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Parachute Home Review
Image Credit: Parachute

The home is a personal place. It’s where we feel most comfortable and have the freedom to fill it with whatever we like.

These days, we have so many options to pick from, but personally, I gravitate towards items that make me feel joy and peace.

Scrolling through Parachute’s collection, I felt a sense of calm wash over me. Soothing colors and soft fabrics permeate the line of bedding, bath, furniture, and decor, and I was compelled to slow down and stay a while.

Swapping over to its social pages, I noticed a community of 740k before catching its name in headlines on Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, and Refinery 29.

Why so much buzz? I think it has a lot to do with Parachute’s whole aesthetic, but also, the undeniable quality of its home goods.

My aim in this Parachute home review is to give you a better understanding of the brand so you can decide if it’s the right fit for your home.

Cozying up to its bedding and living accessories, I’ll also breeze through feedback, promotions, and more to give you the full scoop.

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Overview Of Parachute

Parachute Home Review
Image Credit: Parachute

Ariel Kaye, stylish founder and CEO of Parachute, wants to make you feel at home. Working in advertising and brand development, she had a keen eye for detail and a passion for design.

Of course, as so many visionaries do, Ariel saw the need for improvement in the home goods market. She dreamed of a company that fused comfort, style, and affordable prices, and in 2014, launched Parachute Home in Venice, California.

Parachute’s line of bedding, furniture, and decor is crafted in Europe. When it was launched, the brand sold online only, but it has now grown into several brick-and-mortar locations across the US.

After reading up on Parachute Home, I came to see why the brand is so popular for its laidback color scheme.

Inspired by sunny Venice Beach, there’s a warm, breezy air about the line that’s incredibly calming.

But the zen vibe isn’t the only reason people flock to this brand. Using responsible materials[1] like Egyptian cotton and ethical manufacturing, it’s one that you can really feel good about buying.

Ready to jump right into this delightful line? First, I’ll lead you through the highlights next in this Parachute home review, then you can snuggle right into the details.


  • Gorgeous range of bedding, bath, furniture & decor
  • Responsible materials & ethical manufacturing
  • Luxury style bedding with classic & neutral color schemes
  • Free carbon-neutral shipping
  • 60-day returns
  • 100-day mattress trial

Parachute Bed Sheets Review 

Sheets are arguably the most important piece of bedding. It’s all about preference, but I think a balance of softness and crispness is key.

If you’re in the market for a dreamy sheet set, you’ve come to the right place. Just below in this Parachute home review, I’ll feature a range of the brand’s best-selling OEKO-Tex certified sheets.

Percale Sheet Set

To begin these Parachute home reviews, I’ll start with the lightweight, durable, and crisp long-staple Egyptian cotton Percale Sheet Set. Made for supreme comfort, it’ll keep you cool all summer long.

I’m all too familiar with hot sheets. As a hot sleeper, I know the value of choosing a lightweight sheet set. Inside this set, you’ll discover one fitted sheet and two pillowcases. You can always add on a top sheet if you like, but this set is all about the basics.

Available in all sizes from Twin to California King, choose from soothing neutral colors like sand, blush, and slate, all of which brings me back to fond memories of collecting seashells as a kid. The set retails for $129-$169.

What customers are saying: “These sheets are absolutely worth every penny spent. Some of the best sleep I’ve gotten in years. I’ll be buying more sets soon!”

Sateen Sheet Set

Sateen is a silky, dreamy fabric less slippery than silk but smoother than percale. I think it’s ideal for those who love the luxury feel, though it does sleep hotter than percale.

The Sateen Sheet Set includes two pillowcases and a fitted sheet made from 100% long staple Egyptian cotton.

Keeping you snug and comfortable, this soft, smooth bedding is available in Twin to California King sizes in white, blush, sand, and light grey colors.

If you wish to be enveloped in the warm embrace of the Parachute Sateen Sheet Set, simply lay down $149-$189.

What customers are saying: “We love our Parachute sheets!! Our best sleep in years!! They are soft plus they fit our mattress perfectly. Will definitely buy again.”

