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Buffy is an American vegan bedding company that strives to provide comfort for people and the environment. Buffy’s products are so environmentally friendly that they only use materials that won’t harm the earth in any way, shape, or form. Buffy comforters are made with recyclable materials that ensure a soft and comfy sleep. 

This Buffy comforter review will cover key elements of the brand and its products to help you make a more informed purchase decision.

Overview of Buffy 

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Leo Wang, the CEO of Buffy, strives to help the environment using Buffy comforters as well as other environmentally friendly products. Buffy puts comfort first, aware that their products aren’t like what people see in magazines. 

Their products may not look unique, but they use earth-friendly materials that set their products apart from other bedding companies. Other brands often harm animals, over-consume water, and pollute the earth when manufacturing their products. Buffy promises to recycle materials like plastic bottles whenever possible as well as make new comforters with eucalyptus. 

Buffy has recycled over 10 million bottles, saved 150 gallons of water, and saved the feathers of over 2 million geese. How was this possible? By using these supplements to cotton, feathers, and any other harmful materials and processes: 

  1. Completely recycled polyester (derived from used plastic bottles)
  2. Eucalyptus fiber (sourced from Austrian trees)
  3. Closed loop (reusing 99% of their solvents)
  4. Natural dyes (such as pomegranate, turmeric, and indigo)
  5. Recyclable and compostable packaging

Although Buffy focuses on comforters, they have other bedding options that are made from the same earth-friendly materials. Buffy sheets, duvet covers, and pillows are a perfect addition to any bedding set!

While Buffy may have fairly plain and simple options for their comforters, which are a bit pricey, I believe their causes are worth it. While their main goal is to provide a comfy bed and help the earth, they also assist with another nightmarish issue—night sweats. 

Let’s face it, it’s difficult to feel comfy and sweaty at the same time! Buffy comforters have a cool-to-the-touch solution so you won’t have to worry about sweating at night any longer. Their comforters are temperature-regulating, decreasing your discomfort at night. 

Their comforters are made with a strong eucalyptus barrier that doesn’t hoard your body heat. While under a Buffy comforter, the temperature regulation will allow for maximum comfort. For a breathable, non-sweaty sleep, I’d definitely recommend Buffy comforters. 

Feel free to check out the rest of our Buffy comforter review for a breakdown on the features and benefits of their products. Below, you’ll find the pros and cons that summarizes their core values:


  • Free shipping and returns for US orders 
  • A 7 night free trial period offered with their products
  • Products are environmentally friendly
  • Returned Buffy comforters are most often donated to shelters in order to avoid waste
  • No animals are harmed in the manufacturing process
  • Temperature-regulating products allow for a more comfortable sleep
  • $10 off your first order!


  • No designs are available
  • Canada not given free shipping
  • No flat shipping rate for Canada
  • They do not ship outside of North America
  • Products are slightly pricey
  • Very little selection
  • Buffy comforters only come in white
  • Returns can only be done over the phone

How Much is Buffy Comforter? 

Buffy comforter prices vary depending on the comforter as well as the size of the bed. Prices are as follows: 

Bed Size The BreezeThe Cloud
Twin/Twin XL$180$130
King/California King$260$200

Buffy Comforter Reviews

The Breeze

The Breeze is a comforter designed to make your nights a breeze by regulating your body heat under the comforter. This Buffy comforter is designed for those who find themselves overheating at night but are in climates where blankets are necessary to avoid being too cold. With The Breeze, you can sleep soundly and comfortably without having to stress over being too hot. 

This Buffy comforter is very soft, with a thread count of 300! With a eucalyptus fill and shell, this comforter is also resistant to dust and other residue. By preventing night-sweats and dust, The Breeze won’t need to be washed nearly as often as a regular comforter.

It should be noted in this Buffy comforter review, that although The Breeze could be used in all seasons, it’s recommended for winter or for those who get very hot at night. This isn’t the kind of comforter you’d want to use in the summer, but anyone could benefit from using this Buffy comforter in the colder seasons. 

The Cloud

The Cloud is a comforter designed for all year round. It’s perfect for any season and any climate. This comforter is so fluffy that it actually helps people fall asleep easier! Say goodbye to those uncomfortable, sleepless nights thanks to The Cloud. 

The fluffiness of The Cloud is thanks to environmentally safe substitutes for cotton. Buffy does so by using materials including a combination of eucalyptus and recycled plastic that make sleep so comfy, you may not want to leave your bed! For those reading this Buffy comforter review, this one is a great choice for anyone having any discomfort at night, or anyone who simply enjoys a soft and fluffy good night’s sleep. 

Although both of Buffy’s comforters have the same white colour and appearance, they serve very different functions for sleeping. The Breeze is meant for winter and those nights where you just can’t feel warm or cold enough. Whereas Buffy’s The Cloud provides that cloud-like feeling for a more relaxing sleep. 

