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About EasyClosets

EasyClosets Review

Designed for fashion enthusiasts, EasyClosets provides an easy way for customers to manage clothing storage. This online service offers organizational tools that are completely customizable. Ultimately, they are one step ahead of your local Ikea. 

So far, EasyClosets has gained somewhat of a significant reputation online. With an audience of over 54k on Facebook, this unique company has caught the attention of a few media outlets—including House Beautiful magazine, Oregon Live, and Yahoo Finance. 

Is it time to uninstall those dust-ridden wardrobe shelves? If so, perhaps there’s a better way to make room for your ever-growing collection. Keep reading, as this EasyClosets review will take an in-depth look at the brand, its services, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth a shot. 

Overview of EasyClosets  

EasyClosets Review

I swear; clothing organization should be a sport of its own. Fashion enthusiasts are skilled when it comes to cramming and folding an ever-growing collection. While most of us simply settle for more hangers, others usually opt for the habit of putting our garments on the bed as soon as we wake up. Worst of all, we use the good ol’ office chair as an extra storage unit. 

But what if I told you there’s a better way to store your Balenciagas? Instead of hopping over to your local Ikea, EasyClosets provides trendsetters a customizable way to re-organize their clothing piles. 

Founded by Billy Burke in Holland, Michigan, this online service can help you create the wardrobe of your dreams. Ethical shoppers will also be happy to know that they’re committed to environmental responsibility, as the brand meets all the standards put forth by the Californian Air Resources Board. 

Before we get into this EasyClosets review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons: 


  • Offers customers a customizable way of building their own wardrobes 
  • EasyClosets provides a free design service 
  • Has a inspiration guide for clients to use 
  • Has a lifetime guarantee for all of its products 
  • Free shipping on orders $400 or more 


  • Doesn’t offer international shipping 
  • Limited customer reviews 
  • Requires a bit more work compared to purchasing a pre-built closet 
EasyClosets Review

Furniture shopping can be a hassle. From flipping through catalogs to hours spent at your local department store, there must be a ‘couch potato version’ to this adult chore. Thankfully, there’s a service out there that aims to make the process as simple as possible. 

EasyClosets provides homeowners two different ways of styling their wardrobes: using their free design tool or requesting a professional consultation online. 

If you’re aren’t sure of where to start, don’t sweat it. This EasyClosets review will provide a rundown of the brand’s options for customers to follow. 

EasyClosets Review 

EasyClosets Review

Don’t worry; there’s no rocket science involved. EasyClosets makes the renovation process convenient, straightforward, and painless for novice remodelers. As we mentioned before, there are two ways to approach their service: opt to design your wardrobe on your own terms or request the help of a professional to make things a bit easier. There’s a lot of flexibility involved in each option. 

In addition, we’ll also go over the installation process and cover any accessories you may need for completion. Get your tool belts (and kits) ready and start summoning your inner Paige Davis; this EasyClosets review will guide readers through each step in a clear and concise manner. 

EasyClosets: The Process

EasyClosets Review

When it comes to the standard wardrobe, we’re usually stuck with 10 to 20 options that just fall short of our vision. Ultimately, there’s not a lot of personalization involved. At EasyClosets, homeowners are given the freedom to remodel the storage space of their dreams. Yes, that’s right—that Instagram-inspo pic or Pinterest pin is now within reach. 

For those who know what they want, this EasyClosets review recommends opting in using their complimentary design tool. This option lets customers have free range of picking different accents, shelving units, and other attributes to include in their wardrobe. It starts by asking a few trivial questions, including: 

  • What area do you want to reorganize? (ranges from closet, pantry, laundry, more spaces, and garage)
  • What shape is your closet (reach-in or walk-in)

Once you’ve narrowed down your vision, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty in terms of measurements. For those who have the basic shape of their wardrobe but don’t have the dimensions—don’t sweat it. Clients can easily skip to the next step and input their data when possible. 

In the final moments of completion, customers can style the wardrobe of their dreams. This last step brings clients to the final design tool, which is a program that lets users pick wall colors, front molds, hardware options, shelves, mounting types, and more. 

Members can also view their Easy Closets in 3D or in an obstructive perspective. Honestly, if you ever played the Sims, you’ve got this service down to a science. 

Now, let’s talk about the second option. For those who’d rather keep their hands free from the design process, it’s recommended that they opt for a professional consultation instead. This option leads to a quick online form, which asks for your contact info, as well as the vision/dimensions of your dream closet. 

It’s worth noting that this process requires a bit of back-and-forth communication. Once you’ve submitted your form, a professional will reach out to you via email. From there, customers can give their inputs and requests in order to make the final product. 

Best of all, both options are free of charge. Consultations and the brand’s design program just give the customer a general idea of what they want in their wardrobe. Quotes will come later once you’ve ordered your design. 