Linen Sheet Set

Linen is a pro at regulating body temperature. What does that mean for sleeping? Both hot and cold sleepers will feel comfortable all year long.

Though linen feels like a more casual fiber—it’s not silky by any means—it’s still soft and familiar and only gets better with time.

Made from the finest European flax, the Linen Sheet Set comes in 10 colors, but I’m quite partial to terra: a warm, earthy red-brown.

Get the set in sizes Twin to California King for $189-$229.

What customers are saying: “I’ve been hunting for linen sheets for a while and I was happy with the percale and sateen sets I already had. These are more of a weathered linen, and absolutely perfect... they don’t get wrinkled as easily as typical linen sheets. They also look great.”

Brushed Cotton Sheet Set

The buttery soft cozy fabric of the Parachute Brushed Cotton Sheet Set is an unparalleled favorite of mine. To me, pressing its fabric against my skin reminds me of the many nights I spent cuddling in my boyfriend’s work t-shirt.

He wore it when we first met and gave me this shirt to keep me company whenever he was absent. I know, I know, he’s a keeper!

Getting back to my Parachute home review…The set is fully made of cotton in a plain weave and comes in shades of white, ivory, ochre, dusk, and latte.

So what’s brushed cotton anyway? The fitted sheet and pillowcase set is garment washed for the purpose of making them extra soft, and warmer than Parachute’s percale sheets, but cooler than their sateen selection.

In matters regarding cotton vs linen, it’s always noble to remember cotton’s versatility. Paying $169-$199 sounds like a done deal.

What customers are saying: “So soft. I purchased the top and bottom sheet and duvet cover in Dusk, and it is the prettiest slate blue. LOVE LOVE LOVE these sheets and wish I could afford to fill my linen closet with them.”

Parachute Mattress Review

The most important lesson I’ve learned in the past year: never underestimate the power of a good mattress. After settling on any old thing for most of my adult life, I now know the difference the right mattress makes for sleep.

Did heaven send down the Parachute Mattress? It’s so divine-looking and must’ve been shipped via parachute, which now that I think about it, kind of explains the origins of this specific brand name. Conspiracy theories aside, let’s get a good look at this thing.

The mattress has firm construction in the center for back support and softer construction at the head and feet for spine alignment and pressure point relief

The Parachute Mattress is made with layers of New Zealand wool and organic cotton.

The amount of steel coils seems overzealous as there are 5x more of them than in any standard mattress. Foam-free, it doesn’t even need a box spring. The prices for the mattress are as follows:

  • Twin and Twin XL: $1,499
  • Full: $2,199
  • Queen: $2,399
  • King and Cal King: $2,599

What customers are saying: “We got two of these for our guest room, and I often look for an excuse to sleep in there. They’re the right balance of firm and plush top. Matched with the percale cotton bedding and we love it!”

Parachute Pillow Review

You bet I’ll feature pillows in this Parachute home review. How else will you understand the full Parachute sleep experience?

You simply couldn’t, and so I’ll tell you all about the brand’s natural and synthetic down pillows below. Both are available in standard and king-size.

Down Pillow

The moment you pick your size and density, you invite the Parachute Down Pillow into your home with open arms. Its 750-fill power European white down keeps this pillow airy yet sturdy.

The outer shell is made of sateen cotton reinforced with a double-stitched piping seam. The cost of $129-$209 gives me the impression that they’re quite luxurious and fitting for a lovely, wholesome home.

What customers are saying: “I thought I would never trade in my old foam pillow but after two nights with my new medium down pillow it’s gone!!! I’m sleeping better and there is absolutely no neck pain. I’m very pleased with the service as well…quick delivery!”

Down Alternative Pillow

In case you have an allergy or are admirably vegan, I’m happy to report here in this Parachute home review that the brand offers an alternative.

The Parachute Down Alternative Pillow contains hypoallergenic microfiber fill instead.

It imitates the warmth and plushness of natural down so that you don’t feel like you’re really missing out. The Down Alternative Pillow uses a cambric cotton shell rather than sateen cotton.

Paying $79-$109 almost makes this pillow a more considerable option over its down counterpart.