This Buffy comforter and it’s layers of recycled fiber give people a snuggly feeling. With each comforter recycling 50 plastic bottles, it puts the cherry on top of a great sleep. Sleeping can be remarkably easier when you feel like you’ve made a difference in the world. By purchasing any Buffy comforters, pillows, or sheets, you can help reduce waste and get the sleep of your dreams. 

Like The Breeze, The Cloud is also dust and residue resistant. It also has a thread count of 300 and both comforters are great for better sleep and a better environment. What more could you ask for? 

Is a Buffy Comforter Worth It? 

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Buffy comforters are for a great cause—a better sleep and a better environment. But if you want your comforter to have a stylish look to it, Buffy is probably not where you want to shop. Or, an alternative: add some color or designs to your bedding with some funky pillows! 

Customers can leave a Buffy comforter review on the website, where there are an outstanding number of positive reviews. The Breeze has managed an average of 4.6/5 stars with over 2000 reviews. The Cloud has hit a milestone of over 15,000 5 star reviews, with an average of 4.8 stars, from over 18,000 reviews in total.  These reviews confirm the comforter’s softness and their temperature-regulating features. Customers have verified that they sleep and feel better when using Buffy comforters.

However, external online reviews do not always give Buffy products such high praise. Many external customer reviews gave Buffy comforters only 1/5 stars due to the fact that they simply didn’t work when slept with. Many people commented that with a duvet and sheets, the temperature-regulation is not nearly as effective. 

With all that in mind, their 7 day free trial seems extremely reasonable. When it comes to sleep, it truly is subjective. I conclude that Buffy comforters are worth it. Yes, they are a bit pricey. Yes, there is more than one bad Buffy comforter review out there. Yes, duvet covers seem to make or break the desired effects. Even if you don’t get the desired comfortable sleep after trying it, the fact that Buffy will do their best to donate returned and lightly used comforters to shelters, so it’s a win win all around.

Buffy Comforter Washing Instructions

While reading this Buffy comforter review, you may be wondering how to wash Buffy comforter. Buffy comforters are recommended for dry clean only. It is not recommended for machine washing because most standard washing machines would not be able to handle the size of a Buffy comforter. Buffy recommends buying a machine-washable duvet cover for protection against stains. 

While duvet covers are often recommended for comforters, Buffy brags about their comforters being soft and breezy. Will a duvet cover affect the snuggly and temperature-regulating aspects of their comforters? 

With a regular duvet cover, possibly. But Buffy also sells a Eucalyptus Duvet Cover in 6 plain colours. With the price ranging from $105 to $145, it makes the price of a comfy sleep more expensive than expected.  

Buffy Comforter Promotions & Discounts 

After searching their website for this Buffy comforter review, I’ve found these Buffy comforter coupons and discount codes: 

  • $10 off your first order when you enter your email on their website
  • Enter the Buffy comforter discount code CLOUD20 at checkout for 20% off a Cloud comforter
  • Enter the discount code WELCOME10 for 10% off an order
  • For a $25 Buffy comforter coupon, enter the discount code THESKIMM at checkout.


Where to Buy a Buffy Comforter  

Unfortunately, no retail locations currently exist for Buffy. You can purchase Buffy products from their website

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Are Buffy Comforters on Amazon?

Yes! External Amazon sellers are also selling Buffy comforters as well as some of their other products. Some of them even come with Prime Shipping! 

From what I could tell while researching for this Buffy comforter review, there aren’t any major price differences from their main website and on Amazon. But since they don’t offer shipping outside of North America, Amazon could open some international doors! 

Shipping Policy

When it comes to Buffy’s shipping policy, here’s what you need to know: 

  • They provide free shipping in the continental U.S., Hawaii, and Alaska via FedEx
  • Orders within the U.S. under a P.O. Box are shipped via USPS
  • U.S. orders take up to 10 business days to arrive
  • Canadian orders are accepted, but free shipping is not provided and will be calculated upon checkout, depending on your address and the weight of your items
  • They do not ship outside North America at this time, but are hoping to expand in the future

Return Policy

In terms of Buffy’s return policy, there are multiple options: 

  • If you decide to try the 7 night Try Before Buying trial period, you can sleep in your Buffy comforter for 7 nights before they charge you. If you decide you’re not satisfied within those 7 nights, you must call them to return your comforter and receive a full refund. 
  • If you decide not to do the 7 night trial period, you can still get a full refund within 30 days after your purchase. 
  • All returns must be processed over the phone. 
  • Returned comforters are either donated to local shelters or recycled to prevent their products from being dumped into earth-shattering landfills. 

Contact Buffy  

For any other inquiries, Buffy can be contacted between 10:00am-6:00pm EST by either: 

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