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Mixbook review

Have there been moments in your life when you wished the clocks would stop ticking? Memories that you go back to time and again. Mixbook’s online photo design tool and photo service captures those moments for you to enjoy forever.

 ‘Our vision is to empower every person to tell their story and express what they care about most’: True to its mission, Mixbook, with its powerful design editor and customization options, helps you freeze precious moments and transform them into an album that tells a story the way you want it. If design is not your forte, you can choose from among the brand’s on-trend themes and unique templates to craft your story.      

Mixbook’s beautiful, personalized photo goods have won accolades and attention from the media, including popular publications like The New York Times, TechCrunch, The Verge, and The Washington Post. The brand has a substantial social media following as well, with 126k followers on Facebook and 73.5k followers on Instagram.

So, how do you want to tell your story? A calendar that injects nostalgia in short sweet doses, a photo book that narrates a tale, or a photo print colored with memories—Mixbook has it all. Could Mixbook be the perfect gift you’re looking for? This Mixbook photo book review will guide you to an answer by sharing the brand’s story, best selling photo products, promotions, and more.

Overview of Mixbook Photo Book

Mixbook review

Let’s open Mixbook’s photo book and start from the beginning. Mixbook was founded in 2006 by two entrepreneurs from UC Berkley, Andrew Laffoon and Aryk Grosz, who wanted a solution to a pressing high school problem: creating a scrapbook. To make it more personal, in 2009, the brand launched its popular photo book editor tool, which allowed customers to have a hand in creating their photo books.

Since its launch, Mixbook has helped build stories through 55 million products, including cards, calendars, canvas prints and photo prints. Mixbook uses quality and heavy-weight papers that are ethically sourced from sustainable forests and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but they don’t always tell you the entire story. Mixbook factors this in by allowing customers to include text, drawings, event dates, themes, and addresses in their projects. They give you the big picture, literally, if you want them to. And, what’s more? The customized products are delivered to your door-step.      

Before we browse through Mixbook’s stories, this Mixbook photo book review will turn the lens on customers who’ve used their services and highlight their experiences. Let’s zoom right in:


  • Offers personalized photo books, cards, calendars, and home decor
  • Multiple editing and customizing options
  • Range of sizes to choose from
  • High-grade photo paper ethically sourced from sustainable forests
  • Easy design process
  • Affordable
  • Recurring discounts and offers


  • Small number of reports on inconsistent product quality and overexposure of images
Mixbook Review

Mixbook offers photo books to mark your year, a season, a holiday, a birthday, a wedding, a trip…or, heck, even a seemingly normal day you want to show your kids at some point in the future to support your ‘back-in-the-day’ stories. 

Mixbook also offers personalized cards and Mixbook invitations (for festivals, weddings, baby showers, and other occasions) that are as elegant as they are snazzy. There’s something for stationery enthusiasts as well. Mixbook offers knick-knacks like magnets, gift tags and stickers.

The latest addition to Mixbook’s pile is its collection of home decor, from charming photo prints on canvas, to photos with glass-like finish, an ideal embellishment for a high-end gallery at home. This Mixbook review will focus on some of the brand’s most popular photo products.  

Mixbook Photo Book Review

Mixbook Photo book Review 1

From my research for this Mixbook photo book review and customer feedback, I learned that photo books aren’t just a collection of photos. They’re a recollection of feelings and sentiments. Do you want a photo book that reflects the Industrial Chic, Boho or Rustic Outdoor themes that you followed at your wedding? Mixbook has templates to match any spirit. 

Mixbook offers photo books for all occasions, including but not limited to weddings, festivals, years in review, birthdays, dates, babies, pets and travel. They also offer photo books that weave your family’s history. That’s quite a range. Let’s open some of Mixbook’s more popular photo books.     

Mixbook Timeless Wedding

A disclaimer: Being of Indian descent, wedding albums for me were one or all of these things—spine-breaking, overwhelming and boring shots of stiff relatives and extended families I’ve never met. So, if Mixbook promises to offer something light and personal to mark my special day, I’m sold. Mixbook’s Timeless Wedding collection is one such gem.  

