Tilit Aprons Review

About Tilit

Tilit Aprons Review

Tilit creates functional and detailed modern chef apparel. The brand has been celebrated in the media, with The New York Times, Vogue, Fast Company, Esquire, WWD, Forbes, CNBC, Food & Wine, and many other publications featuring a Tilit aprons review.

Combining essential features like armpit vents, lightweight fabric, new-age color choices, and eye-catching details, their chef coats, aprons, and other garments are a smart and attractive choice for professional chefs and aspiring bakers alike. 

The brand has a solid following of 34k on Instagram and 36k on Facebook. This Tilit aprons review will take a good look at their best-selling items, customer reviews, discounts, and more to help you decide if their chef’s apparel is the right choice for you.

Overview of Tilit

Tilit Aprons Review

Tilit was founded in 2012 by chef-turned-designer Alex McCrery and front-of-house-turned-COO Jenny Goodman. They launched the brand with just 4 designs: 2 aprons, 1 pair of pants, and a chef’s shirt. 

Their manufacturing plan aimed to have all of their apparel made in New York City’s garment district by people who made diverse, creative items, and not just uniforms meant for the masses. 

Tilit aprons have been able to feature thoughtful details that make a huge difference in appearance and mean a lot to some chefs. 

Tilit’s team includes cooks, servers, and industry people who have experience in the field and know what people want in their designs. Today, Tilit NYC has expanded their line of products for chefs and make custom uniforms for spas, hotels, and more. 

Feel free to check out the Tilit Opening Soon podcast to get to know Alex and Jenny better. 

Before we really get into this Tilit aprons review,  here are some of the brand’s pros and cons:


  • Offers a variety of chef’s apparel, including tops, bottoms, aprons, and backpacks
  • Made in the NYC garment district
  • The apparel is classic but has a modern twist with cool, functional features
  • The brand has a line of recycled hemp products 
  • Afterpay can help you pay in affordable installments
  • Customers love the fit and feel of their apparel
  • Sale section with items up to 50% off and bulk discounts on orders of over 12 items
  • Free returns and exchanges and a 30-day exchange/return policy


  • Pricier than other options 
  • Some customers wish their apparel came in a larger size range

The brand’s apparel and accessories were designed with the modern chef in mind. This Tilit aprons review will feature the brand’s customer favorites when it comes to aprons, classic yet creative chef coats, attractive chef pants, and essential chef backpacks. 

Afterpay is available for all Tilit merchandise, allowing you to make 4 interest-free payments when purchasing an item. 

Tilit Chef Aprons Review

Tilit Chef Aprons include designs for many types of restaurant workers. Whether you need less, more, or only partial coverage, the brand’s styles aim to please. They also feature thoughtful details like snap-on classy leather clasps and wide pockets to store your essentials. 

Let’s dive right into their amazing aprons, featured in modern neutrals, classic hues, and bright popping colors for men, women, and kids.

Tilit Contra Chef Aprons Review 

Contra Chef Aprons are made of lightweight waxed cotton and come in 3 different colors. Choose whatever suits the theme of your restaurant, cafe, or personal style.

This Tilit aprons review adores the French Blue option for its bright and chirpy tones, adding vibrancy to any kitchen. 

The Contra Chef Aprons have 100% cotton adjustable neck straps because they know we are all built differently. Front pockets also make a splash for added function and style. 

Measuring 35 inches long, this apron has a handmade leather clasp on the shoulder for easy storage and easily snaps on and off for washing. The thoughtful and attractive Contra Chef Aprons are $89. 

Tilit Luxe Chef Aprons Review 

Who says you can’t be fashionable in the kitchen? The Luxe Chef Aprons come in 3 gorgeous colors: navy canvas, oxide, and slate. This apron gives full coverage, measuring 39 inches in length, and is longer than the Contra Chef Apron.

Made from American-milled canvas, this chef’s apparel has a leather neck strap that provides a look of sophistication and is an eye-catching detail that will not go unnoticed. Available in one size only, the Luxe Chef Apron is $97.

Tilit Bistro Apron Review

The Bistro Apron is a professional choice for servers in a high-class setting or back-of-house staff who dislike apron strings around their neck. 

Providing coverage from the waist down to the mid-calf, this Tilit chef’s apron gives off a fancier vibe than the shorter ones and is an essential choice for ensuring your uniform stays fresh. 

Available in 5 colors, the Bistro Apron features two hip patch pockets to store your notepad or pens and has 100% cotton 37-inch waist straps for comfort and style. 

