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Grip6 Belts Review

Grip6 builds sturdy, long-lasting, American-made belts, and other accessories for the adventurous and fashion-forward customer. The Grip6 catalog includes a variety of belts as well as buckles, straps, belt hangers, and t-shirts for men, women, and for the kids.

This Grip6 belts review will take an in-depth look at the brand and a selection of its bestsellers, to help you decide whether or not they’re right for you. We’ll cover an overview of the brand with its pros and cons, top-selling belts and wallet covers of Grip6, promotional offers, and more. 

Overview of Grip6

Grip6 Belts Review
Grip6 Creator BJ Minson

Grip6 started in 2015 with founder BJ Minson. He envisioned belts that were simple, functional, long-lasting, and made exclusively in the USA. What started as a Kickstarter project for a clean, comfortable, minimalist belt”, with no bulk, no holes, and no belt flapwith a $7,500 goal, turned into a phenomenal success topping over $26,000 in pledges. 

From building over 10,000 belts in his garage in Utah to setting up a factory to deal with the surge of satisfied and eager customers, Grip6 began to make its mark as a pure-bred American brand. In this Grip6 belts review, we’ll get into the functional aspects that make these products what they are.

The Anatomy of a Grip6 Belt

First up, Badgerbite, Grip6 patented technology that allows the belt to skip using bulky clamps, buckles, pins or hooks to hold the belt in place. The Badgerbite tech incorporated into the belt material allows the buckle to friction hold around 250lbs of outward pressure. Not that any normal human being should have that level of tensile strength on their waistline but that’s an impressive amount of pressure a belt can withstand without a traditional buckle.

Grip6 Belts Review

Grip6 belt buckles are built from certified 6061 T6 Aluminum. The buckle is then anodized or powder-coated to add an extra layer of durability and protection. Grip6 belts feel light on your waistline, with its base buckle model weighing in at only 25 grams which when added to the base belt model tops off at 79 grams.

Taking a look at Grip6 belt Amazon reviews, you’ll notice that this makes the Grip6 belt lighter than any other belts on Amazon’s top sellers list. 

Grip6 Belts Review

It doesn’t end there. Grip6 belts also use another proprietary feature known as Fuselock Technology. This feature combined with Badgerbite tech allows Grip6 belts to have a load-bearing locking end, which ensures the belt holds its integrity while improving upon its overall construction. Again, just a crazy strong level of protection that borders on overkill in a belt. But that’s what you should expect from a belt that boasts about toughness and durability.

If there’s one thing this Grip6 belts review can confirm, it is that these belts do not sacrifice comfort for durability

Grip6 Belts Review
Badgerbite Patented Grip6 Tech

Adding to its incredible level of resilience is the fact that all Grip6 belts are constructed using nylon 6,6. This nylon grade can withstand higher temperatures, with a higher tensile strength and superior abrasion resistance compared to regular aluminum.

The Grip6 product line gives us a series of belt weaves and buckles to mix and match. There’s a sense of personalization as you come up with your own custom belt. The buckle comes in a standard 1.5” inch size as well as a narrow 1.1” inch version, since buckle thickness is a matter of preference for some of us. 

When one thinks of long-lasting and durable products, they might assume that the end result is going to be stiff and not very malleable. Our Grip6 belts review found that this is definitely not the case with this brand. The team came up with a weave of webbing that is resistant to warping, abrasions and stiffness without the use of stiffening agents. The company claims that it tests the belts using several machines to develop a 30-year wear standard for each of their belts

Grip6 Belts Review
Fuselock Patented Grip6 Tech

All this is just from the Grip6 point of view, and there’s a lot more to a brand beyond what they claim. Before we get into their most popular products, here’s a sum up of this Grip6 belts review:


  • An incredibly strong, durable, and long lasting belt
  • The patented Badgerbite and Fuselock technology makes sure your pants will stay on your waist while withstanding outward pressures of up to 250lbs and a breaking strength of over 2,000lbs
  • Lighter than the best of the best competition due to its nylon 6,6 build and aluminum buckle
  • Customization options allow you to mix and match your belt and buckle to develop your own unique look
  • The Unlimited Lifetime Warranty is a testament to the brand’s faith in its products 
  • Everything is USA made and supports American businesses


  • A common complaint with the Grip6 belts is that they’re built for lean people who do not have a belly
  • While Grip6 lives by their durability promise, there have been cases where the belt does seem to warp
  • Its unique buckling feature is not as easy as it seems and tends to come loose especially if you are a large person with a bit of a belly 
  • The aluminum buckle and nylon belt weave might look nice but can feel cheap and plasticky to some
  • Being made in the USA also means that Grip6 products can cost more than your average belt 
Grip6 Belts Review 1

Grip6 designs numerous collections based on materials like their Carbon Fiber series, environmental themes like the Conservation and Naturalist series, and practical lines like Workbelt and Craftsman. Grip6 also offers solo buckles and straps, belt hangers, t-shirts, and 2-pack belt combos.