EasyClosets Installation Review

EasyClosets Review

There’s no need for an engineering degree here. All EasyClosets are relatively simple to construct. Customers can download their instructions right from their website, and they’re also encouraged to give the brand’s team of representatives a call when needed. 

In addition, the brand also provides an EasyClosets Installation FAQ filled with common questions. 

For a quick overview, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to build your wardrobe. It’s worth noting that these guidelines are provided by the company itself. 

  1. Demolish your old wardrobe and mark the wall 8.25” below the top shelf height 
  2. Cut the rail and attach it to the wall 
  3. Hang the vertical panels from the rail according to your design 
  4. Attach cam crews to panels and connect the cam shelves and lock cams 
  5. Attach the shelf pins and install shelves 
  6. Install drawer slides
  7. Install drawer front and drawers 
  8. Install closet rods
  9. Cut and install rail cover 

If you’re a visual learner, the brand also provides a few instructional videos for each step. In terms of tools and accessories, EasyCloset recommends having a level, stud finder, tape measure, cordless drill, Phillips screwdriver, and a hacksaw on hand. You should also know that each shelving unit is pre-cut and drilled for added convenience. 

EasyClosets Accessories Review

Consider this segment as the ‘cherry on top’ in completing your dream closet. We’ll feature a few accessories provided on the brand’s website, which can range from belt racks to jewelry trays. Let’s dive in. 

EasyClosets Belt Rack Review

Don’t just settle for the fruit roll-up option when it comes to storing your belts. There’s a better way to tuck those accessories in without compromising their quality. The Belt Rack from EasyClosets provides trendsetters a hassle-free solution that’s space-friendly.

Offered in oil-rubbed bronze, nickel, and chrome, this wall mount can be attached to any height in any closet. Trendsetters can store up to 12 belts, as there are 6 hooks offered on this unit. 

Also ideal for scarves or small purses, the Belt Rack retails for $77

EasyClosets Clear Acrylic Hosiery Divider Review

If you’re anything like me, you’re guilty of ‘underwear clutter.’ Filled to the brim of unorganized intimates, I usually have to do the stuff-in-slide method in order to prevent spillage. 

Fortunately, the Clear Acrylic Hosiery Divider offers a cleaner way of restructuring those skivvies. Transparent in design, this storage unit is designed to fit perfectly within your existing drawer. 

It’s partitioned into 9 sections, which should be more than enough to store your underwear, bras, and socks. Currently, the Clear Acrylic Hosiery Divider sells for $87

EasyClosets Jewelry Tray Review

Guys, I have to come clean. I’m super guilty of tossing my jewelry in the same box. As punishment, my accessories fuse together into a nightmarish knot that I have to entangle. For those on the same boat, the Jewelry Tray by EasyClosets can help prevent twists and turns from forming within your collection. 

Built with plush, black cushioning, this closet compartment keeps your jewelry damage-free. It also comes with 9 partitions for further reorganization, which is ideal in separating those earrings from long necklaces.

Brace yourself, as the Jewelry Tray costs a staggering $93 in total. 

Who Is EasyClosets For? 

EasyClosets Review

EasyClosets are for those who dream of having the perfect wardrobe but are not fond of the traditional catalog of options. This online service provides the ideal balance of professional help and personalization, as clients can create their own designs within a certain parameter. 

Ultimately, this company catered to those true-spirit DIY-ers, who have the general construction skills, but aren’t fully educated in the remodeling business. 

Comparison: EasyClosets vs. California Closets

EasyClosets Review

With a service as unique as this, you’d expect EasyClosets to be one of a kind. But no, other competitors—such as California Closets, are also looking to bank on the DIY remodeling industry. 

With that in mind, how does our brand compare in terms of personalization and product features? Stay tuned, as we’ll provide a few salient points for each company. 


  • Known to offer wardrobe personalization directly online (no known founding date)
  • Caters to DIY-ers and aspiring remodelers 
  • Offers storage units such as pantries, closets, laundry spaces, garage divisions, and accessories 
  • No given price range (depends on the design in question) 
  • Practices some environmental responsibility, including CARB 93120 Phase 2 compliant panels and recycled shelving units 
  • Free shipping on orders $400 with a 30-day return policy 

California Closets:

  • Also known for its personalized wardrobe programs (as designed by Martha Stewart)
  • Has been around since 1978 
  • Caters to novice remodelers and DIY-ers
  • Builds custom spaces for bedrooms, garages, offices, living areas, and more 
  • Prices depend on the final design (quotes will be provided at the end of consultation)
  • CARB compliant and uses eco-friendly material in its storage units 
  • Limited-time free shipping with no return policy 

In conclusion, both of these brands differ when it comes to product variety. For those looking to remodel their wardrobes only, we recommend EasyClosets as a more straightforward option. On the other hand, California Closets offers a bit more room for customers who wish to be given more opportunities in terms of storage spaces. 