What customers are saying: “I’m picky about my pillow. The soft pillow I ordered was just right first time I laid my head down. Thank you for making a quality product!”

Parachute Basic Bathrobe Review

I just had to showcase this fan favorite in my Parachute home review. After choosing your shade of either white, mineral, blush, stone, or fawn, you can bask in the relaxation of a lavish bathrobe with its waist tie and shawl collar that provide ultimate coziness.

The Parachute Bathrobe also has two slouchy pockets for your hands to dive in and soak up warmth.

This classic bathrobe is made of long-staple Turkish cotton, so it makes sense for Parachute to charge $109 for a semi-precious home goodie such as this one.

For a more luxurious option, check out the Cashmere Blend Robe on their site for $199. Pretty fancy!

Oh, and Parachute also has a Silk Pajama Set ($179) and matching Silk Eye Mask ($19) that I think are definitely worth checking out.

What customers are saying: “Love it!!!! So soft and comfortable! It’s an amazing robe highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new one!”

More Parachute Home 

As I promised you at the beginning of this Parachute home review, this brand has tons of products to elevate your home experience.

From soft bath towels to modern decor, here’s a taste of the other items Parachute has to offer

Parachute Bath

Parachute’s bathroom items are sure to impress your guests. Set yourself up with the Organic Cotton Bath Bundle, including 6 bath towels, 6 hand towels, 6 washcloths, and 1 tub mat for $442.

The bathroom products are where things really get interesting, with luscious scents and natural products. Parachute also offers the following products:

  • Purifying Hand Soap ($35)
  • Bath Brush ($35)
  • Natural Sea Sponge ($21)
  • Hydrating Hand Cream ($39)
  • Sleep Time Bath Salt ($29)

What customers are saying: “These towels are so soft and absorbent. We love them! And that’s coming for two VERY picky towel people…. I will definitely be back to get more when we need them for guests, etc and will for sure recommend to friends!”

Parachute Decor + Living

I really like the How to Make a House a Home book by Ariel Kaye for $23. It’s a chance to inspire your own decorative style and I think it makes a cute coffee table book.

To really immerse yourself in scent, try the Essential Oil Diffuser ($123) and the Rest Linen Mist ($19).

Parachute also offers some attractively minimalist decor. Wall Art by Ethan Catflisch ($149-$249) and this Handmade Ceramic Vase ($103) piqued my interest for sure.

Honorable mention goes to the Desert Pillow Cover ($69-$79) and classy Oversized Alpaca Boucle Throw ($289). 

In terms of bedroom decor, Parachute continues with the modern and minimalist theme with pieces like the Bluff Stacked Nightstand ($749) and Dune Bed Frame ($1,800 to $2,800).

What customers are saying: “I never read decorating books or magazines; I usually only look at the pictures and read the brief descriptions underneath them. But this book is different. I read it from front to back. The chapters are short but full of useful information – all without photos, but the illustrations are spot on. Outstanding.”

Parachute Home Review: What Do Customers Think?

Parachute Basic Bathrobe Review
Image Credit: Parachute

After everything I’ve learned throughout this Parachute home review, I applaud the premium quality behind the brand’s hotel-style bedding and posh furniture and decor.

The comfortability and picturesque bed sheets and other home essentials push Parachute to the forefront of the home goods market.

By making products free of toxins and environmentally-unfriendly chemicals, Parachute puts itself at a level higher than organic and is Oeko-Tex certified.

So far, I’ve loved everything I’ve seen from this brand, but it’s important to hear from those who have purchased its products.

Setting out in search of feedback, I was surprised when I didn’t come across much of it online.

On parachutehome.com though, I found a 4.4/5-star score from 3,372 shoppers. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • 5 stars: 74%
  • 4 stars: 7%
  • 3 stars: 9%
  • 2 stars: 5%
  • 1 star: 5%

Of its luxurious bedding, one customer wrote a Parachute home review that read, “I absolutely love this bedding! It’s so soft and lightweight, but also great quality and looks beautiful. I loved it so much I bought a second set to have on hand while the other is being washed.

