Ruggable Rugs Review

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About Ruggable 

Ruggable Rugs Review

Ruggable rugs are stylish 2-piece rug systems that are light-weight, stain-resistant and also machine-washable – making them ideal for parents and pet owners.

The following Ruggable rugs review will cover key elements of the brand and its products, in order to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Overview of Ruggable 

Ruggable Rugs Review

Ruggable was founded by Jeneva Bell in 2010. She wanted to create a washable and more livable carpet rug and took a variety of approaches before creating and patenting the 2-piece rug system. 

While Ruggables works with certified suppliers in Korea, China, Germany and Mexico, each rug is made-to-order and packaged in Los Angeles or Chicago. 

Ruggable washable rugs are unique to the rug and carpet industry for several reasons:

  • They are comprised of a 2-piece system
  • Ruggable rugs employ cling effect technology
  • They are made using sustainable materials
  • Ruggable covers are machine-washable
  • In 2018, the Ruggable washable rug was the winner of the “Next Big Thing” competition on NBC’s Today Show
  • The company employs a multi-channel marketing approach to selling their rugs

How Ruggable Works 

Using cling effect technology, Ruggable washable rugs employ a patented 2-piece system. The bottom layer is a non-slip pad that grips the floor and acts as anchor for the inter-changeable cover.

The technology keeps the cover securely attached to the pad until you remove it in order to change or wash it. Covers are completely replaceable and come in a wide variety of colors and designs.

Made of 95% recycled polyester, Ruggable covers do not absorb liquid making them both water and stain resistant. They are also hypoallergenic and machine-washable. No Ruggable rugs review would be complete without a thoughtful list of positives and negatives:


  • Ruggable rugs are hypoallergenic and latex-free
  • Ruggable rugs are machine-washable
  • On the Ruggable site, customers are encouraged to post Instagram photos of the rugs in use within their homes
  • Ruggable offers the interest-free Afterpay service to US based customers
  • Plenty of discount codes available online
  • Free shipping for Ruggable products to the US and Canada
  • Each Ruggable rug is made-to-order
  • All items purchased from the Ruggable website can be returned for a full refund (not including return shipping) within 30 days of delivery date


  • Large-sized rugs may not fit in standard-sized washing machines
  • Customer discounts do not apply on Disney or sale items, swatches or gift cards and can’t be combined with other offers
  • Customers must pay for Ruggable samples
  • Ruggable’s free shipping applies to standard shipping only and excludes Hawaii, Alaska and other US territories (other than Washington, DC)

Ruggable Rugs Review 

Ruggable Sizes 

Ruggable Rugs Review

All Ruggable rugs come in 590 unique designs – offering practical, functional and stylish solutions for any living area or work space. They come in 4 sizes:

  • 8×10 – A simple way to personalize any spacious room. The Ruggable 8×10 costs $399
  • 6×9 – Ideal for cozy spaces or as a focal point in a roomy area. The Ruggable 6×9 costs $299
  • 5×7 – Well-suited for medium-sized rooms, the Ruggable 5×7 costs $199
  • 3×5 – A stylish way to spruce up an entryway and/or accent any small space, the Ruggable 3×5 costs $109

Ruggable runners create a polished yet practical transition within a hallway. They are offered in 590 unique designs and come in 2 sizes:

  • 2.5×10 – This particular Ruggable runner costs $189
  • 2.5×7 – The smaller sized Ruggable runner costs $139

Ruggable Colors 

Ruggable Rugs Review

The Ruggable website streamlines the color selection process for customers. While the top drop-down menu offers popular color combinations, the left side bar breaks it down even further by providing the number of Ruggable designs offered in specific colors. 

There are 6 color combinations available including:

  • Blue/Green – From teal to turquoise to navy and emerald, there are 193 distinct Ruggable designs offered in these colors.
  • Black – A chic and sophisticated look for any living and work space, there are 55 Ruggable designs available in black.
  • Gray/Silver – Elegant in cool or warm tones, there are 96 designs in the gray/silver color combo.
  • Naturals – Ruggables offers 37 designs in neutral-toned rugs in a variety of patterns, textures and hues.
  • White & Cream – Rugs in these shades create a more spacious effect and are also safe and easy additions to any room. They come in 35 designs.
  • Multicolor – These vibrant choices make any room pop and are available in 90 designs.

