LetsGetChecked Review

About LetsGetChecked

LetsGetChecked Review

LetsGetChecked is a health and diagnostic company that provides customers with access to regulated laboratory testing from the privacy and comfort of their own homes. The New York-Dublin based company offers a range of at-home testing kits, including tests for cardiovascular health, digestive health, fertility and metabolic health, STD screening, genetic screening for certain cancers, as well as COVID-19 tests for frontline workers. 

Founded in 2014, this home lab test start-up has been featured in Cosmopolitan, CNBC, CTV News, Bloomberg and TechCrunch. Most of these media outlets have lauded the company for providing a convenient and confidential solution to receiving medical testing online

LetsGetChecked also has a substantial social media presence with 15.5k followers on Instagram and 11.1k followers on Facebook. LetsGetChecked may not be a pioneer in a healthcare market that is increasingly moving diagnosis and tests online, but the brand clearly has a following. So, what makes LetsGetChecked distinct in a competitive market? 

This LetsGetChecked review will provide you an overview of the brand, a look at some of the tests that the company offers, and share customer experiences. We’ll tell you if these kits are a good alternative to the agonizing wait experienced in most doctors’ offices and hospitals.

Overview of LetsGetChecked

LetsGetChecked Review

Home health tests, checkups, and diagnostics have never been more sought-after, especially at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is keeping the global healthcare workforce on their toes. Enter LetsGetChecked, with the mission of ‘empowering you to prioritize your wellbeing and take control of your health.’ 

The company also maintains a commitment to protect customers’ privacy and data. The entire testing process is confidential with test results being password protected and payment information encrypted. More on this later in this LetsGetChecked review. 

LetsGetChecked’s goal is to link customers to lab testing directly. This is particularly useful for so many of us who have trouble finding time to visit a clinic, and those exasperated by long wait times in doctors’ offices. It’s no wonder that LetsGetChecked is so popular, having performed over 785,000 tests throughout Canada, Ireland, the US, and the UK.

Before we go through a step-by-step process of how the process works, this LetsGetChecked review will give you a brief prognosis of the company’s pros and cons and a quick reading of their pulse: 


  • Partner lab facilities are CLIA, INAB, CPA, or CAP certified
  • A range of at-home tests to choose from
  • Affordable pricing
  • Discreet packaging
  • Free shipping
  • Free phone consultation available if you test positive for a medical condition
  • Live online chat available for general queries
  • Quick, free, and simple shipping both ways
  • Lab results in less than a week


  • Shipping available only in Canada, Ireland, United States and United Kingdom
  • Not really a one-stop-shop for health tests; customers may need to shop elsewhere for routine assessments

How LetsGetChecked Works

LetsGetChecked Review

So, how does LetsGetChecked work exactly? This LetsGetChecked review will give you a reading of the entire process:

  1. Choose a test to order on the company’s official website, on the app or via Amazon.
  2. The test, which is anonymized and assigned a unique barcode, is shipped from the company’s ISO accredited facility and is trackable online. 
  3. To register your kit, click on the ‘Activate Test’ tab at the top of the LetsGetChecked company website and log into your personal account.
  4. After collecting your sample, place it into the biohazard bag provided and return the kit to the address on the prepaid shipping label the same day. 
  5. You will receive a notification once the sample arrives at the designated lab.
  6. Once the sample has been processed, a team of physicians will review the results and a nurse will contact you to discuss what the next steps are, if any. 

Customers receive test results 2-5 business days after their sample reaches the lab. The lab results and health information are saved on the LetsGetChecked dashboard. You can use it to track, monitor, and improve your health over time. You can also access the results through the LetsGetChecked mobile app, available as an Apple App Store download or on Google Play. The app interfaces with Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin and other health tools. 

LetsGetChecked Review

LetsGetChecked offers 34 at-home testing kits under four categories for the general public: 

  1. Health tests that are exclusive to men (Hormone and PSA tests)
  2. Health tests that are exclusive to women (Fertility, hormone and HPV tests)
  3. General wellness tests (Colon cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, vitamin, cortisol, vitamin, thyroid, liver and kidney tests
  4. Sexual health tests for a wide range of STDs. 

If you are a front-line worker in the US, LetsGetChecked now offers COVID-19 tests as well.

Most LetsGetChecked kits require urine, blood, a vaginal swab, nasal swab, or stool sample. These kits either come as single tests; for example, products that test liver and kidney function; or as a combination of several related tests, like the Standard 5 STD Kit, which includes Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis, HIV, and Syphilis testing. 

All of the equipment needed to collect samples are included in the testing kits. There are also video resources on the company website outlining how to collect a sample. Still with us? In the subsequent sections, this LetsGetChecked review will guide you through some of their top selling tests.

LetsGetChecked Female Hormone Test 

LetsGetChecked Review
LetsGetChecked Female Hormone Test 

Skeptical about the validity of your fertility app? A finger prick and $129 could clear your doubts with the LetsGetChecked Female Hormone Test. The cost did make my eyes widen, until I chased the why. 

The test offers a comprehensive picture of fertility status, including signs of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), ovarian failure, low ovarian reserve, early menopause and thyroid issues. All from just a pin prick.  

For accurate results, the sample must be taken on Day 3 of your menstrual cycle. It is important that no hormonal contraceptives are ingested at the time of the sample collection, which should be done after fasting overnight for 8 hours, before 9am, and needs to be returned for testing that same day

The LetsGetChecked Female Hormone Test is ideal for those planning a pregnancy, or women who are simply curious about their fertility. 

LetsGetChecked Male Hormone Test

LetsGetChecked Review
 LetsGetChecked Male Hormone Test

A grim fact first: A 2007 study found that levels of testosterone (the primary sex hormone in men) in American males have dropped substantially since the 1980s, with average levels declining by about 1% per year. Globally, too, healthy sperm counts have dropped by 50% in the last 40 years, making hormonal imbalances and reduced testosterone one of the leading concerns in male health. Something even more concerning? Most cases go undiagnosed.  

The LetsGetChecked Male Hormone Test is for men who feel some or all of these symptoms: Low energy or fatigue, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, infertility, anxiety, depression or brain fog, enlarged breast tissue, bloating, headaches, blurred vision, and loss of bone density.

LetsGetChecked highly recommends the Male Hormone Test for men who undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy, suffer from Klinefelter syndrome, type 1 or type 2 diabetes, hemochromatosis, pituitary gland disorder, chronic stress, a family history of low testosterone, thyroid issues, kidney or liver disease, and/or anorexia nervosa.

There are four different types of LetsGetChecked Male Hormone Tests

  1. The simple Testosterone Test ($69)
  2. The Male Hormone Test ($139), which includes two additional hormone tests
  3. The Male Hormone Plus ($159) package, which contains an additional test to check the hormone that controls erectile function and libido
  4. The Male Hormone Advanced ($179) package which, in addition to all the other tests, checks the hormone responsible for testosterone secretion and the development of mature spermatozoa

The tests must be taken after an 8 hour overnight 8 fast, before 9am, and returned the same day. Customers who bought these kits swear they were a game-changer in bed and for improving how they feel on a day-to-day basis. A small price to pay for big changes like these. 

LetsGetChecked Vitamin Test

LetsGetChecked Review
LetsGetChecked Vitamin Test

Vitamin deficiency is a popular diagnosis made by parents and grandparents for basically any physical, mental, and emotional malady… or wait, is this just my experience? Their suggested remedy, which incidentally applies to all other ailments as well, includes ladling out a hefty serving of our least favorite greens (yuck). So, yeah, LetsGetChecked.

LetsGetChecked offers individual testing kits for Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D, along with a Folic Acid Test. These tests require a finger prick and must be taken after having fasted overnight for 8 hours, before 9am, and returned on the same day. Before this LetsGetChecked review jumps into who these tests are for, let’s first take a look at why these vitamins are as important as our grannies said they were. 

Vitamin B12 is responsible for maintaining a healthy nervous system and generating red blood cells. Tests that evaluate Vitamin B12 levels are recommended for those who suffer from chronic fatigue, follow a plant-based diet, plan on becoming pregnant, are aged over 50, and suffer from Crohn’s or Celiac diseases. The LetsGetChecked Vitamin B12 Test is priced at $89 per kit.  

Vitamin D plays a vital role in maintaining strong bones and teeth, regulating immune system function, and combating depression. Tests for Vitamin D are advised for those who tick either some, or all of the same boxes of symptoms mentioned for Vitamin B12, in addition to those suffering from asthma, menopausal women, those at risk of developing osteoporosis, and those who don’t have the opportunity to get sufficient sunlight. Vitamin D tests are also priced at $89 per kit.

Folate, also known as Vitamin B9, establishes the building blocks for rapid cell growth during fetal development, infancy, adolescence, and pregnancy. A Folic acid test may also be taken to identify the cause of anemia or malnutrition. The LetsGetChecked Folate Test is $98.

LetsGetChecked Iron Test

LetsGetChecked Review
LetsGetChecked Iron Test

If you’re like me, “Iron deficiency”, is a diagnosis you’ve doled out to others and yourself a dozen times without really knowing what it means. At least, I thought I did. Until now. I finally took the pain to read up on it for this LetsGetChecked review.  

Interestingly enough, what you may think is a lack of iron could actually be an excess of the vital mineral instead. Quite an eye opener for those of us who are quick to label the slightest problem as a deficiency of some sort. The LetsGetChecked Iron Test determines if you are at risk of iron deficiency anemia or an iron overload, known as hemochromatosis

Symptoms of iron deficiency include cold hands and feet, brittle nails, cravings for non-food sustenance such as dirt or ice, extreme fatigue and weakness, pale skin, shortness of breath, headaches, and a sore or swollen tongue. Symptoms of iron overload may include abdominal and joint pain, fatigue, weakness, loss of libido, or diabetes.  

The LetsGetChecked Iron Test is recommended for those who are vegetarian or vegan, frequently donate blood, suffer from low energy, or have a family history of hemochromatosis (Northern Europeans are particularly susceptible). This simple and eye-opening kit requires a finger prick, priced at $99.   

LetsGetChecked Standard 5 Test

LetsGetChecked Review
LetsGetChecked Standard 5 Test

The LetsGetChecked Standard 5 Test package includes a combination of tests for sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs), including chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV (I, II, P24 antigen), syphilis and trichomoniasis. These tests require finger prick and urine samples taken after fasting overnight for 8 hours, before 9am, and returned on the same day.

Did you know that 80% of sexually transmitted diseases show no symptoms? This is why early detection is crucial to avoid long term consequences and prevent transmission to a partner. If symptoms do occur, they are likely to present themselves within 2 weeks of infection. 

Some symptoms of STDs include painful urination, pain during sexual intercourse, rash, itching, irritation or unusual bumps on the genitals and/or anus, abnormal male or female discharge in terms of smell, consistency, color or volume, and strong vaginal odor.

