossback Apron vs Williams Sonoma Bay Stripe Adult & Kid Aprons

Hedley & Bennett All Day Crossback Apron

Hedley & Bennett‘s All Day Crossback Apron is available in eight colorful patterns and comes with double stitching and a free embroidery option.

It is made of 99% cotton, 1% spandex, and designed for all-day cooking support. A handy fitting guide has all the dimensions clearly laid out, so there are no surprises when your order arrives.

It has all the features of the brand’s Essential Apron, but with crossback straps that take weight off your neck and distribute it evenly over your shoulders and back for extra comfort.

New York Times‘ Wirecutter named it their “Crowd Favorite” for its all-day wearability. The All-Day Crossback Apron is available for $73

Williams Sonoma Bay Stripe Apron

Coming in nine generic block colors, William Sonoma’s Bay Stripe Adult & Kid Aprons are meant for all sorts of kitchen activities.

They are made of durable, machine-washable cotton and have an adjustable neck strap, including a Velcro closure. Customers report that it wrinkles easily in the wash and comes out with curled edges.

Bay Stripe Adult & Kids Aprons have two pockets and cost $29.95 each. They are simple, barebones aprons, made in India from yarn-dyed cotton.

WINNER: Hedley & Bennett’s All Day Crossback Apron

The All-Day Crossback Apron is soft and long-lasting, a perfect companion for your trip to Mordor, or when you tackle another round of ribs on the barbecue.

It’s expensive, but it comes with features that simply make it a good long-term investment. Bay Stripe Adult & Kid Aprons don’t stand up to their cross back competition, nor to the power of a good washing.

Hedley & Bennett The Kids Apron vs Williams Sonoma Classic Solid Adult & Kids Aprons

Hedley & Bennett Kids Aprons

Hedley & Bennett‘s Kids Apron has the same attention to detail and craftsmanship as their adult products. The only difference is that it’s smaller and has 2% spandex.

The color options are more limited too: only five and without patterns. It comes in three sizing options and is robust enough to withstand the worst cooking mistakes.

The Kids Apron costs $40-$60 depending on the size.

Williams Sonoma Kids Aprons

The Williams Sonoma Classic Solid Adult & Kids Aprons come in seven block colors, the usual suspects, and the strange imperative that “personalization is required for this item.”

Without delving too deeply into the philosophical ramifications, this Hedley & Bennett vs Williams Sonoma aprons review believes they mean to say you must choose either their logo or an embroidered word (up to 9 characters) for your apron.

Williams Sonoma says this item is 100% sustainably sourced cotton, with a snug fit and an adjustable neckband. The adult version costs $25.

WINNER: Williams Sonoma‘s Classic Solid Adult & Kids Aprons

This was a tough choice, however we figured that a child’s apron should be relatively inexpensive. Quality definitely comes into play and we imagine that Hedley & Bennett Kids aprons are much better quality.

However, spending a premium on a child’s apron only for your little one to cutely wear it once or twice before growing out of it may not make sense for everyone.

If you’re looking for a good value, we still recommend the Williams Sonoma, however if quality is your top priority and you don’t mind spending the premium, the Hedley & Bennett Apron would be the better choice.

Hedley & Bennett vs Williams Sonoma Aprons: Quality

Let’s dive into an important question consumers have when comparing brands, and that’s determine which products are of higher quality.

Which aprons are better quality?

Williams Sonoma aprons are made in India from 100% cotton. They do not offer additional details or selling-point features because, in all likelihood, there aren’t any.

Compared to Hedley & Bennett, Williams Sonoma aprons are low-cost and low-quality, as evidenced by reviews saying they lose their form after several washes.

Hedley & Bennett aprons are made with 100% American cotton webbing, doubly reinforced corners, and cotton denim. Some of their products, like the All Day Crossback Apron, are double stitched for extra durability.

The cotton denim base material, due to the twill weave, is stronger, thicker, better able to hide dirt, and also less prone to wrinkling all on its own.

WINNER: Hedley & Bennett

This Hedley & Bennett vs Williams Sonoma aprons review didn’t find much of a contest here. Judging by the material quality and nothing else, Hedley & Bennett takes the crown.

They have different designs between aprons, but all of them are super resilient (except, perhaps, The Kids Apron) and made for supreme comfort over long periods of time—and, when compared against its competitor, you can see why the brand charges an arm and a leg.

Hedley & Bennett vs Williams Sonoma Aprons: Customer Ratings

Hedley & Bennet is a crowd favorite of The New York Times’ Wirecutter and praised by The Wall Street Journal, Food & Wine, and a ton of other media outlets, which makes sense, because customers leave hundreds to thousands of reviews on their aprons, averaging 5/5 stars

This Hedley & Bennett vs Williams Sonoma aprons review also found that Redditors overall love the “quality and craftsmanship” that goes into Hedley Benett’s aprons, but think they are a little too far on the expensive side.

Still, Hedley & Bennett has won points over the following criteria: 

  • Well-made and stylish material
  • Quick delivery
  • Favorite apron brand of famous chefs
  • Long strings and good pockets
  • Rich colors
  • They survive the test of time 

Williams Sonoma aprons have 68 comments total, about the same number as on one of Hedley & Bennett’s lowest reviewed items. 47 customers gave the Classic Solid Adult & Kid Aprons an average of 4.4/5 stars.

The remaining 21 are spread out between three products. The most common complaint was that aprons come out of the drier “so wrinkled that it’s actually unusable until ironed.” 

