Redline Steel Review

About Redline Steel

Redline Steel Review

Redline Steel is a veteran-owned company that makes high-quality steel wall art, canvas prints, leather bracelets, and other design pieces. Redline Steel has been featured on CBS, Fox News, ABC News, and publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post and more. 

It’s not just the media buzzing about Redline Steel. Their designs have gathered a 94k fan base on Instagram, where they showcase their designs, customers, and production process. This Redline Steel review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if they’re worth the buy. 

Overview of Redline Steel

Redline Steel Review

The patriotic Redline Steel brand is a small, veteran-owned business, proudly founded and manufactured in the USA. Redline Steel was founded by Colin Wayne in January of 2016, headquartered in Huntsville, AL. 

The mission of Redline Steel is to create high-quality art that customers will enjoy for many years to come. The company is diverse in its production, with a collection ranging from custom address plates and home decor, metal man cave art, to jewellery, and military memorabilia. One thing’s for sure, there is a celebration of all things American in this eye-catching and unique art! 

Redline Steel art is cut by one of four precision lasers. From there, a piece is taken to the grind station where the artwork gains dimension and layer. The steel decor is then sprayed with a finish and rust-proofed. The fulfillment station is the final step, where seriously durable art is packed and sent to your home. Products designed for wall display come with mounting holes so you can install them yourselves. 

Redline Steel is built on proud American values and as a veteran-owned company, they are happy to say that their materials are sourced in the United States. Everything is under one roof from steps A to Z. 

If you would rather catch the highlights of the Redline Steel review, here’s our sum up:


  • Good quality steel products 
  • Steel is treated and resistant to rust
  • Handcrafted and run by a small veteran-owned company
  • Unique decorative products and customization
  • Wide selection and lots of variety to choose from
  • For the most part, prices are accessible 
  • The company offers flexible, 4-part payments through AfterPay

Redline Steel has a fascinating array of handcrafted products including indoor and outdoor artwork, monogrammed and custom signs, jewellery, and memorabilia. This Redline Steel review will show you some of their top sellers:

Redline Steel Personalized Home Decor

What is most striking about this Redline Steel category is how eclectic it is. In our Redline Steel review, we found a diverse range of customizable pieces to fill every part of the home, putting your special stamp on a unique style of decorating.

You can create a custom monogram for children’s bedrooms, or to display your family name with pride. Redline Steel also offers attractive yard stakes for displaying your address, so you’ll have the fanciest one on the street. With these options and many others, you can make your home individually represent you and your family, one piece at a time.

Custom Word Text

The Custom Word Text is a big part of what Redline Steel does. These pieces can really define the space in your home, as well as how you relate to it and use it. They can set your mood, act as a reminder of what makes you who you are, or what motivates you. A terrific asset of the Redline Steel home decor is that it has a rust-resistant powder coating, so it will maintain its condition over time. 

In our Redline Steel review, the first thing we learned which impressed us was that the Custom Word Text costs begin at $15.95 for 1-4 letters. Other options include 5-8 letters ($22.95), 9-14 letters ($28.95) and 14-20 letters ($35.95). The Redline Steel custom monogram is a great deal if you ask us! 

The Custom Word Text is only available in one color (matte black), so it won’t have a very striking effect on dark walls. Instead, you could attach it to a wooden backing and make it a display! 

There are a few steps involved in the Redline Steel ordering process and we wanted to give you a heads up:

  • The dimension ranges are 5” to 20” (width), 1.5” to 4” (height) depending on the letter
  • You select the number of letters
  • This customized product does not allow for spacing between words, so if you order “Custom Text” the item will be cut as “CustomText”
  • Only letters (not numbers) can be accepted

Split Monogram

Redline Steel’s Split Monogram makes a fantastic addition to the front hall, living room, or kitchen space. There are an array of options when it comes to choosing your split monogram and the variety accounts for the distinct qualities that define your family. 