LetsGetChecked recommends this test for those who are sexually active, people who’ve had unprotected sex, and those entering a new sexual relationship. Because STDs can take a period of time to become detectable, you should wait at least 4 weeks from the time of potential exposure to disease before taking this test. However, STDs like syphilis can take up to 12 weeks to become detectable.

There’s a reason why the Standard 5 Test is among LetsGetChecked’s most popular testing kits: the entire process is confidential. The last thing you need is a nurse calling out your name down a cold corridor, refusing to make eye contact with you, and making you feel worse when you already feel awkward enough just being there. The Standard 5 Test costs $149 (condescending nurse not included). 

LetsGetChecked Coronavirus Test

LetsGetChecked Review
LetsGetChecked Coronavirus Test

In March this year, LetsGetChecked rolled out its FDA-authorised home tests for SARS-COV-2 (otherwise known as COVID-19). Their aim was to relieve pressure put on over crowded hospitals that struggled to keep up with the abundance of Covid-19 testing needed. The company’s at home test was also released with the intention to speed up early identification of cases. 

Solely intended for individual healthcare providers and organizations, these tests are for those who have mild symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19. Before ordering a test, customers will have to undergo a one-time assessment to determine their eligibility. Those with severe symptoms will not be qualified to order a kit and are advised to seek emergency care immediately. 

Severe symptoms of COVID-19 include: extreme difficulty breathing, severe and constant pain or pressure in the chest, dizziness, confusion, slurred speech or difficulty speaking, blue colored lips or face, seizures, coughing up blood, and symptoms of low blood pressure (cold, pale, clammy skin, light-headed and too weak to stand).

LetsGetChecked also recommends consultation with a healthcare provider before using this test if you have health conditions that could put you at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19. These conditions include: chronic kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, compromised immune system (post organ or bone marrow transplant, HIV, use of corticosteroids or other immune weakening medicines), obesity, serious heart conditions, sickle cell disease, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes mellitus, asthma, cystic fibrosis, hypertension or high blood pressure, neurological conditions like dementia, liver disease, pregnancy, pulmonary fibrosis and Thalassemia.

Mild symptoms of COVID-19 include fever or feeling feverish (chills, sweating), body aches and muscle pain, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath (but able to speak), sore throat, change in smell or taste, and vomiting or diarrhea.

Once customers pass the eligibility test, they can place an order on a testing kit. The test requires a gentle lower nasal swab. The LetsGetChecked Coronavirus Test kit comes with a UPS next day air return shipping label to send your sample back to a partner lab. The samples are analysed and the results are delivered within 24-72 hours of the sample being received. The kits are currently available only in the US and cost $119 each.

LetsGetChecked Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

LetsGetChecked Review

That’s enough information on finger pricks, tests, and ailments. This LetsGetChecked review will now focus on the company itself. 

Of the 5,066 customer reviews on TrustPilot, 78% have rated LetsGetChecked services as excellent. On Amazon, customers gave the company 4.1/5 stars. Excellent customer care, simple steps, discreet, quick, and easy to track results, as well as detailed reporting, are among the most commonly cited reasons for the company’s popularity.         

Here is a LetsGetChecked review on TrustPilot that captures a popular customer sentiment: 

At first, I was nervous about how this was going to work, how I would get my blood drawn and send my urine across states but there’s literally directions for every little step you do. LetsGetChecked is so much easier and more relaxing to get checked at the comfort of my own home rather than going to the doctor. reviews particularly commend the company for their home STD testing kits. The few shortcomings cited by customers include an excess of promotional emails and occasionally shoddy customer service.  

Is LetsGetChecked Worth It? 

LetsGetChecked Review

After scouring the internet for customer reviews and having placed an order myself, this LetsGetChecked review strongly recommends these services and regards the company as safe, trustworthy, and reliable

When you’re ailing, the pain of being overloaded with information, the nerve-wracking wait at hospitals, and the frantic shuffle between departments can be worse than the actual ailment itself. In terms of online medical services, it’s hard to find a platform you can trust. 

LetsGetChecked does things differently. They don’t claim to be substitutes for doctors. Their goal is to inform, and they successfully do that by being completely transparent with your diagnosis and all testing processes.

If you test positive for a health condition, LetsGetChecked offers a free consultation with a registered nurse. The nurse will provide further information about your results, answer queries you may have, and in some cases, prescribe medication. 

This LetsGetChecked review delivers its final verdict: A definite yes! The hospital is not a place I want to be for a minor ailment in the middle of a pandemic. If you’re concerned about issues with confidentiality, read up on LetsGetChecked policies and reach out to them if you have questions.

LetsGetChecked Promotions & Discounts 

This LetsGetChecked review found that you can save 20% by using the LetsGetChecked promo code HEALTH20 at checkout. A LetsGetChecked discount code can also be found intermittently on their social media. 

LetsGetChecked Review

Where to Buy LetsGetChecked Tests

You can order a test kit online at, on Amazon, or directly from the company’s iOS and Android app. The kits are also available at some retail stores and pharmacies like CVS and Walmart.


How long do results from LetsGetChecked take?

LetsGetChecked aims to have results ready in 2-5 business days after the lab receives the sample. When the results are ready, customers will get an email to let them know their results are available on their LetsGetChecked dashboard. 

How do you send LetsGetChecked samples to the lab? 

Customers are required to place the biohazard bag with the sample(s) back into the white LetsGetChecked box that the test came in. Please ensure the Lab Sticker on the inside lid is filled-in, then place the white box into the pre-paid return envelope provided with your test kit.

If your return method is standard post, you can simply place the sealed box/package, with your samples, in a standard post box.

LetsGetChecked recommends that customers collect their samples between Monday and Thursday before 10am and return it to the lab the same day to ensure the samples reach the lab before the weekend.

What is LetsGetChecked’s Shipping Policy?

LetsGetChecked offers free shipping. At present, the company only offers services in Canada, Ireland, the US, and the UK. LetsGetChecked also does not ship to the following locations:

  • Rhode Island
  • New Jersey
  • Alaska
  • Air/Army Post Offices (APO)
  • Fleet Post Offices (FPO)
  • Diplomatic Post Offices (DPO)

Residents in Quebec will have to purchase kits directly from the company’s iOS app, or contact customer care.

What is LetsGetChecked’s Return Policy?

In order to cancel your LetsGetChecked test order, you have to inform them of your decision in writing (see the next section for contact details). After reaching out to LetsGetChecked customer service, you must return the kit you received within 14 days from notifying them of your decision to cancel. Return fees are the customer’s responsibility.

How to Contact LetsGetChecked

For general queries, customers can write to LetsGetChecked through the company’s official website via the Contact Page. If you have any concerns about the information that appears on the site, you can contact the company by: 

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 647-694-2422 
  • US mail: 330 W 38th, 405, New York, NY,10018, United States
  • UK mail: UNIT 3, Adelphi House, George’s Street Upper, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, A96 NY82, Ireland

After this LetsGetChecked review, explore some other testing options:




Manscaped Shave Review

About Manscaped

Manscaped Shave Review

Manscaped is a California-based company dedicated to grooming and hygiene below the belt.  They don’t shy from stating their mission loud and clear: To put it in a “nutshell,” Manscaped wants your balls to thank you for using the right products on the boys. 

With a range of precision tools for the hard-to-navigate, sensitive groin area and post-trimming products, Manscaped has fast emerged as a one-stop-shop for men focused on the needs of what has, for too long, been a taboo subject.

Manscaped ads are everywhere. The brand clearly has an army of proactive marketers. So, it comes as no surprise that the grooming company is featured in popular media outlets, including ESPN, Forbes, Barstool Sports, and GQ. Manscaped tools, formulations, and accessories have a legion of loyalists on social media, with 430k followers on Instagram and another 120K more on Facebook.

Is all this thanks to quality products, aggressive marketing, or both? Is Manscaped actually good? This Manscaped shave review will give you the answers based on research into the brand, reviews, and customer experiences. A disclaimer first: I’m not really into high-end grooming, but I’m obsessively clean and dig products that promote hygiene. If Manscaped lives up to its claims, I’m all ears, eyes, and balls.  

Overview of Manscaped

Manscaped Shave Review

How do you define a perfect pecker? Now that this Manscaped shave review has your attention, let me present an eye and zip-opener: A team of Swiss researchers asked a bunch of women to rank eight different traits related to the penis in order of the most important to least important. 

No, length did not rank first. Neither did girth. The most important was “general cosmetic appearance”, followed by “the state of male pubic hair”. It makes sense because trimming the hedges does make the tree look bigger.      

In comes Manscaped with its range of trimmer, ball deodorants, Aloe Vera wipes, cologne, and boxers. Founded in 2017, Manscaped has carved a niche for itself in the downstairs grooming market. Most of its products are made in San Diego, California. 

“Our mission is to refine the gentleman,” said Manscaped CEO Paul Tran in an interview with Forbes. The company, he said, does not skimp on active ingredients, design aesthetic, materials or finishes. “Everything we do is purely focused on quality,” he assures. How do customers respond to this? We’ll get to that soon in this Manscaped shave review.   

Manscaped Shave Review
Manscaped founders Steve and Josh King

In 2018, Manscaped shot to fame when founders and father-son duo Steve and Josh King walked into the American business reality television series Shark Tank seeking $500,000 for a 7% stake in their company. 

The Manscaped founders walked out with $500,000 and a 25% stake for judges Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban. The Manscaped Shark Tank episode was particularly memorable for the Kings’ hilarious pitch. They demonstrated their products on a shrub, sending Twitter into a frenzy. 

Manscaped Shave Review

As you can no doubt tell from their creative and brazen marketing, the grooming brand is inspiring men to be open about manscaping, bringing the topic out of the shadows. Manscaped uses its momentum toward a good cause, having entered into a partnership with the Testicular Cancer Society. This non-profit organization provides help and support to cancer fighters, survivors, and caregivers.   

This Manscaped shave review will now provide the brand’s perks, peaks, and pitfalls based on customer experiences and publicly available information on the products.  


  • Waterproof and rust-resistant razors with a sturdy design
  • Trimmers come with replaceable ceramic blade
  • Easy to maneuver and clean
  • Proven reduction of painful pulls and tugs, nicks and snags, no matter how coarse or curly the hair
  • Attractive and comprehensive packaging make Manscaped kits popular as gifts
  • One-stop shop for below-the-belt grooming
  • Partners with the Testicular Cancer Society
  • Free shipping
  • Full refunds offered


  • Pricey for standalone products, though you are paying for quality
  • Some customers did report hair pulls and cuts and experienced frequent delays in shipping 
Manscaped Shave Review

The biggest gripe among customers looking to buy a Manscaped product is the paucity of a non-sponsored Manscape review, especially for its best-seller, The Manscaped Lawn Mower 2.0. Note: This Manscaped shave review is not sponsored

We’ll give you an honest review of the brand, including a deep-dive on individual Manscaped products and kits. This Manscaped shave review showcases some of the company’s most popular balls to the wall products, and find out what makes them buzz in a competitive razor market.