Measuring about 25 inches in length, this apron keeps staff protected and classy, all for only $55.

Tilit Kids Aprons Review 

Encourage your child’s passion for food. Whether they require an apron to wear to cooking class on Saturday, or you just want to keep their clothes clean when baking on Sundays, the Kids Aprons provide classic coverage without being cumbersome. 

Tilit has two size options available, one for ages 2-6, and the other for ages 7-12. They come in 3 colors, but this Tilit aprons review loves the adventurous bright green color because it practically inspires creativity in the kitchen. 

Made from recycled hemp and organic cotton, this apron is crafted in the USA and matches their adult line. Get your kid cooking in the Kids Aprons for $40.

Tilit Chef Coats Review

Tilit chef coats, pants, and accessories include functional features for the modern cook. Available in classic and more nuanced colors, their cooking-savvy apparel helps you present a professional appearance while keeping cool, calm, and collected in the kitchen.

Next up in this Tilit apron review, essential coats, pants, and backpacks abound.

Tilit Women’s Chef Coat Review 

This professional and crisp Women’s Chef Coat is a lightweight and fresh breath of air for those who work in unnaturally hot kitchens. 

These Tilit jackets are double-breasted for a classic look, but incorporate modern features like a front pocket at the hem, an arm pocket, and a soft chambray inner collar – because feeling neck irritation while we’re hot is enough to cause anyone to lose their cool.

The Women’s Chef Coat has side panels made from performance fabric, as well as a split longer back that allows for more movement, rotation, and reaching. This smart and functional coat is $55.

Tilit Chef Shirt Review

The Chef Shirt blends innovative details with the comfort of your favorite shirt. Comfortable and trendy, this shirt is still professional-looking and perfect for active, long days in the kitchen. It’s so stylish and casual that you could even wear it outside or to a bar. 

Including details like a breast pocket that can hold a small notebook, your phone, or other kitchen essentials, this shirt helps you to stay organized and on top of things.

Armpit vents, a longer back, and a chambray collar all serve the purpose of keeping you comfortable, cool and focused. This casual yet professional shirt is $80.

Tilit French Kitchen Workshirt Review 

Like a fresh, button-down, short-sleeve shirt, the French Kitchen Workshirt is simple and effective. 

Incorporating smart elements like armpit vents and a flap button pocket with a hidden sharpie slot, this shirt is designed to keep you cool in the kitchen, while making the things you need accessible, yet tucked out of the way. 

Available in white French twill and gray chambray, the French Kitchen Workshirt is modern and functional and looks casual enough to be worn on the street, but professional enough to meet kitchen standards. 

Stay comfortable while you work for a cool $80.

Tilit Flex Chef Pants Review 

The Flex Chef Pants have the look of expensive chinos, and this Tilit aprons review believes you could certainly get away with wearing them outside of the kitchen. 

Looks aside, the pants are designed for in-kitchen use and include dual utility pockets, a key loop, and crotch vents for those ultra-hot days in the kitchen when you feel like you need a second pair of pants. 

Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, these pants stretch and do not confine the movement you need to do to get your job done, like lifting boxes and rushing from station to station.

These lightweight and tastefully designed Flex Chef Pants are $89.

Tilit Chef Backpack Review

As a professional chef, you have your own set of tools that you know and love. You also have a life and head to the gym or meet friends after your shift ends, meaning you need some extra clothes. 

Whatever reason you have for bringing extra belongings to work, you’ve worked in a kitchen long enough to know you don’t want to leave them there overnight. 

Keep all of your tools, tech, and extras packed safely in the specially-designed Chef Backpack. The backpack has interior cutlery compartments that fit up to 4 pieces, as well as a zip pouch to safely store other tools.

The inside is made from stain-resistant and water-resistant material and is air permeable (great for those sweaty clothes) and slash-proof. Keep your things safe and sound in the Chef Backpack for $195.

Tilit Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Tilit Aprons Review

No Tilit aprons review would be complete without seeing what customers truly think of the brand. This next section will include buyer testimonials from, Google, and Reddit. These comments focus on the product’s quality, comfort, utility, customer service, and price. 

The Flex Chef Pants are rated an average of 5/5 stars by 19 customers on 

A customer who loves the fit and look of the pants wrote, “Hands down the most comfortable pants I have ever owned. They have the fit of a fashionable trouser yet the flexibility to allow you to do all of the awkward bending and lifting that kitchen life entails.” 

On the other hand, some customers have had issues with wear and tear: “Sizing and fit aside, my other concern is that in one pair of my new pants (I bought them 8 months ago), the front pockets have both ripped apart. It’s making me hesitant to buy any more pairs.”

