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GlobeIn Review

The market is hot with subscription boxes of meal kits, make-up and skincare favs, and ready-to-wear outfits. One thing’s for sure: people love good quality products delivered straight to their door. But, what’s missing from this selection? Homegoods, sourced from artisans and smaller businesses. 

GlobeIn is all about bringing ethically made products to buyers around the world, creating a global marketplace through the form of a subscription service. This means that you can shop small from the comfort of your own home and be introduced to stores you might otherwise never have heard of.

Featured in magazines like Forbes and Business Insider, it is clear that this startup has found an innovative way to connect buyers and sellers across the world. The brand has 78.8k Instagram followers with a feed that features a colorful collection of handmade goods. It makes us feel inspired to decorate our space with an air of adventure.

Stay tuned, because this GlobeIn review is going to dive deep into all there is to know about the brand—including customer ratings, promos, and of course some in-depth product guides to help you decide if this subscription is worth signing up for.

Overview of GlobeIn

GlobeIn Review

Since 2020, we haven’t really been able to go out into the world. But that hasn’t stopped us from bringing the world into our home. 

GlobeIn makes it easy to complete your space with items inspired by other countries. Made by hand, these objects tell a story and add a little extra interest to your living room. 

Investing around 3.5 million into fair wages for artisans all over the world, the brand came from much more humble beginnings. In 2011, founder Vladimir Ermakov was in awe of all of the beautiful products that they came across in markets during their travels. They also recognized that the artisans who made these items were making little money due to a lack of recognition. 

Ermakov saw a solution: a subscription service that allows people to bring these unique and practical pieces into their homes while supporting artists. With this, GlobeIn was born. The brand has stayed true to its mission over the past decade:

“[We] strive to connect conscious consumers with delightful products and the talented artisans who make them, thereby strengthening the bonds of our global community.” 

Before this GlobeIn review discusses how the brand works and what kind of subscriptions you can choose from, let’s take a look at some highlights.


  • Subscription service for themed, handcrafted home goods from all over the world
  • One-time purchases can be made 
  • Ethically sourced items 
  • The company’s structure supports small businesses 
  • Buyers can save with a subscription
  • Customization options offered 
  • Great value for money 

Wondering what kinds of things you might find in a GlobeIn box? The brand carries themed lifestyle and home oriented products, so you can find a specific subscription to suit your needs—whether that is for your washroom, dining space, or living area. 

This GlobeIn review will walk you through some of the brand’s bestsellers, but first, let’s take a look at how the process works. 

Who Is GlobeIn For? 

GlobeIn Review

Looking for a curated selection of handmade items that connect you to the rest of the world? GlobeIn is for anybody who is looking to support small businesses while bringing some inspiration and joy into their home. The brand ensures top quality products and fair pay for artisans, so you know that your purchase is doing something good for others.

The boxes and items make great and thoughtful gifts as well, since you know the objects are coming from a source of love and a lot of energy. You can choose to send a subscription, box, or item from the marketplace to someone else, but we’ll talk more about how things work next!

How Does GlobeIn Work? 

GlobeIn Review

The company strives to make their subscription service as easy and convenient as possible. For those who aren’t sure where to begin, this GlobeIn review will now provide a rundown of how it all works. 

The first step in getting your first subscription box is signing up through GlobeIn’s website.  Then you can choose between all the boxes they have available. The great thing about signing up for a longer period of time is that you save more on every box.  

Here are all of your options:

  • A one-time purchase
  • 3-month subscription: $40
  • 6-month subscription: $37
  • 1-year subscription: $35

Also, you will get five boxes to choose from that cater to a particular theme, so you won’t have to worry about receiving items that may not be of use to you. If you don’t see something you love, the brand offers a credit instead to shop the marketplace with. 

Inside each GlobeIn box you’ll discover three to five unique items that’ve been handmade by and ethically sourced from artisans. After you choose your box, it will be shipped to your door. And if you fall in love with select items, you can shop for them directly from the artisan via GlobeIn’s website. 