Manscaped The Lawn Mower 3.0 Review

Manscaped Shave Review
Manscaped The Lawn Mower 3.0

Manscaped The Lawn Mower 3.0 is a third-generation electric trimmer featuring technology that’s safe on the skin and specifically designed for below-the-belt grooming and hygiene. To review this sleek piece of machinery, let’s start from the top and work our way to the bottom.

The Lawn Mower 3.0 is a newer version of Manscaped’s original razor: The Lawn Mower. The main advancement in the latest version based on a Manscaped Lawn Mower 2.0 review by the brand, is its super sharp snap-in ceramic blades

These precision-engineered ceramic and stainless-steel blades are designed to withstand dirt and oil buildup, while also being easy to clean and replace. Each blade comes pre-lubricated to run smoothly and reduce wear and tear.  

Manscaped Shave Review
Manscaped The Lawnmower 3.0

The Lawnmower 3.0 trimmer comes with an adjustable guide comb for different hair lengths. No matter what length you choose, it’s designed to get an even trim. The diamond-textured non-slip grip, LED light, and compact design helps you navigate all your nooks and crannies, wet or dry. 

The Manscaped razor comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 90 minutes of use. This is clearly not just another vanity product. Need more proof? Here’s what a customer had to say in a Manscaped Reddit review: “Why did it take so long for the world to produce this!?”

Priced at $79.99, this Manscaped Trimmer has an average rating of 4.2/5 stars across more than 6,800 reviews on Amazon. Customers can also sign up for the $70 “Peak Hygiene Plan” to receive a replacement ceramic blade every 3 months for $15.  

Manscaped Weed Whacker Review

Manscaped Shave Review
Manscaped Weed Whacker

Why take the shears to your shrub when you can swiftly weed it out? No, we aren’t talking about the hair down there, but the annoying, scraggly ones in your nose and ears that make you twitch and itch. The Manscaped Weed Whacker is a revolutionary electric ear and nose hair trimmer with technology that’s easy on the sensitive skin in those areas.

Fitted with a 9,000 RPM motor that powers a 360° rotary dual-blade system, The Weed Whacker’s battery holds charge for up to 90 minutes of use. This ear and nose trimmer is waterproof and can be used wet or dry. The tip is capped with a hypoallergenic stainless-steel cone that prevents pulls, nicks, and cuts.  

Manscaped Shave Review
Manscaped Weed Whacker

To use The Weed Whacker, slowly insert the comfortable cone tip into your nose or ear and allow it to trim hair for at least 60 seconds to breathe easy again. Besides the battery and the blade, the trimmer comes with a USB charging cable, AC adapter, and cleaning brush. Performance and comfort are clearly built into this product, priced at $39.99.  

Manscaped Crop Preserver

Manscaped Shave Review
Manscaped Crop Preserver

Your boys are now newly trimmed, but how do you keep them fresh and exuberant all day? The Manscaped Crop Preserver, a quick-absorbing gel, is formulated specially to prevent chafing and fight odor for up to 24 hours. People who like Manscaped love this product. 

Here is a Manscaped ball deodorant review that captures the sentiment of many customers who have used The Crop Preserver: “This product makes me feel proud of my balls…and the main member too,” said a Manscaped review on the company website.

Active ingredients in the Manscaped Crop Preserver include tapioca starch to reduce friction, caprylic capric triglyceride antioxidants and aloe leaf juice that protects and hydrates skin. Manscaped recommends that customers apply and rub a small amount of the moisturizing deodorant into the palm and then apply on and around your sensitive areas. Sigh! This is dreamy. I just trashed my talcum.

Manscaped’s powerful moisturizing ‘fresh ball preserver’ costs $13. You can also save 23% by opting for the Replenish Plan, billed at $10 plus tax every month.     

Manscaped Crop Mop Review

Manscaped Shave Review
Manscaped Crop Mop

An average day can be quite taxing for the male groin. Whether you’re sitting in front of a computer all day, toiling in a smoky kitchen, working out, or hammering away at construction, your balls take a beating. Manscaped Crop Mop ball wipes are an oasis amid this grim and grime. 

Infused with Aloe Vera leaf extract and made with a soft woven material, these individually packaged wipes keep your balls clean and refreshed, and your skin smooth and balanced. These anti-bacterial wipes, formulated with vegan ingredients, can be carried in your pocket or wallet, since they’re approximately the size of a credit card.

Manscaped Shave Review
Manscaped Crop Mop

The Manscaped Crop Mop wipes are great for daily use at work, at the gym, camping, while travelling, and when your next shower seems a long way off. Priced at $13, each pack contains 15 individually wrapped wipes

You can also save 31% by signing up for the company’s Replenish Plan: Just pay $9 (plus tax) every month and have your monthly supply of crop mop wipes delivered to you. That’s a sweet deal, although there are lots of cheaper hygiene wipe options out there. 

Manscaped Cologne Review

Manscaped Shave Review
Manscaped Cologne

The shrub in your nether region is freshly trimmed. Your nostril and ear hairs have been weeded out. You’re good to go. Oh wait, just a finishing touch. A quick spritz of cologne. Manscaped Cologne opens with a light citrus burst, dances around with a gentle whiff of sambac jasmine, before settling into light wood

This Manscaped essence, which comes in a 50ml spray bottle, smells like the company’s other formulations and lends its wearer a sense of refinement. Priced at $40, the scent is strong enough to make an impression, but subtle enough to add intrigue. Customers can also choose the Replenish Plan and pay $35 every 6 months to restock on cologne.

Manscaped Boxers Review

Manscaped Shave Review
Manscaped Boxers

The last thing I want over my groomed goods are a pair of boxers that feel like a tinderbox or ones riddled with holes that give them partial ventilation. The Manscaped Boxers are designed to accentuate the brand’s line-up for below-the-waist grooming. If you’re going to take care of your cucumber, it’s got to have quality packaging. 

The Manscaped Boxers are engineered specifically to reduce chafing, built with microfibers that prevent a swamp crotch. They’re built with a contoured pouch that increases comfort while a 4-way stretch keeps the family jewels from rubbing uncomfortably against each other. A no-roll waistband provides maximum support below the waist.  

Manscaped Boxers are made out of 92% polyester and 8% elastane. Whether you’re lounging around the house or running a marathon, these boxers aren’t partial. They’re for every lad. They let the force be with your balls.    

Manscaped underwear comes in waist sizes between S (26-29) and XXXL (47-50) (S – 26-29 to XXXL – 47-50). Priced at $20, these boxers may seem a bit steep, but Manscaped loyalists say it’s a small price to pay for the comfort the boxers provide.

Manscaped The Perfect Package 3.0 Review

Manscaped Shave Review
Manscaped The Perfect Package 3.0

For all the men and women out there scouting for a gift or those looking for a subtle way to tell your partner it’s time to groom down there, Manscaped has a solution. The Perfect Package 3.0 comes with three key grooming items: The Lawn Mower 3.0, The Crop Preserver, and the breezy Manscaped Boxers. The kit also includes a bottle of the Crop Reviver, a ball toner and refresher spray, a mat to keep your bathroom tidy while grooming, and a luxury toiletry bag

Manscaped Shave Review
Manscaped The Shed Toiletry Bag

The Manscaped Crop Reviver, with its infusion of Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel extracts, keeps your buds cool, calm, and protected after a good shave. The Shed, Manscaped’s premium leather toiletry bag, features a secure zippered closure, a waterproof interior lining, and a convenient grab-and-go handle.

Manscaped Shave Review
Manscaped The Magic Mat

The Magic Mat makes you laugh while grooming. Yeah, you had that right. These disposable shaving mats carry entertainment news you can read while standing over it to give your balls a shave. Personally, the last thing I would want to do with a razor in my hand and my balls in the vicinity is to be distracted. But for those who are braver, it could definitely make the bathroom routine much more interesting. These disposable mats also save toilet rolls and time that’s usually spent unclogging the train. 

The Manscaped Boxers and The Shed toiletry bag come free with this package, priced at $99. I’d say The Perfect Package 3.0 is the ideal gift to pamper balls.

Manscaped Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Manscaped Shave Review

Manscaped received global acclaim after the Shark Tank Manscaped episode. Customers who’ve used Manscaped products have, however, given it mixed reviews, with the scales mostly tilted in favor of the brand.  

As part of my research for this Manscaped shave review, I looked up customer feedback beyond the brand’s website. On Sitejabber, Manscaped has a consumer rating of 3.88/5 stars from 107 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchase. Of the 104 reviews on TrustPilot, 82% have rated Manscaped as Excellent. Most Manscaped Amazon reviews have praised the brand for its sleek, non-slip design, attractive packaging, and innovative line-up.    

So, what are the company’s shortcomings? When the Manscaped Lawn Mower 2.0 was released, quite a few customers complained of nicks and yanked hairs. “Beware,” said a Manscaped 2.0 Reddit review. “The razor continues to draw blood with this product,” added another Manscaped Lawn Mower 2.0 review. Manscaped soon rolled out The Lawn Mower 3.0, engineered to reduce cuts. This proved an instant hit, although a handful still complained of hair yanks.

Other common issues with Manscaped concern shipping times, which tend to take longer than expected for some customers.

Is Manscaped Worth It?

Manscaped Shave Review

For starters, it’s great that Manscaped encourages conversations on below-the-belt hygiene and supports an empowered culture surrounding men’s self-care and health through the Testicular Cancer Society. If you are into grooming, Manscaped could be the thing for you. Their pricing may be a little steep, yet the quality and range of Manscaped’s products make it a win, especially as a gift

This Manscaped shave review also gives the brand brownies points for its functionality. I would, however, suggest exercising some caution and research before purchasing Manscaped products. Compare their specificities with those of similar products offered by bigger brands in the industry. Based on the customer reports I found, many buyers are happy with their products, and you probably will be too.

Manscaped Shave Review

I also commend Manscaped for its dedication to innovation. In three years since its launch, the brand already rolled out three different versions of its trimmer. It’s nice to know they’re listening to customers and that they care for our balls.     

Manscaped clearly has an aggressive marketing strategy. By the end of this Manscaped shave review, I had Manscaped ads popping out of my phone, laptop and television screens. So much for discretion. The challenge is to look beyond these spiels and fish out real experiences.           

Manscaped Promotions & Discounts 

Manscaped Shave Review

This Manscaped shave review found an exclusive offer of a free pair of boxers and travel bag valued at $60 with every purchase of The Performance Package and The Perfect Package 3.0

Customers can also opt for the Replenish Plan for every Manscaped product they buy. If you opt for the plan, you get a discount on your current purchase plus a replacement for your product (blades, sprays and cologne) every 3 or 6 months at a discounted price.

There was no Manscaped coupon code or Manscaped discount code at the time of this Manscaped shave review.

Where to Buy Manscaped

Manscaped Shave Review

Manscaped products are available on the brand’s official website and on Amazon. They are also available in various retail stores in the US, including Walmart. 


This Manscaped shave review addresses the most common questions asked by new and existing customers:

Can you use the Manscaped on your face?