You can pick from small, medium, large and XL sizes, and between matte black, copper, and silver shades. The Split Monogram costs $64.95 (small), $125.95 (medium),  199.95 (large), or $299.95 (extra large). For exact dimensions, refer to

This thick, 16 gauge steel Split Monogram is built for lifetime durability. It’s also multi-purpose, so if you love it indoors and then change your mind and want to hang it outdoors, the steel is adaptable, since it’s rust resistant. 

Fancy Address Monogram

For this Redline Steel review, we looked into another bestselling custom piece, the Fancy Address Monogram. Our first impression: this is a classy piece that will set your property apart. It’ll sharpen up your front lawn, and people will never have trouble seeing your street address.

The Redline Steel Fancy Address Monogram comes in small ($89.95) and medium ($149.95), available in matte black, copper, and silver colors. It can only accommodate numbers. The yard sign is made from 12-gauge American made steel and powder coated, so it’ll display on your front yard for decades to come.

Redline Steel Preset Home Decor

Redline Steel is rooted in a passionate and proud American identity which makes them committed to helping you outline your personal identity. One way to do this is through home decor that says something about what you value most. 

For this reason, our Redline Steel review turned up pieces for identifying with faith, being a pet mom/dad, or making your love for wine or caffeine addiction known to everyone who steps into your kitchen. Products like these show your house guests what you’re all about.

Coffee Cup Wall Piece

One clearly popular Redline Steel pick is the Coffee Cup wall piece. If you love your morning java as much as we do, you don’t need a reminder to set the mug out but you like to celebrate in the ritual. This beautiful accent to your kitchen can be appreciated as you take in the aromatic steam and first feelings of energy rushing through your body. 

We thought $29.95 was a perfectly reasonable price for this piece that will transform the vibe of your kitchen. Available in matte black, copper, and silver, its dimensions are 11.5” by 10”, so this artsy Redline Steel Coffee Cup can fit into a flattering corner or over your sink or stove to make a subtle but meaningful statement. 

Tree of Life Wall Piece

The celebrated Redline Steel Tree of Life has universal meaning. Whether it celebrates your family roots, the feeling that life is full circle, or that there are infinite possibilities branching and sprouting, this piece can set the tone for a living space. It is neutral enough to blend in while still drawing attention through its ornate design. 

The bronze, silver, or gold Tree of Life comes in small ($59), medium ($129), large ($229) and extra large ($309), and can be customized for an additional $20. Good news: Redline Steel offers free shipping for all purchases over $99. Check the Redline Steel website for exact product dimensions. 

Redline Steel Patriotic America Art

As veterans, patriotism is at the centre of Redline Steel values and it infuses one of the company’s main themes. Many of their best selling products are naturally very patriotic— whether it’s a personalized gift, preset home items, bracelets, keychains, or USA steel monograms, Redline Steel puts America first and their products reflect this allegiance. 

Redline Defender Flag

The Redline Steel Defender Flag is a striking take on the American flag that pays homage to soldiers, showing the troops who keep their proud country safe, and the thousands who lost their likes, brave men and women who sacrificed them to defend their people and the national values rooted in centuries of history.

In 1777, shortly after the War of Independence, America established its national flag. It’s a thought-provoking, inspirational piece which will ground any home in American loyalty, to its way of life and the soldiers that defend it, a bold spin on the traditional flag we love and respect.

You can get the Defender Flag in small ($89), medium ($159), large ($219), and extra large sizes ($309). The small and medium sizes are great as subtle display pieces in the office, or you can go all out with the larger displays to showcase your ultimate pride in the common spaces.

In God We Trust Eagle

In our Redline Steel review, we were naturally interested in finding out more about the In God We Trust Eagle. With one look, you get a majestic feel and display your liberty and pride. The Eagle – in its American pride – is glorious. 

Here’s a bit of fascinating history on the Redline Steel bald eagle: it was established as the national emblem of the United States in 1782, as a symbol of “long life, great strength and majestic looks,” that mirrors present-day America. Not only are you asserting its meaningful purpose in a time of changing political values, but emphasizing the importance of protecting this endangered species. We are so down for all this and hope you are as well.