The Timeless Wedding Mixbook comes in four different types of paper: 

  1. Semi-Gloss: Classic photo paper with a smooth, magazine style gloss for rich and vibrant colors
  2. Pearl Finish: A touch of sheen and silk to those precious memories
  3. Premium Lay Flat: Made with Mixbook’s thickest, most premium paper with a luxe matte or lustre finish, this photo books  allows you to lay it flat so photos can seamlessly span the middle

The Timeless Wedding Mixbook is available in softcover, hardcover (soft touch matte with and without matte dust jacket) and leather (with matte dust jacket). The photo books come in three shapes: Landscape (8 x 6”, 11 x 8.5” and 14 x 11”) , Square (6 x 6”, 8.5 x 8.5”, 10 x 10” and 12 x 12”) and Portrait (8.5 x 11”).  

Mixbook Review

As customers, you call and decide the shots. You can add, move or delete photos and text, change the layout, and choose from numerous stickers and backgrounds to enhance any page, including the cover. You can also upload your own stickers and backgrounds. In short, your wedding album is your canvas.   

The cost of the Timeless Wedding Mixbook varies depending on the sizes, shape, finish and the number of pages. Customizable photo books are available from as low as $15.99 (Landscape Photo Book, 8 x 6”, Softcover, 20 pages, with every additional page priced at $0.69) to $142.44 (Landscape Photo Book, 11 X 8.5”, Premium Matt Lay Flat, Hardcover, 25 pages, with every additional page priced at $1.49). 

Don’t let your special day collect dust in your closet. With Mixbook’s Timeless Wedding series, let it be a physical recollection of all things dear. 

Mixbook Full Photo Travel

Turn time and return to all your favourite vacations from the comfort of your home by flipping through Mixbook’s collection of travel photo books. This Mixbook shares all the specifications of the Timeless Wedding collection. So, what makes it distinct? The variety of themes and templates. And, yes, according to customers, they come very close to recreating the magic that was your holiday. 

A celebrity cruise with the love of your life, a week’s trek in the great outdoors, that sabbatical you took to explore the ocean—Mixbook has a template for everything you do in the air, on land, and deep in the ocean. 

If cost is what steers your purchase decisions, Mixbook could be your go-to. At $15.99, you can buy a 20-page, softcover, Landscape Photo Book (8 x 6”). The theme starts with 41 pages as default. Customers can add and delete during the design process. 

If you are someone who likes to live large, holiday big, and own a weighty souvenir, Mixbook has something for you as well: The colossal 14 x 11” Landscape Photo Book printed on semi-gloss paper and bound by leather. This Mixbook leather cover photo album is bound to leave you misty-eyed. Priced at $165.18, this photo book could be way beyond most of our budgets, but it’s also what makes it so exclusive.   

Mixbook Cards Review

Mixbook Photo book Review 2

Enough with the past and nostalgia, let’s usher in the future with some announcements. What better way to do it than with a bunch of cards displaying your photos and megawatt smiles. Mixbook offers a variety of cards for all occasions—holidays, weddings, engagements, and baby showers, among others. Choose your occasion, and Mixbook will seal the deal with your inputs into the design process. 

This Mixbook review will now showcase some of the brand’s most popular card options.

Mixbook Full Photo Elegant Merry Christmas Review

Yes, people still send Christmas cards. And, yes, people love to receive them. Mixbook offers 7 X 5 Flat Cards to spread some holiday cheer. Oh Boy, don’t we all need some shine to mark the end of what has been an eventful 2020.