Manscaped says No. The reason the company gives is expected of any brand that exclusively focuses on under-the-belt grooming: The gross factor. While Manscaped admits its trimmer effectively mows hair on the face, head, and body, it advises against doing this for hygiene purposes. The company also offers Manscaped The Plow 2.0, a Manscaped razor, for the face instead.

How often should you shave your balls?

The short and quick answer is that, for most men, trimming or shaving their pubic region once every 2 weeks seems to be the sweet spot. A lot of men also report trimming the hedges before a date, which this Manscaped shave review thinks is a great idea.

What is Manscaped’s Shipping Policy?

Manscaped offers free shipping to the US, U.K, Australia, and Canada. Typically shipping takes about 4-9 business days, but the brand has reported delays owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Customers receive an email containing tracking information once their order ships. Tracking can also be accessed by logging into the site to access replenishments, current, and past orders.

What is Manscaped’s Return Policy?

All Manscaped products carry a 30-day return policy. If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase, provided it is unused, undamaged, and in its original packaging. Refunds are returned to the original form of payment.

To initiate a return, contact the Manscaped customer support team by email. In the email include your name, phone number, order ID, product you wish to return, proof of purchase and a brief summary of your reason for return. Once Manscaped accepts this request, you’ll receive a Return Material Authorization (RMA) tracking number.

Note that The Lawnmower 2.0 and The Lawnmower 3.0 come with a 1-year warranty for any manufacturer defects.

How to Contact Manscaped

If you still have questions after this Manscaped shave review, customer care can be reached at [email protected]. The response time is between 24-48 hours.

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Eton Shirts Review

About Eton Shirts

Eton Shirts Review

Eton Shirts is a fine men’s shirt company based in Sweden. Its collection of premium dress shirts, casual shirts, soft-washed and formal shirts are designed by artists and made by experts from the finest fabrics. Eton shirt-makers strive to recreate classics from the past and seamlessly weave them into contemporary fashion.    

Eton Shirts is featured in multiple publications, including notable ones like Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The New York Times, British GQ, and Esquire magazine. What began as one store in the small village of Gånghester nearly a century ago is now a globally established brand with a fan base of 119K followers on Instagram. 

Steeped in history, there’s much to discover in this Eton Shirts review. What makes this brand exceptional, and why do customers swear allegiance to it? How did Eton Shirts survive a war and The Great Depression? This Eton Shirts review provides an in-depth look at the brand from its founding, highlighting some bestsellers, customer feedback, promotions, and more.

Overview of Eton Shirts

Eton Shirts review

Tracing the beginning of the brand for this Eton Shirts review was like poring over a book on World history. It started in a humble kitchen in the quaint village of Gånghester in Sweden in the 1920s, when a certain Annie Petterson began sewing dresses. Her husband David joined her fast-growing business after The Great Depression forced him to close down the family sawmill. 

Originally called Syfabriken Special (Specialized Sewing Factory), the brand was rechristened Eton Shirts in the 1950s, inspired by the elite Eton College in England. When the shirts were introduced to the British market, the English also found the initial brand name quite a mouthful.  

In the early 90’s, Eton Shirts produced the world’s first non-iron shirts in 100% cotton. While this Eton Shirts review can’t independently fact-check this claim, the selling point worked among customers: 600 non-iron shirts were sold at Harrods within the first week of their introduction. 

Flash forward to today, and Eton is now a global brand with its shirts sold in more than 1,500 stores in over 50 countries, with flagship stores in Frankfurt, London, New York and Stockholm. Who owns Eton Shirts? After being family-owned for more than eight decades, Eton was bought by Swedish private equity group EQT Partners in 2016. 

Eton Shirts review

You might be wondering, where are Eton Shirts made? Most of the brand’s collection is made in Romania, Estonia, Macedonia and Lithuania, while the company’s pricier (and superior quality) DnA shirts are made at the company head office in Gånghester.

Shirt manufacturers routinely boast about how they make the “highest quality shirts” with the “best fabrics” without really delving into what makes them the best. Eton is no exception here. Eton’s creative director Sebastian Dollinger has gone to town claiming Eton Shirts are among the finest in the world. 

So, what makes these shirts truly distinct? Based on my research and customer reviews, this Eton Shirts review will guide you into taking an informed decision because… Eton shirts are not cheap. We’ll tell you if the buy is worth the pinch. 


  • Global and historical brand recognition 
  • High quality fabric 
  • Crease-resistant shirts made from 100% extra long staple cotton
  • Uses materials that are safe to humans and environment 
  • Wide variety of shirts on offer, from eccentric prints to corporate-approved classics
  • Offers four different fits 
  • Free shipping (with the exception of the US and Canada)
  • Free returns


  • Expensive
  • Collar stays cannot be removed
  • Customers complain of poor stock management
Eton Shirts review

Eton Shirts has something for everyone and a dress for all occasions, from business casual to  tuxedos and button-ups for working from home. These shirts come in different fits (slim, contemporary, super slim, classic and custom made) and categories (flannels, denim, polo, printed, French cuff and overshirts).

Eton Shirts is distinguished for its range of white shirts, which includes a selection of collars, fabrics, textures and innovative woven micro patterns. Whatever the occasion, there’s a white shirt to match it. The Signature Twill is an Eton staple with its perfect blend of comfort and style, while the minimalistic Herringbone Twill, another essential, reflects Eton’s traditional roots with its lustrous sheen and texture. Match the retro-inspired Blue Flower Twill Shirt with a pair of khakis and aviators and exude comfortable elegance.

Roll down those sleeves and lead a boardroom, roll them up and you are all set for a quiet dinner date at an upscale restaurant. This Eton Shirts review will explore some of the brand’s top-selling items and find out what makes them popular.      

Light Blue Twill Shirt – Signature Twill

This Light Blue Twill Shirt – Signature Twill is a detailed classic design piece cut from Eton’s most popular crease-resistant twill weave. This dress shirt is available in super slim, slim, contemporary, and classic fit. It’s crease-resistant with cutaway collars and stays sharp round-the-clock. Match this shirt with a pair of black pants or khakis and transition effortlessly from week to weekend. 

You’ve got color options with this signature shirt. It’s also available in white, navy, off white, pale purple, and light pink for $250. If you’re into some flair along the collar and cuffs, the Light Blue Shirt – Blue Floral Details comes in super slim and slim fit, in a white version as well, for the same price.

White Royal Oxford Shirt

Famous for its soft hand feel and sartorial look, the White Royal Oxford Shirt is an Eton essential with its unique texture, elegant draping and durability. Available in slim and contemporary fit, this is a smart-looking button down. Match it with a tie and a double-breasted suit for a suave corporate look, or opt to pair it with a suede jacket and white sneakers for the weekend. 

If you like the style and fit aren’t sure of investing in more white shirts, you could choose Eton’s Royal Oxford Shirt in other colors: light blue, black, pale pink, orange and yellow. This versatile piece is available for $175.       

Dark Navy Filo di Scozia Cotton T-Shirt

Knitted in Italy, manufactured by Sweden and worn at your local tavern or your neighbourhood park, the Dark Navy Filo di Scozia Cotton T-Shirt has travelled far. It’s knitted from Filo di Scozia yarns and double mercerized cotton and is popular for its softness and silky feel that gets better with wear. This jersey-style staple with a crew neck collar can be dressed up or down. Thrown on an unlined suit and a pair of sneakers for a dressed-up yet casual look, or keep it simple with denims. 

For a slim fit, the brand recommends choosing your regular size. For a slightly more relaxed feel, size it up by one. Be wary, customers say it’s hard to get one that fits right, but if you are among the lucky few, then there’s nothing like it. The Dark Navy Filo di Scozia Cotton T-Shirt is available in white, grey, cedar, yellow, and black for $225.

Navy Herringbone Flannel Shirt

Eton’s Navy Herringbone Flannel Shirt helps you relax with its crease-resistant flannel fabric. Stay sharp all day with the Herringbone Flannel’s button-under collar and classic weave. This style is available in slim and contemporary fits. If you like its collar, you’ll love its single cuffs as well. If the color isn’t for you, there are shades of red and grey to choose from as well.

Unbutton the Navy Herringbone Flannel Shirt and wear it with a trim suit to up your contemporary-cool business look, or match it with a pair of chinos for a sophisticated casual look. The striking color, in particular, makes this one my personal favorite. Get this slick look for $285.

Light Grey Piqué Shirt

It’s hard to stand out in casual attire, but not if you’re wearing one of Eton’s piqué shirts. With its button-under collar and long sleeves, the Light Grey Piqué Shirt is 3cm shorter than an Eton business shirt. The Piqué weave features cotton yarns characterised by raised parallel cords or fine ribbing. This gives the material a subtle pattern and texture that can only be seen up close. 

The Light Grey Piqué Shirt, which also comes in black, has rounded single cuffs and a slim fit. While light grey is a highly adaptable color, if you feel like a more adventurous shade, there are 19 others to choose form. Do Eton shirts shrink? While most Eton shirts only have minor shrinkage, the piqué shirts have a natural shrinkage of up to 5% after the first wash. Eton recommends customers to stretch/reshape the shirt when wet. Now, that’s some maintenance, but customers say this $235 shirt is worth it.   

Navy Grenadine Tie

That’s enough shirt talk. Let’s get down to ties. Eton’s Navy Grenadine Tie is 100% silk and made in Italy. These ties are handmade and woven in the Italian village Como on traditional wooden looms for a soft handle and rich texture. Now that explains its $195 cost. Who said ties are for corporates and the tuxedoed? This one goes as well with casual denim shirts as well.     

Custom Made Shirts

Customers can also personalize their Etons to suit their preferences. Eton Shirts currently has on offer 62 items that can be perfected in both design and fit. You can choose a shirt by visiting the website and adjust the width of the chest and waist. The company also offers a variety of collars (button-under, cut away, extreme cut away) and cuffs. You can also adjust the length of your sleeves by comparing it with how your standard shirts fit.    

Want something a little more personal? Add a monogram to your Eton Custom Made Shirts. You can choose between placing it on the cuff or the front of the shirt. Eton’s customizable shirts are priced between $225-295, available in a variety of colors (blue, green, grey/black, off-white/brown, pink/red, purple and white), patterns (checked, dotted, floral, geometric, herringbone, micro print, motif, plain, striped) and materials (fine twill, flannel, Royal Oxford, poplin and fine twill stretch). Holy options.

Eton Shirts Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Eton Shirts review

There’s no other way to put this: Customers love Eton Shirts! While there’s an occasional gasp over the price tags of these shirts, there’s little debate on their quality. A majority of customers gave Eton shirts great to excellent ratings on TrustPilot. A lot of Eton Shirts’ customers are long-time loyalists, like this one: “I have been an avid Eton fan for many years. Their shirts are my favourites for casual and formal business attire. They are wrinkle-free – which make them perfect for business travel!”