For $89 (small) and $169 (medium) sizes, the Redline Steel In God We Trust Eagle comes in red, white and blue, blue, red, white or black. You can choose the colour that fits your power colours and the theme of your room. The protective, patriotic eagle will guard over your home space, wings wide. 

Redline Steel Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Redline Steel Review

Our Redline Steel review would not be complete without evaluating customers’ opinions on the brand:

Despite some trouble with customer service, the majority of customers were happy with their products. Redline Steel customers felt that the quality made the products worthwhile. One customer commented about the lightweight of the products and said they were easy to hang. The products were described as beautiful with precise craftsmanship

Is Redline Steel Worth It?

Redline Steel Review

After taking a thorough look at all of the nooks and crannies of Redline Steel, we think that the company is worth it because of the quality of the products and the unique style. The process and the craftsmanship are detailed. As well, Redline offers a range of choices for sizing, colours, and payment options (see the Where to Buy section). 

Some customers received the wrong Redline Steel product, did not receive their product or received their products on stretched timelines. Additionally, the team did respond by email or phone to queries and concerns helping address these issues.

We think the products are worth trying out if you’re in the market.

Redline Steel Promotions & Discounts 

Redline Steel Review

We searched the Redline Steel website high and low and we found a clearance section. We also came across a Redline Steel promo code and a Redline Steel discount code for 15% off your first order. We encourage you to check back with their website regularly. 

Where to Buy Redline Steel

We looked into the best options for purchasing Redline Steel and found that the product is available through their website,, and Amazon.

Purchase Through AfterPay 

Redline Steel offers the option to pay in four payments through AfterPay. Customers pay 25% of the product cost and the remaining three payments are processed every 2 weeks. We love this flexible, accessible payment plan!


Redline Steel Shipping Policy

The company states that products will be processed quickly and safely delivered. Redline Steel ships to anywhere in the US using USPS or UPS, and delivery charges are determined by the weight of the order. Estimated delivery is based on the availability of your item: 

  • Stock items can take 1-3 weeks after the order is placed 
  • Flags and monograms take 3-6 weeks 
  • Customizable items can take 12 weeks 

Unfortunately, Redline Steel does not offer international shipping, but is looking to expand their delivery locations for the future.

Redline Steel Return Policy

Redline Steel is currently not accepting returns or exchanges due to the high transmission rate of COVID-19. In normal circumstances, the company does offer returns, though some products such as custom items and monograms are non-refundable

There are no refunds or cancellations on bracelets or key chains either. Non-customized and stock items are subject to a 15% cancellation fee if the request is made more than 24 hours after purchase. Returns and exchanges will be accepted up to 10 days after receipt of the item. Overall, we found the return policy unfriendly and unaccommodating. 

Contact Redline Steel

If you have other queries that weren’t addressed in this Redline Steel review, you can contact the team in several ways:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact page on
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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Ask a Question
Asked by Tana Carrisales (2 years ago) Reply

I ordered from your company the first week of Nov. You charged my credit card Nov.9th. I have not received my order. No one answers your customer support phone line. When or will I receive my order??? If I do not hear from your company by Friday, Dec. 18th I will take action to resolve this issue. Thank you.

Answered by Ann Smith (2 years ago) Reply


Did you ever get a response? I received one order, that was not as advertised. I am trying to see what my options are. I also placed 4 orders, on Nov 14 & 16th, and have not received them yet. I have sent 4 requests, to customer service, Wayne Colin and to another email address from their website. Nothing. I have had it!

Asked by James Reynolds (2 years ago) Reply

Ordered a couple of items on Nov. 30 – Hummingbird Love wall design and Candle wall design. Received delivery on Dec. 20 and the wrong item was sent. Did not get the Hummingbird Love wall design. Have sent emails and called to leave a voice mail message with no response. Horrible customer service. Might be veteran owned but not veteran run.