This Grip6 belts review gives you an inside look at the brand’s most popular belts for men and women.

Grip6 Web Belt – Men’s Ninja

Grip6 Belts Review
Grip6 Web Belt – Men’s Ninja

The Web Belt – Men’s Ninja is as the name implies: sleek and minimalist but still boasting all the best Grip6 belts have to offer. It features a CNC laser cut, brushed T6061 aluminum buckle that is also anodized and weighs only 25 grams. The strap is 1.5” inches wide, infinitely adjustable, weighs 50-80 grams depending on its size, and has a breaking strength of over 2000 lbs

This belt is subtly silent but deadly. Simple, masculine, and able to match almost anything. Badgerbite and Fuselock tech ensures the belt will always hold your pants up and your dignity intact. The Web Belt – Men’s Ninja is available in sizes 28 to 50 and comes in colors such as black, mocha, navy, grey and khaki for $35

Grip6 Women’s Gunmetal Belt 

Grip6 Belts Review
Grip6 Women’s Gunmetal Belt

The Grip6 Women’s Gunmetal Belt is proof that their products are stylish no matter who you are. Grip6 belts for women are just as tough as the ones designed for guys: this heavy duty belt features a CNC laser cut buckle weighing 16 grams, built with brushed T6061 aluminum and anodized for a scratch-resistant finish. The strap is constructed with a high-tensile nylon fiber weave, with a breaking strength of 2000 lbs.

This urban chiche belt would look killer with denim and leather. As you may have noticed in this Grip6 belts review, you can choose from a variety of colors for the buckle, available in dark neutrals including black, mocha, navy, grey and khaki. The buckle dimensions are slightly smaller than the average Grip6 belt at 2.4 x 1.4” x .125 inches. The Women’s Gunmetal Belt goes for $29 and comes in sizes ranging from 0 to 24. 

Grip6 Workbelt Pro Granite

Grip6 Belts Review
Grip6 Workbelt Pro Granite

Even at first glance, this is not your average belt. The Workbelt Pro Granite adheres to military specifications that add increased strength on the vertical of the belt strap while also being wider than the standard Grip6 belts. This hardcore construction allows you to focus on the task at hand and do your job while the belt does its own. The Workbelt Pro Granite includes a variety of belt and buckle combinations so you can work hard and play hard. However, given the wider size of the belt, it will not fit standard Grip6 buckles. 

At 1.75” inches and weighing 84-132 grams depending on the size of the strap, this belt strap and buckle are built in a different league from its standard counterparts. Available in Dusk Blue, Wolf Grey, and Coyote for $49, the Workbelt Pro Granite comes in sizes 28 to 50. 

Grip6 Men’s Olive Belt

Grip6 Belts Review
Grip6 Men’s Olive Belt

The Men’s Olive Belt is a sleek and elegant fashion statement that shows off a unique olive-wood grain pattern on its buckle. The process of making these buckles ensures that each pattern is truly unique and personal. That said, it still boasts all the strength, durability, and toughness of a standard Grip6 belt. 

The Men’s Olive Belt is the kind you can wear to work with dress pants, or more casually with jeans or khakis. With its wood grain pattern, it’s an especially attractive complement to camel, brown, and beige pants. This Grip6 belt goes for $50, with the strap colors in black, mocha, navy, grey, and khaki in sizes from 28 to 50. 

Grip6 Men’s Vert Bronze Belt

Grip6 Belts Review
Grip6 Men’s Vert Bronze Belt

The Men’s Vert Bronze Belt is a part of the Grip6 ULTRALIGHT series. At merely .04 ounces, this Grip6 belt is incredibly lightweight, comfortable, and heavy-duty as any of the other Grip6 belts and buckles. This belt lies down flat to keep a low profile and prevent it from prodding your waist

Every guy has a standard brown belt in their wardrobe, and this one would be a solid upgrade. This member of the ULTRALIGHT series has all the features you’ve come to expect from Grip6 belts and buckles. The Men’s Vert Bronze Belt costs $39, comes in mocha, black, khaki, navy, grey and red and goes from sizes 28 to 50. 