Few seem to stop at owning a single Eton piece. Take this Eton Shirts review: “Yes, they are expensive but well worth the cost and will stand the test of time. I own maybe 20 of them and am always complimented when wearing them,” said a Reddit user. 

The biggest pullback for Eton is its customer service. A lot of customers on Reddit complained about poorly informed store staff, shipping delays and delayed returns. Poor stock management is another recurring issue. When I visited the company’s website for this Eton Shirts review, I found a lot of shirts were out of stock. 

Eton shirts are also high maintenance. The buttons on some of them are a bit more stylized, which makes them more delicate. Hand the shirt over to a dry-cleaner and you could have it returned with cracked buttons. You would do well to visit Eton Shirts’ website which devotes an entire section on how to take care of an Eton shirt.  

Are Eton Shirts Worth It?

Eton Shirts review

From my research and customers’ feedback, this Eton Shirts review’s verdict should be obvious by now: Yes, Eton Shirts are worth it. These shirts are time-tested and the brand’s attention to detail is impressive to say the least. People who own Eton shirts vouch for the quality of fabric and their durability. If you like an Eton shirt, most of the time, you end up loving the brand. 

That being said, the prices of Eton Shirts are not accessible to everyone. I would personally wait for a sale to acquire a piece of Eton. These shirts are a bit of an investment, but based on what customers say, it’s a worthwhile one!

Eton Shirts Promotions & Discounts 

Unfortunately, there is no Eton Shirt sale at the time of this Eton Shirts review, but watch out: the brand slashes cost by up to 70% during the sale period. Eyeing a particularly exquisite piece from Eton? Save the link and wait for the sale period. I found no Eton dress shirt sale, but those come up as well.

Eton Shirts review

Where to Buy Eton Shirts

Eton shirts are available online through the company’s official website,

You can also get them at one of its many global outlets. Visit Eton Shirts’ website to locate a store near you.


How do Eton Shirts fit?

This Eton Shirts review gives you the downlow on sizing for their Super Slim, Slim, Contemporary, Classic, and Relaxed fit shirts:

Eton Shirts review
Eton Shirts review
Eton Shirts review

What is Eton Shirts’ Shipping Policy?

Eton Shirts ships globally, and in general, it takes about 5 business days for delivery. Shipping within the EU, the UK and Norway is free, while the shipping cost to the US is $25 and Canada is $30

As soon as an order ships, customers receive a tracking ID via email. If you sign up for an Eton Shirts login rather than order as a guest, you can log into your account and track the package that way as well.

What is Eton Shirts’ Return Policy?

Customers can return any item purchased at Eton Shirts within 60 days from the delivery date, and returns are free. Just make sure to use the return label and fill in the return document. Eton Shirts at this time is unable to handle returns that are not connected to the company’s e-commerce store, If you have a return to a physical store, you need to visit the store in order to make a valid return.

The average sending takes a few business days depending on where you are when you’re leaving the return shipment. In general, it takes up to 5 business days from the day the parcel reaches the company’s warehouse for the return department to arrange returns. During the sale period, this may be extended to 14 business days.

How to Contact Eton Shirts

If you have lingering questions after this Eton Shirts review, you can contact customer care from Monday to Friday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM (ET) at +13473386350.

You can also email the company through Eton Shirts’ official website by filling out the contact form. 

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Frost NYC Hip Hop Jewelry Review

About Frost NYC

Frost NYC Hip Hop Jewelry Review

Frost NYC is an e-commerce site selling hip-hop jewelry accented by gold and gemstones for men and women. Touted to be one of the largest jewelry manufacturers of their kind in the United States, Frost NYC has built its reputation among urban jewelry lovers for its unique custom-made pieces with ‘iced out’ detailing that complement their street style.   

With its dope sense of fashion, Frost NYC’s bling has garnered a substantial following in the VIP crowd. Its celebrity clientele include rappers Travis Scott, Fredo Santana and Rick Ross, NBA stars John Wall and Tyson Chandler, singer-songwriters Cee-lo Green and Farruko, reggaeton star Nicky Jam, Dominican rapper El Alfa Hefe, and celebrity radio presenter and television personality Charlamagne. The company has a significant presence on social media as well, with close to 43k followers on Facebook and 66.2k followers on Instagram.  

All this sounds impressive, but Is Frost NYC reputable? Does Frost NYC sell real diamonds? Is Frost NYC’s gold certified? You don’t want to be coughing up dough for bust down Rollies and iced out jewelry if it’s not the real thing. This Frost NYC hip hop jewelry review will give you a low down on everything you need to know about the brand, from customer ratings to a selection of Frost NYC’s bestsellers and promotions.         

Overview of Frost NYC 

Frost NYC Hip Hop Jewelry Review

Frost NYC launched in early 2000 by founders Arthur Ilyev and Nick Kaykov. Their mission was to  make “million-dollar quality” rocks available without a heavy price tag. Based in the heart of New York’s Diamond District, Frost NYC transitioned to an e-commerce platform to take the city’s street fashion to the world stage. 

Did you dig Drake’s dog tags? Or maybe you want to rock whatever Jay-Z was photographed wearing last week. With its collection of iced out (mostly) men’s bracelets, earrings, rings, watches and chains, Frost NYC doesn’t just tell you what everyone is wearing, they tell you what you’re not. More on this later in the Frost NYC hip hop jewelry review.      

So, what about Frost NYC jewelry made celebrities hop on board? This Frost NYC hip hop jewelry review will look beyond the bling to find out what makes the brand popular and what doesn’t:    


  • Significant brand recognition by celebrities
  • Customers can design their own jewelry by providing specifics to in-house manufacturing and design team 
  • Offers financing without deferred interest or hidden fees
  • 100% money back guarantee program
  • Lifetime warranty and maintenance (excluding Herringbone Chains)
  • Free shipping
  • International shipping available  


  • Returns are not free, customers have to pay for shipping and insurance
  • Tardy customer service: delay in resolution of issues, especially related to returns, refunds, and impolite staff  
Frost NYC Hip Hop Jewelry Review

Throw your rollies in the sky / Wave em side to side — when Biggie rapped this line in the late 90’s as part of his hit number ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’, rhythm wasn’t the only thing on his mind. It was a statement of his success. Biggie’s Rolex was blinged-out with diamonds to match his collection of iced-out chains. Twenty three years after his death, his style continues to influence and inspire Frost NYC designers, including his signature Jesus Piece. 

Whether you’re the high-end shopper who wants custom-designed bling or someone who just wants pieces that will complement your everyday street style, Frost NYC has something for everyone who likes hip-hop fashion. 

Frost NYC designs iced-out rings, chains, bracelets, pendants, dog tags and Rolex watches in gold (including 14-karat gold, 18-karat gold, rose gold, white gold and gold plated), platinum and diamond for men, and have stock items for women (engagement rings, rolex watches, name plate necklace and earrings). 

Frost NYC Hip Hop Jewelry Review

Besides diamonds, ruby is another precious stone you can cop from the Frost NYC website without your bank balance hitting the red. This Frost NYC hip hop jewelry review will look at some of the brand’s best sellers and find out what makes them popular. 

Mens Solid Cuban Link 10K Gold

Many artists stake the claim on having played a pivotal role in making Cuban link chains a hip-hop fashion essential. Who made it popular is still up for grabs, but there is no denying the fact that Cuban link chains and bracelets are among the fastest selling hip-hop accessories. Frost NYC’s sales figures of its Mens Solid Cuban Link 10K Gold prove this trend. Its sales are pure fire.

These Frost NYC mens chains weigh 7g. It’s fully customizable, so you can choose the length (20-30 inches) and width (2.5mm-8.55mm). The chain is round, bold and thick on both sides. Pair the Mens Solid Cuban Link 10K Gold chain with a matching bracelet or a diamond cross pendant and you’ll be lookin’ fly, no diggity, no doubt. You can get this Frost NYC piece for $469, discounted from $671.     

Mens Hollow Diamond Cut Franco Chain 10K White Gold 

Believed to be named after an Italian designer, the Franco chain is similar to the Cuban link in design, but has an additional four sides that make it more sturdy. If you want a chain that’s hassle-free, won’t tangle and looks sleek, this Mens Hollow Diamond Cut Franco Chain 10k White Gold is a solid choice.

The chain weighs 6g and you have the option of customizing to your desired length (20-30 inches) and width (2.5-6mm). The Men’s Hollow Diamond Cut Franco Chain 10k White Gold chain goes well with oversized pendants since it’s sturdy and can hold weight. The white gold is bound to make you look crisp. The Franco Chain currently goes for $469, marked down from $688.

Diamond Ankh Pendant 0.50 Carats

Ankh is an Egyptian hieroglyph meaning “breath of life.” A favourite among celebrities, this lustrous Diamond Ankh Pendant 0.50 Carat 10K yellow pendant is encrusted with approximately 0.50 carats of diamonds and weighs 2.84g. The average length of the pendant is 36mm and has a width of 15mm. 

The Diamond Ankh Pendant 0.50 Carat can be worn for all occasions and seasons. Its iced out look is matched best with a Cuban link against a solid-colored attire. Get this mystical Egyptian ice for $665, originally $951.

Big Gold Cross & Cz 10K Yellow Gold Pendant

Iced out and bling crosses is an essential of hip-hop fashion. Frost NYC’s Big Gold Cross & Cz 10K Yellow Gold Pendant stands out for its reverent allure. Inspired by Jay Z’s collection, this fine jewelry can be matched with a Franco chain. Wearing this is a testament to Biggie himself.

The pendant weighs approximately 9.2g with an average length of 70mm and width of 42mm. Need some reassurance to buy this bulk? Frost NYC offers lifetime warranty and lifetime maintenance for this piece. Rep your faith and dope fashion with the Big Gold Cross & Cz 10K Yellow Gold Pendant. This sweet Jesus piece goes for $796.45, serious savings from the original $1,138.   

Pharaoh & Ruby 10K Yellow Gold Men’s Ring

Want to infuse some ancient royalty to your hip-hop look? Show off that king on your ring (No, the rhyme wasn’t intended). With its impressive detailing, this 5.9g Pharaoh & Ruby 10K Yellow Gold Men’s Ring features a pharaoh’s bust with a ruby stone placed at the centre. It’s oversized and demands attention, and we can’t look away.

The Pharaoh & Ruby 10K Yellow Gold Men’s Ring comes in different sizes (5.5 to 13) and is known for its bright finish. You won’t miss the absence of diamonds on this one. It makes heads turn without them. It would make a dope duet with the Ankh piece for $292, marked down from $417.

Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings For Men 14K White Gold 0.25 Carats

Second only to the round cut diamond in popularity, the princess cut diamond is a staple in engagement rings and wedding bands. But why wait until the day you get down on one knee when you can sport them every day (married, engaged or single). The Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings for Men 14k White Gold 0.25 Carats weighs 1g, available in an average length of 3mm and width of 3mm

The Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings for Men 14k White Gold 0.25 Carats has a square or rectangular shape when viewed from above, and from the side is similar to an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides. These Frost NYC earrings go for $381, discounted from $545.27. “Diamonds are forever like family and royalty,” said J.Cole. Do I need to say more? Nah.    