Asked by Jana V (2 years ago) Reply

I ordered a seasonal “special” they were offering on Facebook back on 12/10. Christmas has now passed and the tracking number they gave me says the shipping label was printed on 12/20, but it is still sitting in AL.

Answered by JoAnne Kling (2 years ago) Reply

I placed 3 orders a month ago on April 5, 2021. They took the money immediately, but that was all that was done. I have called several times and left messages, because when you call, you can never talk to a person and they will not give you a return phone call. Facebook needs to stop letting them from selling and advertising on Facebook. I think they just rip off people and the way they advertise by saying items are made by Veterans to get people to buy. Maybe they should be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

Asked by Marguerite W Long (2 years ago) Reply

I ordered mine 12/11/2020, and charged my account 12/12/2020. i just emailed them. I also called with just music hanging on. I will give it a few more days.

Answered by Diana Cossel (2 years ago) Reply

I’m so upset I ordered 1 T Shirt and and they have charged me for 5 they got their money from me in 5 minutes I just called and they won’t refund I’m stuck with 5 T Shirts that all say same thing..

Asked by Tracy L Portell (2 years ago) Reply

I have ordered in the past and been pleased, however this time I ordered a scroll as a Christmas gift and it arrived misshapen and wrinkled (unable to give). I contacted customer service online and didn’t receive a reply until Jan. 4th. The reply I received advised me to pull magnets and straighten it and put it in a large book to attempt to flatten. They must be kidding, right? I think not! I am not working on or repairing the item! Customer service stinks! Slow to get back and no offer to correct the problem! Maybe I should drive over it with the car tires to flatten if the book trick doesn’t work??! AVOID!

Asked by Ralph Pollnow (2 years ago) Reply

I placed an order for Christmas items in November and was charged immediately on my credit card. I have not received the items. In December and January my credit card was charged for gift boxes which I did not order or receive. I want a credit on my card and all orders and future orders cancelled.

Answered by Karen (2 years ago) Reply

I’m glad I read your post. The same thing happened to me in regards to the monthly box. I never signed up either. Must be in teeny tiny print. $30.92 might no be much to some but it is to me. It’s the principal.

Answered by Louise (2 years ago) Reply

I also did not sign up but have been having $30.92 taken out 4 times now. I have tried repeatedly to stop the payments with no luck

Asked by Gail Smith (2 years ago) Reply

I placed an order on Dec, 4, 2020. I’m still waiting for shipping. My credit card has been charged. Please RSVP on an update.

Asked by donna (2 years ago) Reply

Complaints do nothing unless you turn them into the BBB. They will take care of it.

Answered by Wanda Evans (2 years ago) Reply

I have been charged the $30.92 every month and did Not sign up for the gift and get no replies from redline steel! What’s up? Now I think you owe me and I am going to take other actions.

Answered by Margarita marks (2 years ago) Reply

I was checking my account and noticed there was charge for $30.92. I have ordered from they before and got ordered but that was back in April so I don’t why I’ve been changed $30.92

Asked by Shauna Whatley (2 years ago) Reply

I have3 orders from back in December my card was charged but no products I ordered from Steel roots decor 3 days ago I have heard from them with a tracking number the item will be here tomorrow why can’t I get items from Redline that fast? I know who gets my business from now on

Asked by KB (2 years ago) Reply

*** Check out FB page REDLINE STEEL RIPOFF before ordering ****
I went to place an order today for a “free” Love hummingbird. All you pay is shipping. The site kept trying to get me to buy something else when I was trying to check out. So, I added a Peace hummingbird for 5.95 with no additional shipping cost. When I got my email with my order summary, the total was nearly $20! They charged me $5 for the
“free” Love and 8.95 for Peace, plus $5.97 shipping.

I emailed their customer service and filled out an online customer service complaint.
When I tried to post on their FB page and leave a bad review, they deleted them. I also tried to messenger them through their page and they blocked me. This is definitely NOT an honest company. I have submitted a complaint to the BBB and am disputing the CC charges.