Ruggable Styles 

There are 10 favorite Ruggable rug styles:

  1. Moroccan – Inspired by patterns unique to Morocco (56 designs) 
  2. Modern Tribal – Bold and eye-catching arrangements in Southwestern motifs (47 designs)
  3. Traditional – Classic patterns featuring florals, borders and medallions (69 designs)
  4. Geometric – Modern and visually-interesting (125 designs)
  5. Floral – Complementing all decorating styles from farmhouse to shabby chic to modern (112 designs)
  6. Bohemian – An eclectic take on the modern rug with fun and funky patterns (66 designs) 
  7. Contemporary – Minimalist with clean lines and subtle color (24 designs) 
  8. Persian – Inspired by patterns and colors typically associated with Persian rugs (40 designs) 
  9. Solid and Ombré – From cozy and inviting to daring and eye-catching (26 designs)
  10. Transitional – Combining contemporary with old-world charm (121 designs) 

Ruggable Featured

There are 4 types of Featured style Ruggable rugs:

  1. Best Sellers – These are Ruggable customers’ top picks in area rugs and runners (35 designs) 
  2. New Arrivals – These brand new, trendy additions (55 designs)
  3. Disney – These sometimes bold and sometimes subtle patterns are perfect for the Disney love (27 designs)
  4. Mixed Modern – A unique blend of traditional and newer elements (28 designs)

Ruggable Rugs Review: What Do Customers Think? 

Ruggable Rugs Review

Every Ruggable rugs review featured on their website is positive and rated 5 stars.

When scouring the internet for customer opinions on Ruggable washable rugs, I found plenty of good and bad. I have included a sample for the purpose of this Ruggable rugs review.

On Amazon, the average Ruggable rugs review was mixed with a 44% 5-star rating and 31% 1-star (and several in between). The majority of positive reviews came from parents and pet-owners who lauded the rugs for being durable and easy to wash. The complaints were more varied and included:

  • Replacing the cover after washing was not as simple as advertised
  • The rug was not as soft or colorful as advertised
  • Fraying on the edges occurred after washing

One Amazon customer claimed their Ruggable rug arrived dirty and covered in grease stains.

Ruggable rugs were tested and reviewed by 3 HGTV editors who all rated the products favorably.

Popular blog Oak Abode purchased 2 Ruggable rugs online and after 6 months of use, posted their brutally honest review. In it, they detailed some negative thoughts such as: the iffy delivery date, the amount of time required for the rug to air dry after washing and the curling of the rug’s edges. However, in the end, Oak Abode was satisfied with their purchase. 

Ruggable Washing Instructions

Ruggable Rugs Review

Both Ruggable covers and pads are easy to clean. Rug covers are machine-washable. Products sized 2.5’x7’, 2.5’x10’ and 3’x5’ fit into a 2.2 cubic foot washing machine. Products sized 5’x7’, 6’x9’ and 8’x10’ fit into a 3.8 cubic foot washer.

Follow these simple instructions when cleaning a Ruggable washable rug cover:

  • Wash in cold water setting
  • Use a mild and non-bleach detergent – otherwise the rug may stain
  • Once clean, place in dryer on low heat or hang to air dry
  • Do not use fabric softener as this can result in surface-flattening of the rug

Ruggable washable rug pads can be spot-cleaned by hand using these steps:

  1. Remove all solids from the pad’s surface
  2. Soak up excess liquid with cloth or towel
  3. If required, gently wipe pad’s surface with warm soapy water
  4. Rinse
  5. Hang to air dry

For extra precaution, a natural compound like Borax or EC3 is safe to use on the Ruggable washable rug system – without any worry of compromising the rug’s integrity.

When vacuuming, it is recommended you use low-suction settings and avoid heavy beater brushes or similarly abrasive attachments. Ruggable also states to avoid using autonomous robotic vacuuming systems on a Ruggable rug.