Frost NYC Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Frost NYC Hip Hop Jewelry Review

As part of my research for this Frost NYC hip hop jewelry review, I went through multiple customer review sites. There’s no way to sugar-coat this. The customer service at Frost NYC jewelry has received a lot of brickbats across review sites for its shoddy service, even as customers vouch for the quality of the products

On customer review site Trustpilot, 56% of the customers rated Frost NYC jewelry services as bad, 8/10 reviews on BBB gave Frost NYC jewelry a single star. Frost NYC at the time of this review is not BBB accredited. Delayed shipping, rude staff, lack of response and slow refunds are among the many issues customers face.

Here is an example of a Frost NYC review posted on Trustpilot: “Horrible customer service! Took about 4-5 months to get a chain I was making payments on ! Was offered partial refund in return and now they’re only offering the refund if I fix my reviews online!” 

To ensure this Frost NYC hip hop jewelry review is fair and balanced, I scouted for positive customer reviews, most of which I found on Frost NYC’s website. While some reported minor issues like broken clasps, a majority of customers praised the products for their craftsmanship and quality. While customers vouch for the gold and diamonds being real, I found no proof of any certification at the time of this Frost NYC hip hop jewelry review.        

Is Frost NYC Jewelry Worth It?

Frost NYC Hip Hop Jewelry Review

As a customer, I would err on the side of caution. Frost NYC without a doubt has brand recognition and an elite clientele, but for someone like me (without the privilege of being a celebrity), buying a Frost NYC piece is an investment. And when I make an investment, I don’t want to find that people (customer care) ain’t listening when things go down. From my research for this Frost NYC hip hop jewelry review, nobody’s listenin’.   

Frost NYC does offer unique pieces for hip-hop jewelry lovers out there. If you want to own a piece, I would advise you to research and decide exactly what you want, including measurements of the piece you wish to buy. This way you can limit the possibility of returns and exchanges. I would recommend readers to start by buying a low-end piece. If you’re happy with the quality and the service, scale up your buying and bring in the bling. If you aren’t, let’s roll out and get the money. Baby, how that sound?  

Frost NYC Promotions & Discounts 

Frost NYC Hip Hop Jewelry Review

Frost NYC is currently offering 30% off on all their products as part of its Holiday Special deal. The brand’s website did not provide a Frost NYC promo code or a Frost NYC discount code at the time of this review. 

Where to Buy Frost NYC Jewelry

Frost NYC Hip Hop Jewelry Review

You can buy Frost NYC jewelry on the brand’s website, or walk into their retail store in New York after scheduling an appointment in advance. Make sure you take necessary precautions in view of the current pandemic.  


What is Frost NYC’s Sizing?

The length of Frost NYC chains vary between 20 inches and 30 inches, while the width can be anywhere between 1mm and 21mm

Frost NYC Hip Hop Jewelry Review

Does Frost NYC have Financing?

Financial company Affirm has teamed up with Frost NYC to offer easy financing for customers. You can apply for a loan on your purchase and pay in 3, 6, or 12 monthly instalments. When you apply for a loan through the Frost NYC website, you will be redirected to Affirm, where you will be asked to create an account. 

You also have to provide information about your financial situation in order to evaluate your loan application. Affirm offers rates from 10-30% APR. Applying takes only a minute and will not impact your FICO score. 

What is Frost NYC’s Shipping Policy?

Frost NYC provides free shipping on all products. All the products are insured with a tracking number. 

For customers’ convenience and protection, Frost NYC Jewelers always:

1.   Requires an adult signature to sign for packages

2.   Requires that all items are delivered to a home address or a physical business

3.   Products will not be shipped to P.O. Box addresses

4.   All items are insured for the full purchase price while in transit

Items are usually delivered in 5-7 business days. International shipping may take longer. 

What is Frost NYC’s Return Policy?

If customers are not satisfied with the product, they should call Frost NYC offices at 888-485-1061  or email them at [email protected] to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization number, and follow the steps provided by the brand’s customer sales associates to return purchased item(s). Customers have to pay for return shipping and an insurance fee. 

To be eligible for returns, items must be in original purchased condition, unworn and with all documentation and all original tags attached. The return must be received at Frost NYC’s showroom within 15 days from when the order was delivered

Customers have to wait for up to 2 weeks for the refund to be processed. Items over $3500 will incur a 20% restocking fee as they are all custom orders. If the product was custom made, it can only be returned for store credit. 

How to Contact Frost NYC  

Frost NYC Phone: 1-888-485-1061; Phone support is available on: Monday-Friday: 10am –  Midnight EST; Saturday-Sunday 10am-530pm

Email: [email protected]

Address: 20 W. 47th St New York NY, 10036

Customers can also chat with a Frost NYC jewelry specialist online through the website

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Original Grain Watches Review

About Original Grain

Original Grain Watches Review

Original Grain is a San Diego-based watch company that crafts watches with wood and steel. ‘We make watches with materials that tell a story’–true to its tagline, every material used to craft an Original Grain watch has a story to tell and a journey to trace. From barrels that once stored bourbon to retired seats from stadiums, these watches–made mostly of sustainable, reclaimed, and repurposed materials–tell you the time while taking you back in time. 

The Original Grain watch company has been featured in more than 100 media outlets, including distinguished ones like Forbes, The Huffington Post, NBC News, Sports Illustrated, Los Angeles Times , and Business Insider. The brand has a substantial following in social media, with a whopping 175k followers on Instagram and 486k followers on Facebook. 

So what makes Original Grain tick? As part of my research for the Original Grain watches review, I combed through multiple media outlets’ content, surfed review websites, interacted with a couple of customers and read the fine print in the company’s website to help you decide if these watches are worth the buy, and if their stories hold promise.           

Overview of Original Grain

So, this is how it began: Two brothers, Ryan and Andrew Beltran, grew up playing in the woods in the stunning landscape of the Pacific Northwest, a region bound by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Rocky Mountains to the east. The brothers, now adults, wove the brown of the mountains and blue of the ocean to create time. Is this story for real? Literally, of course not! Figuratively, it works, I guess. 

Ryan and Andrew Beltran Original Grain Watches Review
Ryan and Andrew Beltran

The duo, noting the dearth of innovation in the watch industry, decided to create unique timepieces out of wood and steel. “It’s not really a timepiece, it’s a piece of time,” said Ryan in a promotional video. And that’s how Original Grain was born in 2013.   

Ryan and Andrew launched Original Grain via Kickstarter, becoming the third most successful fashion campaign in the crowdfunding company’s history by reaching their funding target in just 90 minutes! With its seamless fusion of sustainable hardwoods and stainless steel, Original Grain watches were an instant hit. 

It wasn’t just the uniqueness of the product itself that made these watches enduring. The bold stroke to use reclaimed wood was wind in their sales. Besides using reclaimed and sustainably sourced materials, Original Grain also uses reusable packaging and contributes to campaigns against destruction of forests, a topic this Original Grain watches review will elaborate on while delivering its final verdict.  

Original Grain Watches Review

In a wood watch, the makers incorporate wood materials on the straps or the case. The mechanism of the watch is still that of a conventional watch. The few watch companies like Original Grain that have forayed into this do it to promote sustainability. By using reclaimed wood, the wearer becomes an advocate of sorts for use of renewable sources that do not contribute to the destruction of forests.

Original Grain watches are assembled in China, while the exotic woods are reclaimed from valued scraps sourced from Africa, South America, China, Japan and the USA. The brand only uses wood that is either repurposed or certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council.    

With its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, staunch support for sustainability and drive for authenticity, Original Grain pushes boundaries of what wood and steel can achieve. But what about quality? What don’t their stories tell? This Original Grain watch review will shed light on the pros and cons of these products based on Original Grain watch reviews and my research.


  • Made of reclaimed and sustainable materials 
  • Attractive packaging makes the watches highly giftable 
  • Sturdy construction with solid weight
  • Splash proof and high water resistance 
  • Simple to adjust date and time
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Easy returns


  • Immersion in water for extended period of time can affect quality of wood
  • Warranty does not cover water damage
  • Customers have reported loose clasps and breakage of straps
  • Returns are not free; return shipping label cost is deducted from the total refund/store credit amount 
Original Grain Watches Review

This Original Grain watches review will showcase some of the products rolled out by the company, so you can get a sense of what they’re all about. 

Fancy a whiff of whisky? Perhaps something milder, like wine. Or you could choose to tell a story instead. Original Grain offers an array of watches for men and women based on their choice of material type including Beer Barrel, Whiskey Barrel, Ash Wood, Mahogany, Baseball Bat Ash Wood, Koa Wood, Ebony, Rosewood, Sapele, Burlwood, Mahogany, Oak, Zebrawood, Blackwood, Bamboo, Driftwood, Birch, Horween Leather, Rawlings Leather, and Reclaimed Ammo Wood crates. Watches can also be selected by steel color: Espresso, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black, Stonewashed, Brass.  

Dial sizes range from 43-47mm for men and 36-42mm for women. You can also choose your band style (Leather or Steel) and movement (Quartz or Automatic). Original Grain watches cost anywhere between $199 and $661. The company also offers accessories like waxed canvas roll, wooden bracelets, a variety of straps and kits.

As part of this Original Grain watches review, let’s now take a look at a selection of the brand’s bestsellers and see what makes them tick in a competitive watches market.             

Original Grain Men’s Watches Review 

Original Grain Watches Review

Original Grain men’s watches come in six styles. Here are the highlights for each:

  • Want something with elevated style and seamless functionality? The Alterra Chrono Collection is exactly that. Designed to withstand the adrenaline-rush of an outdoor adventure and a wild night out.
  • If you prefer something that’s aged to perfection and imbued with character, the Barrel Collection’s blend of old school and style is probably a better fit. Aged whiskey barrels give the sense of bygone eras.
  • The iconic Classic Collection is for the sophisticated tuxedoed gentlemen out there. The classiness of wood combined with the sleek nature of metal.
  • The Minimalist Collection is for those who want to be subtle in their luxury. Nothing showy, just gentleman, through and through.
  • The Grainmaster Collection comprises watches for all occasions and is distinct for its bold lines. Think striking pieces that make eyes wander.
  • The Pilot-Zulu Collection, inspired by the thrill of flight, is for adventure junkies. It’s about the attention to detail you’ll always find in the cockpit.  

Enough of the bird’s eye view. As promised, this Original Grain watches review will now swoop right in to scrutinize the company’s most iconic watches.    

Whiskey Espresso Barrel Watch

This Original Grain Whiskey Barrel Watch is distinct in its quality and craftsmanship. A favorite among the spirited, the Whiskey Espresso Barrel Watch comes in two case sizes, 43mm and 46mm. While the inlay is made of wood chipped off of repurposed American Oak Bourbon barrels, the Espresso plated-steel strap is solid and stainless. 