Asked by Durene Cason (2 years ago) Reply

I places three orders (one 12/27, 1/2 & 1/14) and the shipping was taken out of my checking account each tie but I have never received the orders. I had placed regular orders before three “free” ones and did receive those orders. I will not order again until I receive the “pay shipping only” orders.

Asked by Gerard Kowalski (2 years ago) Reply

Company hides behind “Veteran Owned” I am also a veteran and now retired. Having made a couple orders from your company – your services NON_EXISTENT!! Damged goods yet your company never replied to my requests, still waiting for last order and no responses to my emails1 I’ll never order or recommend your company.

Where is my order?
Asked by Trish Tye (2 years ago) Reply

I ordered 3 items a month ago. My card was charged immediately. I have emailed several times, with no response. DO NOT order from this company!!!!!!. No customer service and no answer to questions

Asked by Debra Merritt (2 years ago) Reply

I made an order Jan 8 and 11th That’s when $ came out of my account I still haven’t received them Can you check to see where my order is since I already paid for it ?

Answered by Cheryl Sanders (2 years ago) Reply

I have never been so disgusted. I can’t believe you would call yourself an American Veteran. Anyway he got me for 28.76 GO 🇺🇸

Terrible business
Asked by Debra Merritt (2 years ago) Reply

I wish I had read these comments before ordering Fuck the company I live on a fixed income and can’t throw money away WTF

159.00$ Embarrassing toy
Asked by Sheila Peck (2 years ago) Reply

I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau I see that many other people have also. Their shipping Dept & complaint department Are truly lacking. Customer Support is nonexistent. And although I have ordered from them many times this was my last order. I ordered a fire pit for my son-in-law and was so excited about it only to get this little tiny toy in the mail 2 months later and it was one month late for Christmas. After finally opening the package I was so embarrassed there was no way I was giving it as a gift. A fire pit that is only about 6 inches tall and $159 what a sham

Asked by Julie Kunick (2 years ago) Reply

Where is my order.waiting over a month.also can not get hold of way to run business.

Answered by Jana. Pistole (2 years ago) Reply

I also am waiting for my order. It’s been several weeks and I have heard nothing. I am wondering if I ever will.

Asked by Kathy Stanhope (2 years ago) Reply

Ordered free item and extra Jan 3rd charges taken out Jan 4th
Have filled out support forms 4 times. Called 3 times. Will soon be 2 months.

Poor Delivery / Customer Service
Asked by Shannon Tripp (2 years ago) Reply

I ordered via a Facebook promo ad (2/11) which does not share the lead time can take 3 to 6 weeks and has the potential to take up to 12 weeks on your ad.

Doing some post purchase research on the company I found that statement on their website ( not easily displayed or found).

I did more research and though they push and promote that you are a Veteran Owned and Made in the USA company, I also see from my they hire out of the USA to manage your social media account / ads (Ukraine/Urguay).

Waiting for the to respond to my email

Account Questions
Asked by Linda Thomas (2 years ago) Reply

I paid for an order twice, and got two orders. O.K. I can give the other one as a gift, but did not receive my free gift and paid for the shipping on it also. NOW, I looked at my bank statement and have found that I have been charged again for the same items AGAIN. I want my $30.92 x 2 for a total of $61.84 back in my account. I have already paid for the first two and I don’t want to pay for them again, plus I want my free Hummingbird sent. NOW!!!!!!!

Asked by Darla Fender (2 years ago) Reply

Does Redline Steel sale t-shirts?

Answered by Vicki Urbon (2 years ago) Reply

I am wondering about that myself but, reading the comments here,
I seriously doubt I would order even though I love that set of Spring Colored T’s with the cross design that says Father.