Here are the independent product ratings for some of the items highlighted in this review:

  • Percale Sheet Set: 4/5 stars from nearly 300 ratings
  • Sateen Sheet Set: 4.4/5 stars from over 100 ratings
  • Linen Sheet Set: 3.7/5 stars from close to 350 ratings
  • Brushed Cotton Sheet Set: 5/5 stars from 5 ratings
  • Parachute Mattress: 4.4/5 stars from 200+ ratings
  • Down Pillow: 4.3/5 stars from over 1,500 ratings
  • Down Alternative Pillow: 4.2/5 stars from nearly 550 ratings

Searching around the web, though there seems to be a buzz about this brand in the media, there haven’t been many independent reviews.

From what I did see, it looks like Parachute passes the luxury test, but I’ll admit I bumped into a few complaints too.

It appears that there are a few grumbles about the short-term return period (I’ll tell you more about that later) and that certain sheet sets don’t include a flat sheet.

Though Parachute is transparent about both, I understand how either of these issues could be frustrating.

Parachute’s return policy is actually longer than most—60 days—and they have a convenient button on sheet set pages that lets you add on a top sheet. From what I can see, there are no concerning red flags for this brand.

Parachute Home Instagram

Parachute Basic Bathrobe Review
Image Credit: Parachute

Looking into Parachute‘s Instagram, the soft, billowing form created by bed sheets before they land on the bed justifies the name of this particular brand.

While I’m still settled on the whole “heaven-sent” concept, this one makes sense too. An image like this portrays ease of comfort, something we all desire now and then.

I find the brand’s Instagram page to be therapeutic as if it’s displaying feng shui[2] in full motion where you feel the smooth, positive energy sailing through the room pictured on the computer screen.

It’s been one of my favorite parts of writing this Parachute home review so far.

Parachute lovers can connect to each other through the Instagram community, using the hashtag #myparachutehome.

Parachute Promotions & Discounts 

Parachute Basic Bathrobe Review
Image Credit: Parachute

No Parachute home review would be complete without a section on deals, so I scoped out the brand’s website to see what I could uncover.

From what I found, Parachute offers a 100-day trial for its mattresses and free carbon-neutral shipping for all products.

They also dedicate an entire webpage under the heading “Last Chance” to compile their exclusive collection with deals on home essentials.


Parachute Basic Bathrobe Review
Image Credit: Parachute

Where To Buy Parachute Home

Parachute is available on their website, parachutehome.com, and at several retail locations across California, Oregon, New York, Texas, and others. Be sure to check the site for their Store Locator.

Parachute Shipping Policy

Parachute ships to all 50 States, American territories, Canada, UK, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, and Australia. Shipping times are dependent on whether you select 2-day, next-day, standard, or international.

International shipping usually takes 10-15 days to process, ship, and clear customs.

Parachute offers free domestic ground shipping for all 50 states as well as military bases/APO/DPO/FPO. Their carrier will calculate other shipment costs, taxes, and duties for international orders.

Parachute Return Policy

Parachute welcomes returns within 60 days of delivery.

It is vital to know though that they will not accept returns on final sale items, furniture, gift cards, fabric swatches, and donations. Moreover, shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.

For the sake of clarity in this Parachute home review, I’ll fill you in on the three ways to return your item(s):

  1. In-person at a Parachute store location: your return will be processed immediately and your refund will appear within 3-5 business days.
  2. Happy Returns: Parachute’s partners help to return online orders in person. Your return will be processed immediately and your refund will appear within 3-5 business days.
  3. Returns by mail: visit Parachute’s Returns Page. Your return will be processed in 10-14 business days and your refund will appear within 3-5 business days. Any damages or manufacturer defects spotted should be directly addressed to their Customer Experience Team.

Contact Parachute

Have any questions I didn’t quite get to in this Parachute home review?

You can reach out to the brand via Live Chat available Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST. You can also get in touch through [email protected].

If all else fails, you can call Parachute at 888-967-8832, available Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.

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Article Sources

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  2. Kryžanowski, Š. Feng Shui: A Comprehensive Review of its Effectiveness Based on Evaluation Studies ResearchGate International Journal of Advances in Scientific Research and Engineering, 07(11), pp.61–71

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