You can forgo the sheen of steel and settle for a more subtle leather strap as well. Encased in mineral crystal, this Original Grain watch is perfect for men who have a penchant for large dials and those who don’t shy from making a statement. Flex that wrist and show the world your drink of choice.

Pump that fist and show people you care about the environment with the Whiskey Espresso Barrel Watch, priced between $399 and $439

Rosewood Black Classic Watch

With its distinctive rich hues, this Original Grain Rosewood Watch is embellished with dark timber from Africa and India that emanates a fragrance and exudes elegance. This handcrafted icon is a timeless combination of natural elements of wood and steel. 

The Rosewood Black Classic Watch features a band in a black matte finish. The case size of this analog watch is 43mm, with hour markers made of wood or steel. Comfort and style are the driving force of customers who own this piece, available for $306.

Koa Stonewashed Minimalist Watch

Clean lines, simple design, and meticulous attention to detail is how customers describe this Original Grain Minimalist Watch. With its leather band, stonewall stainless steel clasp and inlay of Hawaiian Koa wood, this snap-on/push-pull is beautiful in its simplicity. Unlike other timepieces in this Original Grain watches review, this minimalist design does not include a date function. 

With a dial size of 40mm, the Koa Stonewashed Minimalist Watch is a favourite for those who prefer smaller dials. A review of this product will not be complete without a brief comment on the exotic wood that adorns it. Hawaiian Koa wood, used in ancient times to build canoes and sculpt images of gods, is considered one of the finest textured woods in the world.

If you find joy in little things and see beauty in simplicity, this could be a personal favorite (it’s mine). The Koa Stonewashed Minimalist Watch goes for $159, discounted from $266

Brewmaster Alterra Chrono Watch

The Brewmaster Alterra Chrono Watch is a conversation-starter. With a 44mm dial, strap, and case made of solid steel and a case thickness of 11.2mm, the attention it receives is justified. You can also choose between the more expensive bracelet in silver for $532 and the currently discounted strap on in brown for $279

Each Brewmaster Alterra Chrono Watch comes with a stopwatch timing system and a three-day date function, combining style and functionality. What makes this watch truly distinct is its embellishments with reclaimed German oak beer barrels

Original Grain Women’s Watches Review

This Original Grain watches review will get into how the brand styles timepieces for the ladies. Vintage luxury, mid-century simplicity, and à la mode influence and inspire designers at Original Grain while crafting watches for women. You can opt for wood, steel color, size, band style, and movement. 

This Original Grain watches review showcases the popular styles for women, and one might just catch your eye.

Koa Stonewashed Barrel Watch

The first thing that strikes me when I see this timepiece is harmony and the seamlessness with which natural elements blend. The light brown wood ensconced in stonewashed steel. The Koa Stonewashed Barrel Watch is available as a bracelet and strap on watch. 

With its 36mm dial, this analog watch is for women who want a more elegant and sleeker version of the original Original Grain Barrel watch. But for those who prefer the bulk, the 42mm dial is an option. The Koa model for women is priced between $372 and $439.

Mother of Pearl Barrel Watch

Popular among women as a gift, the Mother of Pearl Barrel Watch has no evident trace of wood but has all its characteristics, strength and resilience. The watch comes with a 36mm dial and stainless steel strap adorned with Mother of Pearl.     

My wife cried when she opened this gift,” according to a Original Grain watches review on the website. This is some seriously impressive (and emotional) praise. Get the Mother of Pearl Barrel Watch for yourself or a special someone for $372.

Rose Gold and Birch Bangle Watch

Enough with these mantras on simplicity, it’s time we brought in some bling! You can rep some glamor with Original Grain’s Rose Gold and Birch Bangle Watch. This elegant timepiece features a 32-mm dial, rose gold plated stainless steel band, Swarovski crystal bezel and traces of Golden Birch finished with a satin sheen. 

The Rose Gold and Birch Bangle Watch is elegant and lustrous with a delicate pink shade, without being over the top. Given its price, this model is accessibly priced at $266.

Ashwood Gold Avalon Watch

Graceful and sleek, the Ashwood Gold Avalon Watch integrates nature with a unique brand of chic. The dial is 34mm in size and the hour markers are made of steel and wood. The gold stainless steel band and the inlay of sustainably sourced ash wood in the crown lends this watch an air of dignity and earns the wearer respect.

The Ashwood Gold Avalon Watch combines the gentle earth vibe of ash wood with a golden lustre that emanates an almost royal sophistication (gold, after all, is the precious metal of kings and queens). This upscale timepiece is priced at $151, discounted from $252.

Original Grain Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Original Grain Watches Review

Customer response to Original Grain watches have been mostly positive. The pricing and attractive packaging make Original Grain watches a popular gift among customers. These watches are also rated highly for their durability and style, credited to the right balance of wood and steel. 

They look even better in person so if you like the style and want a wood watch, go for it,” vouches a reviewer on Original Grain watches Amazon, who owns a green sandalwood Original Grain watch. However, in the end, it all comes down to a person’s personal taste, preference and budget.  

As with any brand with a range of choices, reviews for some of the products are not particularly positive. In a review on Original Grain watch Amazon, a reviewer posted, “Beautiful watch. Love the look. But the quality of watch is very poor,” a view shared by a section of customers who felt some of the products didn’t match up to the brand’s lofty promises on its website. 

A couple of customers complained about flimsy clasps. A reviewer on Amazon described an embarrassing moment when his wife opened the Original Grain gift watch package excitedly, only to find the second hand of her Rosewood Silver steel watch had dropped!

Are Original Grain Watches Worth It?

Original Grain Watches Review

I wouldn’t call myself a Watch snob, but, yes, you could call me a skeptic. I share a couple of  reviewers’ apprehension about the durability of wood when exposed to different climes. Will rosewood from the tropics survive the harsh winters of the Arctic? This being said, I would still fish out some bills to own a piece of Original Grain. But, why? 

The concept of sustainability is exciting and I’m all for it. Most sustainable solutions come with compromised style. Original Grain watches have struck a balance between the two and it’s for all to see. Besides, most people who buy an Original Grain watch don’t seem to stop at one. Now that must mean something.

Want my verdict? A sure yes. The price may be on the slightly steeper side, but I think it’s a small price to pay to support the environment. Besides reusing materials, Original Grain also allocates its profits towards planting more trees. Win win for customers and trees, which we need for producing oxygen and to live. Just saying.     

Original Grain Promotions & Discounts 

You can get $45 credited to your Original Grain account if you refer a friend, who will in turn get $45 off on their first order of $200+. You will get $45 for each successful referral.  

Original Grain Watches Review

Where to Buy Original Grain Watches

All Original Grain watches and accessories can be purchased through You can also see the models and order via their Instagram account.

Original Grain is also available on Amazon or find new and used Original Grain watches on eBay. However, the warranty policy on these websites may be different from that of watches purchased on the official site.


Original Grain Shipping Policy

 All Original Grain orders shipped in the United States are sent via FedEx or USPS; or a combination thereof.

Delivery ServiceCostDelivery Time
FedEx Smart PostFree5-9 Business Days
USPS Priority$5.99 USD3-5 Business Days
FedEx 2-day$19.00 USD2 Business Days, no weekend delivery
FedEx Overnight$40.00 USD1 Business Day, no weekend delivery
Original Grain US Delivery Services

Original Grain orders delivered outside the United States will take anywhere from 5-30 business days to arrive from the date the order is shipped.

All customs, taxes, import duties, or any additional charges by the local government are the responsibility of the recipient. 

Original Grain Return Policy

If you’re unsatisfied with an Original Grain product, customers can return products for a refund to the original method of payment within 14 days of delivery or returned for an exchange/store credit within 30 days (subject to price differences).

If purchased from an authorized retailer, customers will have to refer to their Return Policies as Original Grain does not accept returns for refunds purchased from other locations. Returned items must include their original packaging. Exchange will not be accepted if:

  • The item is marked Final Sale on the site
  • It has been worn or taken out of original protective plastic
  • Customers have attempted to reassemble a broken watch 
  • Watch is broken due to wear and tear
  • The product is a free promotional item (such as a bracelet or keychain)
  • Product is engraved or customized in any way

While Original Grain provides a return shipping label, the return shipping label cost is deducted from the total refund/store credit amount. Refer to the website for international and domestic returns processes. All international return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. 

Contact Original Grain

Original Grain currently does not offer phone support, so there is no Original Grain phone number You can reach the company via email anytime by sending your queries to [email protected].

Original Grain also offers live chat on its website from Mon – Fri 9am to 5pm PST. You can also write to the company by sending a postal mail to: 

Original Grain

1205 J ST #J

San Diego, CA 92101

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Taylor Stitch Clothing Review

About Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch clothing review

Taylor Stitch is a men’s lifestyle company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Its unique mission–creating long-lasting, more-responsible menswear– has consistently managed to grab media attention. Taylor Stitch has featured in noted publications like Forbes, Business Insider, Daily Beast and Entrepreneur. They’ve got a fan base on social media with over 148k followers on Instagram, so they’re a brand to be reckoned with. 

This Taylor Stitch clothing review will help you decide if the brand lives up to its promise by taking an in-depth look at its products, how customers rate them, promotions offered, where you can get your hands on Taylor Stitch, and more.      

Overview of Taylor Stitch

The story behind Taylor Stitch is kind of a life lesson. It started with three men: Michael Armenia, Michael Maher and Barrett Purdum, who struggled to find shirts that fit them right. With no shirting experience or the money, the trio turned to the country’s oldest family of shirt-makers to learn from the best. Don’t know what you’re doing? Talk to people who know more than you. Humility.

In an interview with Entrepreneur, co-founder Michael Maher described how they were spared no lesson on construction—from fit and balance to the importance of French seams, to why 22 stitches-per-inch matters on a shirt (yes, it apparently does). In 2008, after years of tailoring and fitting, Taylor Stitch was finally ready to venture into the market.   

Taylor Stitch clothing review
Michael Armenia & Michael Maher

Even when Taylor Stitch was in its beginnings, the brand was touted to disrupt the fashion industry by pioneering new ways to source, sew, and sell. The concept behind Taylor Stitch clothing is to build products that wear in, not out, and get better with age. In short, the opposite of fast fashion. 

Recognizing the market need for sustainable clothing with minimal impact on the planet, the production of garments from Taylor Stitch involves significantly less water, a smaller carbon footprint, and the products are made to last for a decade and more. Taylor Stitch clothing is made with recycled and regenerative fiber, which helps in lowering water usage and doing away with chemicals and pesticides which harm workers and pollute rivers.