Terrible customer service
Asked by Sue Nash (2 years ago) Reply

Placed order back on 11/29/20 (Just in time for Christmas delivery, at least that is what thier web site stated) and could never get thru to anybody to get any updates. Finally arrived on March 3rd, in terrible condition. They pack their products like they are pieces of just plain paper and not some type of art piece that they claim on their website. Order was missing an item and I cannot get anybody to respond. Tried e-mailing, filled out a support ticket and left phone messages. Even e-mailed Colin Wayne directly and absolutely nothing from them. My order included a $50.00 gift card which I will throw in the trash as I cannot deal with a company that treats their customers like this. Hiding behind the Veteran’s thing is a terrible way do to business. I will NEVER do business with this company again. There are many others out there and bet they would want my business.

My item
Asked by Ricardo Alvarado (2 years ago) Reply

Where , When , How .. The basics . . .
No updates No info . . $$withdrawn🤔.
American Made ? . . .
Waiting for the gift I purchased
as present . . tried msging . . .
Out to Lunch . . .

Waiting for order
Asked by Elaine dennis (2 years ago) Reply

I am still waiting for my order of three mystical moon which I order on February 6 if I don’t get them soon I will report you s pissed off customer

Redline Steel Review
Asked by Lois Crowe (2 years ago) Reply

I’ve ordered several items from this company. I was very pleased in the beginning. The products were of good quality and I love supporting veterans. However, the last few orders have been frustrating. I had enough money that I ordered several items – a total of 5 orders. I have only received 2 of the orders. The first of these orders – and the largest amount – was placed 6 weeks ago. My card was charged immediately. I still have not received the order. I’ve completed a form requesting a status and have sent an email to customer support with no response. The last order I placed was a monthly club which is suppose to give me a $10 gift certificate. That should have been easy to fulfill, but I still have not received.

I can’t begin to describe my disappointment. I am retired and on a fixed income so these purchases were made by cutting back on my monthly expenses until I had the money to buy. I’m particularly disappointed that a veteran owned business would not take care of business. At this point, I feel I won’t purchase anything further although there are several items I would have liked to get. There are other businesses who do something similar.

Asked by REBECCA CHARRIER (2 years ago) Reply

Redline Steel not only has NO customer service, but obviously no pride in their work. They also stole (as far as I’m concerned) $30.92 charged to my credit card for a “monthly gift subscription” I DIDN’T authorize. My credit card company has credited my account and will no longer allow Redline Steel to charge my account. I STILL haven’t gotten my products from my Jan. 16, 2021 order, but they sure took my money that day! I will never again order from this company!

No merchandise but they took my money!!!!
Asked by Krista Ziegenbusch (2 years ago) Reply

I don’t know how much you were paid for this “honest review “. But you have it wrong!!! They take your money, never get your product, and to add insult to injury charged me 24.95 for some recurring charge. They never answer emails, phone calls or anything. I have tried for several weeks and have gotten no where. I feel that I have been scammed and don’t wish to lose further money to these thieves.

Asked by NANCY E PACKER (2 years ago) Reply


Answered by Angie (2 years ago) Reply

Yes!! Say it a Little Louder!! I am Also a Poor Sucker if this Christian Veteran Company!! I Was Taught NOT to Judge but Wow… Just Wow!! Calling it like I See It!! Someone or Somebody is Not Only Making Christians and Veterans Look Bad but In Total Danger of Hell Fire for Being Not Only Liars But Thieves as Well!!

Same boat
Asked by Maria L Gatanis (2 years ago) Reply

I ordered in good faith because veteran owned, I am a veteran’s widow, how sad all he advertise all the promises and then taking your hard earned money, never have dealt with such a company in my 71 years, it’s shameful, like everyone else still waiting for my order I placed feb 1, 2021, took my money right away, I e mailed, texted, called, wrote a letter now I placed a complaint with BBB, I feel like I was duped.

Gift Box Recurring Payments
Asked by Davi Slabaugh (2 years ago) Reply

I see that several others were charged for the gift box for $30.92. I paid for my purchase, which I finally received after many weeks through Paypal. I was then charged for a monthly gift box, which I don’t recall signing up for. I was able to go to Paypal to stop any recurring payments to Redline Steel. You may need to do the same with your bank or credit card company.