The flat cards allow you to print photos on the front and back, and the foil is available in three colors: Yellow/gold, peach and grey. You can also choose the trim for your card: round, double round, ticket, crest, vintage crest and square

The Full Photo Elegant Merry Christmas cards are available in six varieties of paper, based on your preferences and affordability. This Mixbook review provides a breakdown of these options:

  1. Satin Finish ($2.90): Mixbook’s most affordable stock with subtle satin sheen that is great for photos 
  2. Signature Matte ($3.50): With a professional matte finish, this one is for your everyday needs; recommended for holiday cards, graduations, announcements and birthday invitations 
  3. Pearl Finish ($4): The Pearlescent shimmer adds a touch of lustre to your design; great for holiday cards, wedding and party invites 
  4. Premium Matte ($4.10): An elegant and eco-friendly option, this one is popular among those wanting to make birth announcements and bridal suites
  5. Cotton Texture ($4.60): With its soft and subtle textured feel, this card is popular for the save-the-dates, invites and announcements
  6. Luxe Board ($5): This is Mixbooks thickest and most luxurious card stock with a matte finish

The cost per holiday card depends on your order size. The more, the merrier and cheaper. A card that costs $2.60, will cost $2.24 per card if you place an order for 30 of them. If you buy more than 250 cards, then the cost is almost halved at $1.40 per card.    

Mixbook cards come in premium white envelopes. You can also upgrade to printed envelopes. As with everything that rolls out of Mixbook, the flat cards are customizable as well. With this, let the festivities begin.  

Mixbook Bold Ampersand Wedding Announcement

Moving on to some personal celebration now. Weddings! With the pandemic significantly reducing the number of invitees to weddings, it’s time we tweaked the traditional wedding protocol. Get hitched and then announce it to the world. If you want to make this more personal, or want to surprise (or shock) your friends and family, why don’t you leave a wedding announcement at their doorstep? Mixbook will be your assistant in this little scheme.      

Mixbook’s wedding announcement cards have the same specifications as the holiday cards, including the foil color, trim, paper finish and the cost. All it needs is your personal touch to make it special. 

Mixbook Calendars Review

Mixbook Photo book Review 3

Memes about blanking out 2020 are aplenty and anticipation over a new year has touched a fever pitch. So, why not make it extra special by designing a calendar that captures your treasured moments with precious people? This Mixbook calendar review will flip through the pages of their most popular calendars.

Full Photo Layout

Mixbook’s Full Photo Layout calendar is exactly how you imagine it, with a full photo on the cover. In this section of the Mixbook review, we’ll explore questions like, how do you customize your calendar? How do you use Mixbook to create your way through the upcoming year? Here are the steps: 

  1. Start with a pre-designed theme or create your own with Mixbook’s Blank Calendar
  2. Choose your shape: Square (12 x 12”)  or Landscape (11 x 8.5” and 14 X 11”) 
  3. Start on any month
  4. Upload photos from your phone, computer, Google photos or social media
  5. Exercise your creative control and customize images, text, stickers, layouts and more

A tip: You can collaborate with your family and friends to save important dates the old-fashioned way. 

The Full Photo Layout Calendar is available only in two shapes and three sizes. While the 11 x 8.5” Landscape calendar is priced at $25, the bigger dimension costs $35. The square calendar costs $30.

White Modern

Can’t decide which photo goes up on the wall or on your desk? Mixbook can fix this for you. The White Modern Calendar is minimalist in design yet conveys a dozen stories and a myriad emotions. 

Like the Full Photo Layout Calendar, this Mixbook calendar comes in two shapes (Landscape and Square) and three dimensions (11 X 8.5”, 14 X 11” and 12 x 12”) . Unlike the former, the White Modern Calendar template allows you to add up to 12 photos per page without looking cluttered. Now that’s a smart design. 

If minimalism is not really your cup of tea and you’d like to jazz things up a bit, you can also choose other templates and themes offered by Mixbook, which range from Rustic and Luxe Glam to Serene and Marble. The cost is standard for all the calendars: $25 for the Landscape calendar (11 x 8.5”), $35 for the 14 x 11”, and $30 for the 12 x 12”

Mixbook Photo Book Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Mixbook review

This Mixbook photo book review turned up a massive amount of customer feedback. I had to count the digits twice to check if I got the number right. Mixbook has a colossal 33,915 customer reviews on TrustPilot, 85% of whom rated the brand’s products and services as excellent.

Here are a couple of descriptions that popped with just a cursory scan: “Great service”, “Super fast”, “Friendly and helpful customer service”, “Simple to use”, “Great personalised gift”, “Consistently beautiful”.   