Grip6 Leather Jacket Wallet Cover

Grip6 Belts Review
Grip6 Leather Jacket Wallet Cover

The Grip6 product catalog isn’t just belts and buckles and neither is this Grip6 belts review. Among the variety of high quality, long-lasting products they produce, Grip6 has a series of cowhide wallets and wallet covers. The Leather Jacket Wallet Cover is a fine example of artistic craftsmanship and reliable durability. Made from 100% grain leather that expands as it adapts to your wallet, the wallet cover can also hold an additional 8 cards or cash

Just like the rest of their product line, these covers are built, stitched and tanned in the USA. They’re also given the A3 Guaran-damn-tee treatment, making them a lifelong pocket companion. The Leather Jacket Wallet Cover is a classy space-saver, and won’t be bulky in your pocket. Built in black and brown and priced at only $20, this is a suave addition to any wardrobe. 

Grip6 Review: What Do Customers Think?

Grip6 Belts Review

A quick browse through online reviews will show you that the general consensus is that people love what Grip6 has to offer. There are a few caveats here and there, but most folks agree that buying a Grip6 belt and buckle is a solid investment

From over 4,300 Grip6 Amazon reviews, over 75% are positive 5-star reviews and only a miniscule 11% reviews give it 3, 2 or 1 star. The lower ratings come from comments about the durability of the belt strap and buckle. There’s also mention of customers having a hard time at first, figuring out how to lock the belt in place.

According to this Grip6 belts review, the most noticeable issue comes from men who are medically overweight and have a big belly. Such customers report seeing the belt warp under the pressure or having trouble keeping the belt in place. 

A unique review on the Grip6 website stated that the belt and buckle is relatively easy to use even when you only have a single hand. That’s quite amazing. 

Is Grip6 Worth It?

With prices ranging from $29 to $90 and the ability to buy individual straps and buckles for an extra level of personalization, Grip6 belts are not priced so high that you have to think twice—but they’re definitely not cheap either. 

The styles of Grip6 belts are pretty much the same with subtleties in the weave and buckle designs, the most prominent customization element being the multiple colored belt straps. None of these belts are flashy or attention-seeking and are meant to accentuate whatever you’re wearing. 

Grip6 Promotions & Discounts 

Grip6 Belts Review

The online store serves up several products at great value to the customer. From discounted buckles such as the White Buckle and the Men’s Classic Buckle Gold for $15 to special edition straps for $15. This means you could own a custom Grip6 belt and buckle for only $30.

Unfortunately, there is currently no Grip6 belts promo code or Grip6 belts discount code available to online shoppers but if you’d like to be in the loop on the latest deals and products, you can sign up for the Grip6 Newsletter through their website. 

Where to Buy Grip6 

Retail outlets across America including Hawaii and Alaska sell Grip6 products. These include Kings Camo, Out N Back, Mast General Stores, the Water and Oak Outdoors Company and the Great Outdoor Shop. You can even find them at High Range Outdoors in New South Wales, Australia.

The best place to look for Grip6 products other than this Grip6 belts review, will be online on the brand website.


This Grip6 belts review covers some common questions from customers. Get the down low on belt sizing, shipping, and returns:

Grip6 Sizing 

Sizing for Grip6 belts and buckles vary depending on the series. The strap and buckle size generally fall between 18 to 50 for men and 0 to 40 for women. 

Grip6 Shipping Policy

Grip6 shipping is fast but not free. However, orders are shipped the day after they are made. It will cost you $4 to ship anywhere in the USA and orders take around 4-7 business days. Priority Shipping costs $8-$11 and takes only 2-4 business days

Canadian shipping costs $4 but be warned, you may be charged at customs. The best way around this is to order from their Amazon Prime catalogue as an Amazon Prime member. International shipping is only $5 and the Grip6 team uses DHL to fulfil their shipping needs. 

Grip6 Return Policy

Grip6 is proud of their A3 Guaran-damn-tee promise. This unlimited lifetime warranty covers three simple A’s. Any time, Any reason and Any condition. So, feel free to try out their products and find the perfect belt and buckle match up for you or a special someone in your life. 

Grip6 Belts Review
Any Time, Any Reason, Any Condition

Contact Grip6

If you have questions that weren’t covered in this Grip6 belts review, contact the team via:

  • Phone: 1-801-201-6115 (customer service lines run from Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm MST)
  • Live chat on the Grip6 website (Monday to Friday from 7am to 8pm MST)
  • Email: [email protected]

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