Asked by Sharron (2 years ago) Reply

I ordered a tee shirt for my 18 yr old Granddaughter’s birthday. She wears a L but just in case I got an XL. When it FINALLY arrived it would have fit a child. Clearly it’s Chinese sizing. I immediately tried to call – that was a joke – then emailed. They finally wrote me back saying I could NOT exchange it b/c of Covid. What a bunch of bullshit considering Macy’s, Belks, Penney’s, and Dillards all take back mail order items if they don’t fit. My granddaughter didn’t even try this on I just knew it was going to be too small (and very cheaply made) when I opened it. Will never get this money back and shirt is way too small. I didn’t read reviews – had I clearly I would not have purchased from them.

Do not order anything
Asked by Suzanne Mann (2 years ago) Reply

I ordered a tshirt that should have been shipped out in 2 or 3 days. It’s iver a month and they will not respond d to emails or answer calls. What I ordered was a gift so I’ve had to spend more money cause it was way past my friends bday already. But the money was sure took outta my account fast. Ugh

Customer Service/Delivery
Asked by Jim Valentine (2 years ago) Reply

I ordered and it took forever to get it delivered. Also, while on their page I signed up for subscriptions which I thought was notices about products and other items I would like. I looked at the account they charged and I was charge for two orders once in Feb and one in Mar. I got an email to regarding my subscription and I cancelled it immediately. I called them and told them I didn’t receive my orders. The day I cancelled they sent out the two orders I didn’t receive and I have to send the orders back to get refunds. Not happy.

Asked by Elaine Loftin (2 years ago) Reply

I too ordered because it was advertised as a veteran-owned business and I try to support our Vets! BUT —–

It has been 9-weeks and 1-day since I placed & paid for a “non-customized order”.

While I have had a couple of emails answered regarding this order – NOT every email has been acknowledged.

Today I have DEMANDED my order cancelled & refunded – however, after reading these other complaints – I suppose I will just kiss my money goodbye and start posting on FB & LinkedIn to get them offline so they can’t scam anyone else’s money.


Misleading company
Asked by BERT LG (2 years ago) Reply

Because I support Veteran businesses, I ordered!!!!
I too am a veteran… 80s and 90s…. This leads me to what a scam!!
Ordered beginning of February, paid in full a couple of days later….I waited patiently for an email of sort but NOTHING. But, I did get an email saying thank you for your order and we are taking your money. Emailed them their form, they finally responded on Mar 27 that your order is being shipped. Here is what they did….
MARCH 27 – 11:57 AM
Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting ItemHuntsville, AL
APRIL 10 – 10:40 AM
Accepted at USPS Origin FacilityHuntsville, AL
APRIL 10 – 11:55 AM
Arrived at USPS Regional Origin FacilityMemphis tn network distribution center
APRIL 10 – 2:31 PM
Departed USPS Regional FacilityMemphis tn network distribution center
APRIL 12 – 12:00 AM
In Transit to Next Facility
APRIL 13 – 5:00 AM
Arrived at USPS Regional FacilitySan francisco ca network distribution center
APRIL 13 – 12:45 PM
Departed USPS Regional Destination FacilitySan francisco ca network distribution center
Your shipment is on its way. HECK I WANTED IT BY EASTER…..


Asked by Shirley Y Marciel (2 years ago) Reply

I have orders all the way back to Dec 2020 a Rose Cross was present Jan
2021 and February . Do see his arms that’s were the money is going. That’s not normal .

Asked by Roberta J Dubois (2 years ago) Reply

You scammers have been auto shipping me for months. I have called many times as well as emailed asking you to stop! You will be hearing from my local TV STATION here in Rochester N.Y., if I receive one more unwanted box. If that doesn’t work, my lawyer will be contacting your crappy company. I highly recommend NO ONE BUY from Redline Steel. After reading all the terrible reviews, i am very sorry and disgusted I ever bought from you! NEVER AGAIN.