Ruggable Promotions & Discounts

Ruggable Rugs Review

For this Ruggable rugs review, I hunted online for the best deals. By subscribing to the Ruggable website, customers receive a Ruggable coupon code for 10% off their first order and will receive future promotions and offers via email.

Customers receive a Ruggable discount code of 15% off for each friend they refer to Ruggable who makes a purchase. Sign up by going to the top right of the website’s homepage and share the link via email and social media.

Ruggables offers the Afterpay service to US based customers as an incentive. Afterpay allows customers to pay for their orders in 4 equal payments made every 2 weeks without any additional interest. In order to be eligible to use Afterpay, cart value must be between $35-$1000.

Where to Buy Ruggable   

Ruggable Rugs Review


A google search for this Ruggable rugs review showed that Ruggable rugs are available for sale at some retail locations throughout the US and Canada including:

  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Home Depot
  • Kohl’s
  • Lowe’s
  • Pier 1
  • Rona
  • Target
  • Walmart


All Ruggable products are fully available online at their main website. Specific Ruggable items can be found on: Wayfair and As well, select items are available online at retail locations that currently carry Ruggable products.


A large selection of Ruggable washable rugs are available Amazon.


Ruggable Rugs Review

Shipping Policy

Ruggable offers free standard ground shipping to Canada and the US (excluding Hawaii, Alaska and US territories). They do not currently ship internationally.

US deliveries typically take 3-7 business days and Canadian deliveries take 7-14 business days to arrive. These estimates do not include the 1 week it takes for the rug to be made.

Once products are shipped, an email notification with tracking details is sent to the customer.

Ruggable uses Fedex for US deliveries and DHL or Fedex for deliveries to Canada.

Return Policy

Items purchased from the Ruggable website may be returned for a full refund (not including return shipping fees) within 30 days of the delivery date.

In order to receive a refund, Ruggable products must be returned in new condition or no refund will be issued.

To initiate the return process, customers must first email Ruggable staff with the following information:

  1. Order number
  2. Reason for return
  3. A request for shipping label(s)

All returns must be shipped in original or similar packaging. 

Prior to issuing a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from the original sale price.

For details concerning shipping fees, please consult the table below:

SizeCover & PadCover Only

For customers residing in Alaska, Hawaii or Canada, it is their responsibility to provide return shipping labels.

When a returned item arrives at the Ruggable facility, it may take up to 5 business days for it to be processed and for the customer to receive a refund.

It is important to note in this Ruggable rugs review that sample sale items and sample swatches are final sale products and not eligible for return.

For Ruggable products purchased at a retail location, returns must be made at the point of sale.

Ruggable does not currently offer exchanges. For customers wanting a different color, design or size, please email the Customer Care team to initiate a return. Upon refund, the customer may then place a new order.

Contact Ruggable 

For more information or any questions about Ruggable products and services, the Customer Care team can be reached by submitting a request on their main website or by email.

Email: [email protected]


Company hours and phone number are not listed on the Ruggable website.

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Ask the community or leave a comment Ask a Question

Asked by Justin Rousse (2 years ago) Reply

These rugs are cheap and cheap-looking, essentially. They are comparable to throwing a piece of printed cloth on the floor with Velcro underneath. They have no pile whatsoever; they are as flat as a pancake. Consequently, there is no tactile sensation associated with walking across a well-made wool carpet that has softness and texture. I bought three of the rugs. I used two of them in bathrooms, which works well since they absorb water and dry out quickly. The third one I tried for my dining area, and the rug simply did not work out in terms of size or aesthetics. So for living rooms and dining rooms, I would not recommend these carpets. They seem to be work better in bathrooms and in kitchens as runners. I might also add that applying the Velcro to these carpets is a very challenging task if you live alone. I struggled: once you start applying the Velcro, it must be aligned perfectly with the carpet or else crimps in the fabric result. You need to apply pressure to the areas on the carpet as you unroll the Velcro to prevent bunching and crimps. At least two people are required for this task. It took me several hours before I could get the right effect – and even then, it was difficult to get the corners of the Velcro tucked underneath the corner pockets of the material. In summary, these carpets are low-end and poor substitutes for “real” carpets that reflect high craftsmanship and pleasing aesthetics.