In our Bounty Box, the perfect package for a picnic at the park, we received a basket woven by a Ghanaian woman named Alebipoorum, a cheery orange enamel cup and plate from Indian craftsmen Manoj Saini and Basu Dev Nayak, and a set of sustainable utensils from expert bamboo artisan Ali Jaan who’s also based in India.

Whether you choose to spoil yourself with one of these services or send a gift to someone you love, GlobeIn goods are sure to live up to the occasion. 

GlobeIn Artisan Boxes Review

The GlobeIn Artisan Boxes are a monthly subscription that feature a curated selection of themed products. They connect shoppers with the world around them with exciting and useful products that are perfect for decorating or using around the home. 

With four new options every month, these themes include items for coffee lovers, picnic-goers, and even gardeners. Let’s dive into some of the most popular boxes so you can get an idea of what comes with the different themes!

GlobeIn Artisan Chef Box Review

Calling all foodies—the Artisan Chef Box is the ideal choice for you! This box comes with four items to brighten up your kitchen with an eclectic touch. 

Sourced from Morocco, the large ceramic serving bowl is intended for big salads. Use it as a centerpiece on the dinner table or as a fruit bowl always on display in your kitchen. It is hand glazed and painted with a warm red and brown pattern, which is complemented by bright blue edging.

The hand carved mortar and pestle is made in India from warm-toned wood. It is typically used to grind down the seasonings for every dish. Be sure to don your tatreez apron from the Palestinian Territories to protect your clothing! It’s available in black (to avoid stains) and decorated with blue and white embroidery.

The rainbow utensil holder is crafted from woven palm leaves in Mexico. It’s perfect for anyone who likes to have lunch on the go. Not only does it organize and store your utensils, it’s also mess free and protective so you’ll never poke your fingers when you blindly feel around your bag!

The box retails for $73 and has a value of $91. Through a subscription, you can receive an extra 33% off!

GlobeIn Artisan Cozy Box Review

If you want all the warm and snuggly vibes when it comes to your home and personal style, the Artisan Cozy Box has exactly what you’re looking for. This box comes with four items to keep anyone feeling cozy inside and outdoors!

Start your winter mornings off right by wrapping yourself in the knitted teal scarf from Thailand. Once you’re back inside, store all your winter accessories in the woven palm leaf basket that has a natural and deep purple houndstooth pattern.

In this box, you’ll also find delicious cocoa powder sourced from Ghana, so all you need to do is mix it with some warm milk and top it off with marshmallows when you come back inside from the snowy weather. The box even comes with the hand painted malika mug from Morocco, with an intricate earthy colored design to sip your hot chocolate from.

This box costs $62 with a value of $74, though subscribers save an extra 33%

GlobeIn Artisan Hydrate Box Review

All the hydration products you could ever need to keep you feeling fresh and refreshed all day come in the Artisan Hydrate Box! With five different products, this box has a lot to offer.

Never suffer from dry and cracked lips again with the Zambeezi organic beeswax lip balm from Zambia. Plus, you can keep your hands, hair, and skin hydrated (and anything else you can think of) with the to-go packets of coconut oil from Thailand. Lastly, remember to keep your unique, dotted hand blown highball drinking glass ‘half full’.

Store all your goodies in the blue handwoven basket from Mexico at home. When you’re out and about, store your items in the tote bag made from recycled materials in Ghana.

This box retails for $62 but the items are worth $71 and subscribers can receive an additional 33% off.

GlobeIn Box Builder Review

Let’s say you’ve browsed all of GlobeIn’s Artisan Boxes but find that you’re craving something that’s even more customized to you or your loved one’s interests. Enter: the Box Builder

Available to the brand’s Premium Subscriber base, GlobeIn’s Box Builder function allows shoppers to create a crate that’s filled with items they’ve chosen specifically for themselves. Cool, right? 

With this in mind, subscribers can choose three handmade treasures from a selection of over 30 of GlobeIn’s most popular products. No matter what, the value of the curated box will fall between $70 to $100 dollars.  

One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re looking to use the Box Builder, be sure to switch your monthly option to ‘customize’. Specifying that you want to use the Box Builder will automatically take up one month of your Premium Subscription plan. 