A few more complaints touched on: 

  • Faded color and frumpy/heavily crumpled fabric after one wash (following instructions)
  • Products made with lighter fabric than they used to be
  • Shipping delays (reported on Reddit and the Williams Sonoma website)

While buyers agreed on these selling points of Williams Sonoma aprons:

  • Roomy and adjustable
  • Sturdy
  • Versatile and useful for many chores
  • Fair price

WINNER: Hedley & Bennett

It was easy for this Hedley & Bennett vs Williams Sonoma aprons review to determine that Hedley & Bennett customers are excited about their aprons, while Williams Sonoma customers are either very few in number or can’t be bothered to leave a review.

Additional investigation showed major issues from washing Williams Sonoma aprons, even when following instructions.

Hedley & Bennett vs Williams Sonoma Aprons: Promotions and Discounts

This Hedley & Bennett vs Williams Sonoma aprons review found solid discounts from both brands, but only one of them truly puts the wind in our sails when it comes to savings.

Hedley & Bennett:

  • 30% off Madewell x Hedley & Bennett Bandana Apron
  • 30% off The All Day Crossback Apron (Abalone)
  • 25% off The All Day Crossback Apron  (Jack)
  • 25% off The Essential Apron (Hickory/ Vintage Wash/ Blackberry/ Jack/ Mint)
  • 25% off The Heavy Duty Crossback Apron (Blackjack/ Jack) 

Williams Sonoma

  • Classic Solid Kid Aprons are on sale for $12 (out of stock)
  • Darth Vader Adult & Kid Apron Bundle is on sale for $60 (from $65)
  • Darth Vader Adult Apron & Storm Trooper Kids Apron Bundle is on sale for $60 (from $65)
  • Heirloom Pumpkin Apron is on sale for $16 (from $40)

Williams Sonoma has four sales going on, three of which are for kids, and the fourth has an out-of-season design. Hedley & Bennett simply has more sales going on, and they offer larger discounts. Plus, an extra facemask is always good to have.

Hedley & Bennett vs Williams Sonoma Aprons: Shipping and Returns

After investigation, this Hedley & Bennett vs Williams Sonoma aprons review found that the brands have very similar shipping and return policies. Yet there’s one crucial detail that puts an ocean of difference between them.

Hedley & Bennett:

  • Items require 1–3 business days for processing and 2–5 business days for delivery
  • Ships to PO boxes via USPS
  • Ships to military APO/FPO addresses
  • Does not ship internationally
  • Free shipping on US orders above $89
  • Two-day expedited shipping requires an additional day for processing time
  • Orders are processed and shipped Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM PST
  • 30-day return window for a refund or replacement
  • Heat or chemical damage is not included in the H&B Apron Squad Guarantee
  • Returns and exchanges are accepted for unworn, unwashed, and unaltered products
  • Embroidered items cannot be returned or exchanged

Williams Sonoma

  • Ships through UPS
  • Can deliver most in-stock items within 3–5 business days
  • Unable to deliver to PO boxes
  • Next day delivery for $26 (orders received by 9 PM ET Monday through Thursday)
  • 30-day return window for a refund 
  • Returns require an original receipt or gift receipt
  • Returned items must be in new condition
  • Personalized items cannot be returned
  • Ships internationally to 60 countries
  • Final sale items ending in .97, .98, or .99 cannot be returned

This Hedley & Bennett vs Williams Sonoma aprons review found that the two companies have nearly identical shipping and returns policies.

However, Williams Sonoma can be purchased in 60 countries, whereas Hedley & Bennett is currently limited to the US. For us, that makes Williams Sonoma winner in this category, even when factoring in Hedley Bennett’s free shipping.

Hedley & Bennett vs Williams Sonoma Aprons: Price and Value

This is where the competition gets fierce. Hedley & Bennett aprons cost more than Williams Sonoma’s, in some cases, more than double the cost.

At the end of the day, they both offer, generally speaking, 100% cotton protection for your torso. The major difference are quality, price, and features.

The critical question is, what do you look for as a buyer? You can get affordable aprons almost anywhere, however if you want a high quality apron with professional-tier features and color options at a fair price make sense, then the we recommend Hedley & Bennett.

Also, it’s good to know that professional chefs find Hedley & Bennett well worth the price.

WINNER: Hedley & Bennett 

And if you’re just cooking from home, you’re probably better off with a Hedley & Bennett Apron, especially for the swagger it brings.

Their customization and nitty-gritty design details improve the quality of life for people cooking throughout the day. 

But for your regular Jane and Joe, besides wanting to wear a cool top-of-the-line brand, you’d be better off buying Williams Sonoma and saving that $50 for a meal at a nice restaurant—where the chef working behind the scenes is thankful for his Hedley & Bennett crossback.

Our Choice: Hedley & Bennett Aprons

Hedley & Bennett is an elite brand that designs industry-grade aprons for working professionals but also tries to care to those who like to cook at home.

Still the at home chefs probably but want to look and feel good while they make cookies and flip ‘burgs on the grill. 

Williams Sonoma offers basic aprons that would just as easily pass under the logos of 50 different brands. Their products are generic, but functional and actually looks pretty good.

In the eyes of this Hedley & Bennett vs Williams Sonoma aprons reviewer, aprons should not be throw-away items. Better to get a quality apron that lasts longer.

Customers should expect their purchase, whether $40 or $95, to continue working well through long-term use. It’s no surprise that mega-company William Sonoma doesn’t produce aprons to the same standard as Hedley & Bennett, a brand that specializes in the category.

Both companies offer functional aprons. But right away, and, more importantly, years down the road, you’ll be happier with a Hedley & Bennett. 

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