Answered by Bill Gian (8 months ago) Reply

I agree with trying to set the rug by yourself. I can’t even get the right effect after several hours I just blew off. And yes they are so cheap looking.

Answered by Lois Berman (4 months ago) Reply

Do not buy, they are defective by the company’s own admission, because they make crunchy noises and their solution, washing doesn’t help.
Ans they are not non slip. They move!

They made me use two boxes to return, when one would have been more than sufficient at a cost of $25 each.

Asked by Stacey (2 years ago) Reply

TERRIBLE RUGS, DO NOT BUY!!! I purchased these rugs, they are horrendous. Cheap made in China crap! Stay away

Answered by Boyzinda (10 months ago) Reply

Thank you for your honest review! Saved me the nightmare.

Answered by Melissa (7 months ago) Reply

I placed an order for my first rug yesterday. I paid with PayPal (thank goodness!!) and then followed up by email to question a minor charge that I believed to be an error.

Today after several emails back and forth with “Kimberly,” I decided to call instead. I spoke with “Abbi” and explained how I was charged incorrectly. She conferred with Kimberly and basically gave me the same canned response. I asked for a supervisor to call me back. I waited an hour with no call back, then sent a reply email to Kimberly requesting my order be cancelled (3:45pm). At 4:27pm, I received a shipping notification email. Surprise, surprise, none of my emails are being responded to now.

I’ve called PayPal, so hopefully they’ll be able to assist. Now I just wait…

Answered by Kim c (7 months ago) Reply

I love my ruggables. I had no problem with my putschase. I bought 5. Two small mats. A runner. A 5×7 and 8×10. They have beautiful design. They do not replace my $$$$ Turkish carpet but it’s perfect for our family room, and entrance where the dogs lounge and we hang out all the time. Had to wash The 8 x10 ‘. Thought here is the test. Well it passed with flying colours. No problem in my LG front load. Washed up beautifully. Super soft Dried in 2 turns in the drier. Was way easier to reset on the stick Mat than the first time. I had it perfectly placed within less than 10 minutes. I had zero problems with this company and love the look for the money. Two thumbs up.

Asked by Rita (1 year ago) Reply

I am glad that I have the opportunity to tell my story with Ruggable rugs some where! I bought 4 of them about 2 years ago, not using any of them now. They cut the mats them hold two together but don’t cut them long enough so the rugs curl up when they get continuously walked on.I called at least 3 times, just asking them to send a new longer pad but them wanted to charge me ! they may have attractive patterns but I give them, their customer service and product an “0” rating.

Asked by Jo (1 year ago) Reply

BEWARE!!! This is a company that will expect you to shell out more of your money for their sketchy and questionable business practices. @ruggable They misrepresented a rug purchased weeks ago, just recently arrived, and then expect you to pay for return shipping in order for you to get your money back. DISGUSTING, just a DIGUSTING company to deal with from start to finish. It’s not that I changed my mind because the rug came to our door pristine… it simply was not the product for which I paid. I would go as far as calling a bait and switch for the @cynthiarowley Jamela Jade Rug. It is showcased as a beautiful and classy rug on the site and on IG, but did not arrive to our door as shown. It’s not even for the $214.53 taken out of my account now, but for the canned responses and the lack of accountability… JUST GROSS

I was offered a 25% discount after I brought all of this to their attention. I was not looking for a discount. I wanted a product that was a true representation of what was online. But the rug came discoloured and with less than neatly finished corners. I simply asked for a full refund without any additional costs to me. Simple. But they will not budge. They would rather have this fight and lose unaccountable business because they insist I pay for return shipping. Okay. Send me something that is not accurately showcased on all your social media and expect me to pay more to simply get my money back. Makes sense to me!

Now they have blocked me off their main IG page. Really? Okay…

Not my words but those of a random customer that’s thrilled with this company. Note: this page may compensate ‘happy customers’ to somehow sing the virtues of a company that has none. “The website doesn’t let me review!!!!!!!! All the reviews on the website are clearly fake, there is zero place for me to review / zero email asking. I am returning it, and I am really scared they’re going to charge me for things because the email says “they inspect it heavily”. I am really disappointed in the company :overall return policy, customer service, and bait and switch marketing.”