In essence, you’ll be able to use the Box Builder once a month, the total coming to what an already curated box would cost from the Artisan Fair. Subscribers who hold a Maven Membership get to personalize their hearts away without any extra chargers (unless you select additional items!).

Comparison: GlobeIn vs. Alltrue

GlobeIn Review

The rumours are true, you can have access to all the unique, handmade, artisan products with only the click of a button! To help you consider all your options when it comes to a subscription box catered to your interests, this GlobeIn review will compare our featured brand to Alltrue.

Alltrue, founded in 2014 and originally named Causebox, is known for its quarterly subscription box and seasonal markets. Like GlobeIn, the brand curates the boxes using products sourced from small businesses.

The brands differ in the sense that GlobeIn offers themed monthly boxes, while Alltrue offers quarterly boxes with a selection of items from which you can choose 6–8 products. 

Alltrue boxes are delivered four times a year and cost $50–$55 with over $250 worth of goods. Once you’ve received your box, you can shop the market if you have a particular interest in some items or explore a specific artisan’s store.  

GlobeIn and Alltrue are very committed to sustainable and ethical practices. The two ensure that small creators are able to receive fair wages while reaching a wide number of customers. The idea is to unite people from all over the world and supply unique items that may otherwise remain undiscovered. 

When it comes to shipping and returns, the brands are quite similar. Alltrue offers free shipping for US orders, while Canadian shoppers only have to pay $8 and no duties. Neither brand accepts returns due to the nature of the handmade items and subscription box services.

Both brands are a good choice if you’re interested in receiving sustainably made goods while supporting small businesses and brands. If you’d like to select your products, then Alltrue is your company! If you’d prefer an element of surprise (that’s still true to the theme you’ve chosen) and receive boxes monthly rather than quarterly, GlobeIn is the right call!

GlobeIn Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

GlobeIn Review

At this point in our GlobeIn review, we’re going to take a look at some customer testimonials to help determine if the company remains true to its mission. 

We scoured the internet and found reviews on GlobeIn’s website, Trustpilot, My Subscription Addiction, Influenster, and Better Business Bureau. Before we dive in, let’s take a look at how the brand’s bestsellers are rated by the 100,000+ customers.

  • Artisan Chef Box: 4.6/5 stars out of 262 reviews
  • Artisan Cozy Box: 4.8/5 stars out of 1163 reviews
  • Artisan Hydrate Box: 4.7/5 stars out of 1022 reviews

It’s clear from the high ratings that the products and boxes are well appreciated! This sentiment is only reinforced by the 3.8/5 star rating out of 632 reviews on Trustpilot. One customer leaves a 5/5 star review and writes:

 “I love my experience with GLOBEIN. The products are unique and very well made. I love showing off everything I received. I have several collections of items now. I treasure my ceramics, planters, wood items and elephant items. I also enjoy the online experience with other mavins. I love seeing what others are buying and how they are using items in unique ways. 5 stars without any doubt.”

On My Subscription Addiction, GlobeIn is rated 4.1/5 stars out of 266 reviews. One shopper leaves a 5/5 star rating and is a committed subscriber to the brand:

“I’ve been a subscriber for a year and absolutely love all the boxes I have received so far. My favorites have been Dine Box, Wired box and Slurp Box. The boxes containing ceramics are my favorite because I can find many uses for those items in my home. I love the Olivewood items too and use those every day for cooking. Any time I’ve had an issue with an order their customer service has always gotten it resolved to my liking.”

GlobeIn is rated 3.6/5 stars out of 104 reviews on Influenster. A buyer leaves 5/5 stars because of the value and quality of the items and says, “I absolutely love getting this box!! I look forward every month to choosing my box theme cause I know I will love the products. Everything is handmade and beautiful!!! Well worth the money spent.”

Overall, GlobeIn offers a fun subscription service that allows customers to support small businesses. The quality of the products and services seems to have only gotten better and better. And, shoppers are happy with the new additions to their home.

Is GlobeIn Worth It?