EasyClosets: What Do Customers Think?

EasyClosets Review

Unfortunately, there’s not much buzz surrounding this online service. As a result, we may not be able to paint an accurate depiction of the brand as a whole. While no comments are posted on the company’s official page, this EasyClosets review found a few lingering testimonials on other websites:

  • Facebook: 221 votes with 4.2/5 stars 
  • Yelp for their New Jersey location: 81 reviews with 4/5 stars 
  • Sitejabber: 20 reviews with 3/5 stars 

So far, it seems that EasyClosets is definitely underrated when it comes to personalized wardrobe services. Clients are raving about the company’s level of customer service, as they proved to be helpful and responsive in solving their queries. Others found their closets to be attractive and useful in storage. 

I have been telling everyone about EasyClosets! I went from having an ugly and non functional pantry, to a beautiful and organized one! From start to finish, it was such an easy and seamless process,” one customer wrote on Facebook. 

“This company delivers!  High quality closet solutions with customized features. Patricia was very knowledgeable. She assisted with design, made the process of ordering stress-free, and even followed up after delivery,” one Yelp reviewer wrote. 

Some independent blogs, such as Home Construction & Improvement, also wrote an encouraging review of this brand. The author was quick to mention the quality of their materials, as they seemed to be sturdy and well-made

“I’d definitely recommend their products to anyone looking for custom closet products. Furthermore, I would buy this stuff again in a heartbeat. Lately I’ve had some bad experiences with online companies and it’s finally nice to have a fantastic experience so hence the post,” writes Home Construction & Improvement. 

Is EasyClosets Worth It?

EasyClosets Review

It’s convenient, widely accessible, and straightforward to use. Honestly, I can’t say the same about traditional furniture shopping, as most of the time I’m stuck flipping through catalogs that only fulfill half my vision. 

At EasyClosets, clients are free to personalize their storage units from head to toe. From color splashes to wall mounts, the options are limitless when it comes to designing your own free space. Basically, it saves you the pain of ‘settling for less.’

Of course, the brand is far from affordable—but hey, whoever said that dreams were cost-effective? For those looking for a hassle-free solution in attaining their fantasy wardrobe, this EasyClosets review recommends bookmarking this service for later. 

EasyClosets Promotions & Discounts 

EasyClosets Review

This EasyClosets review found out that customers can request a free sample of their wood panels. Aside from this, we’ve uncovered no promotions or discounts offered on their website at this time. That being said, we recommend keeping tabs on the brand’s social media for any future updates. 

Where to Buy EasyClosets 

EasyClosets Review

Need some extra room for your clothes? Customers can personalize their wardrobes exclusively by visiting easyclosets.com


EasyClosets Review

Where is EasyClosets Based?  

EasyClosets is based in Holland, Michigan. 

Do EasyClosets Systems Stand on the Floor or Hang on the Wall?  

Most EasyCloset systems require a blank wall as a canvas. If you have any doubts, it’s best to consult an expert to see if any adjustments can be made. 

How Much Does an Average Closet Cost?  

This ultimately depends on the closet in question. Prices will differ in terms of customization and the level of detail attributed to each design. Generally speaking, some EasyClosets can cost upwards of about $400

What Skills and Tools are Necessary for Installing EasyClosets? 

There’s no need to call the Property Brothers. In terms of installation, customers will generally only need a tape measure, hacksaw, level, drill, and screwdriver in order to complete the job. 

Do EasyClosets Come with Warranties?

Yep! All EasyClosets come with a lifetime warranty. We suggest taking a look at their product guarantee on their website for further specifics. 

What is EasyClosets’ Shipping Policy?

This EasyClosets review is happy to report that they offer free shipping on orders that total $400 or more. Anything below this amount is charged a fee ranging from $20 to $80

Since all packages require freight delivery, customers will need to book an appointment with their courier to settle a date and time. 

To help keep tabs on your order, the brand will issue a tracking number within a confirmation email. Unfortunately, EasyClosets does not offer international shipping at this time. 

What is EasyClosets’ Return Policy?

EasyClosets offers a 30-day window for customers to send back their products. Unfortunately, the brand does not provide a free shipping label for buyers to use. 

It’s worth noting that you will also need to pay a 15% restocking fee as part of your refund. To initiate the return process, customers must contact the brand for further instructions. 

How to Contact EasyClosets

For inquiries unrelated to this EasyClosets review, you can contact the company through:

  • Phone number: 1-800-910-0129
  • Filling out the request form online 
  • Using the chat function on their website

Looking for more ways to organize and store your household goods? Then check out Open Spaces, a brand that helps to make organizing your life a little more enjoyable with their minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions.

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