I would really do my homework with this company. It is all good and well when you’re happy with your purchase, but if you get something for which you didn’t pay, and not in a good way, there is no accountability. If posts are hashtagged with #ruggablepartner you can be sure that such partners are compensated in some way to sing the virtues of a company that has none. But you may have a different experience with them. Good luck!

Answered by annie holcombe (9 months ago) Reply

Uuugggg! Their customer service is the absolute worst. Honestly I have never experienced such a nightmare before. What is truly frustrating is that they advertise as a US west coast based company. So being able to talk to a real person should be easy peasy. Nope! To the point I am convinced the company is a scam.

Answered by Niecy hur (8 months ago) Reply

I wouldn’t return. Sell it on eBay or on a local Facebook page.
Thanks for your honest review; I was considering but not now!

Answered by Tresa S (4 months ago) Reply

Thank you for taking the time to give your experience with Ruggable. I have been going back and forth for the past month debating whether to purchase a couple of 9′ x 12′ rugs from them. Today was the day I was going to pull the trigger but something told me to look one more time for possible feedback from other buyers and I came across yours and others. You saved me from heartache.

Asked by Ric (1 year ago) Reply

We purchased a ruggable because we have a new puppy. New puppy = accidents, makes sense to get a washable rug. It was great for the first few washes then it shrank… We didn’t dry it on low heat, we air dried it. We felt dumb that we couldn’t get it to line up with the pad… we tried for a while. So I laid the cover and the pad side by side and measured. Sure enough, the cover shrunk to about 1/8 smaller than the pad. The rug is supposed to be 1/2 inch longer in all directions!

I messaged them on FB Messenger (after receiving no response from the website) and told them what happened and sent detailed pictures.

They said they would replace the cover at no charge citing it must be a defective cover. I must admit, thats good service. Hopefully we will have a better experience with the new one.

Overall – this is not a “rug” but it is pretty cool. It doesn’t necessarily look cheap, just different. We like it and for the price and convenience of being able to wash it, it’s worth the cost.

Asked by Georgia (1 year ago) Reply

Very pretty patterns. Washes well.
Replacing on the pad is a nightmare. No matter how I tried to follow instruction video it was impossible for it to unroll straight On the pad and working out the wrinkles Once placed on the Velcro like pad is a joke. Took me working to exhaustion and never did get it right.

Answered by Georgia (1 year ago) Reply

What does reply awaiting moderation mean?

Asked by Mark DePew (1 year ago) Reply

Run they never respond to return requests after multiple follow ups after using the website. The rug was not the color shown in the photos it was a much darker blue that did not fit the room.

Answered by Nancy Emerick (10 months ago) Reply

Same has happened to me. I have been emailing their support for over a week with no response. When I try to return/exchange on their website it does not work. I have a rug I do not want and no way to return it. Their site now says they will exchange also. But, as I said, it does not work.

Asked by Capri (12 months ago) Reply

Unfortunately, these rugs are not USA sourced and made. This absolutely matters!!! How do you think we make money to spend money if not in the USA by the USA? I am always amazed that some persons think that no one in the USA needs an income.

Asked by Lesley (12 months ago) Reply

An absolute nightmare to get laid flat on the velcro pad. The pad is wrinkled and no matter what my husband and I do to our 8×10 rug, it sounds like we are walking on bubble wrap. The carpets are also extremely thin and have no padding. Unbelievable I cannot leave a review on their site.

Asked by Ashley (12 months ago) Reply

I received two rugs and an extra pad that I ordered thinking I needed to order a pad separately. When I realized this was not intended to be used on carpeting, (I had them for two days) I emailed Jazmine at ruggables and she advised me to return them. I agreed to pay shipping fees, and my husband packaged and shipped them back on the 24th of November. This is now December 15th, I’ve sent them three emails requesting a response — NOTHING! If they don’t agree that they are clean for some reason, (two were still in the original packaging) then they should offer to return them to me. This is pathetic, terrible customer service and I will continue to complain and write further reviews until I receive a RESPONSE from them. This is not how American companies do business, DON”T buy these, you’ll be sorry.