Most Mixbook reviews were all heart, like this one:  “I really enjoy creating photo albums that capture a moment in life that will tell a story to generations to come. Mixbook has allowed me to save those memories in beautiful books, vibrant pages and soft book covers.” 

Responses were particularly effusive in their praise for Mixbook customer service. In one Mixbook review, a customer wrote that her photo book was replaced by the company at no cost, after the original one arrived and the images were a bit dark. “I’m delighted with the result. It’s the best gift I will ever give my sister,” said the review.

Finding a blip was quite a task, but a handful of customers complained of quality issues and color inaccuracies, especially on the cover.  

Is Mixbook Photo Book Worth It?

Mixbook Photo book Review 4

The verdict for Mixbook was a no-brainer for me. Yes! This one is a keeper

From my research for this Mixbook photo book review and customer feedback online, Mixbook ticks a lot of boxes: excellent print service, great and easy-to-use software, affordable prices, and quality products.

While a Mixbook photo book may not be the right platform for professional photographers to display their work, it’s a great option for someone like me who is always on the lookout for something sentimental, personal, and fun, especially while scouting for a gift. With recurring discounts and accessible tools, Mixbook makes creating a photo book a simple yet fun experience for everyone even if design is alien to you. 

If you are looking for a gift, Mixbook is a great option. You can also give someone a Mixbook coupon or a Mixbook gift card to pass along the design fun to them!

Mixbook Promotions & Discounts 

Mixbook Photo book Review 5

Keep yourself updated on the latest Mixbook promotions by signing up through the brand’s official website and using your Mixbook login.

If you refer a friend to Mixbook, both of you will get $20 off on your next purchase.

Where to Buy Mixbook Photo Book?

Mixbook products are available on the brand’s official website


How much does a Mixbook Photo Book cost?

Mixbook sizes range from 6 x 6 to 14 x 11. The cost depends on the size and quality of paper used. For the benefit of the readers, this Mixbook review will give you a broad price range for the products:

  1. Softcover Semi-Gloss: $15.99 to $24.99
  2. Softcover Premium Matte Lay Flat: $24.99
  3. Glossy Hardcover Semi-Gloss: $29.99 to $74.99
  4. Glossy Hardcover Pearl Finish: $34.99 to $81.99
  5. Matte Hardcover Semi-Gloss: $34.99 to $89.99
  6. Matte Hardcover Pearl Finish: $39.99 to $91.99
  7. Matte Hardcover with Dust Jacket Semi-Gloss: $44.99 to $114.99
  8. Matte Hardcover Premium Lustre Lay Flat: $79.99 to $154.99
  9. Matte Hardcover Premium Matte Lay Flat: $109.99 to $189.99

The cost per page after the initial 20 pages ranges from $0.99 to $2.39 per page. 

Where is Mixbook located?

Mixbook conducts most of its operations online but is based in Redwood City, California.

How many pages can you have in a Mixbook?

Mixbook’s traditional photo books, both softcovers and hardcovers (matte and glossy), can have a maximum of 399 pages, while the company’s layflat books can have a maximum of 99 pages.

Each book must have a minimum of 10 pages. If a book has less than 10 pages, Mixbook will add blank pages until the minimum page count is reached. 

Does Mixbook own your photos?

No. Mixbook only collects your photos, drawings, text, event dates, addresses, favorite themes, and project designs in the course of you uploading your photos and creating your projects. They do not own your photos.

How long does it take to get a Mixbook Photo Book?

Production and delivery time with standard shipping usually takes 7- 12 business days, but if express shipping is chosen then this is reduced to 4-5 business daysMixbook ships throughout the US and internationally.

What is Mixbook’s Return Policy?

If customers are unhappy with the Mixbook product they received, they can write to the company at or contact them via live chat. The company will revise the product to make it better. If they can’t, the order will be refunded

Mixbook also offers credit to be used towards subsequent Mixbook purchases as an alternative to a refund.

How to Contact Mixbook

If you have more questions after this Mixbook review, reach out to the official Mixbook email address [email protected] or access the live chat feature on their website.

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I’m still researching what company to work with. And I’m a rank beginner at this.

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