GlobeIn Review

Supporting small, local businesses always ends up having a bigger effect than you might think. With a plethora of sellers who create quality, handmade goods, why not want to shop small when you know the change it makes? GlobeIn puts this ability right at your fingertips since you are only a click away from making a purchase that will do good and make you feel great.

Supported by wonderful testimonials, a mission to unite, and recognition for historically underpaid artisans, the company offers some truly gorgeous products that will make your space feel worldly and connected. For all of these reasons, this GlobeIn review concludes that the online marketplace is worth checking out!

GlobeIn Promotions & Discounts 

GlobeIn Review

While this GlobeIn review couldn’t find any active coupon codes on the brand’s website, we did find out that signing up for their newsletter can grant access to exclusive deals, free giveaways, and offers!

Also, you can sign up for the Maeven Membership for perks and rewards, but we’ll get into that later!

Where to Buy GlobeIn 

GlobeIn Review

Ready to subscribe after reading this GlobeIn review? If you find a brand you love after testing them out through one of your boxes, shop their products through globein.com!


GlobeIn Review

Can I Buy GlobeIn Products Without a Subscription?  

If something from the GlobeIn shop catches your eye, you don’t need a subscription to make a purchase! The idea of the boxes is that you’ll be able to receive a curated collection of items with a discounted price. 

What is the Premium Box Subscription?  

With the Premium Box Subscription, you’ll receive a themed collection of 4–5 items made by artisans. The box also comes with a booklet with the stories of the artisans who made the items in your box, so you can support them further if you love what you received! 

What is the GlobeIn Maven Rewards Program?  

The Maeven Rewards Program allows you to redeem points for money off your purchases! This GlobeIn review uncovered the following specifications: 

  • Every dollar spent equals 1 point
  • After accumulating 100 points, buyers can take $1 off   
  • Buyers can also take $10 off after successfully referring a friend 
  • 100 points are awarded for following the brand 
  • 25 points are awarded per product review  

The Maeven Membership allows you to access some of the brand’s best offers and perks monthly. Interested in signing up? Here’s some of the perks:

  1. Shop the discounted collection of items in the Artisan Fair from the 1st–15th of each month
  2. Join the Facebook community to enter free giveaways
  3. Enjoy first access to collection launches and events
  4. Support small artists and creators 

How Does GlobeIn Benefit Artisans?  

GlobeIn supports vendors by organizing payment in a way that makes production, shipping, and selling easier. Artisans are paid 30% of the cost when GlobeIn places the order to cover the costs of materials. An additional 30% covers shipping costs, and the remaining 40% is paid when GlobeIn receives the goods.

This plan means that artisans can comfortably manufacture their items without worrying about the costs associated with production before they are paid. This also ensures that these craftspeople are receiving fair wages and being recognized on a global scale, reaching thousands of GlobeIn shoppers. 

Is GlobeIn a Member of The Fair Trade Federation? 

GlobeIn is verified by the Fair Trade Federation. This means that the brand’s practices meet all the standards of social, environmental, and economic standards.

What is GlobeIn’s Shipping Policy?

GlobeIn sends items out on the 26th of every month. You’ll receive an email with tracking information once your order is on its way. Delivery times depend on location and an estimate will be calculated at checkout.

If you’re shopping from the Artisan Shop, shipping costs range from $8–$25 depending on location. The following options are only available for shoppers in the US and Canada: 

  • Subscription box shipping fees: $8 for the US and $22 for Canada
  • Artisan Fair purchases: $8 in the US and $10 in Canada

What is GlobeIn’s Return Policy?

GlobeIn does not offer returns or exchanges because all products are handcrafted by small businesses and artisans. When it comes to damaged items, the brand will replace or refund your order as long as you contact them within 30 days.

How to Contact GlobeIn

We hope you enjoyed our GlobeIn review! If you have any further questions for the brand, please contact them by using the contact form on the webpage.

Looking for other brands that are cruelty free and sustainably madae? Then look into Causebox, a brand that features exclusive, hand-crafted products from socially conscious brands.

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