Asked by Liz (11 months ago) Reply

I really wish I had seen this site before buying one. The rave reviews on the ruggable site are really misleading. Terrible product.

Asked by Becky Stauffer (11 months ago) Reply

Just a question as to how to stop my runner from walking. I have turned the other way and now walks in that direction. Any ideas? I like the rug but do not like putting it back into place multiple times a day.

Asked by Judy K. (11 months ago) Reply

They are difficult to deal with. Overcharged me and now won’t respond, even to BBB complaint. Suggest you avoid them.

Thank You Community
Asked by Boyzinda (10 months ago) Reply

I ordered an 8×10 Ruggable rug as I read the glowing comments on their website. Then, I landed on a real review page and quickly cancelled my order! Thank you all for your honest reviews and for saving peeps like me the nightmare. I’ll stick with Joanna Gaines and NuLoom.

Answered by Tom (10 months ago) Reply

Such a great look and idea…for the money though ( not cheap, compared to a traditional area rug) it sounds the they fell way short on delivering a solid product….that is to a pet owner with animals that love a new scatter rug or hallway runner this seemed like a perfect solution…i guess i saved some money and aggravation. Thank you. .

Still waiting for my third rug. HORRIBLE business practices.
Asked by Bernie Nelson (9 months ago) Reply

I purchased several of these rugs and the last ones I received which were 2.5 x 10 I ordered three only got one. Emailed them three times. They were supposed to do a call back. They make themselves unavailable. HORRIBLE customer service. I am ready to go to the Better Business Bureau about the business practices. You have to kiss there butt to get anywhere. Who wants a company that you can’t talk to.They won’t be in business long doing that. SAD.

Not at all like the photos on the website!
Asked by Adele (8 months ago) Reply

All the rug photos on the website show very even edges all around the rug when it is placed on the grip pad. The video shows almost perfect lineup of rug with grip pad. There is no gap visible where the grip pad ends. In real life my rug is at least 1-1/2 inches longer on both ends than the grip pad. It looks cheap and cheesy….like the pad was cut too short for the rug. And in reality it is too short for the rug. The pattern is nice, Yellow Chrysanthemum 3×5 but not as bright as pictured. Overall, for $109 it looks like I purchased it at Dollar General. I will keep it as I don’t want the hassle of returning it and I like the washable feature as I have it in my kitchen. I had been considering ordering other rugs for bathroom and living room but have definitely changed my mind after receiving this one. Not happy with it.

Wrong rug sent to me by Ruggable
Asked by Virginia Oliver (6 months ago) Reply

I received a rug that doesn’t look like what I ordered. I have emailed support @ruggable for weeks with no response to return it. Looks like I’m stuck with a rug I don’t want.

Was going to order
Asked by Tap Hall (6 months ago) Reply

Thank you all for your reviews. I had intended to order three for my doors and kitchen. The thought of being able to wash the rugs was the reason I wanted to buy these. However, customer service is key to any business. I feel like so many businesses now have terrible customer service or only show appreciation for new customers and not loyal customers. I will not be buying these. I will be ordering from FLOR.

Horrible Customer Service.
Asked by Michelle (5 months ago) Reply

I purchased a Ruggable rug about 9 months ago and was really happy with the purchase so I bought a second one for our dinette. After ONLY 2 weeks of use the seam around the edge started unraveling. The seam is very loose all the way around and is obviously defective manufacturing. I contacted Ruggable with photos etc. as required under their 1-year warranty (I mean it’s only been 2 weeks!) and they refuse to work with me and send a replacement as the policy says. All they will offer is a 25% refund. This is not acceptable and I am now working with my credit card company to dispute. They do not stand behind their products and do not honor their posted warranty. Horrible customer service. Beware and do not waste your money!

Answered by Patricia (5 months ago) Reply

Omg! Mine started to do that after one day. Im about to cry due to the fact that I put this money into the rug and was so excited to now being so frustrated with the product.