Retired custodian
Asked by Doug Stier (2 years ago) Reply

I think you guys do the best work I’ve ever seen not only do you good work your ex military and And it’s USA made thanks for all that you do for everybody thanks for the service that you’ve done thanks for the freedom that we have have a great day

Very Poor Customer Service!
Asked by Maureen (2 years ago) Reply

I’ve ordered quite a few items. Yes, they do take time customize and design. That’s understood! But, when you purchase designs that are ‘ready to ship’, not custom designs… I’ve purchased twice in January and again in March. No customer service, can’t email them or call for a response. Folks, costs a bit more… but they deliver and answer emails and phones. Sorry Colin!

Answered by C. P. Cash (2 years ago) Reply

I agree, as this company currently appears to be scamming its customers and not shipping items going back to late last year. Contact the Alabama attorney general’s office.

Fraudulent Company
Asked by Linda (2 years ago) Reply

This company is a joke. They are as bad as China ripping off so many people.Reporting to BBB today.

Asked by Vicki Irish (2 years ago) Reply

Just ordered a shirt in 4x but you put 3x
Please change it…
I hope i haven’t made a mistake ordering with you

READ REVIEWS - Purchase at Your Own Risk!!
Asked by Zina Kittrell (2 years ago) Reply

Per your request Colin Wayne, Founder of Redline Steel, here is my review of your company & products. I ordered 7 of these “overstocked” items as you advertised, on 3/11 & 3/31, and immediately paid for them via PayPal.

After spending over 3 weeks from 4/30 to 5/21, calling, leaving numerous voice message (which none of being returned), and sending emails, your company still did not fulfill my order, even though you
didn’t have any trouble taking my payment immediately.

It wasn’t until AFTER I (1) filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (2) filed a complaint with PayPal (3) and wrote a bad review; that you SUDDENLY decided to respond a week after I filed these complaints that you sent me my order but I received only 3 of the items that I ordered the week of 6/6/21. When I filed complaints again, SURPRISE, I received the remaining 4 items the week of 6/13/21.

EACH of the items had severely OFF-CENTERED hanging hole in the top so the item doesn’t even hang correctly.

WHAT A MESS!!!’ Product MISINFORMATION, with HORRENDOUS – NON-EXISTING Customer Service!!! After looking up reviews, I found that this is a common theme amongst the many, many bad reviews filed against your company with the Better Business Bureau and online reviews.

I would NEVER recommend your company to anyone, and have found a couple other online companies that provide MUCH better (non-defective) similar products, fast delivery, good customer service and very competitive pricing!!!!

If you’re going to present this as a Veteran owned business, DO MUCH BETTER OR STOP DOING “BUSINESS”

P.S. You’re good at bombarding my email with your promotions, busy as I customer-I’d prefer you paid that much attention to fulfilling orders!! So, STOP sending me DAILY promotional emails!!

Please respond to my calls!
Asked by Kathleen L Roth (2 years ago) Reply

I did not sign up for your monthly club, but you have sent several items. I have been trying to reach someone with your company no one answers the phone. I have left messages with my phone number and no one returns my calls. I like your products, but not your custom service. I’ve had to cancel my credit card and I have also contacted my attorney general’s office and they are sending my a complaint form to fill out.

Asked by Kathy Rawlings (2 years ago) Reply

I have 17 orders that I’m waiting on. No one answers the phone. Or my texts. Nothing. I have been waiting for months and I’m a big dumb sss bc I keep making orders. I’m trying to get through to them now bc I want all my money back!!! It’s going to be quite a bit too bc some of those orders were not cheap!! You would think they would want to keep repeat customers happy but obviously not!! So if you make an order from them you have been forewarned!!!

Asked by Josefina Perez (2 years ago) Reply

Dont take my money please im on a fix income monthly! So stop sending me gifts I didnt purchase ! I have one here and you took my money out of my card please stop and reimburse my money!

Do not order from them!
Asked by Once Burned (2 years ago) Reply

Order 2 months ago and got the “no refunds on promotion items”.

No phone pickups and forever to get an email back

Cancel my account
Asked by Veronica Smith (2 years ago) Reply

How do I cancel my account

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