Taylor Stitch Clothing Review 1

So, does Taylor Stitch live up to its promises? This Taylor Stitch clothing review answers that question in depth, but you can catch the highlights here:  


  • Durable clothing made for the long haul
  • Offers clothing for every occasion, from denim and chinos to pants and suits 
  • Customers can buy made-to-measure or custom shirts
  • Unwavering focus on sustainable clothing with limited environmental impact 
  • Clothing with repair and replace guarantee
  • Customers can choose between purchasing ready-made clothing or crowdfunding new designs (more on this later)
  • Free shipping and returns throughout the US


  • Product costs remain on the pricier side despite production move to China 
  • Limited retail stores available
  • Customers report inconsistencies in sizes and measurements, delayed responses from customer service
Taylor Stitch clothing review

Taylor Stitch has an array of shirts, jackets, blazers, coats, knits, denims, footwear and accessories including belts, wallets and caps on its online store. The best way to describe their designs is classic and rugged. This brand is for men, not boys. It’s mostly cool, understated neutrals and guys posing in nature. 

This Taylor Stitch clothing review will showcase some of its bestsellers, and you’ll get a better sense of their style. 

Taylor Stitch Shirts Review

Taylor Stitch clothing review

From button-down collars to casual tees, Taylor Stitch shirts are timeless staples for any wardrobe, built from environmentally friendly fabrics and made by manufacturers, who the founders describe as “responsible.” Designed to look and function just as well in the city as they do in the outdoors, Taylor Stitch, which dubs itself as a shirting company, promises its customers that its line-up of shirts are made to withstand wear and tear. 

Their repertoire may be limited and colors mostly solid, but their attention to details is impressive, to say the least. The Taylor Stitch collection includes everyday oxfords, tees, chambrays and denims, which cost between $45 and $125. Every warp and weft rolled out of a Taylor Stitch manufacturing unit has a story– a story of people, places and the planet.

This Taylor Stitch clothing review will explore some of the products and the stories behind them. 

The Jack Everyday Oxford 

With its slim, tailored fit and classy look and feel, The Jack Everyday Oxford is a laid back staple. It looks especially chill with the cuffs rolled up. The Jack has a shorter length and it’s designed to be worn untucked, to go with that casual air. The 100% organic cotton shirt features a triple button collar and a rounded chest pocket for show (you could put something in it, but it’s mostly just a style element).

The Jack Everyday Oxford is a Taylor Stitch essential, for good reason. It’s available in black, blue, white, charcoal, army green, and straw for $98.

This Taylor Stitch shirt is not just another wear, it seems to be an experience for customers who own a piece. This reviewer captures the sentiment of most people who have left feedback on the website for The Jack Everyday Oxford: “I’ve found the shirt I will live in for the rest of my working life, and when I retire, I’ll wear it for gardening (it will almost certainly last that long),” posted Arthur.

The California Everyday Chambray

With its custom powder coated metal buttons and fabric that is soft on the skin, The California Everyday Chambray is another favourite among customers. This Taylor Stitch shirt with a casual California collar is 100% organic cotton and comes in smart shades of blue and charcoal.

This is perfect for those out there who aren’t fans of grooming but want to look suave, nevertheless. Here’s your chance to transition seamlessly from work to weekend. The shirt is easy to iron as it has no pleats. It can slightly pinch your wallet though, at $118. Customers do say the The California Everyday Chambray is worth it, and if you feel like you’ll wear it regularly, it’ll definitely pay off in style and value.

The Heavy Bag Tee

If you’re focused on minimizing your carbon footprint, The Heavy Bag Tee is the way to go. Made with upcycled and recycled yarns of Cotton and Polyester, which are shredded and respun, this Taylor Stitch shirt is made without water. Here’s a grim fact: If made conventionally, a single piece of this t-shirt would take a whopping 1,200 gallons of water. That’s equivalent to the daily water consumption of eight households!  

This Taylor stitch shirt comes with and without a single chest pocket, and is available in tons of colors: Natural, Navy, Slate, Cypress, Heather Grey, Dusty Sky, Dusty Teal, Black, Vintage California and Retro Block Print. The The Heavy Bag Tee is priced at $45. Pair it with jeans and a leather jacket, and you’re gold.  

The Heavy Bag Henley

Taylor Stitch Clothing Review 2

Cut from the same fabric used to make The Heavy Bag Tee, The Heavy Bag Henley is twice the weight of a standard cotton t-shirt but is much softer. Customers who bought this tee say it feels like a gentle, cozy sweater. It’s 50% thicker than a regular shirt, so substantial without being bulky.

With its long sleeves, cat-eye buttons and three-button half placket front, this Taylor Stitch clothing is popular for its snug fit. This tee shirt is available in Navy, Natural, Heather Grey, Cypress, Fatigue Brown and Fatigue Green. The The Heavy Bag Henley is a solid match for khakis, priced at $68.

Taylor Stitch Pants Review

Taylor Stitch clothing review

From camping to everyday wear, the Taylor Stitch pants collection is all about craftsmanship. They offer an array of chinos, denims, camp pants and chore pants, all within the $98 to $128 price range. Not bad for good quality pants, but definitely not cheap.

As part of this Taylor Stitch clothing review, we’ll now look at some of the brand’s more popular pants and see if they fit right, according to customers.

The Democratic Chino

The Democratic Chino is pretty popular among Taylor Stitch clientele. Made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex, these Taylor Stitch pants are comfortable with just a hint of stretch. Men with well endowed calves don’t seem to be big fans of the cut though, as they are tailored more for slim-straight fit.

These pants are rated highly for quality and design. The great thing about chinos is that they can be dressed up our down. You can go from the office to the bar in the The Democratic Chino. They’re elevated, but not dressy.  They’re available in Ash, British Khaki, Olive, Navy and Coal for $98.

The Democratic Jean

The Democratic Jean offers all the benefits of traditional denim — its texture, look and tensile strength. Besides the fabric itself, what sets this Taylor Stitch denim apart is its minimal impact on the environment during production. From the customers’ side, the product is popular for its attention to details, durability, comfort and the softness of the fabric (100% organic cotton).     

You have the choice between different versions of the jean—from the everyday denim and to the vintage Yamaashi Orimono Recover Selvage, which has a unique blend that gives it a distinctive look and feel. On all versions, the cuffed look reigns supreme. The Democratic Jean costs $98 in the everyday style, and the Yamaashi is $228.

Taylor Stitch Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Taylor Stitch clothing review

As part of my research for this Taylor Stitch clothing review, I surfed the internet to feel the pulse of customers off of the website. While most reviews praised Taylor Stitch clothing for its durability and style, the biggest points of contention among customers are its pricing, customer care, and occasionally, quality issues. 

When Taylor Stitch moved much of its production to China in early 2018, many of the brand’s long-time loyalists were up in arms. Discussion websites like Reddit were abuzz with debates on the brand’s pricing remaining the same despite the move.

I’m sad to give a lowish review to TS. The style has always been good, but it used to be SLIGHTLY pricey and made in the USA with good quality… but now it’s half and half on quality and made in China,” read a Taylor Stitch clothing review on Yelp. 

Taylor Stitch justified the move saying they had outgrown their US vendors and had to consolidate manufacturing with partners overseas, but that the move had not compromised the quality of their products. How do Taylor Stitch shirts fit? There were quite a few complaints from customers on inconsistencies in sizing and measurement, as well. 

Customer reviews were particularly effusive in their praise of the Taylor Stitch feedback system. When customers complained about their painfully slow customer service, the reaction was immediate, and the result was for all to see and experience. 

I had the minimal wallet in brown and have absolutely loved it. Over time with standard wear and tear, the pockets began to stretch….Since I loved the wallet so much, I messaged them to see if there was anything they could do. They are sending me a replacement wallet free of charge. Another Taylor Stitch clothing review read onYelp, “this customer service is amazing.”

Is Taylor Stitch Clothing Worth It?

Taylor Stitch clothing review

Personally, I am among a growing breed of customers who make purchasing decisions based on the desire to preserve rather than accumulate. While style is important, I also care about the ethical processes involved in the making of the clothes I wear. This is where Taylor Stitch clothing scores, even if it comes at a price

The brand ensures fair wages and benefits to its workers and uses sustainable cotton, including recycled and regenerative fibers wherever possible, in its clothing. Such practices are difficult to keep up in an increasingly competitive market and requires patronage. Taylor Stitch is clearly part of a movement. The brand is challenging the status quo, even if it means falling in line sometimes (the production move to China, for example). 

Although there are complaints, no brand is perfect, it’s clear in this Taylor Stitch clothing review that most customers are satisfied with the brand.

Taylor Stitch Promotions & Discounts 

Taylor Stitch clothing review

Taylor Stitch offers a 20% discount on your first purchase if you sign up to receive their emails. If you sign up for an account on the brand’s website, you get a 5% discount on all purchases through The Common Club. Customers also have the option of offering a friend 20% off their purchase and earning $20 when they spend over $100.

Through its Workshop initiative, customers can be a part of the production process by crowdfunding products before launch and getting a 20% discount once the funding goal is reached and the Taylor Stitch product is manufactured and delivered. 

At this time, I couldn’t find a Taylor Stitch promo code or Taylor Stitch discount code. 

Where to Buy Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch clothing review

Taylor Stitch has two retail stores in San Francisco at Valencia St. and Chestnut St. Customers can also buy their products through their website,


Taylor Stitch Sizing

The founders of the brand suggest buying your jacket size. For example, if you wear a size 40 jacket, buy a size 40 shirt. This Taylor Stitch clothing review includes size charts for you:

Taylor Stitch clothing review
Taylor Stitch Shirt Sizing
Taylor Stitch clothing review
Taylor Stitch Pants Sizing

Taylor Stitch Shipping Policy

All US-based Taylor Stitch orders get free shipping. For in-stock items, customers are issued a tracking number within 2 business days. You should expect your package within 2-4 business days after this.

Orders placed for Workshop items has a shipping fee of $6. These orders will be shipped during the estimated period noted on the product page. 

Taylor Stitch ships outside the US using either FedEx or UPS. The transit rates are contingent upon transit distance and the weight of the shipped item(s). Rates are not inclusive of taxes or duties.

Taylor Stitch Return Policy

Customers can exchange or return any Taylor Stitch product, including those purchased during site-wide sales (such as Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and New Year’s) for a full refund or store credit within 21 days of having received it. However, Last Call items are final sale and are non-returnable. 

To return Taylor Stitch products, they have to be unworn, unwashed, unaltered, free of stains and odors, and have their original tags affixed to be eligible for return or exchange.

To initiate a return:

  1. Submit your email ID on the returns page of the Taylor Stitch website. You will be emailed a direct link to process return   
  2. Click ‘Return Item for the item(s) you wish to send back
  3. Obtain return shipping label after selecting if you’d like to exchange for another size or return for a refund
  4. Refund will be initiated to your original method of payment as soon as the item reaches the company’s warehouse

You can also initiate returns and exchanges through your Taylor Stitch account. At this time, Taylor Stitch does not support international returns or exchanges. 

Contact Taylor Stitch

If you have questions that weren’t answered in this Taylor Stitch clothing review, you can contact Taylor Stitch via:

  • Phone: (415) 304-8208 from 9am–5pm Pacific Time PT
  • Email: founder[email protected] 
  • Mail: 290 Utah Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

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