There is no treasure trove of customer reviews available online for the brand’s products, so we’ll highlight the handful of ratings found on Tilit’s website:

  • Contra Chef Aprons: 4.8/5 stars out of 21 ratings
  • Luxe Chef Aprons: 5/5 stars out of 22 ratings
  • Chef Shirt: 5/5 stars out of 22 ratings
  • French Kitchen Workshirt: 5/5 stars out of 23 ratings

The brand is rated 4.9/5 stars by 79 customers on Google. Many of the 5-star reviews sound a little something like this: “We were both very impressed with the design, fabric and style of the items we looked at.” 

An apron thread on Reddit showcased multiple users recommending the brand’s aprons. One comment read, “Seconded on Tilit. NYC made/chef designed. They last forever. Great customer service.” Seems pretty self-explanatory to us.

On a separate thread, there is much praise for the Flex Chef Pants: “Tilit NYC has a great pant on their website. Go with the flex pants. Have them and they’re not overly heavy, amazingly comfortable and stretch where they need. Never going to buy another pair again.” 

A quick rebuttal ensued: “What are ya? Rich?? I wish I could afford a pair cause I’ve heard such great things but they’re pretty expensive.” The brand’s products can be expensive, but it’s often better to invest in one durable item than it is to buy many cheaper versions that’ll wear out fast.

All in all, we can smell what Tilit is cooking, and their products are well-received in the chef community by and large. While there are a few complaints, the majority of buyers love their aprons and chef apparel.

Is Tilit Chef Clothing Worth It?

Tilit Aprons Review

So, what’s the verdict? Customers may have an issue with the fit, whether it is too big or too small, but there have not been any complaints regarding the quality or the style that this Tilit aprons review has come across. 

This could be because the brand puts a strong emphasis on manufacturing with care, and incorporating thoughtful details that make a difference in real kitchens. 

Some other notable points about the brand include their inclusion of recycled hemp materials in some of their designs, their bulk discounts, and free returns and exchanges. Their collection includes classic styles, as well as more modern, such as the Tilit Work Overalls.

Their items are well-made and the cost reflects that, but this Tilit aprons review believes quality pieces are worth the investment if you use them often. For all of these reasons, we believe that the brand’s apparel is worth the buy.

Tilit Promotions & Discounts 

Tilit Aprons Review

Tilit has the following discounts and deals on the brand’s website:

  • Sale section with items up to 50% off
  • Bulk discounts on orders of over 12 of one item
  • Sign up for their mailing list to get free shipping
  • Free shipping on all orders over $250

Where to Buy Tilit Chef Clothing

Tilit Aprons Review

Tilit chef clothing is available for purchase on and in their flagship store in New York. You can also find their apparel at select retailers:

  • Amazon, though we believe that the Tilit Aprons Amazon products are through a reseller, and not the brand itself. 
  • JB Prince
  • Coutelier Nola
  • Now Serving
  • Knife Works
  • Bowery Kitchen Supplies
  • Liquid Yacht Wear


Tilit Aprons Review

What sizes does Tilit have? 

Tilit typically carries their chef apparel in sizes XS-4X for their coats and shirts and 26-44 for their pants. Their aprons are one-size-fits-all aside from their kid’s aprons that come in two sizes for kids aged 2-6 and 7-12. 

For more information on Tilit’s sizing, you can refer to the size charts on their website. 

What is Tilit’s Shipping Policy?

Tilit offers US and international shipping options. All costs and time approximations are calculated at checkout and vary by location. 

Shipping is free for US orders over $250. Once your order has shipped, you can use the tracking number provided in the shipping confirmation email to track its progress. 

What is Tilit’s Return Policy?

Need to return your Tilit chef jacket? The brand offers 30 days to do so and receive store credit or exchange an item. 

For refunds, you have 14 days from the ship date to start your return and you will be charged a $10 restocking fee that will be subtracted from your refund amount. The items you wish to return must not have been worn or washed and have to be in pristine condition. 

Tilit accepts international returns but they do not supply a prepaid return label. To start your return, head to the Return Page and follow these steps:

  1. Enter your order number, full name, email, and address
  2. Fill in your phone number
  3. Let them know the reason for your return or exchange
  4. Press ‘Submit’
  5. Tilit will send you a prepaid return label that you’ll need to attach to the outside of your return package

How to Contact Tilit 

If you need any other information that this review did not include, you can reach the Tilit customer service team by using the following methods:

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