I am disappointed.
Asked by Patricia (5 months ago) Reply

I bought the black buffalo runner.(Nothing like the picture) Its like a dark green so doesn’t go with my decor. Also literally first day and the corner is coming unraveled. For the price, they are cheap made. The only thing I like is the padded mat due to baking or cooking in my kitchen. But by the end of the day I have moved it like 10 times to the place I want it to be. So…I am still looking for quality rugs for the rest of my home.

Thoroughly enjoyed my ruggables!
Asked by Kathryn (5 months ago) Reply

I’m perhaps in the minority on these comments, but I’ve had absolutely no difficulty with either customer service or the quality of the rug. You have to remember that it’s a machine washable rug. Of course it’s going to be thin. You’d never get a pile rug in a washing machine, let alone try to dry it. The pad gave me fits the first time out, but when i roll the rug evenly and tightly in preparation for replacing, and then roll in back onto the pad after washing, working slowly—-it does great. Patience is indeed a virtue! My experience has been the polar opposite of many other respondants. Just remember why you were interested in the first place: less trip hazard, machine washable, lovely colors and patterns, plus a host of sizes. Set your expectations accordingly.

Ruggable Shipping
Asked by Kathy (3 months ago) Reply

No longer free shipping to Canada. The exchange on the dollar, coupled with shipping costs and duties make these carpets/rugs very expensive.

Answered by Alicia (2 months ago) Reply

May I ask how much you paid for duties? I have been considering purchasing four rugs but can’t find any info about how much it costs for duties when you ship them to Canada. Also, have you had any issues with the rugs personally? Would you recommend them otherwise if not for the price/cost to ship to Canada? Thanks 🙂

Quality Is Not There
Asked by Kris Koehnen (3 months ago) Reply

I ordered 4 rugs using a discount from a friend. Shame on me for not ordering only one to see if I liked them. Although their patterns are great, on one the color was different from what was depicted on their website. The quality is not very good either. Their $25 return policy shows me that they need something to fall back on because their products are not very well made. And it’s a ridiculous policy – I will never shop at a store that has that kind of penalty for a return. Buyer beware!

Not as pictured online
Asked by Laura (2 months ago) Reply

I would not recommend buying these rugs. As others have noted, these are no pile / extremely low pile printed fabric sheets on top of a Velcro pad. Not really a rug. More like a floor mat. Importantly, the rugs I ordered looked completely different online. I bought a black “lava rock” rug that showed up as white, light grey, and brown. Not remotely black. I bought a “greyscale” rug that showed up white and green, like a dollar bill, but with a dark grey border. Ugly and cheap looking – nothing like the picture online at all.

On top of that, there are major shipping delays that may be beyond the company’s control. One item I ordered was lost – twice – and still hasn’t arrived more than a month later. I’ve requested a refund at this point in light of the poor quality of the other rugs.

Binding began to fray within weeks
Asked by Nancy (2 months ago) Reply

It is a great concept, but poorly executed. I put my ruggable rug in a spot that gets almost no traffic and yet after one wash, the binding began unraveling. Tried fixing it myself but when that did not stop it coming apart I contacted their customer service and they offered me a 15% discount on my next rug. Do not buy Ruggable rugs!

Asked by Victoria (1 month ago) Reply

Just received my Runner for along my back sliding door, mostly for the animals, so far love, everything is just as advertised, seems like the reviews are all people expecting a carpet type rug, if that’s what you want then go buy it, these are meant to be an alternative floor covering that is way easier to keep clean, and pet friendly for sure, that is my opinion on the subject, people should READ before they buy!

Worst web experience EVER, expect rugs to be the same
Asked by ken teslia (1 month ago) Reply

For an online merchant I find that the user interface is probably the worst ever (SERIOUSLY). Not able to click on items already in basket to view again, need a copy and paste, click on logo in a email to get redirected to website does nothing, try to log in to your account to try and track your order is impossible, ask for assistance from customer service and nothing happens ( I could go on but you get the idea)… I have not even received my rugs yet BUT I will NEVER order from these jokers again. I am now fully expecting a poor user experience with their products as well… AVOID these JOKERS its just not worth the non stop aggravation.

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